Problems of Information Society

The main aim of title is to create a platform for demonstration of research results in significant and emerging problems of Information Society. The title mainly covers, but not limited to Scientific-theoretical basis of Information Society, Development history of Information technologies, Development history of Information Society ,Information revolutions ,Problems of Information society monitoring and evaluation, Information security ,Science and education problems in Information society,Information Law, Human rights in Information society, Gender and children's problems in Information society, Information economy, Social, psychological and cultural aspects of the Internet, Problems of the Internet Regulation, Problems of Information formation space, Information War, Problems of Electronic democratic institutions formation, Information culture, Problems of electronic state-building ,Electronic Citizen problems, Internet science , Problems of Internet-journalism, Information ecology, Innovation activity in Information society, Information ethics , Electronic commerce, Information addiction problems, Social networks, Problems of stuff training in Information Technologies.


Keywords: Scientific-theoretical basis of Information Society, Scientific-theoretical basis of Information Society, Information security, Information law

ISSN: 2077-964X


Subject: Computer Science

Publisher: Institute of Information Technology of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Year: 2010

Country: Azerbaijan

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