Volume 10, Issue 1

Two drive modes for the vehicle PDF

Rajat Ganechari, Prashant Bhandarkavthekar, Aditya Dudka, Ajay Rathod, Dr. Shriniwas Metan, Vikram Birangane

Looking at the current fuel price hike, private transport is progressively getting to be unviable for the normal man. Fuel consumption of bikes increases when you are driving on a slope and in substantial rush hour traffic where you have to switch the gear over and over again, also driving the bike in the lower gear. In the event that you change over to battery mode in these street conditions, this issue can be survived.


W. Jacob Yougbaré, Abdoulaye Compaoré

In this paper, we looked at the issue of timeliness in building and public works tenders. We used the MPM and PERT methods to determine the minimum and probable duration of a project and finally calculate the probabilities of compliance with the deadlines provided by the contractor and the client. This work has shown that it is possible to anticipate the possible difficulties of observance of the time limit of a project in Buildings and Public Works, by calculating the associated probabilities. Such probabilities may allow the supervisor to request a review of the contract by negotiating the initial deadlines. This work allowed us to anticipate compared to the deadlines initially planned. In fact, could be found after calculation that the deadline set in the contract had a probable of very low respect, only 9%. The company found the impossibility of three months from the end of deadline initially. The results of this study suggest that predictions based on probability calculations (taking into account random durations) can predict the difficulties of meeting the deadlines set in a bid document or a simple contract.

The impact of excessive facebook usage on the academic grades of students PDF

Basit Ali, Zaitoon Bi Bi, Sanaullah

Facebook is one of the dominant aspect of Social Media, which is influencing the students dramaticaly. The focus of this research study is to know about the effects of excessive facebook usage on the grades and assignments of studentsbefore and after sign up on Facebook .This research study has been delimited to the students of social sciences, University of Swat.The nature of the study is quantitative and the data has been collected, processed and analyzed through structured questionnaire, SPSS, and the results has been drawn.

Non-linear seismic analysis of high raised RC buildings with outrigger systems PDF

Nehal M. Ayash, Mohamed H. Agamy

The construction of the super - tall buildings are rapidly increasing worldwide. As the buildings become taller and narrower, the structural engineer faces challenges to meet the imposed drift requirements due to lateral load. The outriggers are the structural elements that connecting the outer columns to the central core at different levels to increase the stiffness of the structure and to control the excessive drift.

Prediction of Diabetes by KE Sieve Algorithm PDF

V.Rohith, Dr. Prasanta Kumar Sahoo, G.Priyanka, Dr. K. Eswaran

Diabetes mellitus commonly referred as diabetes, is a complex condition which impairs the body’s ability to produce or respond to insulin, leading to high blood sugar levels. The diagnosis of diabetes is of great importance due to its severe long-term complications like cardiovascular disease, stroke, chronic kidney disease and damage to the eyes. Over the past few years, plenty of research studies has been done on diabetes identification, most of them are based on the Pima Indian diabetes data set. In this paper, we use a new non-iterative algorithm called KE Sieve to predict the presence of diabetes.