Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking (IJDCN)

The Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking (IJDCN) is having ISSN 2582-760X (online), bi-monthly international journal, being published in the months of February, April, June, August, October and December by Lattice Science Publication (LSP) Bhopal (M.P.), India since year 2020. The Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking (IJDCN) is online, open access, peer reviewed periodical international journal. The aims of the journal is to publish original, theoretical and practical advances in Data Communication and Networking of Computer Science that covers Addressing, Routing, Switching and Location Management, Broadband, Mobile, Wired, Wireless Internet, Networks, Adhoc and Sensor Networks, High Speed Networks, Mobile and Wireless Networks, Network Architectures, Network Based Applications, Network Protocols, Network Operations & Management, Network Security Trust & Privacy, Cross Layer Design and Optimization, Internet and Web Applications, Network Measurement & Performance Analysis, Next Generation Internet & Web Architectures, Peer to Peer and Overlay Networks, QOS And Resource Management, Recent Trends & Developments in Computer Networks, Self-Organizing Networks and Networked Systems, Ubiquitous Networks, Virtual & Overlay Networks, Wireless Mesh Networks and Protocols, Wireless Multimedia Systems, Personal and Wearable Networks, Information-Centric Networking, Embedded Networks, Opportunistic Networking, Delay-Tolerant Networks, Cognitive Radio Networks, Vehicular Networks, Smart Grid Communications, Underwater Sensor Networks, Cyber-Physical Systems, Social Networks, Green Networking, Overlay and Peer-to-Peer Networks, Local-area and Metropolitan-Area Networks, Storage-Area Networks, Routing and Transport Protocols, Big Data Networking, Cloud Computing and Networking, Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization, Internet of Things, Link Technologies, Adaptive Networking Applications, Authentication, Authorization, Accounting, Security and Privacy, Cross-Layer Optimization, Multimedia and Real-Time Communication, Machine-to-Machine Communications for Smart Environments, Smart Cities, Network Traffic Characterization and Measurements, Network Management, Reliability and QoS, Performance Evaluation of Networks, Testbeds for Network Experiments, Network Coding, Optical and High-Speed access Networks, High Performance Computing, Digital System and Logic Design, Networked-Driven Multicourse Chips, Information-centric Networking, Opportunistic Networking, Mobile and Ubiquitous Networking, Big Data Networking, Cloud Computing and Networking, Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization, Adaptive Networking Applications, IoT & IoE & Edge Computing, Distributed Mobile Applications Utilizing IoT, Security, Privacy and Trust in IoT & IoE, Standards for IoT Applications, Ubiquitous Computing, Blockchain-Enabled IoT Device and Data Security and Privacy, Application of WSN in IoT, Cloud Resources Utilization in IoT, Wireless Access Technologies for IoT, Mobile Applications and Services for IoT, Machine/ Deep Learning with IoT & IoE, Smart Sensors and Internet of Things for Smart City, Logic, Functional programming and Microcontrollers for IoT, Sensor Networks, Actuators for Internet of Things, Data Visualization using IoT, IoT Application and Communication Protocol, Big Data Analytics for Social Networking using IoT, IoT Applications for Smart Cities, Emulation and Simulation Methodologies for IoT, IoT Applied for Digital Contents, Microstrip Antenna, Microwave, Radar and Satellite, Smart Antenna, MIMO Antenna, Wireless Communication, RFID Network and Applications, 5G Communication, 6G Communication. All submitted articles will be reviewed by the board of new editors of Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking (IJDCN).


Keywords: Data Communication and Networking

ISSN: 0000-0000


Subject: Computer Science

Publisher: Lattice Science Publication (LSP)

Year: 2020

Country: India

Views: 1352 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 372

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