Journal of New Approaches in Education

The Journal of New Approaches in Education (EYYAD) is a nationally refereed, free online journal that began its publication in 2018 and includes academic studies. EYYAD is published twice a year (June and December) every six months. All articles submitted to the journal are evaluated by blind arbitration principle and at least two referees. The aim in the Journal of New Approaches in Education (EYYAD) is to encourage researchers to publish their research as detailed as possible. The Journal of New Approaches in Education publishes articles that will address current issues in education in a comprehensive manner. There is no restriction on the length of articles related to any field of study in the field of education. Applications that synthesize information from different backgrounds, place research findings in a broad context, expand the methodological and theoretical understanding, and have the possibility of informing educational policies and practices are preferred. Research articles are published in the journal in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods.


Keywords: education, eyyad, new approaches, journal

ISSN: 2667-5390


Subject: Education

Publisher: Dr. Ahmet DURMAZ

Year: 2018

Country: Turkey

Views: 59 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 4


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