International Journal of Smart Electrical Engineering

Whilst considerable progress has been made in the development of concepts for intelligent systems, the engineering and implementation of complex, sizeable intelligent systems still remains a challenging area. This is reflected in the extremely high research activity but as yet much fewer actual applications in the field. The potential for application of this technology is very great, allowing one to develop computer solutions to problems that were not previously amenable to this. This accounts for the very high interest in this technology in commerce, utilities and manufacturers. Intelligent systems include: expert systems, neural networks, fuzzy systems, data mining and natural language systems. The area of research and development activity that characterizes the specification, design and construction of such systems is known as the 'Engineering of intelligent systems'. A number of issues related to the development of these systems for the different application areas are common. This commonality in experience across these fields will be brawn out in papers in the journal. The journal therefore addresses the field of 'Engineering of intelligent systems'. Application areas include banking and finance, electric utilities, telecommunications etc. The journal covers the intense research activity that is being carried out in the field, together with the substantial work carried out in industry, and is international in scope and readership.


Keywords: Smart, Algorithms, Electrical ,Smart Grid, Smart Home, Computer

ISSN: 2251-9246


Subject: Computer Science

Publisher: Islamic Azad University, Central Tehran Branch

Year: 2012

Country: Iran

Views: 454 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor - Not Available

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