Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie

The "Znanie. Ponimanie. Umenie" (“Knowledge . Understanding. Skill”) is a peer-reviewed Russian academic journal that covers the fundamental and applied research in the humanities. Its coverage includes philosophy, sociology, philology, pedagogy, psychology, art studies and culturology. The journal is published mainly in Russian, but some articles are published also in English. The journal publishes scientific articles, materials of conferences, symposiums, round-tables, discussions on topical scientific themes, information on scientific events, guidance materials, reviews, reports on investigations, translations of foreign authors’ proceedings and other scientific works. Both prominent researchers and scholars, who work at Moscow University for the Humanities or uphold scientific contacts with it, and young beginners — doctoral candidates, postgraduates and students — have an opportunity to publish their articles. The publication informs its readers on the condition and prospects of the humanities’ development, achievements and problems of higher education in Russia and in the world, successful experience of Russian state and non-governmental institutes of higher education, events of current importance, documents and prognoses in the sphere of organization and financing of science and education. The uniqueness of the journal is determined by the fact that it is heading the list of the academic periodicals in the systematic elaboration of a number of urgent research topics. Among them there are the following: investigations into young people (theories of youth, the sociology and biosociology of youth, socialization and the cultural identification of youth, the sociological monitoring of students) and the changes in education in the age of globalization (education and an educated person in the 21st century); human expert evaluation and bioethics; Russian world and Russian studies (the demythologization of Russian and world history); the thesaurus analysis in humanities knowledge (development of the thesaurus approach as a methodology of human sciences). More information in English is available at:


Keywords: multidisciplinary journals, humanities journals, fundamental research, applied studies, Russia

ISSN: 1998-9873


Subject: Multidisciplinary

Publisher: Moscow University for the Humanities

Year: 2004

Country: Russia

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