Heródoto - Revista do Grupo de Estudos e Pesquisas sobre a Antiguidade Clássica e suas Conexões Afro-asiáticas

HERÓDOTO – JOURNAL OF THE STUDY GROUP ON CLASSICAL ANTIQUITY AND ITS AFRO-ASIAN CONNECTIONS – emerged from the interest of scholars and students of the classical world who undertake research on the connections of the classical world with the African and Asian regions known in Antiquity. Herodoto is a result of a partnership with researchers of Contemporary African History, African Art, and Asian Art who approach the ancient world as an outcome that was determined and shaped by the various views of historical process that preceded it. It is known that in Western thought, several connections and forms of integration between the Greeks, Romans and peoples of Africa and Asia have been frequently neglected as objects of study. By drawing attention to these study areas and recognizing their vital importance, Herodotus affirms the conviction that the relations between the Classical World, Africa and Asia constituted the backdrop of a long history between West and East. In order to contribute with the work that has been already undertaken in the field, the researches of the Study Group on Classical Antiquity and its Afro-Asian Connections seek to attain the following two goals: 1) To evince the mutual and non-hierarchical influences among Greco-Roman and African / Asian cultures in their interactions, by means of categories such as assimilation, adjustment, conflict, negotiation and resistance, beyond their relations of acceptance and subjugation; and 2) To point out the effects of theories such as Eurocentrism, Afrocentrism and Asianism in the historiographical production about the ancient world


Keywords: History, Archaeology, Grece, Rome



Subject: History

Publisher: Glaydson José da Silva

Year: 2016

Country: Brazil

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