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Global Journal of Mathematics

Global Journal of Mathematics (GJM) is an International open access, peer reviewed, online journal that communicates current, originative research in the areas of Mathematics field.


Keywords: Blasius equation Blasius profile Boundary layer Colebrook , equation, friction factor. Collocation method. Common Fixed Point, f-Contraction Mapping, complete cone metric space. Differential geometry Energy of graphs, eigenvalues, vertex cover, domination, ratios, asymptotes, areas. Gaussian curvature. Linear Programming, Karmarkar algorithm, simplex method & inequality constraints Mathematics. Molecule graph Nonlinear ODE Riemannian curvature Riemannian geometry Timelike curve, Frenet Frame, Minkowski Spacetime atom-bond connectivity index edge average Wiener index one-to-one, correspondence, assignment problem, effectiveness properties, thermo, physical , temperature. reverse Wiener index.

ISSN: 2395-4760


Subject: Mathematics

Publisher: Global Publishing Corporation

Year: 2015

Country: India

Views: 3589 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 55


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