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"Journal of NeuroPhilosophy" (JNphi), a new journal designed to bring you a critical analysis from the best of the neuroscience and philosophy literature all around the world, presented by the pioneer neuroscientists and (neuro)philosophers to help promote a better comprehension of NeuroPhilosophy in the global scientific system. Journal of NeuroPhilosophy (ISSN 1307-6531, registered July 4, 2007) is dedicated to supporting interdisciplinary exploration of Philosophy and its relation to the nervous system The most important goal here is to be able to offer answers for the ancient philosophical questions in the light of neuroscience with fresh, groundbreaking perspectives. Additional yet a very prominent goal here is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments through this interdisciplinary research field which is being offered by the JNphi. The fundamental aim of the JNphi's is to take the ancient problems which cannot be solved by using merely philosophical approaches and to reconsider them with the addition of a neuroscientific approach. Hence, it is to create new interdisciplinary perspectives, and to boost and develop the intellectual capacities of the humankind with the merging of philosophy and neuroscience. The field of Neuroscience has been making great development in recent years. By taking the progress level of Neuroscience into consideration, it is only fair to say that, now, it is time to study “The Philosophy of Mind” through the lens of Neuroscience. This path that the philosophy of mind and neuroscience proceed hand in hand is called “NeuroPhilosophy” and we strongly think that the most important pillar of the future’s philosophy will be the field of NeuroPhilosophy. Neurophilosophy is not just an interdisciplinary field, it is a multidisciplinary field, and therefore multiple minds are needed both to seek answers for overcoming difficult challenges and to construct new philosophical perspectives for the future with the scientific knowledge coming from the studies of neuroscience. The aim of the JNphi is to reveal this path and walking through it. Another important aim of ours is revealing the world of neuroscience to philosophers and the world of philosophy to neuroscientists, so that providing a suitable environment to bring the two fields together in the mind. For this reason, we will be welcoming not only interdisciplinary articles, but also the philosophy and neuroscience articles, individually. Both parties will surely have a lot to learn from each other.φ


Keywords: philosophy, neuroscience, neurophilosophy



Subject: Social Sciences

Publisher: anka :: publisher

Year: 2022

Country: Turkey

Views: 1053 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 499

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