This publication is the best for presenting jurisprudential ideas, expressing the hidden angles of the Imamiyya jurisprudence and the conflict of opinions in the field of new issues of jurisprudence which was established in 1993 by a group of scholars. The pride of the magazine is that during these years it has been able to play a role, albeit a small one, in showing a ray of the pure thoughts of the people. The main objectives of the journal Universal protection of the jurisprudential frameworks of the holy system of the so-called Republic of Iran Argumentative answer to the issues of micro, macro and all-encompassing jurisprudence of the nominal community The development of the jurisprudent's ability to enter the complex governmental and social arena of the present age, through research and deepening of the central issue in the sciences serving the jurisprudence of the jurisprudent as well as the rule of jurisprudence.


Keywords: jurisprudent

ISSN: 1735-3181


Subject: Social Sciences

Publisher: Qom Seminary Islamic Propaganda Office (Islamic Sciences and Culture Research Institute)

Year: 1994

Country: Iran

Views: 103 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor - Not Available

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