AL IHKAM (Journal of Law & Social Studies)

Al-Ihkam Journal Sharia Department of STAIN Pamekasan awarded accreditation "B", based on the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education (Kemristekdikti) of the Republic of Indonesia Number 12/M/Kp/II/2015 about Periodicals Scientific Accreditation Results for period II 2014 dated February 11, 2015 and valid until 11 February 2020. Al-Ihkam; Journal of Islamic Law and Social Studies (ISSN 1907-591X; e-ISSN 2442 to 3084) have published the first time in June 2006 contains the scientific writings of Islamic legal thought and social institutions in the forms of conceptual ideas, literature studies, practical writing, the results of research, and the book review. Al-Ihkam is published by the Islamic Law Researcher Association (APHI) in collaboration with Department of Sharia STAIN Pamekasan. ISSN (Print) 1907-591X ISSN (online) 2442-3084 The law sociologically is a reflection of the values that are believed by the public as an institution in society. It never die and always present in the human life to be a normative power of the internal and autonomous towards a social order or a macro scale is referred to as socio-political order. As a regulator that starts - the origin of man and his community, the law is the result of human rationality manifested through their actions and interactions are dynamic and inter-determinism. Therefore, it is always dynamic, in the sense that it is changing constantly in line with social changes. No law has not changed (niet dat geen verondert recht). Changes that occur in certain social institutions tend to be followed by changes in other social institutions, including the law, because they are independent. In the perspective of Islamic law, there is a dimension of Islamic law temporally and local regulations at the time and place. This dimension gives the possibility of legal epistemology that every territory occupied by Muslims can implement Islamic law in different ways according to the needs and development of the society. In this framework, al-Ihkâm present to think about, discuss, and debate the legal dynamics, both Islamic law and positive law. Formally, Journal of al-Ihkâm, which is under patronage of the Sharia Department STAIN Pamekasan, published by decree Ketua STAIN Pamekasan No. Sti.21.03/PP.00.9/127/2006, with ISSN 1907-591X.


Keywords: Law, Islamic Law, Social Studies

ISSN: 1907-591X


Subject: Law

Publisher: Sharia Department, STAIN Pamekasan

Year: 2013/2014

Country: Indonesia

Views: 2152 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor - Not Available

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