Teaching and Learning English in Multicultural Contexts

The Journal of Teaching & Learning English in Multicultural Contexts (TLEMC) is a freely accessible, full text, peer-reviewed journal allowing for the dissemination of ELT in these main areas: (1) Methodology in ELT, (2) Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL), (3) Language Policy and Curriculum, (4) Teacher Professional Development, (4) Literature in ELT, (5) Language Assessment, (6) Language Material Design and Evaluation, (7) Psychological and Sociological Influences on English language learning (8) World Englishes and, (9) Other related disciplines or areas of research. This journal is intended for an international audience of elementary and secondary teachers, researchers, teacher educators, scholars, parents and instructors at tertiary levels who are concerned with the teaching and learning of English in varying contexts (such as families, classrooms, schools, colleges, universities, communities, countries etc.), whereby two or more languages are prevalently and extensively used by an individual speaker or a community of speakers. TLEMC welcomes articles that are original research papers (both qualitative and quantitative studies), conceptual papers, and classroom papers that discuss different levels of education. TLEMC focuses on the impact of English language education in a multilingual context on an individual or/and the community’s learning, development, knowledge, socialization, engagement, culture, advancement and all other related phenomena. These impacts should be explicitly explored and critically argued by contributors in making their conclusions and implications.


Keywords: teaching and learning English in multicultural contexts



Subject: Education

Publisher: English Education Department UNSIL Press

Year: 2017

Country: Indonesia

Views: 1187 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 499

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