Islam and Social Studies

- Development of research in the field of cultural and social studies with a religious approach 2- Explaining the epistemological and philosophical foundations of religious social science 3- Compiling and promoting the social knowledge of Muslim thinkers 4- Expanding and guiding the fields of theoretical and applied knowledge in the cultural and social fields in accordance with the needs of the target community in order to develop the humanities-Islamic sciences. 5- Production of indigenous-Islamic literature in the field of culture and society 6- Motivating and laying the groundwork for research in the field of cultural and Islamic studies 7- Development of cooperation and scientific interaction between professors and researchers in the field and the university 8- Improving the scientific level of seminary and university professors and students 9- Preparing the ground for publishing the scientific-research achievements of seminary and academic thinkers 10- Strengthening research focused on the central issue, strategy planning and future research


Keywords: cultural and social studies

ISSN: 2345-5586


Subject: Social Sciences

Publisher: Qom Seminary Islamic Propaganda Office (Islamic Sciences and Culture Research Institute)

Year: 2014

Country: Iran

Views: 74 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor - Not Available

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