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"Vox Patrum" is a patristic journal (quarterly), published since 1981, first by the Institute of Research on Christian Antiquity of the Catholic University of Lublin, then (since 1 October 2012) by the Institute of History of the Church and Patrology in the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. "Vox Patrum" is the only kind of so spacious journal in Poland and well-known in all patristic centres all over the world, which is often referred by scholars of antiquity. Rev. Prof. Stanisław Longosz was its founder and the first editor-in-chief. The journal is valued not only for the published articles, but as well because of the published bibliographies, translations, reviews, and documentation of the patristic life in Poland and all around the world. AIM and SCOPE: The journal is intended to present scientific articles and researches about the broadly understood Christian antiquity, especially the writings of the Fathers of the Church (I-VIII century) and their teaching, as well as the Byzantine era, and the reception of early Christian thought in later centuries and to promote the Polish studies on the Christian antiquity. It also documents the patristic life in Poland and all over the world by publishing of reviews of new books, annual bibliographies in the field of early Christian literature and information on organized patristic congresses and symposia. The thematic scope of the journal is related to the presented purpose of the journal and has an interdisciplinary dimension with a focus on theology, history, literary studies, art history, philosophy in the context of early Christianity and the Byzantine period. "Vox Patrum" is published as a quarterly: in March, June. September and December. An online version of the journal is its primary version..


  • 0860-9411/2719-3586
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Quarterly
  • Poland


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Vox Patrum, 0860-9411/2719-3586, started opeartions from Poland in year 1981, publish paper in Multidisciplinary Quarterly.

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