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Walawalkar International Medical Journal is a peer reviewed, Open access journal, published on behalf of the B.K.L. Walawalkar Rural Medical College and Hospital, Sawarde, Dist – Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, India, publishes information relating to all medical disciplines. This journal is published yearly from August 2014 and half-yearly from 2017. The priority areas of publication are as follows. 1) Clinical and basic science research in all fields of medicine. 2) Prevention, management and treatment of diseases in developing countries. 3) Innovative health approaches, devices and operational research in secondary and tertiary health care adopted for rural communities. 4) Medical educati.


  • 2349-2910/2395-0684
  • Medicine (General)
  • Semiannual
  • India


YEAR Impact Factor
2020-21 1.9
2019 0.34
2018 -


Walawalkar International Medical Journal, 2349-2910/2395-0684, started opeartions from India in year 2014, publish paper in Medicine (General) Semiannual.

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