Ukrainoznavstvo (Ukrainian Studies)

Ukrainian Studies was founded in 2001 (registration certificate КВ №18764-7564 ПР of 09.11.2011). In 2014 it was renamed to the Ukraine in the World History (Certificate КВ №20379-101179 ПР від 19.11.2013 р. of 11.19.2013). In 2015 it returned to its previous name Ukrainian Studies (Certificate КВ №21204-11004 ПР of 02.13.2015). Ukrainian Studies is presented in scientometric databases: Google Scholar (Google Scholar) Ukrainian Studies is presented in abstract databases: Polish Scholarly Library (Library) Ukrainian Studies is registered in scientometric databases (not indexed): Russian scientific citation index (Scientific Library Ukrainian Studies is an academic journal created for publication of research devoted to scantily explored problems of history and theory of Ukrainian studies, culture, education, and science of Ukraine. Ukrainian Studies is aimed at academic and research workers, graduate students and students of higher educational institutions, professional scholars, and anyone interested in Ukrainian studies. Journal is published both in print and online versions. Ukrainian Studies is an open access journal. We publish all our articles exclusively as open access documents. Readers have the right to use, distribute, and reproduce information in any medium, provided the source is properly cited.


Keywords: Ukrainian Studies, History, Education, Culture, Philosophy

ISSN: 2413-7065


Subject: History

Publisher: Research Institute of Ukrainian Studies

Year: 2001

Country: Ukraine

Views: 566 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor - Not Available


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