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The diagnostic pathology journal ( is a scientific open access medical journal that comes with innovative electronic communication and quality assurance features. In principle, it is embedded in an electronic network and not "a stand alone" journal as most if not all of its competitors. Manuscripts dealing with all types of medical diagnosis are welcome provided they fulfil an appropriate level of medical and scientific novelty and application. Submitted articles will undergo a rigorous review process. Authors are welcome to name reviewers; however, the editorial team will add its own reviewers too. If manuscripts are accepted for publication and include microscopic images, the submission of glass slides for virtual slide (VS) production is mandatory. A corresponding network that includes three logistic partners (Huron, Motic, Zeiss) ensures the unique opportunity to screen through the whole image, select areas of interest, and perform additional measurements, if wanted. Therefore, the reader can obtain and check information that is only provided in an "electronic environment". All published articles that possess VS are transferred into a separate archive that will be open for education and training. The keywords of published articles are automatically connected with the search items of open access libraries such as pubmed, and articles listed in that library are available at any time. An additional compartment of the network will be the Virtual International Pathology Institute (VIPI, VIPI is designed for diagnostic support of colleagues working under different conditions and in different countries. Authors are invited to publish diagnostic difficult cases in the section "How do I diagnose..?" Herein, predefined paragraphs permit a fast and structured submission. These articles will be automatically connected with the option of "interactive publication". "Interactive publication" permits any reader to include her/his own data into a published article at the end of specific paragraphs. A specific reviewer panel judges these extensions, and decides about the inclusion of such an article into the diagnostic pathology journal. The implementation of diagnostic assistants is foreseen at a later stage. This option will permit any potential author to submit an article "besides the microscope" and, in addition, build her/his own specific databank for diagnostic support in his daily routine diagnostics. All articles published in "the diagnostic pathology journal" are cited with Diagnostic Pathology..


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the diagnostic pathology journal, 2364-4893/-, started opeartions from Germany in year 2015, publish paper in Medicine (General) Annual.

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