International Journal of Sociologies and Anthropologies Science Reviews

International Journal of Sociologies and Anthropologies Science Reviews: IJSASR ISSN 2774-0366 (Online) Indexed by TCI : DOI by DataCite:®istered=2022 Publishing Policy - Aims and Scope The journal deals with sociologies and anthropologies science reviews, which publish research articles, academic articles, and/ or review articles. The following areas are covered in the Journal; Sociologies Anthropologies Humanities Social sciences Education Business administration Politics Public administration Development Tourism Other areas in social sciences The article that contributes to the development of the concepts, theories, as well as new knowledge for developing the community and society. Serves as a medium for disseminating and exchanging academic knowledge between researchers, academics, developers, educational personnel, and generally interested people, such as being the source of dissemination into the research results of graduate students and academics both in the country and abroad. Encouraging researchers, scholars, developers, and interested people to create research and academic papers to benefit developing countries. The opinions and opinions of the authors of articles are the responsibility of their authors and not the responsibility of the editors. Publication Frequency Release scheduled of Six issues per year: Issue 1 January – February Issue 2 March – April Issue 3 May-June Issue 4 July-August Issue 5 September – October Issue 6 November– December Journal Specific Requirements Research articles, academic articles, review articles, book reviews, and a references list. The articles which will be selected must contain content that is of social interest and academic value. The articles must not be translated articles or interview articles. All published articles are academically reviewed by 2 or 3 peer reviews. Any academic comments on articles published in this journal belong to the author, if the rights and freedoms of others are violated, the author is personally responsible. The editor of the journal does not reserve the right to refer to the contents of this journal in other writings. Journal History The International Journal of Sociologies and Anthropologies Science Reviews (IJSASR), ISSN 2774-0366 (online) established in 2021 by the DR.KEN Institute of Academic Development and Promotion, Thailand publishing 6 issues (two months per issue) annually. Appearing in the google scholar database from 2021 Digital object identifiers (DOIs) have been identified in the DataCite database (®istered=2022). Assessed into the TCI database (Thai-Journal Citation Index Center) [] on June 2022 and the results of articles published since 1 January 2022 was accepted by TCI. In 2023, the JSASR has revised the print format to make the print format more universal, which is implemented in year 3, issue 1 onwards. Plagiarism Policy The International Journal of Sociologies and Anthropologies Science Reviews (IJSASR) is part of Thai-Journal Citation Index Center database which has CopyCatch system for checking plagiarism. All the manuscripts submitted for publication are checked for plagiarism within 24 hours. If plagiarism is identified by the editor-in-chief, editor and reviewer etc., at any step of article before or after peer review process and acceptance in that case we will alert the author(s) and will request them to rewrite the content in the article or to cite the references from where the content has been copied. If more than 20% of the content is plagiarized, the article may be suggested to rewrite or rejected and the same is informed to the author. Peer Review Policy The International Journal of Sociologies and Anthropologies Science Reviews is a double blind peer review journal published bimonthly. Publish theoretical, empirical and experimental papers that are important to the field of anthropology and sociology. All research articles, and most other article types, published in IJSASR undergo peer review. This usually involves uses a double-blind review by at least two independent, expert peer reviewers. Peer reviewer selection is critical to the publication process. It is based on many factors, including expertise, reputation, specific recommendations, conflict of interest and previous performance. Speed, thoroughness, sound reasoning and collegiality are highly desirable. There should not be direct correspondence between authors and peer reviewers; communication is mediated by the Editor.


Keywords: IJSASR



Subject: Social Sciences

Publisher: DR.KEN Institute of Academic Development and Promotion.

Year: 2021

Country: Thailand

Views: 539 Research Paper Indexed by Citefactor Index -- 499

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