Volume 10, Issue 2

Real Time Scheduling Model for Distributed Production Centers PDF

Minati Rath, Dr. Radha Shankarmani

Production centers are viewed as single resources to perform multiple activities resulting in manufacturing of some quality and quantitative resources. Scheduling at these units involves assigning factories to supply specific quantities of resources at particular times. It deals with operations mainly Sourcing, Acquisition, Storage of raw materials, Scheduling and management of work-in process, warehousing and distribution of finished products.

Design of IMC-PI controller for nonlinear model of continuous stirred tank reactor PDF

Trinh Luong Mien

The control problem of the continuous stirred tank reactor in the chemical industry in general and in the production of transport construction materials in particular are very important in order to create chemical additives that meet the user's technical requirements. The article presents the two-input-two-output nonlinear model of the continuous stirred tank reactor that are the temperature process and concentration process of output product. Then two PI controllers for the CSTR temperature and concentration processes are designed in this article


Mr. Mangesh V. Jabade, Dr. Sonopant G. Joshi

Introduction: First aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery. It includes initial intervention in a serious condition prior to professional medical help being available, such as performing CPR while awaiting an ambulance, as well as the complete treatment of minor conditions, such as applying a plaster to a cut. First aid is generally performed by the layperson, with many people trained in providing basic levels of first aid, and others willing to do so from acquired knowledge.

Shear wall layout optimization for conceptual building planning PDF

Darsh M Patel, Parth G Bhagat, Jasmin B Patel, Hiral Y Patel, Jaldipkumar J Patel

Most of the high-rise structure is collapse due to the earthquake. Shear wall is the most important component of the high-rise structure which can resists the lateral load. In building planning the location of the shear wall is also important. The effective position of Shear walls in planning the deflection of building due to earthquake is decreases. By providing shear wall we can reduce overall damage of the structure.

International Economics Research Paper: Is the next Global Depression imminent? PDF

Savr Kumar

The paper delves into globally contrasting perspectives on whether the next financial crisis is imminent and from where it may originate, as well as in what fashion and what the implications are. There are varying perspectives on the American, Chinese and Indian economies for instance, which are some of the biggest economies in the world and thus the most pertinent to the topic.

Evaluating the Role and Significance of Delayed Neutron in Controlling a Nuclear Reactor by Solving the Point Kinetics Equation and Using MATLAB Version 7.0 PDF

Md Akhlak Bin Aziz, Md Tanzid Hossain Shawon

Reactor point kinetics equation has been solved in this work and the solution has been analyzed to signify the role of delayed neutrons. The solution has been done for both the probable cases, considering only prompt neutrons and also both prompt and delayed neutrons. Using MATLAB version 7.0, the solution considering both prompt and delayed neutron has been utilized to show the variation of neutron flux with time due to positive and negative reactivity insertion

Possibilities of Geothermal Energy in Bangladesh & competitiveness with others energy PDF

Rayhan Ali, Md.Shehab Uddin, Md. Ashraful Haque

Among the varied new and renewable energy sources, heat energy is understood to be one amongst the clean energy while not smoke and additionally while not environmental hazards. Though its importance is complete long back in different countries, its exploitation continues to be isolated in our country in the main because of lack of information on the deep subsurface structure and deep drilling technology in air mass, warmth regions. GSI and NGRI have created joint efforts in distinctive these resources in numerous components of our country for doable exploitation of the energy supply. Within the gift paper, the main points of heat energy, its importance and usage in different countries area unit mentioned with calculable potential in our country.



HIV-Virus is a product of yeast candida albicans. All viruses are product of systemetic fungus.In fluenza virus is product of yeast aspergillus fumigats hiv virus is ova/spore of yeast candida albicans. HIV-virus reproduction has becomes in yeast cell not be host cell.All viral diseases can be treated by systemic fungal drugs -Itraconazole,Ketaconazole ,Fluconazole ,Amphotericin-B,nystatin etc.successfully most important medicine of AIDS is amphotericin-B in world .systemic fungal drugs are Flu worse ,which is in trearment of all types Flu like-swine flu,human flu,bird flu,horse flu ,Ebola,Aids etc.viral diseases.

Javed's Idea of energy matter & life PDF

Javed Iqbal

Idea depends on following five points 1 Every thing of the universe is made of very small (cannot be seen) capacitor's like energy packets. 2 It is supposed that energy value of energy packets remains constant. the energy is only changed when they combine in form of equivalent capacitors with one another. 3 Energy packets combine in series to reduce the energy value, high energy packets are attracted towards low energy value and combine in series with them. This creates energy packets of more low energy. This process continues and longer and longer chains of series combinations are formed. In other words gravitation comes into existence and energy turns into matter. 4 Parallel circuits are produced (between series chains of packets) and the energy value is increased. (at the middle of matter formation) 5 The increased value of energy is reduced either by increment in the separation of plates (of energy packets) or by liberation of energy in different forms.

Nexus between Urban Tourism Resources and Tourist Preferences: the case of Addis Ababa City Tourism PDF

Tolera Abirham Negesa, Dr. Mulugeta Feseha

This is an applied research which is conducted to know tourist preference on urban tourism resources. The aim of this research is to know tourism potential of the city, tourist expectation, experience, satisfaction and preferences towards Addis Ababa tourism. The study area for this study is Addis Ababa city which is the capital city of Ethiopia and the head quarter for Africa Union. The data for this study were collected from the on-site survey method and from secondary sources. The sample population for this study was composed of tourists who visited Addis Ababa between January and February in 2016.

Evaluation of Free Radical Scavenging Activity of Calpurnia aurea Root Extract by Using Methanol Solvent for DPPH Selectively PDF

Dula Daksa Ejeta

In Ethiopia, any part of Calpurnia aurea is used for the treatment of different ailments. Hence; the researcher was interested to evaluate the in vitro scavenging potential of the four root extracts of Calpurnia aurea by using methanol as DPPH solvent selectively and Ascorbic acid as a standard reference.

Factors Influencing Human Resource Practices in Employee Retention of Vietnamese Small and Medium Size Construction Firms: A Case of Construction Corporation No.1 Joint Stock Company PDF

Nguyen Quoc Dung, Tran Duy Nam

The Vietnamese construction industry is growing rapidly, competition is intense. There is high staff turnover, and additionally, it is costly to train new employees and to get them "up to speed" with the same level of ability as those who have resigned. In this context, this study seeks to examine the relationship between the current Human Resource Management (HRM) practices, and the macro-environmental factors in this sector of the Vietnamese construction business in order to assess their impact upon HRM outcomes.

Critical Discourse analysis of Hassan Sheheryar's Interviews: Pakistani Fashion Designer PDF

Zainab Shafaat, Hina Javaid, Javaria Tariq ,Dr. Arif Jawaid, Syeda Maryam Naqvi, Naseer Ahmed

This paper intends to analyse the interviews of one of the most prominent Pakistani fashion designer Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, known as HSY. The study aims at plunging deep into the ideologies, values and societal trends set by the leading personas through the language they select to empower and market themselves as brand. Latent Themes and meaning with reference to individual, power and society will be analysed and discussed thoroughly. As Pakistani fashion industry is a blooming avenue it is beneficial to understand the important underlying motives.

Assessment of Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Management of Lake Hawassa and Its Biodiversity, Southern Ethiopia PDF

Sahle Tesfaye M.

The study was conducted to assess Lake Hawassa ecosystem services to suggest management strategies for sustainable use of the lake. The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity ecosystem service analysis method was used to accomplish the aims. Interviews were conducted with local people to identify the lake's ecosystem services. Ecosystem services importance was rated by the perceptions of the interviewed local people. Secondary data were used for additional information. The major ecosystem services were categorized into provisioning such as food and fresh water; regulating services such as hydrological, water purification and bio-disease control processes; habitat services for birds, fishes, hippopotamus, and crocodiles; and cultural services such as recreation, tourism, spiritual, religious, aesthetic, science and education.


Muchran BL, Muchriady Muchran, M. Hidayat

This study aims to analyze the effect of work discipline and loyalty on employee performance. This study uses a saturated sampling technique. The data of this study were obtained from questionnaires (primary), literature studies, and obtained data directly from related parties according to research objectives. , multiple regression with hypothesis testing, T test (partial). The results showed that work discipline variables on employee performance obtained significant influence, then for employee loyalty variables on employee performance a significant effect was obtained, loyalty variable was the most dominant variable affecting employee performance.

Video summarization using a machine learning approach PDF

Harikrushna Vanpariya

In this paper, we describe machine learning approach for summarizing video. It will describe steps to summarize video with audio and create summary video with meaningful sentences.

Time allocation to daily performed Personal activities in association with commuting: commuting and health perspective of Baluchistan PDF

Ghulam Abbas Ghazi Gajani and Faiza Ashraf

To get out from dwelling for any kind of work needs to commute. Increasing commute decreases the time to perform activities other than commute. This study analyzes the relation between daily performed personal activities and commuting time in the Baluchistan. The primary focus of the study is on six different types of personal activities: active leisure, passive leisure, religious, physical, personal care and sleep. The study uses Pakistan Time Use Survey (2007) data, obtained from Federal Bureau of Statistics government of Pakistan. This research employed a seemingly unrelated regression model to the data using several demographics characteristics of respondents as covariates.

Exploring the gaits for debris removal and excavation with Klann-legged robots PDF

Swastik Nandan

Constant effort is being dedicated in building robots that can supplant laborious work performed by humans with automated mechanisms. In this regard a large number of researches have been dedicated to emulate gaits of legged animals. Debris removal and excavation are activities of human interest that can be achieved with gaits of animals. The Klann-mechanism based legged robots can act not only as robots that can access difficult terrains but also as robots that can remove debris and act for excavation purposes. In this work we have explored the various trajectories of the end-effector of the Klann mechanism that can be suitable for this purpose.

The Prevalence of Dental Caries in Primary Dentition in 5- to 6-Year-Old in the East of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia PDF

Dema Algharbi, Noha Abdullah Alenezi, Ashwag Zamil

The aim of this study describe prevalence dental caries in the age group of 5-6 years old was rate among 1,076 children in Riyadh , the probably high rate of dental decay affected by mothers towards their children's oral health industrial breast feeding . diet or bad oral hygiene or don’t visit the dental clinic ,we has strongly emphasized sustainable preventive programs to development oral health and dietary habits , industrial breast feeding , among pregnancy and preschool children.

Influence of Blend Ratio and Yarn Count on Bursting Strength of Plain Single Jersey Knitted Fabric PDF

Mumtahina Riza

In order to determine the serviceability of a knitted garment, bursting strength is a very important physical property of knitted fabric. This property affects other mechanical properties also. Bursting strength test can analyze that how much stress can be applied on knitted fabric during regular use. In this work, the effect of blend ratio and count of yarn on the bursting strength of plain single jersey knitted fabric was determined and the origin of this behavior has been discussed.

Comparative Study of the English Language Teachers’ and Learners’ Perspectives on the Standard of Online Vocabulary and Grammar Tests PDF

Tariq Amin

The study in hand aims at analyzing the perspectives of teachers and learners on the standard of online grammar and vocabulary tests and the differences between the perspective of teachers and learners on these tests. The study uses mixed method approach. 42 participants, 32 undergraduate students and 10 teachers, were selected for the study by using purposive and expert sampling techniques. The data was collected by using questionnaire and interview.

Spam Filtering With Fuzzy Categorization In Intelligent Email Responder PDF

Najma Hanif, Mukaram Khan , Sami Ullah Javaid, Babar Abbas, Amna Altaf, Malik Abdul Sami

Communication through emails is the simplest and most consistent way of communication. Emails are used for fast and reliable communication at both personal and organizational levels, including academic institutions. Some organizations have deployed auto email responders to deal with a heavy volume of emails by auto responding to relevant routine mails while filtering out spams. Spammers send spam emails for hacking, phishing, denial of service or broadcasting marketing emails.

Assessment on the physico-chemical parameters and biodiversity of copepods and rotifers in Muthannan pond wetland, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India PDF

R.Priya, M.Lekeshmanaswamy

The interdependence between man and wetlands is ancient, with the earliest of civilizations originating in close proximity of wetland habitats. Wetlands, providing very important ecosystem services that benefit humankind, are also called as the kidneys of a landscape. Wetlands, the most fertile ecosystems, are becoming most threatened nowadays . The continuous abuse of the wetland resources has lead to extinction of several valuable nutrient , organisms in different trophic level of the ecosystem, as well as pollution of various kinds. Wetlands contribute significantly to the biodiversity and being among the most productive life-support systems, they have immense social, economic and ecological importance to humankind.

A Modest Proposal: Divide and Deter For preventing the influx of refugees into Germany PDF

Rashmi Sharma-Kolle

It is very unfortunate for the millions of citizens who have devoted themselves to ensuring the unity and integrity of Europe. The United Kingdom is in the final stage of annulment from the Union, while Austria and Hungary are giving direct indications that they are under no obligation to stand by the EU during this time of crisis. Italy has refused to let migrants in through its coastal borders, while Greece has effectively annexed all its islands between Turkey and the mainland. Now pressure from Mr. Horst Seehofer, Leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU) and other political opponents has Angela-Merkel on the run. It is a matter of deep concern to the nation. Displaced migrants - they come, they spread and they settle.


Mahr Youins Mehmood

This study was conducted a structurally created Health Inequalities Rural Punjab study area Jampur. The main focus was to study the socio-economic background of the respondents and the link of background with access to health care services. The main focus re-mained the socially created social structures that discriminate the lower classes into their access to health services. The study was conducted under quantitative research design with sample size of 150 respondents. The interview schedule was used as a tool of data collection

Neurological manifestations in tuberculosis PDF

Varsha Rathi, Supriya Bade, Suresh Ban, Prashant Bhusara

Central nervous system (CNS) tuberculosis (TB) is a potentially life threatening condition which is curable if the correct diagnosis is made in the early stages. Its clinical and radiologic manifestations may mimic other infectious and noninfectious neurological conditions. Hence, familiarity with the imaging presentations of various forms of CNS tuberculosis is essential in timely diagnosis, and thereby reducing the morbidity and mortality of this disease. Early diagnosis of CNS TB is necessary for appropriate treatment and subsequently decreases the morbidity and mortality associated with the disease.

Rectangular Fin Thermal Performance as a Function of Modified Biot Number and Area Ratio; Novel Approach PDF

Al-Fahed S. F. and Alasfour F. N.

A novel analytical study of 1-D, heat conduction equation in a longitudinal fin of a uniform thickness is presented. A new perspective in fin modeling have demonstrated that three thermal performance indicators; efficiency, effectiveness and performance ratio can be presented only in terms of two dimensionless groups; modified Biot number(hL/k) and fin area ratio (A/Ac). A suggested fin design charts are presented in terms of the three thermal performance indicators. Optimum fin design charts been presented as a function of only modified Biot number and area ratio. Results showed that such design charts are more practical and form an alternative route to interpret fin thermal behavior and performance.

Medicinal plant genus Urtica- Traditional uses phytochemical and pharmacological review PDF

Mannawar Hussain. M arif. Rao Taha. M , Waseem

Herb and shrubs of the genus Urtica (Utricaceae) inhabitate various ecosystems in worldwide. This study was carried out in order to contribute to the knowledge of this medicinal species. This review describes the botanical characterization and distribution, and phytochemical properties and biological activities of Urtica genus. Urtica genus contain many chemical constituents like, flavonoids, phenolic compounds like Diocanol, alcohols, Terpenes diols, Diol glucosides, Sugars.

Voting Behavior of Rural Women: A Study on Laxipur Village PDF

Mst. Swapna Khatun

Voting behavior is the subfield of political geography which deals with all the elections process within geographical area. This paper discusses on voting behavior in general of women at Laxipur village in Rajshahi. In any democratic country voting is very important political process and it is the only right of common people to participate in the formation of government .Voting behavior means how an individual makes up his mind to vote and this voting behavior is influenced by some social and psychological factors. The present study is based on field survey, primary data and secondary data as well as evidence ,collected from published documents, news papers , journals etc.


Saturday, E. G. and Ebieto, C. E.

This work presents a comparative economic analysis of a simple and a modified cycle gas turbine power plants. The basic engine used for this work is a PG 6581 B gas turbine engine which is operated by a company in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria. The modified cycle was developed from the simple cycle engine with an intercooler between two compressors, a reheater between two turbines and a regenerator which heats up the second compressor exit gases with the second turbine exit gases. The net present value and the levelized cost of electricity methods were applied to investigate the economic viability of the two plants.

Development of Training Services and Promotion through Website at SMEs Rynde Craft PDF

Fajar Gumilang Kosasih

Rynde Craft is a Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise that creates handicrafts from old newspapers. Business strategy undertaken by Rynde Craft is the development of the market to increase the number of consumers. Although it has been going on since 2012, the company's business growth is not optimal. After mapping out the business conditions, the author has identified that the main problem of the company is the development of training and promotion activity. The purpose of this Business Coaching is to assist Rynde Craft in developing training services and promotion through the website. Analytical methods used are External, Internal, Customer, and Competitor Analysis; SWOT; and Gap Analysis. The result of Business Coaching is the enhancement of product identity with the development of training services and enhancement of online promotion by creating a website.


So, how would you react if I say , trasnsmitting electricity or a kind of electric energy through air is possible Yes people . Get amazed when I speak about the term so called witricity .Our paper is all about the near field technology .This kind of approach is applicable only for witricty networks inside the room or a kind of house like architecture. This is Similar to the wifi that we use in home . we have used the resonant coupling induction method which is a type of coupling the transmitter and the receiver . The main thing to be noted here is that at resonance maximum power can be transmitted but



Background: Liver neoplastic lesions are common clinical and radiological problem and cauterizing them as benign and malignant is important. Objectives of the study using triple phase CT as diagnostic modality to study the characteristic features of various hepatic lesions, differentiating benign from malignant lesions and correlating triple phase CT findings with clinical and histopathology or post-operative findings for evaluation of its efficacy.

Management of Educational Resources for the Implementation of Vocational Subjects in Technical Colleges in South East, Nigeria PDF

Dr. Angela A. ORAGWU, Dr. Akachukwu I. NWABUEZE

This study investigated the management of educational resources for the implementation of vocational subjects in Technical Colleges in South East, Nigeria. Four research questions and three hypotheses guided the study. The research design adopted was descriptive survey. The population comprised all the eight (8) government-owned Technical Colleges involved in developing and providing vocational education in South East, Nigeria. They have 241 academic staff comprising sixteen (16) principals (eight in Senior and eight in Junior sections) and 225 technical and science teachers, male and female inclusive.


Mrs. Umreen Akhter,Mr. M Imran Baber, Amir Manzoor Wian, Dr. Syed Aziz Haider

The study is conducted to analyze the financial performance comparison between conventional and Islamic banks in Pakistan for five years i.e. 2014-2018. For the study purpose, five banks have been selected from the conventional banking sector and five from the Islamic banking sector. The comparison has been made on the basis of the average value of different ratios to analyze their profitability, liquidity, efficiency, and risk of solvency.

New Techniques for Monolayer and Microcarrier Culturing, Their Perspectives in research scale applications PDF

Punit Puri

Cell culture is the process by which prokaryotic, eukaryotic or plant cells are grown under controlled conditions. But in practice it refers to the culturing of cells derived from animal cells. Cell culture was first successfully undertaken by Ross Harrison in 1907. Roux in 1885 for the first time maintained embryonic chick cells in a cell culture. The cells may be removed from the tissue directly and disaggregated by enzymatic or mechanical means before cultivation, or they may be derived from a cell line or cell strain that has already been already established. A wide range of cells have been cultured on micro carriers.

AI-based Distribution & Smart Contract for OEMs using Reinforcement Learning and Hyperledger Fabric PDF

Shivam Rai, Niraj Kesarwani, Siddharth Parashar

OEM (original equipment manufacturers) Supply Chain Management always require a mechanism to ensure trust via contract methods and intelligent allocation of delivery load & logistics to save cost. Smart Contracts on Blockchain technologies is one of the best suited mechanisms to ensure trust in contracts. These contracts are immutable and transparent to related participants.

A Study of Juvenile Immoral Crime in Palopo City PDF

Takdir, Rahmawati, Abdain, Muhammad Tahmid Nur

This research was conducted to discover involvement, factors and efforts solve immoral crimes committed by adolescents. It employed descriptive qualitative methods with sociological, empirical and normative approaches. The results of the study indicated that the involvement of adolescents in such crime was based on a mutual desire to act like adults by having sexual intercourse, coercion to commit immoral violations due to lust, persuasion of friends to commit immoral acts, shortcuts to be united and invitations to commit immoral acts for payment.

Comparison of Fuel Cell, Fuel Cell Battery, and Fuel Cell Ultra-Capacitor Vehicles PDF

Shaharyar Yousaf

Fuel cell automobiles are the vehicles which use fuel cell as an energy source rather than traditional lead batteries. However, fuel cell cannot be used for bidirectional flow of power. So, fuel cell has to be used with batteries or ultra-capacitors. Battery has high density of energy and ultra-capacitors have high density of power. So, in this survey we will review model of batteries used with fuel cell, and model of ultra-capacitors have been used with fuel cell.

Metal complexes of a new asymmetric hydrazonic ligand synthesis, characteri-zation and microbicide activities PDF

Abdou S. El-Tabl, Moshira M. Abd-El Wahed, Mohamad M. E. Shakdofa, Belal M. Herisha

2,4-dihydroxy-2-hydroxybenzylidene) hydrazono)ethyl)phenyl) ethylidene)hydrazono)ethyl)-2,4-dihydroxyphenyl)ethan-1-one and its Fe(III), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Ag(I), Cd(II), Hg(II) and ZrO(II) complexes were synthesized and characterized by spectral and analytical techniques. The ligand binds the metal ions as a monobasic or neutral bidentate fashion via the protonated or deprotonated hydroxyl oxygen and azomethine nitrogen atom of salicyl moiety.

mDroid : A Machine Learning Based Malware Identification System For Android PDF

P M Dhanasree

The explosive growth of smart phones and wide acceptance of android brings a large scope for android mobile malwares. As the number of applications in android platform increases, number of malwares is also increasing rapidly. Since today’s smartphones are a ubiquitous source of confidential datas, hackers are very much interested in targeting mobile phones. So security of mobile phones is a major issue. This paper presents a new machine learning based approach for detecting malwares in the android platform. We perform hybrid analysis over downloaded applications to specify whether it is of malicious behaviour or not.

Multi-Objective Fuzzy Index based optimal scheduling of a Micro-Grid With CHP and Wind Power Units PDF

Archana Pathak, Manjaree Pandit, and Yogendra Kumar

Present world is starving for the new and renewable energy resources to meet many global warming and clean air challenges and this make the energy researchers for doing more and more research for recyclable and biodegradable energy resources like wind energy .Power system industry plays a pivotal role in the growth of developing world .In the area of research in power, each and everyone is searching for economic and eco friendly ways to dispatch the power.

Market Development Strategy Through Website and Product Packaging Innovation PDF

Jessie Mesa Siahaan

SME contribution to Indonesia GDP is increase from 57.84% to 60.34% in the last five years, the labor absorption in this sector is also increase from 96.99% to 97.22% in the same period. Despite of the increase on above factors, there are 2 major obstacles faced by UMKM both internally and externally. Alka F.A is one of Indonesia’s SME who sell hijab to their target market, generation Y. As SME it also has the same main problem like stated before.



Introduction: A study was conducted on the occupational exposure to cement dust causing gastrointestinal disorders in workers of the new Congo cement company. The objective of this work was to show the ingestion of cement developed gastrointestinal disorders in the services and workstations at the cement plant.

A Comprehensive Financial Analysis of Fuel and Energy Sector in Pakistan PDF

M Imran Baber, Umreen Akhter, Amir Manzoor, Dr Syed Aziz Haider

Financial Analysis is a very useful technique to analyze the financial stability and sustainability of a firm in the long run. The fuel and energy sector are very major sector which contributes towards the economy of a country. The growth and development in fuel and energy sector means that other related sectors such as manufacturing, trading and services sector are also doing well. The study provides the insights about the financial performance of five companies of Paki-stan energy and fuel sector which are major contributors towards economy.

Bandwidth Optimization of Microstrip Antenna for WiMAX Applications PDF

T.Bonchak, A.T Adediji, P.Guyah

This paper presents an optimized inset-fed rectangular microstrip patch antenna for WIMAX (3.5 GHz) applications. The bandwidth (BW) of a microstrip patch antenna is narrow which limits its operation in wireless communication. The bandwidth can be improved by symmetrically cutting a double I-shaped slot of size 2 mm x 10 mm from the patch, and U-shaped slot of size 2 mm x 22 mm from the ground with reference to the edges of the patch.

Biosynthesis of nanoparticles and study of its applications PDF

Maninder Kaur Dhaliwal, Nidhi Kalidas, Raghunath Patil

Development of an eco-friendly process for the synthesis of nanoparticles (NPs) has increased in the recent years, due to its low toxicity, ease in handling and inexpensiveness. In the present study synthesis of silver, copper and zinc oxide nanoparticles, by the bioreduction of 1mM silver nitrate, 3mM copper sulfate and 1 mM zinc acetate, respectively, using vegetable and fruit peel extract was done. Structural, morphological and optical properties of the nanoparticles was studied using UV–Vis spectrophotometer, FTIR and SEM analysis.

Implementation of IoT in Automated Agricultural System PDF

Md. Emadul Hasan, Iftakher Mohammad, Pallab Saha Vaskar,Md Aktar Hossain

Global population is increasing day by day. Therefore, the demand of food will be doubled in next 30 years. With limited resources to meet this demand will be a great challenge for human. To increase the production of food, traditional agricultural system needs to be updated.

Seasonal Rainfall Forecasting for Sinai Peninsula in Egypt Using Artificial Neural Networks PDF

Hadeer E. Khafagy, Mohamed H. Elsanabary, Sherif E. Abdellah

Providing a forecasting tool for rainfall over Sinai Peninsula in Egypt will contribute in taking proper precautions for flash floods and eliminate their impacts as a result, so we employed the Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) for seasonal rainfall forecasting over Sinai Peninsula.

Comparative Analysis of Search Engine Optimization Using Auto Search Tool PDF

Mehak Zahoor, Shafaq Zahoor

Due to unawareness of search engine optimization techniques, people do not use these techniques in newly formed websites. Auto search tool is used to increase the ranking of their websites automatically. It is efficient to get the Result in a timely manner. Two approaches were inferred; firstly selection of keywords and deep analysis method in SEO is apply to deal with the problems like low speed, deprived reliability and not flexible optimization in SEO processing. Secondly, Web Meta Data (WMD) is apply to real situation using different approaches to deal with low visibility in Search Engine. Traffic generated by this tool is more as compared to real traffic. In this study, the auto search tool can increase the web site ranking automatically. Traffic generated by this tool is more as compared to real traffic.

Analog- Digital Precoder for Downlink System on the Impact of Antenna Impairments PDF

Wasan Al- Masoody and Naz Islam

In this paper, the BER performance of the downlink multi-user multiple-input-multiple-output (MU- MISO) system for the perfect channel state information (CSI) is investigated. Rather than compensating or eliminating the effect of the mutual coupling among antenna elements, an optimization process is used by the aid of an analog-digital (AD) precoder. In this precoder, a conventional linear scheme is used in the digital domain, while a standard optimization technique is applied in the analog domain to manipulate the values of the load impedance and adjust the source of the antenna impairment which is the mutual coupling (MC) leading to the optimum values.

Deciphering Molecular Interactions of viral oncogene E-7 in human genital papillomavirus (HPV) for cancer therapy PDF

Sabahat Sohail, Naureen Aslam Khattak, Syeda Naqsh Zahra, Raja Adnan Tahir

Human papillomaviruses (HPV) cause almost 90% of cervical cancers in associated with E6 and E7 proteins. Tumour supressor protein p53 and pRB becomes inactivated by E6 and E7 viral oncogenes respectively. E6/E7 oncoproteins are essential for the neoplastic growth maintenance and their repression stop the cell proliferation and causes the cells to undergo senescence. MODELLER (9v10) was utilized to generate three dimensional structures of E-7 candidate gene. Protparam server were applied for physiochemical analysis.


Uguru, H. and Nyorere, O.

In this study, the failure bahaviour (failure force, failure energy, deformation at failure, and firmness) of SAMNUT 11 groundnut kernels were investigated, using the Universal Testing Machine. The quasi static compression tests were carried out at three loading rates (15, 20 and 25 mm/min), three kernel size categories (small, medium and large), and three loading positions (X -axis is in the plane containing the suture line; Y- axis is the plane perpendicular to the suture line, while Z-axis is the longitudinal axis through the suture).

IoT Based Wearable Device Monitoring Driver’s Stress, Fatigue and Drowsiness PDF

Prithvi P S, Rajeswari Devi R, Yogapriya N, Narayanan S

Driving in the most stressful environments such as high traffic which is correlated with high degree of accidents should be avoided, so the measuring of stress, fatigue and drowsiness is done. This paper is focused to develop a wearable device to monitor the driver’s abnormal conditions such as stress, fatigue and drowsiness. Physiological sensors embedded device becomes ubiquitous in the growing Internet of Things (IoT). In this study, we focus on heart beat and eye blink monitoring to develop an efficient and robust mechanism for stress and drowsiness identification. Using machine learning algorithms from the heart rate signals alone, we could achieve 90% accuracy in detecting the stress. Preprocessing is achieved to distinguish valid signals from noise. By using our system, we can provide solutions in early stage of the abnormal conditions.

A Holistic Program to Develop People in Higher Education PDF


Efforts to improve the quality of higher education continue to be done. One effort is to develop a quality assurance in universities. Quality assurance is expected to grow to establish standards, implement standards, evaluate the implementation of standards and continually seeks to improve the standard (continuous quality improvement). One of the tasks of this agency is to establish a quality assurance for professional lecturers.

Low serum magnesium levels and acute ischemic stroke PDF

Abdurrahman Sönmezler,Department of Neurology, Adana City Research and Training Hospital, Adana, Turkey

Magnesium is key cation in plasma.Controversial results have been shown about the magnesium levels and stroke.This study supports that low serum magnesium level may associated with mortality of cerebral infarction.Presence of hypomagnesemia in the ICU patients may be a preliminary finding for other organ damage as brain.

The impact of five successive freezing-thawing cycles and storage at -20 °C for one, two, and three months on the stability of selected hormones PDF

Mohanned Mohammed Bakir Al-Moosawi, Iman Midhat Abbas, Bushra Jaafar Abdulbaqi, Athraa Alauddin Abdullah

Background: The storage conditions of serum specimens for a long time need to be established for the purpose of their use in reference interval studies, or epidemiologic studies. Experimental design frequently necessitates the use of frozen samples for retrospective studies. Blood specimens are frequently stored in central clinical laboratories for further analysis. In addition to that, sera may be used for more than a single study and undergo repeated freezing and thawing. Pre-analytical phase is the most critical part of the total analytical process which has significant effect on patient results in clinical chemistry testing.

Evidence-based medicine and evidence-based pharmacy in medical practice PDF

Duong Dieu

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) was born in the mid-20th century and is developing strongly in the 21st century. Evidence medicine is an approach to medical practice aimed at optimizing decision making by emphasizes the use of evidence from well-conducted studies with good design. Although all science-based drugs have a degree of empirical support, evidence-based medicine can offer stronger recom-mendations, classify evidence with its epistemological power, and the need for from the strongest categories (from meta-analyzes, system-atic reviews, and randomized controlled trials) to weaker categories (such as from the control studies, case report) can lead to recommen-dations.

Marxist alienation in Daniyal Mueeunddin’s short stories PDF

Nabiha Ishtiaq Javaria Tariq Kiran Khalid Naseer Ahmed Maria Haroon Tehreem Saddique

The aim of this research is to discuss Marxist alienation in selected stories from Daniyal Mueenuddin’s In Other Rooms, Other Wonders. These stories revolve around a rich Pakistani landowner K.K Harouni, his family, and employees. These stories are set in the socio-economic transitions in late 20th century. In them we find the exploitation between social classes. The result of this exploitation is alienation. The Marxist Critical Theory is applied to highlight the factors that create alienation between classes and show how this alienation leads to the destruction of the individual.


Fazal Farooq, Mujahid Khan

The focal problem for river Kabul bridges in Pakistan during maximum flood is scour at bridge pier and abutments causing its collapse and/or isolation from approach road. This will result in bridge failure, human loss, damage to properties and traffic disruption. Keeping in view the problems caused by bridge failure, it is important to check the vulnerability of abutments for failure due to scouring.


P Naga Jyothi

With increasing demand for animal protein, aquaculture has become one of the fastest growing food sectors of the world. It has become the most viable and promising sector for providing nutritional and food security to human. But, sustainable production is effected in most of the aquaculture farms by factors such as poor water quality management, nutritionally imbalanced supplementary feed and the disease frequency. To control these diseases, indiscriminate use of antimicrobial drugs in aquaculture, lead to the emergence of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Digital Image Compression using DCT Algorithm: An Improvement PDF

Rajasekar P, Srinivas L N B

Image Compression is a method in which the size of a digital image is reduced yet the visibility of the image is maintained. It is done to re-duce the cost for storing as well as transmitting the image. There are many kinds of compression techniques for compressing different types and sizes of images. Depending on the user’s requirement to get the desired result, compression might be done at a high rate which can even reduce the quality of the image to a great extent.

Intelligent Substation Automatic Load Shedding System for Power Distribution PDF

Nkolika O. Nwazor, Wole S. Orisadare, Edidiong Phan

This paper is on an Intelligent Substation Automatic Load Shedding System for Power Distribution. This serves as a solution to the manual method of load shed-ding where the feeders are put off and on by pressing their control switches on the control board located in the control room currently being used in developing countries like Nigeria.

Design of a Secure and Authorized System for Data Deduplication PDF

Srinivas L N B, Rajasekar P

De-duplication is a technique of compression of data and it eliminates duplicate copies of repeating data. To protect the data security better, the problem of authorized data de-duplication is addressed. The idea is presented which is used for differentiating data according to their popularity. The problem of authorized de-duplication is addressed in this paper. To remove duplicate data from database is the main aim. It also helps for saving the storage space and bandwidth.


Sadru Dad

Evaporative weight (W.L.) losses of eight week old broilers were measured under different environmental conditions namely, dry-bulb temperature, relative humidity, ventilation rate and time in confinement. Of the four factors considered, dry-bulb temperature, ventilation rate and time in confinement were significant at 99.5% confidence level in the analysis of variance.

Development of a Mathematical Model for Predicting Drying Rates of Cassava Noodles PDF

Nnaemeka Charles Ezeanya

This research aimed at the development of a mathematical model for predicting drying rates of cassava noodles. The model was developed using the Buckingham Pi theorem approach. The cassava noodles were dried at two levels of sample thicknesses of 0.48 and 0.72 cm; and two levels of air velocities of 1.5 and 2.5 m/s. Results from the drying experiment showed that the drying rates of cassava noodles increased with increase in air velocity and decreased with increasing sample thickness of cassava noodles. The developed model predicted very well the drying rates of cassava noodles, giving coefficient of determination (R2) values of 0.997 for both velocities of 1.5 and 2.5 m/s at sample thickness of 0.48 cm; and 0.981 and 0.963 respectively for velocities of 1.5 and 2.5 m/s of sample thickness of 0.72 cm. A two-tail test conducted using Fishers Least Significance Difference (F-LSD) approach showed no statistical difference between the predicted and experimental drying rates.

Impact of the cyclonic storm Komen along the coast of Bangladesh and recovery measures PDF

Mst. Rupale Khatun, Gour Chandra Paul

Komen, a category 1 unusual tropical cyclone with wind speeds of over 85 km h-1, struck south western coastal region of Bangladesh on 30 July 2015. Although it was not too intensified and dreadful, but it caused a considerable loss of life of the coastal people of Bangladesh both socially and economically. Many people lost their lives and several injured due to this disaster. It brought heavy rainfall of several days and many areas of the southern Bangladesh were inundated by the associated flood. In this paper, it is analyzed how the coastal people of Bangladesh and the environment in which they live were affected by the cyclone.

Assessment of Heavy Metals Concentrations in Selected Road-side Fast Foods in Ibadan Oyo state, Nigeria PDF

Olajide A.J, Olajide O.E, Salami I.T, Adeyemi A.T, Abiodun S.L

Heavy metal toxicity assessment in foods is important for safety measures. Road-side food samples commonly referred to as fast foods are prone to exposure of heavy metals due to environmental pollution mainly from industrial discharge and automobile emission. This research analyses the heavy metal concentrations of some fast foods; roasted plantain (RP), roasted fish (RF), roasted yam (RY), “suya” meat (SM), fried potato (FP), roasted corn (RC), fried bean cake (FBC) and doughnut (DT) obtained from different locations in Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria.

Emotion Aware Cloud Services Using Brainwaves And 5G Technology PDF

Pranav J.I, Sayujia S

Technology today is so advanced that more than 70% of our daily life is spent using technology. The number of fully automated home are rising day by day. Everything is connected to the cloud. One of the major problems the cloud AI faces is the inability to understand the emotions of users which causes inappropriate behavior to the user at inappropriate times. Through this work we present a method to understand the user’s emotion through EEG sensors (Brainwave) These sensors are commmonly called brainwave readers. Many


OSHIN OLA AUSTIN, Adanikin Ariyo,Fakorede Ebenezer, Joseph Ojotu

The present unreliable and erratic power supply is a pointer to the fact that there is a great need for fault evaluation and reliability studies of electric power system in Nigeria. The recent blackout in the country has grounded many activities and has destroyed many industrial processes. Also, the power industries face a lot of problems. Some of the highest priority issues being generation of sufficient power, urgent clearance of faults, adequate protection and increase reliability of the system, that is, bringing a steady uninterrupted power supply to the consumers. The Nigerian power problem resulted to incessant planned, forced and unplanned outages. In addition, it has resulted to erratic and unreliable supply of electricity in the country. It has reduced productivity and has increased unemployment rate in the country to over 40million (this figure is over 70% of Nigerian youths. It has led many of the youths in the country to crime. It has led many of the deaths of many innocent people in the country. Hence, an analytical method is developed to assess the dynamic- reliability of the distribution system, as well as optimizes the occurrence of faults along each of the individual consumer point in a feeder in order to improve the performance of the system. This research publication therefore evaluates the occurrence of faults which is about 856 occurrences during a period of 8 years and outages which range between 1118 to 3785 hours per annum along the distribution lines, also the failure rates of each of the feeders were analyzed in order to improve on the supply of electricity in the distribution network. The reliability of the system which ranges between 8.57*10-12 to 9.548*10-5 were analyzed; and fault clearing techniques were carried out. Efforts were made to adequately assess the failure rates of the feeders which range between 0.003 and 0.001 and reliability of the distribution system. Efforts were also made to improve the performance of the system. As a result, it was possible to establish improvement techniques which ensure adequate and constant supply of electricity to all the consumers for industrial growth and employment: a basic solution to increasing crime rate in the country.

Mobile Terminal Energy Aware Vertical Handover Decision Processes in Heterogeneous Wireless Mobile Networks PDF

Sintayehu Kassa, Mohammed Yesuf Mohammed

Heterogeneous is networks is integral in fourth generation to make the best possible use of the combined resources of available. To have seamless communication and mobility between these heterogeneous wireless access networks, support of vertical handover (VHO) is required. Vertical handover decision algorithms are essential components of the architecture of the forthcoming Fourth Generation (4G) heterogeneous wireless networks.

Mixed Method Analysis of Non-worker Women’s Trip-chain in Bandung City, Indonesia PDF

Sri Maryati, Heru Purboyo HP, Iwan P. Kusumantoro, Amelia Hayati

This study aims to explore daily travel in women not working in the city of Bandung, Indonesia, in their activity decisions based on the distribution of filling in the VISTA questionnaire (Victorian Integrated Survey for Travel and Activity). The use of the mixed method in this study to reveal the qualitative and quantitative data contained in the questionnaire to explain the pattern of travel and daily activities carried out by women does not work as a form of their responsibility to the family.

An Economic Evaluation of the Nexus between Gender Inequality and Economic Growth in Pakistan: A Historical Perspective PDF

Saba Ashraf, Muhammad Arham khan, Sidra Haroon

The study attempts to made an economic evaluation the linking among gender inequality and Pakistan’s economic growth. The study also represents the differences of men and women. The study is depend on annual time series data from 1985 to 2015. GDP growth rate take as the dependent variable and independent variables include the female unemployment rate, male-female labor force participation rate and female to male enrollment rate.


Mohammad Ibrahim; Sumit Tarachandani; Narayan Jangid

In the race of growing vertically, we are moving towards tall buildings. Such a tall structure needs a deep understanding of the structural behaviour under dynamic forces. A uniaxial shaking machine simulates the earth surface during earthquake creating identical vibrations by using time history function as the input.

Fine-tuned Permeability Estimation in Un-cored Wells Using Flow Zone Indicator Model PDF

Shirley Onyinye Odunze-Akasiugwu and Collins Akasiugwu

It is essential to characterize and model reservoirs units into effective storage containers as well as conduits for fluid flow. For an efficient dynamic reservoir model that can honor the actual history matching of a field, a reliable permeability estimates for the field is required as an input. This input should also respect the facies architecture of the reservoir since log and core measurements often capture a 2 dimensional area of the reservoir.

Smart Firewall Using Machine Learning PDF


In today’s modern world no system currently available in the world is 100% secure. In addition, we always can notice that there are huge Attack scenarios. Generally, if a new signature is found on the database, then the behavior will be considered as an at-tack. Vulnerabilities in most computer systems and, it can be exploited by either non-authorized or authorized users. We pro-pose fuzzy based prevention techniques.

Agile: a digital start for yet another retroversion of management foresight PDF


Globalization is being present. The digital revolution has led to a change in the perception of work and organizational models. The business world has experienced strong transitions in recent years. It is now clear that the theories developed and studies carried out, are no longer adapted to the current context. However, traditional management models have shown their weaknesses. Exploiting new ideas regarding work organization was necessary.


Enny Karnawati; Y.Warella; Sri Suwitri; Sutarwi.

Many parties argued that education and leadership training are still less effective in producing competent alumni in the implementation of tasks/jobs. The Organization of the Education policy and leadership training level III form of Penitentiary Administration Rules State No. 19 in 2015 (substitute Penitentiary Administrative Regulation No. 12 in 2013) aims to improve the competence of the leadership Echelon III structural officials. Do policies implementation of the Organization education and leadership on level III training can produce a graduation participants were able to show its performance in leading change? To find out, do some research on the human resources development agency Areas of Central Java-Indonesia, using a qualitative approach to the method of research's policy.

The Antimicrobial activity of some essential oils against some selected food borne pathogens PDF

Reham A. El Fayoumy, Mohamed I. Abou-Dobara, Phillip Pendleton, Amira A. EL-Fallal and Ahmed K.A. EL-Sayed

Essential oils (EO) are aromatic and volatile liquids extracted from plant material, such as flowers, roots, bark, leaves, seeds, peel, fruits, wood, and whole plant. Essential oils are considered to be secondary metabolites and important for plant defence as they often possess antimicrobial properties. The active compounds of essential oils can be divided into four groups according to their chemical structure: ter-penes such as lemon Eo, terpenoids such as jasmine EO, phenyl propenes such as vanilla EO, and others such as mustard EO which has Allyl isothiocyanate (AITC) as active compound.

Effect of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) on the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) On Production Line Bottled Water Bottle PDF

Doni Susanto ST and Ir. Isdaryanto Iskandar M.Sc IPM

PT "XYZ" is beverage company with bottle as its main packaging. It is important for the company to focus on the productivity which can be done through Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) method. This method uses all the elements that exist in the plant to improve the productivity. Previously maintenance was carried out in part, now transformed into integrated process from upstream to downstream, which taking other elements into consideration, not only machine, but also human, methods, environment and materials.

Combating Corruption in Nigeria: The Professional Accountants Experience PDF

Emeka E. Ene; Josephine C. Ene

Globally, corruption has been identified as one of the major clogs in the wheel of development, especially in developing economies characterized by poor corruption detection and prevention mechanisms. As a result, the subject matter of corruption is receiving increasing attention in recent times. The current Administration in Nigeria came with the mantra of 'change', with a focus on the fight against corruption. While it appears that great successes have been recorded in the recovery of looted funds and prosecution of high profile individuals, corruption, unfortunately, continues to bedevil the Nigerian state.



In this paper the Hardy-Weinberg equation on the frequency of alleles with its contrivances serve as a stochastic model which has been used along with the Markovian Property to prove the frequency of the alleles at the locus of a particular population in genetics. This Gene Pool Model has been converted to a stochastic differential equation\

A Comprehensive Review of Biomass Gasification Process PDF

A.S. El-Shafay, A.A. Hegazi, S. H. El-Emam, F. M. Okasha

The gasification process can be considered as one of the greatest conservative techniques in the transformation of biomass because of certain crucial factors such as the consideration of space, reduction of substantial waste volume, flexibility of fuel used, as well as the recovery of energy. The general process of gasification inclines to involve the incomplete burning of the carbon-based part of fossil fuels, which forms an abundant flammable gas in the presence of hydrogen, carbon monoxide and methane or some saturated hydrocarbon gases.

An Investigation into the Performance of Dutse (Nigeria) as the Growth Centre of Jigawa State PDF

A.A Jolaoye, Garba I.A

This paper seeks to investigate some key elements of a growth centre; the principle upon which local government headquarters and state capitals crea-tion rest. It attempts to consider in a spatial dimension, the different channels by which the establishment and development of Dutse (Nigeria) has af-fected its' region (the rest major settlements in the state) after twenty-seven years of operation.


Muhammad Ihsan Wijaya, Achmad Sani Supriyanto

This study aims to: examine, test and examine the effect of workplace spirituality on employee performance and work motivation. This study aims to determine the effect of workplace spirituality on employee performance and work motivation of PT. Bank Muamalat Indonesia. This research is anexplanatory researchwhich aims to test the hypothesis proposed about the effect of workplace spirituality on employee performance and work motivation.

On the Stability and Asymptotic Stability of the Periodic Solution of a Lienard Equation PDF

E.O.Eze, U.E. Obasi, S.I. Ezeh

This paper propose a qualitative approach to the periodic solution of a Lienard equation using Lyapunov direct method and Cartwright method to achieve asymptotic stability and hence stability of the solution. Futhermore, Mathcad was applied to demonstrate the numerical behavior of the solution which improves and extends some results in literature.


E.O.Eze, U.E. Obasi and S.I Ezeh

This paper propose a qualitative approach to the periodic solution of a Lienard equation using Lyapunov direct method and Cartwright method to achieve asymptotic stability and hence stability of the solution. Futhermore, Mathcad was applied to demonstrate the numerical behavior of the solution which improves and extends some results in literature.

Removal of Pb(II) ions from solution using chemically modified Luffa cylindrica as a method of sustainable water treatment PDF

Akanimo U. Emene, Robert Edyvean

Luffa cylindrica, readily available in parts of Asia, Africa and South America, when chemically treated with 4% NaOH shows an increased amount of ion exchange functionality, thereby enhancing the adsorption capacity. It is well known for loofa sponge production and it is regarded as a common waste material. Chemical modification of Luffa cylindrica also changes its structural characteristics by exposing its pores for enhanced adsorption and shows an increased BET surface area from 25.32 m2/g to 43.10m2/g. From the FT-IR spectra an increase in protonated hydroxyl and carboxyl functional groups was observed

Biological study which reveals the basics for genetics and research development PDF

Junaid Ali, Shah Zaman, Muhammad Umer Khan, Muhammad Ali, Samiullah

Cell is the most focused object in majority research labs. Step by step functioning of cell is very difficult to explain accurately. Somehow, chemical processes as well as genetic based product such as protein released into body under specific stress, may give the idea about its working. But now science has been improved to explain the whole process of cell with maximum affinity.

Production and Characterisation of Ash Reinforced Cast Motorcycle Piston using Aluminium Alloys Scrap PDF

Abdussalam Mamoon, Abdul Audu, Nazir N. Yunusa

This research work deals with the production and characterization of a motorcycle piston from locally sourced recycled Aluminium piston scraps, using stir casting method. Recycled Aluminium piston scrap was used as the metal matrix and charcoal ash contents of constant percentage was used as the reinforcement in the fabrication of the metal matrix composite (MMC). The compositions of the recycled piston scrap and charcoal ash were acquired.

Optimization of Culture Conditions for Partially Purified Cellulase Production by Oceanobacillus Species Isolated from Wood Industry Soil in Chennai, India PDF

T. Gbenro, A. Adesanmi, M. Kamaraj, K. Saraswathi, Sindhu, P. Arumugam

The enormous population of bacteria in the environment permits screening and production of more efficient cellulases to aid in the conversion of lignocellulosic residues, treatment of waste papers as well as other industrial applications. Selected colonies of Oceanobacillus profundus were screened for cellulase activity on agar media containing 1% CMC; for assaying the cellulose production, dinitrosalicylic acid method was employed by measuring the amount of glucose liberated in µmol/mL/min and the effect of pH, temperature, carbon source as well as nitrogen source on the enzyme was optimized followed by partial purification of enzyme using precipitation and dialysis procedure.

Case study on effect of music therapy in mother-infant bonding PDF

Dr. Suguna Varadarajan

Babies who are less than a month old respond to their mother's singing or reciting that later did during the 8th to 9th month of pregnancy. Infants being breast fed the first time, respond by sucking comfortably. Infants not responding to feeding, re-sume to suck once the mother's familiar singing or reciting commence. Mothers on the other hand respond positively and their lactation improves in this process. This recognition and feeling of familiarity are instant and the infant will be more at ease.

Analysis of Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Manufacturing Industry PDF

Sajawal Hussain Khan, Muhammad Anwar

The dynamics of the implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system varies according to the nature and type of the industry. Each industry possesses its own unique business processes, information flow systems, human resources, adaptation level to the new systems, and localized requirements. These factors can be visualized and considered by understanding the complete hierarchy and structure of the industry

A Hybrid PSO-SA Algorithm for Maximizing the Data Rate for the Cognitive OFDM System PDF

Sami abuishaiba, Mohammed .I.Youssef, ibrahim F. Tarrad

Due to the rapid demand for wireless applications and the increased number of the wireless devices, there is absence of available spectrum bands. Therefore, Cognitive Radio (CR) has been nominated as a promising technique because of its ability to enhance the spectrum utilization. Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) is used for the CR networks due to its flexibility of allocate the available spectrum in dynamic environment.

A Brief Survey of Clustering Data Mining Techniques and Methods PDF

Rajesh Kumar1, Kapil Dev, Ajeet Kumar, Paras lal, Summair Alam, Abdul Manan

Clustering is utilized information mining strategy in which a gathering of comparative items is joined together to shape groups, these bunches are unique in relation to the items in another bunch.The objective of this overview is to give a far-reaching survey of various grouping procedures in information mining.This paper portrays some clusterization methods like, partitional procedure, various leveled system,the matrix based strategy, thickness based procedure and their calculations.

Effect of Taurine on hematological disturbance towards carbon tetrachloride hepatotoxicity in mice PDF

Rasha F. Zahran, Sherouk S. Badawy, Mohammad M. Mashaly

Background: Hepatic damage caused by chemicals is associated with distortion of the metabolic functions and may lead to progressive liver fibrosis, ultimately cirrhosis, and hepatocellular carcinoma. This study was carried out using Taurine (TAU), and was applied on 60 swiss male adult albino mice. The results revealed that TAU was efficient against carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) hepatotoxicity in the studied groups. It could ameliorate hematological changes caused by CCl4 toxicity by decreasing white blood cells and increasing platelets, red blood cells, Hemoglobin concentration and hematocrit values. Conclusion: TAU could ameliorate hematological disturbance caused by CCl4 toxicity.

Analysis of patients flow in accidents and emergency department PDF

M.O. Oladejo, U.L. Okafor and A.A. Akanbi

One of the most important operational issues in health care delivery involves capacity planning such that the goals of efficient resource utilization and providing high quality service are met. The overall aim of this study is to formulate a model that will optimize the exit rate and minimise the death rate over emergency department and intensive care unit in 44 Nigerian Army Reference Hospital, Kaduna.

Modeling the Effect of Depression Areas on Outflow Hydrograph PDF

Ahmed Teleb, Ashraf M. El Moustafa, Ahmed A. Hassan

The peak discharge value of any basin is the most important hydrological parameter and should be calculated accurately to determine the suitable protection strategy and perform suitable design for any proposed hydraulic structures.

An Exploration of Teaching Difficulties Confronted By Blind Teachers At Higher Education Level PDF

Saba shakeel, Dr anila Fatima, Dr Rabia a karim

The outcome of a research study is based on the motive of highlighting the importance of blind teachers and the problems confronted by them in performing their duties especially at higher education level. A mixed methodological approach has been adopted to explore the issue. In-depth interviews have been conducted from some blind teachers whereas a survey among students has been conducted with the help of questionnaire.

Natural regulatory T cells in children with Entamoeba histolytica infection PDF

Raida S. Yahya, Soha I. Awad, Hatim A. El-Baz, Nanis S. El-Beltagy

Background: Parasites exemplified by Entamoeba histolytica can manipulate natural regulatory T cells in order to lessen the infection burden and maintain successful infection in the host for a longer time frame. The aim of this work is to investigate natural regulatory cells level in Entamoeba histolytica infection.

Behavior of Non-Coarse Aggregate Polymer Concrete Simply Supported Deep Beams with and without Web Openings PDF

Mohamed Salem, Ahmed Mourad, Amira Shehata

This study is aimed to focus the problems of using non-coarse aggregate polymer concrete, which had weak shear strength, on the behavior of structural elements subjected mainly to shear, especially the simply supported deep beams with and without square web openings, casted using non-coarse aggregate polymer concrete, experimentally and numerically. The polymer concrete consists of two parts; the first part is powder without coarse aggregate, while the second part is liquid polymer.

Adsorption of Arsenate and Arsenite on to Reddish Brown Earth (RBE) in the Presence of Glyphosate PDF

H.A.M. Prasadani, A.M.N.P.B.Abyesinghe, R. Chandrajith, R. Weerasooriya, B. Marambe

The use of Glyphosate (GPS) as a herbicide to control weeds in rice cultivation in many countries has become a controversial issue in the last few years. Arsenic is one of the most toxic elements found in contaminated water, and that can form complexes with glyphosate. Adsorption of arsenic species on to Reddish Brown Earth (RBE), which is the most productive and major rice-growing soil in Sri Lanka was examined when present glyphosate. Arsenic retention on RBE was examined as a function of pH under medium ionic strength (0.01M NaCl). All surface complexations were postulated by Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy.

A Development of Modified Profile Matching and Borda for Determining Treatment Priorities for Hemorrhage Stroke Patients PDF

Widyastuti Andriyani, Sri Hartati, Retantyo Wardoyo, Samekto Wibowo

Recommendations for treatment dealing with stroke patients can be done with an intelligent system science approaches. One of them is through a decision support system based on the symptoms and features possessed and suffered by patients. The patient's symptoms and features are used as input for the decision support system to determine the priority of treatment, namely operative or conservative. This study aims to develop a decision support model for a medical expert group by utilizing the parameter features obtained from the examination results in the emergency unit.


Aisha Abubakar Kana and Ahmad Abubakar Kana

Groundwater occurs in rock units which store and transmit water and are called aquifers. These aquifers maybe sandwiched or underlain by confining beds and can be classified as confined or unconfined aquifers respectively. When groundwater is confined under pressure greater than atmospheric pressure; a well penetrating such an aquifer is said to be an artesian well. Gandu, a town in Lafia Local Government Area, Nasarawa state, Nigeria is characterized by confined aquifers, with wells penetrating such aquifers being artesian. Geologically, the area is underlain by Cretaceous sediments belonging to Lafia and Awgu Formations all part of the Middle Benue Trough.


Akerele F.O., Ogunjimi O. R., Awe B. S., Ajiboye M.M

This work focuses on the use of geospatial technologies in precision farming. To achieve this, the focus is on how geospatial data is collected, analyzed and used in the decision making process to maximize on yields. An application of this nature can be developed to help bring a new face to the technology of agriculture with the use of an open weather map with the purpose of visualizing its real-time on android smartphone using the device’s inbuilt GPs to track current location.

Pattern of Electrolytes Imbalance in Patient with Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Asthma Attending in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Bangladesh PDF

Lokman Hakim , Milton Barua , Masud Un Nabi , Mahmudul Kabir

Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are two common health problems in clinical practice. Exacerbation of both of this condition leads to serious health problem and affecting all population particularly extreme of age group. Severity of both of these conditions can affect quality of life and economic loss as well. It was observed in various part of the world that severity is associated with different electrolytes disturbance. Hence, to assess the pattern of electrolytes imbalance in patient with exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma attending in a tertiary care hospital was the objective of the study.

Application of Auxetic Foam in Contact Sports Safety Equipment PDF

Rohit N , Dr.Thomas Allen, Sanderine Martha M, Mohammed Mufid Basha, Jeshwin Prabhu M

Sports, in general involves physical contact between players, players and playing equipment(Balls). Sports like Football, Boxing, Hockey and our traditional games like Kabaddi, Jallikattu are some examples. These contact Sports have effected in various negative medical effects on the Players like Concussion(Head), Shoulder, Foot Injuries, etc. These injuries happen due to the high impact contact between players and the player & playing equipment. These injuries occur due to the absence of safety equipment or insufficient safety standards to resist the high impact caused. Thus, it has become a ecessity to improve the Sports Safety Equipment standard to make the Sport safer for more people to engage in.


R.Eranyan , S.Nivedhan sendhil kumar , S.Bharath

so , how would u react if I say , trasnsmitting electricity or a kind of electric energy through air is possible .Yes people . get amazed when I speak about the term so called witricity . our paper is all about the near field technology .This kind of approach is applicable only for witricty networks inside the room or a kind of house like architecture. This is Similar to the wifi that we use in home . we have used the resonant coupling induction method which is a type of coupling the transmitter and the receiver . the main thing to be noted here is that at resonance maximum power can be transmitted but

Effect of trench geometry on Film Cooling Performance PDF

Asst. Prof. Dr. Muwafag Shyaa Alwan

The main objective of this experimental investigation is to determine both film cooling effectiveness and heat transfer coefficient in an opti-mized film hole embedded in trench geometry with different blowing ratio. Experimental investigations were done on a flat plate by using a single test transient IR thermograph technique. Evaluation of the cooling performance is obtained by estimated both film cooling effective-ness and heat flux ratios.

Effects of Terrorism on Socio-economic developments in Pakistan PDF

Aqsa Chaudary

Pakistan is facing a wave of Terrorism for more than 17 years. Any violent act, suicide attack which leaves people dead and injured includes terrorist activities and it has increased since the last decade. These activities has quivered the country’s so-cial framework and economic structure badly. Terrorism has not only disrupted the socio-economic and political structure in Pakistan but it has also destroyed World peace and harmony.

The Unswayed Archaeological Heritage Temples of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal PDF

Ar. Abhilasha Pathak, Dr. Jayprakash Chadchan

The diffusion of ancient Vernacular structures over Seismic behaviour,which includes multidisciplinary aspects of time and space, restoration & rehabilitation of damaged ancient historic structures and the aspects of AAA1 damage tolerance , whose values are mostly attributed to the Archaeological, Architectural and Aesthetical are the Prime objective of study which extends and throws light on meaningful testimonies of ancient act of construction with an effective & coherent knowledge of local technologies & material behaviour over centuries. In the present review paper an attempt to analyze the intrinsic qualities, constructional and technological aspects of ancient heritage temples from earthquake point of view ,are important and need to be studied as a research .

A Multidomain Characterization of an Acoustic Signal and an Approach towards a Generic Noise Reduction Algorithm PDF

Engr. Jelili O. Olawore, Dr Christopher U Ngene , Dr Abdulfattah A. Aboaba

During mobile communication, a speech signal contains information from varieties of sources: speaker, environment sound and transmission channel. Due to effect of background noise otherwise referred to as environmental sounds such as dog barking, siren, car horn, restaurant babble noise, gun-shot, street music, white noise e.t.c, leads to the degradation of speech quality. In order to discriminate between different kind of signals (speech, music and environmental sounds),for an efficient speech enhancement algorithm, pre-processing of such signal is required by having a apriori characteristic of such signals based on their distribution of their energy content over time, frequency and time-frequency domain and also, having the range of noise level encountered in real life scenario.

Levels of Heavy Metals from selected Soils in Crude Oil Mining Residences of Niger Delta PDF

Nworu J. S, Aniche D.C, Ogbolu B. O and Olajide A. J

The current level of heavy metals (Cd, Hg, As, Pb and Zn) in the crude oil polluted soils of Egwa 1, Kurutie, Okerenkoko and Kurukunama has been studied using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Varian AA240). Samples were digested with aqua regia before metal analysis. Result of analysis revealed that Mercury and Arsenic concentrations were above the acceptable values of these metals in soil, and the concentrations of Cadmium, Lead and Zinc were within the acceptable limits allowed in soil.


Jaskeerat kaur, Sandhya, Priyanka Ganjoo, Musheer Vaqur,Kapil Joshi

This paper describes an image fusion is a kind of process which combines the necessary or an efficient information from a set of different or similar input images into a single output image where, the resulting image is more accurate, informative and complete than any of the input images with certain algorithm. And, image enhancement is a process which is used to improve the quality of an image and increases the application of these input data images which is helpful in different fields of science such as medical imaging, microscopic imaging, remote sensing, computer vision, and robotics etc

Finite Element Model Updating of Motorcycle Visor Stay Bracket base on Experimental Modal Analysis PDF

Andi Wibowo, Isdaryanto Iskandar

Motorcycle Visor is a new trend fashion of accessories in motorcycle. The Motorcycle visor used as shield and adjust the air flow in desire direction. The other function, black motorcycle visor is also can protect excessive sun light from front area, that may reflected to the speedometer display.

Gender Recognition Using Fast Fourier Transform With Ann PDF

Shantam Vijayputra, Dr. Nalini N

This paper deals with an efficient method for gender detection based on the audience’s voice in a natural environment. Some features such as Third quartile, entropy, mean frequency act as a key feature; these features are then used to train Artificial Neural Network architecture to classify two different genders (Male and Female). The test result shows that the new method ANN architecture which can analyze and learn better and faster.

Hybridization of Genetic Algorithm and Tabu Search in the Lecture Scheduling System (Case Study: Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia) PDF

Fenty Ariany, Irman Hermadi, Agus Buono

Scheduling lecture courses in any educational institution is a very complex problem, which involves many entities in preparing the lecture schedule. The Genetic Algorithm and Tabu Search can assist in the preparation of lecture schedules, specifically the lecture schedule at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia. Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia has 3 faculties, which are the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sci-ence, Faculty of Literature and Education, and Faculty of Economics and Business.

3D Printing - An Easy and Efficient Method to Fabricate High-Resolution 3D Printed Models for Medical and Educational Purposes PDF

Assoc. Prof. Alexandru Ulici MD PhD, Eduard Liciu MD PhD, Adrian Dima MD, Beatrice Frumuseanu MD PhD, Ma-ria Miruna Mihai, Asst. Prof. Roman Murzac PhD, Prof. Sebastian Ionescu MD PhD

The development of 3D printing techniques led to multiple types of materials that can be used in making medical models, including material that can be sterilized, thus facilitating the intraoperative manipulation of these devices by the surgical team.

A New Integration of AdaBoost and Profile Matching Algorithm to Improve ABC Analysis for Drug Inventory PDF

Eko Darmanto, Subanar, Retantyo Wardoyo, Sri Hartati

At the planning stage in the pharmaceutical supply cycle there are planning evaluation activities using consumption methods and morbidity for recommendations on adjusting drug procurement. Planning evaluation activities generally use the ABC Analysis method which refers to the cost aspect (the amount of drug used in a full period) so that it only meets the consumption method. It is necessary to excavate information on drug use for a full period that refers to the formulary list of essential medicines as a support for planning evaluation to fulfill therapeutic aspects.

Prediction of Cricket World Cup 2019 by TOPSIS Technique of MCDM-A Mathematical Analysis PDF

Muhammad Saqlain, Naveed Jafar, Rashid Hamid, Amir Shahzad

Prediction about the result of cricket matches astonishing as a research problem, especially due to its complexity, unpredictable assumption (weather and pitch conditions). Because the ultimate outcome of a cricket match is based on many aspect and unaccepted bearings therefore it is difficult responsibility to predict the exact and partial truth-based outcomes of cricket matches such a research expects a multi criteria decision making approach.

The impact of ATM Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction in the Private Commercial Banking Industry in Yangon, Myanmar PDF

Mr. Nyi Lwin

The financial system has an important role to play in the development of the economy of a country. Since the 2011 political reforms, Myanmar's Banks and Financial Institutions Law was passed in 2016 by the parliament. In the past, Myanmar's Financial Institutions Law, which was enacted in 1990, provided only very general rules for local financial institutions. Myanmar is largely a cash-based economy. The people of Myanmar have less confidence in the banking system than in other countries in the region, having experienced a banking and currency crisis in the past. That is why most people prefer to keep cash in their hands or buy property to secure their financial situation.

Animal models of mania-like behaviors PDF

Mutahar Andrabia, Rajesh Sagarb, Vivekanandhan Subbiaha

Bipolar disorder is a serious debilitating disorder with unknown etiology and lack of better treatment regimen and biological basis of diagnosis. Suitable animal models are being developed for the elucidation of underlying pathogenesis of the disorder. As for any neuropsychiatric disorder, availability of brain tissue for research and diagnosis is not always possible, therefore studies on animals become a need. For an animal model that should represent a disease state should possess face validity, construct validity and predictive validity.

Analysis of Theoretical Approaches to Eduaction PDF

Prof. Sharlamanov Kire, Asst. Prof. Mitrevska-Petrusheva Katerina, Assoc. Prof. Stoimenovska Katica

Studing education has a long tradition in many social sciences. This text makes a retrospective of the most significant theoretical approaches to education within the sociology of education. The subject of analysis is functionalism, the theory of social conflict and symbolic interactionism. This text analyzes the basic characteristics and accomplishments of each of the indicated theoretical approaches.

Analysis The Antecedents of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty of Life Insurance in DKI Jakarta PDF

Kristina Riya Hutabarat, Rifelly Dewi Astuti

The insurance industry is a business that has considerable potential in Indonesia, but to get customer satisfaction to gain customer loyalty to the company is not easy amid intense competition with other similar companies. Therefore, this study aims to identify and analize the anteced-ents of customer satisfaction and loyalty in the life insurance industry. Antecedents of satisfaction analyzed include product category knowledge, product complexity, and anticipated regret; and antecedents of customer loyalty include trust, co-production, and satisfaction.

Perceived Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Switching Barrier and Customer Loyalty in Business to Business Context PDF

Nisa Sofnia, Riawan B. Paramarta

In high competitiveness of lubricant industry in Indonesia, supplier must consider various factors to maintain customer’s loyalty. The purpose of this research is to analyze the relationship between perceived quality, customer satisfaction, and switching barrier as affecting factors of customer loyalty (recommend/patronage). It also examined the mediating effect of switching barrier between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty (recommend/patronage) and moderating effect of switching barrier between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty (recommend/patronage).

Proposing The Structure Of IT Competence Framework For Teachers In Online Teaching PDF

Phan Chi Thanh , Ngo Tu Thanh

In the digital age, the Information Technology (IT) competence in teaching is one of the important occupational skills of teachers. Therefore, the definition and application of IT competence in accordance with the practical conditions of education in Vietnam and the general trend of the world are essentially put into consideration.

Impact of Home Remittance and Debt Financing on Economic Growth of Pakistan 2005-2012 PDF

Dr.Sadaf Mustafa, Mahpara Naeem

Pakistan has a semi-industrialized economy, which mainly encompasses textiles, chemicals, food processing, agriculture and other industries.This study is aimed to check the impact of Debt Financing from banks and home remittances on economy of Pakistan in the time span of 2005-2012.In order to achieve this aim Debt financing,Kibor rates, Profitability of Banks, Home Remittances and Trade Deficits are taken as variables. By using different statistical tests data are examined and on the basis of results conclusion and recommendations are drawn.

A comparative study of IE Techniques and their algorithms PDF

Mahmood Ashraf, Qazi Qayyum, Shahzad Hussain

Information extraction from databases is a key research area and this area is familiar among the researcher. Data mining having great importance for the organization and it provides the reason to increase the profit of the organization. So data mining is an interesting field for the researcher. Many application are using to provide the facilities for data mining .hence data mining tech-niques are needed to determine the customer habits, according to business point of view, these techniques are used for the im-provement in applications that provide the facilities for data mining, these applications may be internet online services and data where housing etc

Parental Involvement and Students’ Educational Achievement: A Phenomenological Study PDF

Maryam Hussain

To abide with the system of united support for students’, schools need to build partnership and develop mutual responsibility with parents, for students’ success in the educational system. In this way, parental engrossment increases, parents’ effort to support schools encourages, and they directly make a positive influence to a successful educational system. Considering the importance of parents’ participation and involvement in school, in this paper, we will look into the effects of parental contribution on students’ academic achievements, the factors that interrupt parental involvement and the role that the school management is playing to promote parental involvement. Qualitative Data was collected through semi structured interview from nine parents to find out their involvement in their child’s education.

Recognition of traditional Mongolian script using primitives and template matching methods PDF

Byambasuren Ivanov, Uuganbaatar Dulamragchaa, Markhamet Musa, Otgonnaran Ochirbat

Designing an appropriate algorithm and methods in case of speed and accuracy for character recognition has become a necessity in regard to importance of character recognition for various purposes such as: keeping, maintaining, and promoting the one’s cultural and historical heritages, scriptures etc. Traditional Mongolian script, which has a unique writing style and multi-font variations, brings challenges to character recognition. In this paper we primarily studied an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of a typewritten and woodcut printed Mongolian Script by using primitives and template matching methods.

Variable Fluid Properties and Thermal Radiation Effects on Free Convective Flow through a Vertical Porous Channel PDF

Abiodun O. Ajibade and Yusuf A. Bichi

The aim of the present paper is to investigate variable fluid properties (variable viscosity thermal conduction) and thermal radiation on free convective flow through a vertical porous channel. In doing so, nonlinear Rosseland heat diffusion is used in the course of investigation which as consequence resulted to high nonlinearity of the flow equations. Similarly; Adomian decomposition method of solution and computer aided algebra package are deployed to solve these equations considering influences of the physical parameters involved on the velocity and temperature profiles and the results are presented and discussed. Furthermore; Nusselt number and skin friction on the channel plates are tabulated and discussed under varying situations. To validate the present result; a published study of Singh and Paul [1] is used to compare with the result obtained herein where good agreement was found.

FISCAL POLICY AND ECONOMIC ACTIVITY IN NIGERIA: Testing the existence of the Ricardian Equivalence PDF

Mustapha, Saidi Atanda and Isiaka, Muideen Adejare

The paper examines the validity of the Ricardian Equivalence Theorem (RET) as a result of the continuous rising of fiscal debt in Nigeria. It makes use of data generated from a Nigerian population survey in purposely selected areas in Lagos State, Nigeria. The survey is conducted in the third quarter of 2018, with a randomly selected representation of 3000 Nigerians.

Effect of Increasing the water content on the Slope of road embankment, Alsheyab City, NW of Libya PDF

Eng. Anwar Ahmed Abuasara

This paper examines the contrast of water content to the stability of the slopes of a mountain road in the Alrohibat city. As the city is located in Al-Jabal Al-Gharbiy, landslides caused by rainfall have a growing attention for road engineering designers. Hence, comprehensive study for geotechnical parameters is highly needed to propose appropriate approaches that help stabilizing slope embankments.

Origin of Universe PDF

Dipendra Neupane

There are different principles and thoughts about origin of the universe. Of them some are very popular. After a long research and study a new result has found out about the origin of universe. According to this theory, there was a black pace before the existence of the universe. After billions of years of interaction between the elements of black space the whole universe was fomed. The origin of universe proceeded through three different stages.

Relevance Feedback Based Query Expansion Model using Condorcet Ranking Approach PDF

Kompal Aggarwal,Rajender Nath

The relevant results can not be fetched using keyword based search because they can not detect the exact meaning of the expression or term and relationship exist between them during web search. Pseudo-Relevance Feedback (PRF) is a query expansion method used for better performance of information retrieval systems. These methods are used to remove redundant and irrelevant terms from the top retrieved feedback documents for a given user query. This paper proposes an architecture for query expansion term reweighting using BM25, Condorcet and Rocchio algorithm(BMCQE).The experimental results demonstrates that the proposed BMCQE approach achieve a significant improvement over related state-of-the-arts approaches.

Congenital QT syndrome, cause of sudden infant death in three cases PDF


Jervell-Lange-Nielsen syndrome is a very rare syndrome responsible for cardio-auditory in-volvement in which the affected subjects are susceptible to recurrent syncope and sudden death secondary to ventricular arrhythmias, usually before the second decade of life.


Javaria Tariq Nabiha Ishtiaq Kiran Khalid Adnan Yousaf Naseer Ahmed

Language is a carrier of culture. It conveys all the information about culture in verbal and written forms. On the other hand, culture influences and shapes language. Language is intrinsic to the expression of culture. As a means of communicating values, beliefs and customs, it has an important social function and fosters feelings of group identity and solidarity. It is the means by which culture and its traditions and shared values may be conveyed and preserved. The following research had been placed within the socio cultural approach of discourse analysis in order to highlight how language is a cultural and psychological tool for getting things done.

Design thinking as a method of innovation : What difference between its application in goods and in services ? PDF

Sahar Aboueljaouad, Yousfi Aouad

In recent years, the world has undergone a multiplicity of changes and evolutions. Consequently, the effects of this change have affected several areas, including that of industrial and tertiary enterprises. Faced with this change, these companies are forced to arm themselves with innovative competitive strategies. In this context, several companies use the innovation method called “design thinking”. However, the latter remains misunderstood, in particular because of the reduced attention given to it by the researchers, as well as the lack of clarity between its application in the industrial and tertiary fields. For this purpose, this research aims to present the meaning of design thinking, and the differences between its application in goods and in services.

Phylogeny and Identification Analysis of Materia Medica from Angelica L.(Umbelliferae)and its Adulterants based on DNA Barcoding PDF

Xiao Sun, Sihao Zheng, Bashir Ahmad, Atanas G. Atanasov, Linfang Huang

Angelica L., an herbaceous perennial genus of Umbelliferae, is one of the most commonly used herb drugs which is mainly used for enriching blood, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. However, the materia medica of Angelica were often misused and substituted by its adulterants. In this study, DNA barcoding was performed to analyze the systematics between Angelica and its adulterants.

Performance of an Alpha-type Stirling Refrigerator with shell and tube condenser and evaporator PDF

Eldesouki I. Eid, Wael M. EL-Maghlany, Reda A. Khalaf-Allah, Ahmed M. Soliman, Salwa M. Mohamed

This paper investigates the performance of an alpha type Stirling refrigerator using shell and tube heat exchanger as evaporator and condenser with helium as a working fluid. The refrigerator is an alpha configuration. The pistons synchronization is driven by a crank-shift mechanism. A computer program in a form of spreadsheet was prepared to solve the refrigerator cycle numerically in the vision of Schmidt theory.

Study Of H100 Raw Materials To Obtainment Of Isotropic And Anisotropic Magnets Of Strontium Ferrite PDF

Moisés de Mattos Dias, Ricardo Martins de Martins, Patrice Monteiro de Aquim, José Carlos Krause de Verney, José Lesina Cézar, Lirio Schaeffer, Natanael de Oliveira da Rosa, Renato Mazzini Callegaro, Monir Göethel Borba

The aim of this work was a study to obtain isotropic and anisotropic magnets of strontium ferrites, through the Powder Metallurgy processes (P/M), using as raw material an alloy commercially known as H100. Ferrite Magnets are ceramic materials obtained from iron oxide and barium or strontium oxide and presents intermediate magnetic properties of coercivity and retentivity when compared to other magnets. The anisotropic ferrite magnets are compacted in dies coupled to coils, which results a low reluctance magnetic circuit.

Spectrum Sensing Techniques in Cognitive Radio Networks: A Survey PDF

Modu Mohammed Maina, Goje Liman, Tahir Abubakar.

Cognitive Radio is a one of the recent emerging technologies, with a wide range of potentialities in network that support and facilitate an effective, efficient and elastic used of the inoperative radio spectrum. It has the capability of systematically and intelligently senses a frequency band and makes use of unfilled vacant spectrum. The sophisticated sensing technique which enables wireless devices to access the radio spectrum and decide whether the network is being used by the designated users, otherwise it will utilize the opportunity and take charge. Cognitive Radio cannot make any changes to the network and automatically detects when the original user arrives and vacate wisely without causing any harmful intrusion. Alternatively, cognitive radio seems a way out to tackle the scars of the radio spectrum, which can be achieved by proper management and applying different techniques, such as, spectrum sensing, spectrum decision, spectrum sharing, dynamic spectrum and how the transmission/receiving of the spectrum. There are many significant features that make the present cognitive radio far ahead of the ordinary or conventional techniques. Present technique is faster and most likely accurate, spectrum sensing is one of them and this paper will review the available novel technique on different sensing technique, its applications, principles and future direction.

Effects of Ethnocentrism on Vietnamese Consumers’ Attitudes in the case Vietnam Joining Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) PDF

Nguyen Thi Phi Nga

The purpose of the current research is to investigate the effect of ethnocentric attitudes of consumers in selecting between the domestic products and the imported ones, focuses on the two samples of product: the fresh foods (meat, vegetable, fruit…) and the electronic products.

State of Energy Management in Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area of Uganda PDF

Ismail Kimuli

A secure and accessible supply of energy, demand side efficiency and prudent management of energy is crucial for the sustainability of developing societies. The purpose of this study was to assess the current energy management situation of GKMA in relation with the existing Uganda Policy framework with a view to develop an appropriate research framework for developing and optimizing an EMP for a low carbon GKMA. Empirical literature review method was used in assessing the economy, energy situation and energy policy framework for Uganda in order to understand the state of energy management in GKMA.

Visible Gap Identification in Vocationalisation of Higher Education PDF

Dr. R.B. Shivagunde, Ashutosh Kumar Rai, Aruna Singh, Sachin Rai

Identification of vocation specific gap in teaching-learning involves various steps to determine visible gaps in available study materials of technical education. The purpose is catered by the development of need analysis tool that will indeed address the identified problems in specialized content delivery in technical education of respective fields.

Three Option Multiple Choice Questions had the Least Non-functioning Distractors: Analysis of 1855 MCQs in First Year Competency Based Medical Program at Tanta Faculty of Medicine, Egypt PDF

Magdy Balaha, Manal El Bermawy and Eslam El-Hawary

Introduction: The study aims to evaluate the efficiency of distractors by analyzing the items used in 18 courses along the first year of the CBMBP curriculum. The study is among few large studies discussing distractor efficiency in the Middle East. It is the largest in Egypt and Arabic area. Settings: Tanta Faculty of Medicine, Egypt from December 2016 until July 2017. This study was conducted on the CBMBP exams after the end of the semesters of the first year. The study design was repeated cross-sectional study. 16 courses, 28 tests and 1855 MCQs were evaluated. Methods: The MCQs were analyzed using Difficulty Index (Dif I), Discrimination Index (Dis I), using the point biserial (pbs) and analysis of distractor efficiency (DE) by calculation the non-functioning distractors (NFD). Results: The mean difficulty index (Diff I) was 0.71, 46% of the questions in the easy category while the difficult questions represented 11%. The mean discrimination index (Disc I) was 0.27 with 15% of the questions having poor discriminatory value. The presence of NFDs as following; 0 NFDs in 30%, 1 NFDs n 40 %, 2 NFDs in 23% and those with >= 3 NFDs in 7%. Distractor efficiency (DE%) was 56.5%. The number of NFDs increased with increasing number of options. Conclusion: The number of NFDs increased with increasing number of options. The best values of NFDs were found in the three options MCQs. The 3 option MCQs had the best number of good distractors with 0 NFDs, hence they have the reasonable difficulty and best discrimination.

Geothermal Sources of Energy PDF

Natasa A. Kablar

In this paper we present basics of geothermal energy, we give brief history, usages in heating, and electricity production, and we give overview of three basics geothermal systems for extracting heat from underground waters or systems to produce electricity: power plants on hot water, dry steam, or binary cycle. Further, we present basic elements of geothermal systems, and we give data about usage of geothermal energy in world, and geothermal impact on economy, and environment. We present steps toward installing geothermal power plant. Geothermal energy presents one of five renewable energies (solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, water energy, geothermal energy) that are used today in substituting energy obtained from gas, fossil fuels, or oils.

The Sociological Impact of the Chronic Kidney Disease in the North Central Province (with Special reference to Padaviya Area) PDF


The kidney which heles as valuable to continue the body. It can be disease because of several reason. The chronic kidney disease can be divide mainly as two types. Such as Acute renal failure and chronic kidney disease. The reasons to affect for these two types. Sometime can be same and sometime it can be specific in Sri Lanka most of the people. Who live in dry zones and Agricultural zones. They are suffering from Chronic kidney disease. It happens because of the unknown reasons.


Vipul Chaudhary, Vivak Kumar, Sunil, Vaishali, Kavindra Singh and Vikrant Kumar

Pineapple is largely consumed around the world in the form of canned pineapple slices, chunk and dice, pineapple juice, fruit salads, sugar syrup, alcohol, citric acid, pineapple chips and pineapple puree. It mainly contains water, carbohydrates, sugars, vitamins A & C, carotene and refreshing sugar-acid balance and a very rich source of vitamin C and organic acids. The investigation was carried out using different drying temperatures and pretreatments. Storage study was also carried out for a period of 3 months for pineapple slices packed in HDPE bags.

Brain Tumor Segmentation Techniques on Medical Images - A Review PDF

Faisal Muhammad Shah, Tonmoy Hossain, Mohsena Ashraf, Fairuz Shadmani Shishir, MD Abdullah Al Nasim, Md. Hasanul Kabir

Medical Image is one of the most imperative field in Image Processing. Working on this field is an ambitious task as well as challenging and tumor segmentation from a medical image is the tenacious task. Over the decades researchers went through considerable development to segment the tumor. Researchers developed various methods to articulate the carcinoma. Numerous segmentation techniques such as threshold based, region based, clustering based segmentation etc. have been applied for this purpose. Perceiving the current prominence in this terrain, we glean all the analytical information in addition to a brief analysis. In this paper, we entailed various image segmentation techniques, different types of existing algorithms based on some aspects of brain MRI images and at last we ended with a brief discussion of a few challenges for our future work.

Stochastic Analysis of Aeroradiometric Data for Characterisation of Uranium Favourbility In the Lower Proterozoic Vempalle Formation, Cuddapah Basin, Andhra Pradesh, India PDF


Airborne Gamma Ray Spectrometric (AGRS) data analysis for the southern Cuddapah basin revealed many radioactive anomalies in the Proterozoic Vempalle formation. Geological and Geochemical analysis of aeroradiometric data for Komanutola and Giddankipalle blocks shows high eU, eU/eTh and eU/K ratios of phosphatic dolomite of Lower Vempalle Formation lead to define the Uranium Favourability Index (UFI). The UFI maps for Komanutola and Giddankipalle areas have indicated ESE-WNW to E-W trending linear anomalous zones for uranium mineralisation within the Vempalle phosphatic dolomite. UFI 10 to 38 corresponds to 0.01 to 0.04%eU3O8 values on surface outcrop samples.

Comparative Analysis of Diameter Dependence of Stimulated Raman Scattering Loss in Optical Fiber Communication System PDF

M. N. Hasan, M. A. Humayun, M. A. Sahadath, M. A. Rashid, M. AbdulMalek

This paper highlights the effect of core diameter of different types of optical fiber cables on Stimulated Raman Scattering loss of an optical fiber communication system. This paper reports the numerical analysis of Stimulated Raman Scattering loss at three different windows of the operating wavelength of a laser for four types of optical fiber cables namely- Multi-Mode Step Index silica fiber, Multi-Mode Graded Index silica fiber and plastic fibers.

Analisis de antecedentes y referentes teóricos sobre el emprendimiento social y economías creativas o economía naranja, una mirada desde el contexto global a lo local PDF

Celene Margarita Romero Haddad, Katia De La Puente Jabib y Luis Fernando Alfonso Garzón.

The solidarity economy is key in the peace process in Colombia; This is what Carlos Mario Zuluaga says in the edition No. 21 of the solidarity organizations magazine 2016; in Colombia there are many problems such as unemployment, education, little social development, and the lack of generation of new business opportunities, periods of more than 60 years of violence, among others; aspects in which cooperatives and other companies in the solidarity sector exercise a positive synergy, that is why it is key that from the solidarity sector we develop projects of social entrepreneurship and creative economies that help to correct most of our conflicts.

Review of Patterns in Income Inequality Across Sub-saharan African Coutries,and its Relation to Globalization and Economic Growth: A Cross- Country and Trend Data Analysis PDF

Bekele Araya

The interaction and the mechanism by which income inequality is evolving considering different globalization pattern is a ma-jor concern by several studies. The study particularly focus on the idea how globalization has possibly lead to income ine-quality widening the gap between the poor and rich and limiting growth rate sub-Saharan countries. This will be investigated by taking evidence of cross country data applying panel observation of different income distribution pattern .

A Mathematical Model to Predict the Tensile Strength of Asphalt Concrete Using Quarry Dust Filler PDF

Kenneth Miebaka Oba

The Indirect Tensile Strength is the easiest way to determine the tensile strength of Asphalt concrete, which in turn determines the ability of the concrete to withstand cracking, fatigue, and rutting. In this study, four ingredients of the asphalt concrete blend being asphalt binder, sand, granite, and quarry dust filler were used to produce the specimens. Scheffe’s simplex theory was used for four mix ratios in a {4,2} experimental design which resulted in additional six mix ratios. For purposes of verification and testing, additional ten mix ratios were generated.

Directivity improvement of a circular antenna array PDF

Julian Imami

Technology has increased its influence in all aspects of our life. For this reason in nowadays a lot of researches are done in all fields of technology. This paper will focus on the antennas that transmit and receive data. During transmission, the oscillating current applied to the antenna by a transmitter creates an oscillating electric field and magnetic field around the antenna elements. Especially their use in mobile technology. Telecommunication industry has lead us from conversations with wireless technology to the use of internet with Wi-Fi. The smart phones that we all have in our hands today are used not only for their basic and initial creation as a mobile communication but involve the use of phones for internet usage. The aim is to improve the directivity of this antennas through the phase only control.

Study of Dynamics of Shock-Vortex Interaction on Flap Wing by CFD tool PDF

Mukesh Didwania, Dr. Kamal Kishore Khatri

The purpose of the flaps is to generate more lift at slower airspeed, which enables the airplane to fly at a greatly reduced speed with a lower risk of stalling. Shock wave-vortex interaction that is generated in external flows (Aerofoil or wing) and internal flows (inlets, nozzles, and combustors) is a complex and often unsteady phenomenon. For analyzing external flow around supersonic solar aircraft with wings of large sweep and small aspect ratio this classical problem in theoretical gas dynamics is very important. Generation of a vortex sheet near the leading edge of the wing and its subsequent rolling into two isolated vortices is the important feature of such flows.

The Prevalence of Symptomatic Typhoid in Obanliku Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria PDF

Aniashi, S. O., Iwu Okechukwu Marcellus, Opoh, Godwin E. and Edet Bassey Bassey

This study was designed to investigate the prevalence of symptomatic typhoid in Obanliku Local Government Area of Cross River State, Nigeria. The study also investigated the influence of gender and ABO blood group on the prevalence of symptomatic typhoid. The cross-sectional survey design was employed. Four hundred and two (402) people of both sexes and all ages were randomly selected by the multistage sampling technique. To determine whether one was suffering from typhoid, the subjects were observed for signs and symptoms of typhoid fever.

An improved ratio estimator of population mean in two phase sampling scheme PDF

Etorti, Imoke John

In an attempt to address the problem of efficiency in double sampling strategy, a class of alternative ratio estimator and its generalization is suggested using information on a single auxiliary variable. Members of the suggested class of estimator were obtained by varying some scalars and the bias and mean error of the suggested class of estimators were derived.

The Impact of Working Capital Management on Firms’ Profitability PDF

Mulualem Mekonnen Admasu

A well planed and implemented working capital management is expected to contribute positively for the firms profit and then its wealth maximization objective. The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of work-ing capital management on firms’ profitability.

The Effect of Using Hybrid Nano Materials on the Different Properties of Cement Mortar PDF

Mostafa A. Mahdi, Saaid I. Zaki, Hossam A. Hodhod

The aim of this work is to study the effect of nano materials on the properties of mortar, the experimental program included three parts: a- two types of Nano Silica, locally produced NS1 and imported NS2, b- Nano clay (NC) and c- Hybrid nano particles (NS1 & NC). In each part, mortar was used with different percentages of nano particles. Compressive strength and drying shrinkage tests were applied in each part on the cured and uncured samples. Thermal conductivity and Scanning Electronic Microscope (SEM) tests were conducted on the optimum mortar samples.