Volume 10, Issue 3

Paleoclimatic Changes and Palynocycles of The Late-Tertiary Niger Delta, Southern Nigeria PDF

Thomas A. Harry, Wilson Osung, Ifiok Ibanga, Mike Enidiok

Palynological studies in Nigeria in the past four and a half decades were primarily based on the needs of the oil industries and information from them has remained confidential. Most of the studies were largely concerned with systematic descriptions of pollen and spores, palynological zonations, and bio-stratigraphy. Apart from the published works of on the Late Quaternary Eastern Niger Delta. This study therefore, presents vegetational and climatic changes in the Late Tertiary Niger Delta, Nigeria based on pollen record from MIC 2 well.

Implementation of Hybrid Approach for Page Relevance Computation PDF

Kompal Aggarwal, Rajender Nath,Giridhar Gopal Bansal

The Focused crawlers aim is to find out only the relevant pages which are related to some specific topic. The Topic specific weight table defines the crawling target. The weight of the page corresponding to each keyword in the topic specific weight table is calculated. The topic specific weight table can be created in many ways. The Crawler makes the decision regarding downloading of page or not from the Page weight. This paper proposes HAPRC model for page relevance calculation. The experimental result demonstrates that the proposed HAPRC model achieved a significant improvement over related state-of-the-arts approaches.

Modeling and Forecasting Infant Mortality Rates of Asian Countries in The Perspective of GDP(PPP) PDF

Mehwish Shafi Khan, Samreen Fatima, Syeeda Sadia Zia, Ehtesham Hussain, Tayyab Faraz, Farah Khalid

In recent researches infant mortality has been considered as an important factor to gauge health of society in any country. Infant mortality is one of the vital indicators of social development along with other parameters such as: infant health, mother's health and education. Infant mortality rate depends on different factors like environment, socioeconomic conditions, geographic location, and certain demographics.

Comparison of different parameters of four selected industrial effluents in BSCIC industrial estate, Begumganj, Noakhali, Bangladesh PDF

Tanuja Barua, Md Mehedi Hasan Munna, Sujit Kumar Roy

The present study was executed at BSCIC (Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation ) industrial estate, Begumgonj, Noakhali to examine the status of important criterions of industrial effluents (physical, chemical and trace metal concentrations) from four types of industries in that area, namely food, printing and packaging, pharmaceuticals and metals. The collected effluent samples were from three different discharge points, such as exact point of discharge, mixing point and afield points from randomly selected industries.

Performance of Gamma Stirling Refrigerator having Shell and Tube Condenser and Evaporator PDF

Eldesouki I. Eid, Reda A. Khalaf-Allah, Ahmed M. Soliman, Tamer M. Mansour Aml A. Mohammed

This paper investigates the performance of a gamma-type Stirling refrigerator. The proposed refrigerator has shell and tube condenser and evaporator. In the proposed refrigerator, a wire net regenerator is suggested. The working fluid is selected to be Helium. A drive mechanism controls the synchrony of the reciprocation of both the displacer and the piston. A computer program in the form of a spreadsheet is prepared to solve the refrigerator cycle numerically.

A Survey on Unstructured Data Classification using Uncertain Nearest Neighbor Decision Rule PDF


Classification over numerous real-world datasets has a peculiar drawback called unstructured class problem. A dataset is said to be unstructured when majority class have more samples insignificantly than the minor class. Such drawbacks results in an ineffective performance of data classification techniques. Classification is a supervised learning method which acquires a training dataset to form its model for classifying unseen examples. Mostly such concerns are often arose in real world applications since day-to-day situations constitute majority class in abundant nature.

Effect of mixing parameter on deterministic joint remote state preparation of a qubit state via a Werner channel PDF

A. Elkttaoui, R. El guerbouz, and M. El baz

In this paper, we study how the efficiency of deterministic joint remote state preparation (DJRSP) is a ected, when qubits involved in the protocol are subjected to noise or decoherence. The study is performed on the DJRSP pattern, for its reliability, in a mixed GHZ state, mainly focusing on both phase ip noise and bitip noise, which are both found in pragmatic implementations of quantum communication protocols.

Assessment of Physico-chemical Status of Coastal Seawater of the Saint Martin’s Island, Bangladesh PDF

Mir Kashem, Sultan-Al-Nahian and Abu Sharif Md. Mahbub-E-Kibria

Saint Martin’s island is a beautiful tourist attractive place and a unique coral island in Bangladesh. Marine biodiversity of this island is very rich for its favorable environment but its marine environment is facing threats day by day due to natural calamities, various types of pollution, and other anthropogenic activities. So it is very important to know the present physico-chemical status of seawater around the island as a baseline scenario.

Ethics in Advertisement Portrayal of Women in two Weekly Fashion Magazines front page with Dress Code in Pakistan PDF

Kinza Arshad

Advancement is a basic bit of media and in print media, from magazines accept a central employment. This examination article investigated the depiction of women in advancements from surely understood magazines in Pakistan.. An advertisement is coded seeing whether women were presented as sex objects and an adornment piece. With the ultimate objective of test examination of form three magazines.

The Mediating Effect of Organizational Commitment in Leadership, Job satisfaction and Organizational Culture with Organizational Citizenship Behavior PDF

Dr. Shiney Chib,Abhilash Gomkar

Organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) refers to behavior that is not formally requested or directly rewarded but can be functional to the operations of an organization (Smith, Organ, & Near, 1983). Research shows that OCB can have a positive impact on organizational success through improvements in productivity, resource utilization, group activity coordination, performance stability, employee recruitment, selection and retention, and the ability to adapt to environmental changes (Podsakoff, MacKenzie, Paine, & Bachrach, 2000).

TISSUE ENGINEERING -An Era of Regenerative Medicine PDF

Shivani Karalia

Annually, 1.2 million people on an average need transplantation for end stage organ failure. The, then successful transplants are contingent upon immunosuppressants. This is probably due to allogeneic source of transplants. What if the autologous source gets appreciated? The answer to this query is the field of Tissue Engineering, which is an approach to repair or replace the damaged tissues and organs with their mimics. This multidisciplinary topic of Regenerative Medicine raises certain questions on the in vivo functioning of the native and the transplanted one.

Superovulation: Advancements in cattle PDF

Sapna Pal

The major limiting factor to the development of embryo transfer technique in cattle is the variability in ovulatory response to FSH-induced superovulation. Protocols for the superovulation vary from one species to another and even in the same species of different strains. The advancement in the protocols of superovulatory treatment is highly evolved in past 50 to 60 years. The result of superovulation can be affected by type, source and half life of gonadotropin used. Various hormones like estradiol and progesterone are used to manipulate follicular waves which cause reduction in the variations caused by treatment of the cattle at the different stages of the follicular development. It has also been suggested that small antral follicles can be induced to grow by extending the treatment protocol.

Cytotoxicity assay:Drugs detection PDF

Shivani kumari

The property of drugs nanoparticle to penetrate or permeate through various biological barriers are widely used for testing therapeutic efficacy. This testing however provides an opportunity to hamper the normal biological functioning. A constant effort is currently in progress to develop alternatives to the use of the live animal for the toxicity test of these xenobiotics e.g. drugs, chemicals, micro-organisms. Cytotoxicity depends on various factors like doses, exposure time and route of administration. Number of assays is in use to screen the effects on cells or tissue.

Search space reduction in optimal thermal dispatch and hydrothermal scheduling using heuristic search methods PDF

Sunny Abraham , Dr. Abraham George

This paper presents an accelerated search technique applied to optimal thermal dispatch and hydrothermal scheduling. The normal Genetic Algorithm search process, searches for maximum/minimum in the defined search space by continuously modifying the population using genetic operators. In this paper, along with the above, the search space is reduced in each cycle such that optimal solution is obtained in minimum number of trials. The technique can be easily applied to Particle Swarm Optimization as well. A normal search can be highly time consuming, but this technique reduces the search time drastically.


Obia, Ronald Anyahie ; Ehirim, O. Emmanuel; Godwin Nmegbu

This study evaluates the analysis of Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR) of a solution gas drive oil reservoir system (i.e. Saturated Reservoir, case; Pr ≤ Pb ) using an ad-hoc (simulator Ronald Obia Simulator (ROS)) designed for the purpose of this research work. The computer program (ROS) was developed in the cause of this study to analyze a 6-Test point Inflow performance Relationship problem to give solutions with higher degree of accuracy and precision instead of solving the system manually. IPR describes the behavior of the well’s flowing pressure and production rate, which is an important tool in understanding the reservoir/well behavior and quantifying the production rate. The newly developed simulator is very easy and simple in terms of application.

Microbiological Studies for Investigating Nosocomial Infections in Urine and Stool Samples PDF

Mohamed Abdel-Raouf, Dalia Moemen, Hisham M. Aldeweik, Mohamed M. Zaki, Mohamed S. Albannan4 and Ahmed E. Abdelkader

Nosocomial infections (NIs) are a noteworthy contributer of expanded diseases, mortality and emergency clinic costs, in spite of the fact they are regularly preventable. Most NIs are related with an obtrusive gadget amid hospitalization and excessively happen in older emergency unit patients. This study is concerned with determining the percentage of nosocomial infections and identifying the bacteria involved and then estimating the impact of different antibiotic disks on isolated bacteria in urine and stool samples.

The Characteristic of Management Information System Affecting the Decision of School’s director PDF

Daoprakai Raso, Abhichat Anukulwech,Kanporn Aiemphaya, Niwat Noymanee

The objectives of this research was to study the characteristic of management information system affecting the decision of school’s director in Thailand. The sample group were 166 teachers, teaching in Samutprakan Primary Educational Service Area 2. Schools under the office of the basic education commission (OBEC) in Thailand in year 2018. The samples were taken using Multi - Stage Sampling randomized technique.

Automatic Teller Machine Transaction Approach on the Basis of New era PDF

Muhammad Yasir Imam, Nabila Jannat, Muhammad Bilal Suleman, Ayesha Rehman

The main aim of this article presents a new idea of OTP (one-time password) and giving brief details of the close by ATM machine and the amount of cash presently now available in the close by ATM machine if there is a shortage of cash in ATM we are presently using for transactions.

Public Procurement Act 2007 and Contracting Business in Nigeria (Case study of Public Sector organizations) PDF

Mohammed Lawal Yahaya, Olukayode Sunday Oyediran, Onukuwbe .N. Henry

In Nigeria, the Public Procurement Act 2007 (PPA 2007) was enacted to drive and sanitize the implementation of the procurement of goods and services required. However, the effect of public procurement Act 2007 on contracting firms when tendering for a construction projects are capable of impeding the contracting business in Nigeria. In the context of eligibility documents, bidding expenses and contract administration dynamics, the impacts of implementation of the PPA 2007 requires investigation.

Use of Library Services by Engineering Students of University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore, Asurvey PDF

The study attentive on use of library services by engineering students of University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. The resolve was to find out use of library resources and services, availabilities, library situation, information sources and assist library staff. Using the descriptive assessment design the population for the study consisted of all library users in the main Library University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore. The study employed the probability simple method and stratified random sampling technique in selecting the sample size 10% for the study, and with a questionnaire data were collected. Use of library services was assessed through 5 pointsLikert Scale and in the analysis SPSS v.22.0.

Prevalence of Migraine (Headache) Among Physiotherapy Students and Its Impact on Daily Activities PDF

Manahil Zarar, Fareeha Amjad

The objective was to check the Prevalence of migraine (headache) among physiotherapy students and its impact on daily activities. The cross sectional observational study was conducted on physiotherapy students at University of Lahore. The sample size of this study was 260. Convenient sampling technique has been used in this study to collect the data. Verbal questioning and consent form were used for data collection by using The Migraine Disability Assessment Test -(MDAT) and Headache Impact Test (HIT).


Rudiyanto; Endang Larasati; Sundarso; Ida Hayu Dwimawanti

Problems of high poverty and unemployment figures open the low numbers of school participation and the increasing urbanization of Purbalingga Region government currently deliver of village Commissioner Programs. This study aims to evaluate the achievement results of the Commissioner Conduct students in the village program. Research methods used by qualitative researchers are descriptive. The subject of research is the Managing Committee Program students in the village Commissioner, the village chief, and Chairman and program participants. Data collection is through interviews, observation and documentation.


Muhammad Mazahir Haider, Liaqat Ali, S. Muhammad Jamil

This research is intended to examine the effect of locally produced wood ash on the engineering properties of soil found in Skardu region of Gilgit Baltistan area of Pakistan and to evaluate their potential use for the stabilization and improvement of engineering properties of soils. Two types of soil were selected from Skardu region, CL-ML and CL. Both types of soil were mixed with 0%, 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% wood ash. XRD test result shows presence of clay minerals in both types of soil, both types of soil are reactive with wood ash. In unconfined compressive strength test optimum percentage of wood ash required for stabilizing the soil is in range of 5% to 10% by weight of soil for both type of soils. CBR test results shows at 10% wood ash mixed with both types of soil give higher CBR value.

Can Modern Roundabouts Improve Level of Service and Reduce Vehicular Emission? A Comparitive Analysis PDF

Mohibullah Rahmat

Steady growth of traffic over the years has put environmental stress on urban centers in various forms particularly causing poor air quality. Urban air quality is generally poor at traffic intersections due to variations in idle timing and vehicles’ speeds as they approach and leave.

Relationship between tax revenues and economic growth in Bangladesh PDF

Nasrin Islam

The relationship between economic growth and tax revenues is a debate that has existed for a long time in the living history. The discussion on the two variables has exhibit contentions from academicians and policy makers with one school holding on the view that taxation is bad for the economy while the other school believe that taxation is good for the economy. Valuable empirical literature exists that studies the relationship between economic growth and tax revenues though most of them analyze the variable at cross - country level. However, not much literature exists exploring the relationship between the two variables at country specific level.

The Relationship between Performance Management Systems and Employee Performance in the IT Sector PDF

Dechamma. M. Subbaiah & Dr. P.M. Mathew

The need for modern organizations to develop performance management systems underscores the importance of employees in an organization and their role in making any organization both efficient and effective. The objectives of the study were to find relationship between the Performance Management Systems and the employees’ performance. The major components of Performance Management Systems in this study were Performance Appraisal System, Performance Reward System, Performance Contract System; the study followed a quantitative approach and a descriptive research design.

A Survey of Tax Morale among Self-Employed Taxpayers in South-West Nigeria PDF

ENYI P. Enyi , ADEGBIE F. Folajimi , AGBETUNDE L. Ayodele

Sustainability of human societies hinges on social contract between the rulers and the ruled, whereby the rulers provide public goods and service for the ruled and the ruled pay tax as the price for the benefits derived. Meanwhile, tax compliance has been an issue of concern from its inception and may continue, as long as government needs funds for its projects. Studies have revealed the inadequacy of tax morale, the driver of tax compliance, in fully explaining tax compliance due to complexities in identifying latter’s causative factors. Not many studies have examined this tax morale among self-employed especially in developing country like Nigeria.

Preprocessing of Lower Limb Bone Based on Full Leg CT Scan PDF

Safaa M. Gamal, Nancy M. Salem, Ahmed F. Seddik

Nowadays, the medical digital image processing appeared in the diagnosis of various diseases. It considered as one of the most important tools in many disciplines of medicine which help the doctors to take the final decision on treatment or operations based on the processed image. In this paper, the accuracy and performance of various preprocessing filtering methods are compared. The (STD) Standard Deviation, (MSE) Mean Squared Error and (PSNR) Peak Signal-to-Noise Ratio are used to evaluate the performance of filtered images. Results show that Gaussian filter provides better PSNR and lower STD and MSE values. Hence, we nominate that Gaussian filter is an efficient for preprocessing full leg CT medical radiograph images.

Transformation of Erbil Old Town Fabric PDF

Asmaa Ahmed Mustafa Jaff

The historical cities in a time change with different factors. Like population growth, economical condition, social unconscious as can be listed many reasons. Erbil the capital located in the north of Iraq, a historic city. The most important factor in the planning and urban development of the city, and it was the focus point in the radial development of the city and iconic element is old town Erbil was entered on the World Heritage Sites (UNESCO) in 2014. In order to preserve and rehabilitation of the old historical city and conservation this heritage places and transfer for future generation and to prevent the loss of the identity of the city. This research focusing on the heritage places in the city and historical buildings, identifying the city, also the cultural and architectural characteristic.

Modeling To Calculate The Effect Of Cost Control On Risks In Construction Projects PDF

Mohamed Mahmoud Ahmed Azmi, Asst. prof. Ayman Nassar

Engineers often focus on cost control and budget reduction while ignoring the impact on increasing risk, this relation between cost control and risk analysis is very important, neglecting or overlooking this relation will negatively impact the project, the main focus of this study is to strongly demonstrate the relation between cost control and risk analysis, the main risk to be demonstrated is the problem of cost overrun, this is done by showing real-life cases where engineers ignored cost overrun in favor of reducing budget and cost control, after each case solutions and measures are defined to avoid these problems.

Investigating the impact of green technology investment and waste management on distributor firm performance PDF

Amjad Ali, Dr Muhammad Asim

The current study is an attempt to assess the impact of green technology investment and waste management on distributor firm performance in case of Pakistani FMCG firms. The study analyzed the relationship between a relationship between green packaging and improved green packaging materials, green distribution and elimination of environmental damages, green marketing and increased green promotion, hazardous waste handling and improved safe disposal of chemicals.

Trend of Optical Fibre in the Next Generation PDF

Siriaksorn Jakborvornphan

According to the requirements of high bandwidth capacity, low-latency cellular capability, gigabit high speeds, and more available spectrum for communications in both uplink and downlink bands, the ever-present 4G cellular network is poised to be restructured by 5G networks. The paper first considers the principles of optical fibre communications, and then focuses on the characteristics of different types of optical fibres. Finally, the paper considers key technologies in ever-more dramatic advances in the next generation of 5G wireless network. The ultimate objective of this paper is to highlight how optical fibre will be deployed in 5G systems as it plays a vital role in the transition toward the next mobile cellular network, supporting the exponential increase in both Internet of Things (IoT) devices and personal smart devices in the 5G network infrastructures.

Effect of Local Clays Substitution on Rheological Properties of Formulated Water Based Mud PDF

Wami Emenike Nyeche1,Nmegbu Chukwuma Godwin.J2.,Temple Emeline Adaoma2

Filtration loss and rheological properties of drilling fluid significantly dependon the quality of bentonite clay and chemical additives used in formulating th emud.In search for suitable substitute for imported bentonite clay to be used in formulating drilling fluid in petroleum industry in Nigeria,physicochemical and rheological properties such as swelling index,cation exchange capacity,yieldpoint,gel-strength,Yieldpoint-plastic viscosity ratio of local bentonite clays from Andoni,Boloand Etche communities in Rivers State,Niger Delta of Nigeria were determined and compared with imported bentonite clay.

Study the Quality Control for Three Diagnostic X – Ray Machines PDF

Hamed I. Abdel kader, Hossam M. Gad, M. Mekhimar, Ayman M. Said, Mai Abed El – Said

It is crucial to study the diagnostic X – ray machines characteristics and factors that affecting the quality of beam and dose delivered to patients like reproducibility of tubes voltage ,dose output ,exposure time ,accuracy of KVp , exposure time (msec) ,mAs linearity ,x-ray tube efficiency and half value layer to reduce the dose delivered to patients .

The Solar Synthesis-Deuterium Depletion-Hydrolase Transfiguration Principle PDF

Jere Rivera-Dugenio

Organic, eternal living water does not exist on this finite-life planet. Modern scientists, meta-physicists and spiritualists claim they have either found or produced “living” water but what they are oblivious to the fact that the current state of water (H2O) on this planet is “dead” water due to certain energy mutations controlling the planetary grids and human bio-energy fields. Hydrolase is the real, atomic living water (DS3: H2O2He3, DS2: O2H2N3 organic, conscious, living water atomic matter), which is the “water-matter-base” (hydro-acoustic) compound element of which our 144 organic living elements are composed. This research paper will offer a revolutionary perspective on organic, living water and how to naturally produce hydrolase within the physical body.

In Vitro Bectriologic Study and Empiric Antibiotic Regimens for Diabetic Foot Ulcers PDF

Sarwat Nazir, Waqas A. Chaudhary, Ishrat Bano

To determine common pathogens isolated in diabetic foot ulcers and in vitro antimicrobial activity. The University of Leicester, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, The University of Cambridge, University of Lahore, Pakistan. Period: 1st January 2017 to 30th June 2018.


M Ranjani Devi, P Arputharaj, A Suchithra, J. M. V. Kalaiarasi

As marine algae have high potential in the pharmaceutical field and its importance made this study to evaluate the pharmacognostic, and to conduct the preliminary phytochemical, biochemical and inorganic mineral analysis of the successive extract of a red seaweed Portieria hornemannii. It was concluded from the study, that the Marine algae are the good source of unsaponifiable non-toxic steroids and other secondary metabolites that proved the evidence of pharmacognostic standards has been exposed to highlight biology importance in pharmaceutical line.

The Effect of Audit Quality, Firm Size, and Financial Expert CEO to Earnings Management in Indonesian Manufacturing Industry PDF

Yemima Marcya, Ancella A. Hermawan

This study aims to empirically examine the effect of audit quality, firm size, and financial expert CEO to earnings management in the Indonesian manufacturing industry. The sample is manufacturing firms listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with the study period 2012-2017. Data obtained from Data Stream and IDX website. The proxy used to calculate earnings management is discretionary accruals (DAC) by modified Jones model (1991), audit quality is categorized into audits by Big 4 auditor and Non Big 4 auditor, measurement of firm size by calculating natural logarithm (ln) on total assets, and financial expert CEO which is differentiated into financial expert CEO and not financial expert CEO. Using fixed effect panel regression, this research finds that there is a significant negative effect of audit quality to earnings management, no significant positive but negative effect on firm size to earnings management, and no significant effect of financial expert CEO to earnings management.

Elevated Serum Levels of CEA in Egyptian Female Breast Cancer Patients as Standing Tumor Biomarker PDF

Samar A. Ghonem, Rasha F. Zahran, Menha M. Swellam, Camelia A. Abdel-Malak

Tumor markers are substances produced by the tumors or by other cells of the body in response to cancer or certain benign conditions. Although most of these markers are made by the normal cells as well as by cancer cells, they are produced at much higher levels in cancerous conditions. These markers are used to evaluate the patient's response to treatment and to detect the presence of metastasis or recurrence. Breast cancer is one of the most common malignancies in females worldwide. The Carcinoembryonic antigen CEA is tumor marker that is often expressed in people with breast cancer. It plays a crucial role in diagnosis, monitoring response to therapy, early detection of metastasis and determination of recurrence in patients with breast cancer.

Ethics and Stakeholder Salience theory PDF

Rehan Akhtar, Shahzad khurram

In our study we have examined the stakeholder salience-attributes relationship with moderating role of IWE and EC. We have collected data from Managers of exporting and manufacturing industry of Sialkot, Pakistan through Questionnaires. Previous research by scholars examined the services firms of developed countries.

Technologies, Challenges and Applications of Internet of Things PDF

Akinbode K.B., Oguns Y.J., Egbedokun O.S., Ganiyu A.A., Oyerinde O.O.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a paradigm where things have identifying, sensing, and processing features that will allow them to communicate with other devices over the Internet to perform various tasks. IoT is a new technology that is used to express a modern wireless telecommunication network, and it can be defined as an intelligent and interoperability node interconnected in a dynamic global infrastructure network. The Internet of Things, which will transform the real world objects into intelligent virtual objects.

Enhancing the performance of photovoltaic module by water cooling PDF

Ekpo, C.E., Kogbe, K.O. and Udo, S.O.

The efficiency of photovoltaic panel decreases with increase in temperature there by reducing the quantity of electricity generation. To enhance the performance of PV system, water –based cooling system is investigated by an experimental set-up.

Resilience Assessment: Case Study of District 13 of Kabul City PDF

Shabir Ahmad Kabirzad, Hiroshi Takabayashi, Neena Joseph

Natural and man-made disasters have been undermining the development efforts of the people of Afghanistan. This paper presents how resilient urban community is in the capital city of Afghanistan. Through the invented resilience assessment methodology, we analyzed the a few capitals that urban communities own in terms of human, social, physical, environmental and financial capitals. It is found that the communities of Kabul city have limited level of resilience against possible shocks they may suffer.


Kehkashan Nawaz, Ashraf Kamal, Syed Mumtaz Danish Naqvi, Sana Awan

A large amount of deep frying cooking oil is produced by a number of fast food restaurants containing a number of harmful compounds formed with food on its oxidation at frying temperature. It was made re-useable by adsorption column chromatographic technique and produced pale yellow colored oil with 90-95% yield having acceptable values of viscosity, conjugated dienes, free fatty acid, saponification and peroxide. Quality of the recovered oil was also analyzed by FTIR.

A Microcontroller-Based Water Level Indicator using Radio Frequency (RF) Technology and Ultrasonic Sensor PDF

Ifeanyi Chinaeke-Ogbuka, Augustine Ajibo, Cosmas Ogbuka

The design and construction of a prototype microcontroller-based water level indicator using radio frequency (RF) technology and ultra-sonic sensor is presented. The objective is to minimise water, energy and time as well as the attendant risks associated with the conven-tional designs of water level indicator used in homes and industries.

A Framework for Comprehensive Fraud Management using Actuarial Techniques PDF

Rohan Yashraj Gupta, Satya Sai Mudigonda, Phani Krishna Kandala, Dr. Pallav Kumar Baruah

Fraud acts as a major deterrent to a company�s growth if uncontrolled. It challenges the fundamental value of �Trust� in an Insurance business. This concern must be addressed on priority else, it brings down the castle of the insurance business. The regulation provides powers to authorities to act on fraud. Currently, this effort within most organizations happens discretely, involving those unconnected with actuarial or technology. In fact, actuarial techniques are powerful tools that help to bring efficiency and to target the right areas to deploy the right level of resources for fraud investigation.

Impact of Ambush Marketing on Consumer Perception and Brand Identity-A Case of PepsiCo and Coca-Cola PDF

Jasmine Simi,Harsh Menda

Ambush Marketing is one of the most unique Marketing Strategy that a company can adopt to gain an advantage over its rivals. With the Marketing happening through the means of Social Media and the companies are marketing and showcasing their products in the virtual world, a viral Marketing strategy is needed to attract the customers and ambush marketing strategies have the capability to do so.

Dispersion Modeling of Power Plant Emissions on Air Quality PDF

Bernaded Oka Anggarani and Ruly Bayu Sitanggang

Air pollution caused by emission is one of the serious environmental problems in the world. Emissions resulted from industrial, transportation, and energy sectors. The latter two mentioned as the major contributor in decreasing ambient air quality due to the outcome of fossil fuels combustion containing the toxic gaseous of sulfur dioxides (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter (PM2,5) that have an impact to the human health and environment.


Melati, Alida Palilati, Endro Sukodjo, Sudirman Zaid

This research aims to determine and describe effects of intern marketing and service quality on customer rela-tion quality in commercial banks in Kendari city. These research populations are employees and customers, namely 190 people. This research used Partial Least Square (PLS) analysis.

Open IoT testbed utility cum development framework of virtualized services in terms of sensor as utility PDF

Kayalvizhi Jayavel, Meenakshi K, Sundara Kanchana J, Srinivas LNB, Revathi Venkataraman

Internet of Things aims at connecting everything, everywhere, every time. Most of the industries here predicted billions of connected devices by 2025. Considering the scale, the applications which evolve will also be multifold. This demands huge investments in terms of infrastructure: hardware or software. Taking this into consideration we have proposed an IoT testing cum development architectural framework which will enhance the utilization and reusability factors. The services offered are data, sensor client, actuator client, platform and API.

A Novel Robust Crypto-Watermarking Scheme Based on Hybrid Transformers PDF

A.M. El-Assy, M.A. Mohamed, M.E.A. Abou-El-Seoud, H.E.S. Mostafa

The rapid growth of digital computer technology has recently led to the widespread use of digital media from digital documents, video and digital images due to the ease and speed of transfer, distribution and copying over computer networks. However, this technology lacks the protection of its digital products from illegal use and imitation. The protection of intellectual property rights for digital media has therefore become a major concern.

Assessment the importance of soil organic matter for achieving sustainable agriculture PDF

Hasan Mohsen Nuemah

This research highlights the evaluation of the importance of the soil organic matter (SOM) by studying the physical & chemical properties of soil in Kut city of Iraqi Wasit Governorate. That a soil is largely influenced by the nature of the prevailing environmental factors. The soil classification results showed that a soil texture was clay, and appeared through laboratory analysis of soil physical and chemical properties; PH 7.4 , OM 0.9, Ec 8.2, CEC 39, available nitrogen 6.5 ppm, available phosphorus 10.5 ,available potassium 200 ppm, calcium carbonate CaCo3 31 and soil texture components ; clay 52 % ,silt 27 % , and sand 21 % as in table (1).

IOT Controlled Robotic Arm PDF

Asst Prof. G.Jyothsnadevi, K.Chandisivapriya, B.Saikrishnateja,L.Nagajyothi,U.Dushyanthkumar

The ongoing revolution of Internet, together With the growing robotics in many activities of everyday life. Internet of things has taken over all the heavy loads from human to itself. Internet of Things (IOT)is basically a connection of many devices to interconnect themselves. Proposes a method for controlling a robotic arm using an open source web application. It is controlled by using mobile application and for continuous monitoring and observing by the user we use IP web cam application. And servomotor analysis are inbuilt in this project. In this method we use embedded C language for coding and debugging in arduino by using ISP programmer. Arduino-IDE tool. And for controlling we use L293D driver IC. Finding this robot is a reprogrammable, multifunctional manipulator designed to move or pick and place the materials, Parts and tools. These robots are not only used for lifting purpose but also for polishing, sealing, Machine handling and minor surgeries also.


Abdurrahman Abubakar, Samaila Muazu Batagarawa, Fatima Binta Suleiman, Paul Samuel, B. A. Danja, Zaharadeen Abdullahi, Makiyu Lawal, Nasiru Aminu Rano, Ogidi A. Ogidi, and Sanusi Kabir Adebayo

Adsorption is considered to be one of the most effective technologies widely used in global environmental protection areas. Modeling of experimental adsorption isotherm data and kinetics data were essential ways for predicting the mechanisms of adsorption, which will lead to an improvement in the area of adsorption science.

Dimensional Accuracy Control in Shipbuilding PDF

Mamdouh Soliman, Ashraf Sharara, Ahmed Nagib, and El-Sayed Hegazy

The main purpose of this paper is to explore how to reduce the errors in final scantlings of the whole ship�s hull which could be achieved by controlling and minimizing the errors in dimensions in each single plate used and each production process which the materials are submitted to like cutting, forming and welding which are affected by a lot of errors due to many factors. Those errors and their remedies are to be investigated using computer aided simulations.

A Framework for assessing performance sensitivity of select KPIs for General Insurance companies in India using Risk Management Dashboard Approach PDF

Pradyumna Maruwada,S R Pranav Sai, Satya Sai Mudigonda, Phani Krishna Kandala

Operational efficiency plays a crucial role in the functioning of a company. It drives the factors that lead to growth, profitability and sustainability. These form the basis for performance metrics known as the key performance indicators (KPIs). KPIs bridge the gap between the idea of performance and a means to measure the same. This paper concentrates on building a framework that evaluates the performance of a company using these KPIs in the following stages.

Recent Flame Retardant Consumption: Textiles PDF

Faheem Uddin

Flame retardancy in variety of materials is increasingly a required performance feature. The worldwide consumption of flame retardant chemicals is continuously increasing for the last more than a decade and the trend is forecasted to continue till 2022. Textile fiber is one of the five main product types; that requires flame retardant treatment

Simple Hospitality: A Touch in Financial Technology PDF

Susminingsih, Rinda Asytuti

This paper focuses on hospitality integration concept on applied financial technology. Consumer satisfaction as the recipient of the service is largely an indicator of the success of business transactions.

Time and we PDF

Prasenjit Jana

We are now in front of artificial intelligence for which my thinking on time and thinking will help us.

Dimentions2(3) PDF

Prasenjit Jana

Time, thinking are the main dimentions . thinking act by our five sense organs, eye,ear, nose, tongue, skin. when dT/dt= 1 then the person feels the world properly with time . when >1 then he is thinking higher. when <1 he thinks slowly. in case of different person the capital T (thinking) and small t changing rate is different.

Different view on set PDF

Prasenjit Jana

let A={1,2,3} B={2,3} then A-B={1} , in that case set B is called the destructor set of A and A is the destructor of B. If the intersection of two set is null then for A and D={4}, if we get a new set of C={1,2,3,4} then the set D={4} is called the constructer set of A. AUB=A says B as a destructor but A is a constructor of B. like this way the thinking goes.

Computer logic 1 PDF

Prasenjit Jana

let 2345 is a number then we or the computer can remember the number as (2+3*4+5)or (2*3+3+5) so for different logic the differ user can see the different numbers whose initial number is same so in different position the result may be different , so by changing the logic the same number can be stored in different valuewise position, that helps the original user and other different.when sometime the result is same then by different logic put them differently. though sometimes the result and the original are same but the logic differs then we get a isotopical number or feature. in my point of view that also helps in case of letters also

A newly developed algorithm based on tabu search for the Capacitated Arc Routing Problem (CARP) PDF

Yi Zhao, Gexing Wang, Shuying Zhang

The Capacitated Arc Routing Problem (CARP) is a difficult optimization problem in vehicle routing with unacceptable complexity by brute force. CARP is to find a solution that a given set of specified roads must be serviced by vehicles. Many search algorithms are introduced to solve CARP problem, including SA (simulated annealing algorithm), tabu algorithm, GA (Genetic Algorithm), MA (Memetic Algorithm). In this paper, a newly developed algorithm is proposed based on traditional tabu search algorithm. The computational results are shown in the experiment part of this paper, showing this algorithm can find high quality solutions efficiently.

2017 Amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act and Implications to Insurers PDF

Sai Girish Sanaka, Satya Sai Mudigonda, Phani Krishna Kandala, Dr. Pallav Kumar Baruah

The 2017 Amendment bill to the Motor Vehicle Act has been passed by the Lok Sabha and is due for a nod from Rajya Sabha. The bill tries to bring in various measures in line with India�s commitment to reduce accidental deaths by 50% by 2020 as a signatory of the Brasilia Declaration.

Parameter Tuning in Decision Tree Based on Genetic Algorithm for Text Classification PDF

Ahmed I. Taloba, Adel A. Sewisy, Safaa S. I. Ismail

One of the most complicated tasks in text mining field is text classification. In this paper, we propose a new efficient hybrid of the decision tree algorithm (DT) and a genetic algorithm (GA) approach known as (GADT) for text classification. This approach focuses on increasing the performance of DT approach to categorize texts into one or more predefined classes according to their contents. There are several parameters of decision tree algorithm that have to be adapted in order to get optimal classifier.

Effect of Dimer Acid on The Performance of Mor-pholine Mono-Amine Base Corrosion Inhibitor PDF

Rafaa M. Esmaael and Maftah H. Alkathafi

The effect of dimer acid on the inhibition of morpholine-mono-amine base corrosion inhibitor efficiency has been investigated using differ-ent formation of water. The corrosion environment was 100% Sharara field water saturated with CO2, the addition of dimer acid is to en-hance the corrosion inhibitor performance by the action of film persistency on the metal surface. The efficiency evaluation was performed by the comparison of the efficiency with and without addition of dimer acid. A linear polarization technique was applied to obtain corrosion rate and the results have demonstrated that 4% of the efficiency of the chemical inhibitor was improved by adding 1% of the dimer acid.

Challenges of Local Human Capacity Development In Nigeria�s Maritime Industry PDF

Jibiri Tobechukwu Gerald, Obed Ndikom, Nwachukwu Tochi, Oneyema Henry, T. Nwokedi

This research evaluated the Development of Local Human Capacity in the Nigerian Maritime Sector. Relevant literatures on human capital development indicators and its effects on the supply of maritime labour proxied by the number of seafarers� onboard vessels operating in Nigerian coastal waters were reviewed. Secondary data were obtained from World Bank database, NPA annual bulletins, Nigerian Maritime Safety and Administration Agency (NIMASA) and Maritime Academy Nigeria (MAN) Oron.

Automation of the process of statistical analysis of the asymmetry of a quantitative variable PDF

NIANGORAN Aristhophane K, ACHIEPO Odilon Yapo M., MENSAH Edoété Patrice

In the field of statistical analysis, the study of the asymmetry of the distribution of a quantitative variable plays a very important role in the implementation of many methods. For example, it determines the validity of the use of arithmetic mean to describe phenomena, it is one of the main elements for choosing statistical tests appropriate for real data, etc. However, to date, the techniques used to assess the asymmetry of a quantitative variable require human interpretation, whether algebraic or graphical.

A Comparative analysis of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Practice of Two Vulnerable Groups of Population - Marma Tribe of Bandarban and Dhaka City Slum Dwellers, Bangladesh PDF

Musharrath Munir Mou

Nation’s developmental process runs on the basis of three different factors, which are human resource development, economic development and also social development. All these developments are done by - human being and some other related factors.

The Effect of Temperature on Rheological Properties of Cement Slurry PDF

Nmegbu C.G.J, Dagde Kenneth, Amua Uchechukwu Roseline

This experimental work reveals the effect of temperature on cement slurry rheological properties. Understanding cement slurry rhe-ology is of critical importance for the design, execution and evaluation of oil or gas well cementing operations. The rheology de-pends on many factors which includes temperature. Temperature variations in oil and gas wells cause instability of rheological properties of cement slurries during cementing operations.

Study of Common Mode Voltage (CMV) in Three level NPC VSI using SVPWM Techniques PDF

Partha sarathi Behera, G. Vivek, Dr. Mukti Barai

PWM inverters are highly used in motor drive applications in industries. The PWM switching produces common mode voltage (CMV) which in terms produces Common Mode current (CMC). This CMC can cause many adverse effects like EMI and bearing current. The different switching sequences have varying magnitude of common mode voltages. In this paper a comparative study of common mode voltage values of double bus clamping and hybrid bus clamping SVPWM methods are carried out with conventional SVPWM in a Three level VSI. This study further indicates an insight of CMV performance of various switching sequences. The validation of the study is presented using MATLAB simulation and experimental results

Fault Detection and Diagnosis System for Centrifugal Compressor PDF

Mohamed El.boraei, Prof.Dr. M. Abdel-Geliel, Prof.Dr. Medhat El Singaby

The world is changing, safety and environment impact became the most important thing, so all industries searching for reliable and fault tolerant control system that prevents and predict fault or to find a root cause for the fault to prevent a disaster. A system that assures the process doesn't go to its threshold limits. A lot of experimental researches have shown methods to detect and diagnose faults.

Blockchain Technology in Health Inusrance – Integration of 8 Stake Holders PDF

Nukala Poorna Viswanadha Sravan, Pallav Kumar Baruah, Sathya Sai Mudigonda, and Phani Krihsna K

Blockchain is a progressive innovation technology that is impacting several domains, especially in the area of FinTech. The Health Insurance Company involves a number of stake holders for effective completion of various activities. All these stakeholders work in silo, there by data becomes dirty and may lead to errors as it moves from one stake holder to others. There are a considerable number of cases of fraud that goes undetected and measures to prevent fraud appears to be a distant goal. Insurance companies are incurring huge losses because of such errors due to unclean data and undetected frauds. Moreover consumers are loosing control over their own data. This leads to disintegration of trust between Insuree and Insured. Current system lacks transparency, takes lot of time for claim processing, settlement and underwriting process.

A Novel Method for Image and Video Dehazing based on Contrast Enhancement PDF

Dipali Bhajibhakre, Deepa Pawar, Poonam Pawar, Arjun Nichal

As the revolution in the computational photography and computer vision applications facilitates fast and reliable information,quality of scene and visual perception and is being inceasingly used in various fields like, public safety,traffic accident analysis,crime forensics,remote sensing area and military surveillance. We make an investigation of dehazing effect of scene affected by weather phenomenon. ‘Dehazing’ has emerged as a promising technology to recover the clear image and video from an input hazy scene, such that the quality can be significantly enhanced.

Image Authentication Scheme with Self Repair Capability for Grayscale Images PDF

Anushri Shinde, Prital Salunkhe, Prajakta Mane, Arjun Nichal

Image authentication is one of the methods which can detect the any tampering data. The original grayscale document image is converted into stego image by adding the alpha channel plane. The stego image is in the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format. This stego image is transmitted over the network. The authentication process is applied on the stego image on the receiver side. In the authentication process the data extracted from this stego image is compared with the data computed from the binary version of the stego image.

The Effects of Intellectual Capital Components in Increasing the Growth of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) PDF

Agus Dwi Sasono, Arief Dwi Atmoko, Nurul Aini

Objective: to analyze the impact of the connected components of the intellectual capital component from a static aspect and produce a performance leverage model to improve competitiveness and comparability for the survival of small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Method: To answer the hypothesis, this study used Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) which is an integrated approach between Factor Analysis, Structural Models, and Path Analysis.


The Present investigation pursuits at producing the concrete specimens via reinforcing plastic optical fibers with different percentages and then evaluate different results got from particular tests and made comparison with the result of Normal concrete. Different Tests performed on the translucent concrete like compressive strength test, Lux test, Heat conduction test and so on. The Translucent concrete is likely one of the greatest discoveries in construction industry.

Impact of Environmental Sustainability Practices on Financial Performance of Listed Firms in Nigeria PDF

UCHEAGWU Chukwuma J. , AKINTOYE Ishola R. , ADEGBIE Folajimi F.

Environmental Sustainability Practices is a contentious issue in Nigeria. Stakeholders have mounted pressure on listed firms to conduct their operations in an environmentally sustainable manner. However, firms are in business to maximize the value of shareholders therefore is not disposed to undertake initiatives that weigh on the bottom line. The study therefore examined the effect of environmental sustainability practices on financial performance of listed companies in Nigeria. The study adopted ex-post facto research design on population of 34 firm over 10 years’ observations (2008- 2017). The study employed multiple regression analysis to investigate the relationship.



Network management and Performance management can be categorized as Bandwidth management. The process of administering and managing computer networks are Network management (NM) [1]. Ensuring that goals in an effective and efficient manner are consistently being met by Performance management (PM) includes activities. Network management & Performance management can focus on the performance of an organization, a department, employee, or even the processes to build a product or service [2],[3].

De la logistique a la chaine logistique : Determinant de la productivite des entreprises industrielles PDF


La fonction logistique est une fonction transversale, qui influence la performance de la totalité de l’entreprise. Longtemps considéré comme une fonc-tion secondaire, son rôle a été remis en avant depuis une trentaine d’années. En effet, les entreprises utilisent des armes stratégiques pour se différencier de leurs concurrents. Parmi ces armes, l’intégration de la fonc-tion logistique qui joue un rôle très important.

Prognostic value of ABCA2 and ABCA3 Genes expression in pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia PDF

Amira Al-Ramlawy, Hanaa Abdel-masseih, Raida S. Yahya , Camelia Abdel-Malak

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is a highly aggressive hematological-malignancy resulting from the proliferation and expansion of lymphoid blasts in the blood, bone marrow and other organs. Multidrug resistance (MDR) is an important cause of treatment failure in ALL. The role of ABCA2 and ABCA3 in drug transport is not entirely clear, but much of the evidence suggests that these carrier proteins have a role in MDR by causing an accumulation of drugs in the lysosomes and possibly their efflux from the cell.


Jeykishan Kumar K, Engineering Officer, IEEE PES Member, CPRI, Bengaluru

This paper deals with Building Energy Audit conducted at buildings located in a hilly region of West Bengal state and also provides the prospect of using solar energy to make all buildings achieve the status of Net Energy Zero Building. The study was conducted during the month of November-December 2017. This paper focuses on 13 identified buildings having roof of either flat or shed type which are shadow free and suitable to install roof top solar PV power plant.

Effect of exogenous estrogen treatment on gonadal morphology, morphometry and estro-gen receptor alpha mRNA expression in gon-ads of male chickens (Gallus domesticus) PDF

W.K. Ramesha Nirmali, Lakshan Warnakula, Ruwini Cooray, Nimanie Sachithra Hapuarachchi and Manjula P.S. Magamage

The current study was designed to investigate the post-hatching ER? expression in left gonads of male chickens along with gonadal mor-phology when the exogenous estradiol supply is continuous, assuming the gonadal ER? is the limiting factor to maintain the feminizing effects of the male to female sex reversal trials in chickens. Shaver brown chicken eggs were incubated with two in-ovo injections (0.1mg/egg) of estradiol cypionate. Males hatched from treatment eggs were raised with (T2) and without (T1) weekly post-hatching injec-tion of 0.1mg/chick estradiol cypionate intra muscularly. At 1, 4 and 8 weeks of age morphology and ER? mRNA expression of gonads were determined.

Possession of E-Learning Abilities for Enhancing Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) among Lecturers of Tertiary Institutions in Enugu State PDF

Onaga, Paul Okwudilichukwu, Nebo, Anne Nkemdilim, Oputa Nkechi Patience and Ene Ujunwa Elizabeth

The research tends to determine the extent of e-learning abilities that could be found among lecturers in Tertiary Institutions to enhance teaching of Technical and Vocational Education. Two specific purposes of the study and two corresponding research questions in addition to one null hypothesis were formulated for the study. Survey Research Design was adopted for the study and a total population of 98 lecturers was used. The study was done with the entire population because the population was manageable.

Language Learning Strategy (LLS) Use among Senior Secondary School Students in Enugu Education Zone PDF

Casmir N. Chime, Oga Raphael O. and Mc-Okoronkwo Joy

The study of Language Learning Strategy (LLS) Use among Senior Secondary School Students was carried out with the intention of finding out if there is presence of meta-cognitive, affective and social strategies and whether the students use those mentioned strategies in the classroom. The study employed survey design.

Socio-Economic Problems of Female Workers and their contribution in Household Income and Poverty Alleviation PDF

Rabia Bukhari, Prof. Dr. Sarfraz Hassan, Atiq-ur-Rahman, Mahreen Alam

Pakistan is a developing and densely populated country where females are almost more than 50 percent of the total population. In Pakistan, female workers are contributing almost 40 percent of their services to economic growth by working in both formal and informal sectors. Females can be seen doing every possible work for their family subsistence although by joining hands with their working family heads they are contributing to poverty alleviation. The present study estimated the socio-economic problems of female workers and their contribution in household income and poverty alleviation.


Ayesha Wahab Khan, Muhammad Afzal, Kousar Perveen, Mohammad Husain

INTRODUCTION: Hypertension control among pregnant mothers with pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) appears difficult to achieve. Part of the reason for poor control of hypertension in these women might be limited PIH self care knowledge. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship between PIH self care knowledge and hypertension control among pregnant women. Hypertensive disorders are one of a major cause of maternal mortality and morbidity especially in developing countries. This cross sectional descriptive study was carried out to determine frequency of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy and its impact on maternal and perinatal outcome.


Javid Arif , Muhammad Hussain

Knowledge, attitudes, and, practices towards Hepatitis B are important. The objective of this study was to assess knowledge, attitudes, and, practices among healthy population of Rural community of Lahore METHODS: This was descriptive cross-sectional study. Convenient sampling was used and data was analyzed by SPSS version 21. RESULTS: A total of 100 persons were recruited. Persons had good knowledge on aspects related to the hepatitis B. CONCLUSIONS: Persons have good knowledge, positive attitudes, and practices regarding hepatitis B, gaps in studied domains were identified. Educational interventions are needed to improve person’s knowledge, attitude and practices in the residents of rural areas and especially in Lahore. KEYWORDS- Knowledge, Attitude, Practice, Hepatitis B, Prevention.

IP Protection and Hardware Assisted Security for IoT Devices PDF

Parvesh Kumar Chaudhary, Ravi Kumar

The Internet of Things, which is also known as the IoT, is a collection of smart devices that are connected to the internet and in turn to each other, which send and receive user data. Examples include wearable devices, vehicles, home appliances and industrial appliances which contain electronics, software, actuators and connectivity which allow these things to connect, interact and exchange data.

Underwater Robot with Wireless Communication Module (Through Zigbee) PDF

Neelam R. Sattur, Parina K. N, Pushpanjali S.

Development of an Underwater Robot which focuses on two main functions: the movement of the robot and image capture of the surroundings and transmission to the base station. Software written in Embedded C monitors functions of the underwater robot, communicating through Zigbee, ensuring controlled movement in all directions. For capturing and transmitting the images, a micro-controller board namely Raspberry Pi, is used which communicates with the computer through Wi-Fi. Image capture is through an underwater camera.

Study on Knowledge of Women on the Effect of Alcohol Consumption on the Fetus in Elimina-Ghana PDF

Irene Kafui Vorsah Amponsah, Bosou Foli, Hammond R. D. Nii Ayitey

The study seeks to find out women’s knowledge on alcohol consumption and its effects on the fetus. Women in Elimina who have children or currently pregnant within ages of 15-45 years were interviewed. The snowball sampling identified 200 respondents who were mostly artisans/traders, co-habiting/single, and lived in a family/rented house with basic education. The study revealed that women (60%) confirmed they were told not to take in alcohol during pregnancy and were also educated on FASDs.

Global Value Chain evolution, feature and significance: Literature Review PDF

Merertu W. Rundassa, Prof. Daniel K. Azene

In every firm, products are produced through the collective value adding activities starting from product concept development to product delivery to the consumers and value chain describes these whole collective activities of firms which is said to be “global” (Global Value Chain) when it involves different actors from two or more different countries.

A Light Tracking Automated Guided Vehicle for Oil Pipeline Leakage Detection PDF

Nkolika O. Nwazor, Romanus Obagidi

Leakages occur in oil pipelines due to several causes, e.g, weathering of the pipeline material, pipeline vandalism, etc. Tracking a leakage in an oil pipeline can be very cumbersome and unfruitful if carried out manually. An Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is a set of cooperative driverless vehicle, used on manufacturing floor and coordinated by a centralized or distributed computer-based control system. AGVs-based Material Han-dling Systems (MHSs) are widely used in several Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) installations.

Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Production in Nigeria PDF

Adams Oluwadamilola Kemi

This study examines the impact of climate change on agricultural production in Nigeria. The country's economy is predominantly agrarian and agriculture and the exploitation of natural resources remain the driving force for the country's economic development. Fluctuations in national income are due not merely to the decline in oil price or to mistakes in economic policy making, but also to the vagaries of the weather.

Assessment of miR-223 fold change in Chronic Hepatitis C Egyptian Patients PDF

EL-Shahat A. Toson, Gamal E. Shiha, Mahmoud Al kazaz

Chronic hepatitis C (CHC) infection is one of the causative factors of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) which is the third leading cause of all cancer-related death. A dozen of microRNAs have been reported as promising HCC biomarkers. Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness of plasma miR-223 as non-invasive diagnostic markers of CHC and HCV-related HCC. Correlation with α-fetoprotein (AFP) will also be evaluated. Methods, This study was conducted on 100 participants which were subdivided into; 25 HCC on top of HCV, 25 with HCV-related cirrhosis, 25 with chronic HCV without cirrhosis , and 25 healthy volunteers.

A Review of Modeling and Design of Intelligent Agent System PDF

Omankwu, Obinnaya Chinecherem, Nwagu, Chikezie Kenneth,Ugochukwu Okoro Bethel

In this paper, we review the modeling and design of an Intelligent Agent System (IAS), in order to achieve this goal; we reviewed several kinds of agents that exhibit intelligent features. They are the main agent, management agent, watcher agent, report agent and application agent. We identify their features, areas of application and limitations.

An Expert System for Advising Undergraduate Students PDF

Omankwu, Obinnaya Chinecherem, and Nwagu, Chikezie Kenneth

Academic advising of the undergraduate students is playing a fundamental role and is one of the most important responsibilities for the academic staff in most of the leading universities. The expert system is considered as one of most achievement area in artificial intelligence.

Intelligent System: A Catalyst in Educational Development in Nigeria Educational Sector PDF

Nwagu, Chikezie Kenneth ,Omankwu, Obinnaya Chinecherem,Ugochukwu Okoro Bethel

The use of expert system as a tool in teaching and learning process in Nigerian educational systems is very much desirable as it will facilitate teaching and learning process. The introduction of computer aided instructon (CAI) in our classrooms is a welcome innovation but the use of expert system which is an integral part of CAI has not been fully utilized.

Postgraduate Advisory Expert System for Advising Postgraduate Students PDF

Omankwu, Obinnaya Chinecherem, and Nwagu, Chikezie Kenneth,Ugochukwu Okoro Bethel

Providing accurate advices to postgraduate students during their postgraduate program and directing them toward a proper courses selection with their interests are an essential process in postgraduate stage. In this paper, we propose and develop an expert system for advising postgraduate students instead of the traditional way in advising by the department’s advisors. The proposed system enables the students to select and get a plan to each semester without needing to consult advisors.

Heavy metals concentration of surface water, Sediments and some selected Fish species of Gurara reservoir, Kaduna State Nigeria. PDF

Auta, Y. I, Ojutiku, O.R, Kolo, R. J, Francis, O. A, Tsado, A.N and Ayanwale, A.V

The concentrations of Iron (Fe), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd) and Chromium (Cr) in water, sediment and selected fish samples from Gurara water reservoir, Kaduna State, were assessed using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS 220 FS). Three samples each of selected Fish species (T. Zillii, O.niloticus and S.Galileaus), water and sediment from each Station were collected and analyze for heavy metals.

Impactof Demographic Variables on QWL among GarmentWorkers in Dhaka City PDF

Shahria Sattar, Kamrul Laila, Monoara Ahmed

The quality of work life depends on various socio-demographic factors, such as workers' family life, social life, and the factors relat-ed to work environment.Any attempt at improving the outcome of the organization can be successful only if the organization is able to develop a strong quality work life.

Studying the Vulnerability of Coastal Aquifers, Case Study Rafah-El-Arish area, Northern Sinai, Egypt PDF

Marwa M. Aly

Recently, groundwater has been the backbone in sustaining the development of many regions in Egypt, especially in Sinai. Growing of population, increasing in water demands and uncertain impacts of climate changes are major challenges for groundwater management in Rafah, Zowayeid, Kharouba and El-Arish areas. In order to assess the effect of previous factors; a mathematical model (Modflow) is used to simulate the groundwater system in the study area.

Experimental Design of a Bidirectional Single Phasing Protection for a Three Phase Induction Motor with Voice Notification PDF


This paper analyzes a protection scheme for a three phase induction motor based on a single phasing fault. Two stages were considered in the analysis of this work. The first stage presents the dynamic modelling of the induction motor under a healthy and a faulty running condition for simulation purposes.


Sumardi, Sugeng Hari Wisudo, Wazir Mawardi, Mulyono S. Baskoro

The use of lamp in the lift net is the success determinant in fishing. The RGB (red, green, blue) light, with the control system based on Arduino Uno microcontroller, is able to produce the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) value in adjusting the light intensity. The produced light intensity can be used to lure the target fish to the lift net. The aim to implement the RGB light is to find out the movement, density changes, and the fish behavior, to the changes of light colors and the different PWM value.

Implementation of scalable VoIP System over Cloud PDF

Tamer Elnawawy, Islam Hany Harb

The tremendous growth of internet and cloud computing systems puts enormous pressure on internet service providers to ensure quality of service for real time applications, such as voice over IP (VoIP) and video on demand. VoIP leverages the use of packets, therefore, much more information can be carried over the network to support/enhance our communication needs, compared to traditional telephony methods. This introduces scalability and reliability challenges to handle such massive data exchange over the internet. In addition, virtualization, in cloud computing, adds another dimension to the problem: distribution of the virtual machines (VMs) and their migration. The repeated use of Internet Protocol shortest path towards the same destination may lead to unbalanced traffic situations and degraded network performance.

Ethnopharmacological Investigations of Phytochemical Constituents Isolated from the Genus Atropa PDF

Mannawar Hussain, Waseem Akram, b Jaleel Ahmad, Taha Bin Qasim, Rukhsana Bibi

Medicinal plants play a vital role in the development of human culture. Medicinal plants are a source of traditional medicine, and many modern medicines come directly from plants. According to WHO the world's people in progressing countries 80 percent rely on traditional medicine for their primary health care more over about 85% of traditional medication involves the make use of plant extracts. Herb and shrubs of the genus Atropa (Solonaceae) inhabitate various ecosystems in worldwide.

Predicting (Nk) factor of (CPT) test using (GP): Comparative Study of MEPX & GN7 PDF

Ahmed H. ELbosraty, Ahmed M. Ebid, Ayman L. Fayed

Static cone penetration test (CPT) is a broadly satisfactory and dependable geotechnical in-situ apparatus that gives brisk and honest substantial measure of data about soil classification, stratification and properties. Un-drained shear strength of clay (cu) is one of the principle soil parameters that could be sensibly evaluated from the (CPT) results, as it is specifically connected to the tip resistance through the experimental cone factor (Nk).

Evaluation of the efficiency and benefits of a Pilot Scaled Decentralized Faecal Sludge Treatment System in Kampala PDF

George Otaka, Aldo Okullo, Charles B. Niwagaba, Robinah N. Kulabako, Alex Y. Katukiza

Many peri-urban cities of Sub-Saharan Africa are overwhelmed with overloading the existing centralised wastewater treatment plants and high capital costs of operations and maintenance. In this work, a pilot decentralized faecal sludge treatment system (DEFASTS) was constructed in Kampala for assessing the performance and potential benefits of the treatment system

Metal complexes in cancer therapy: Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and antitumor effect against breast cancer of new dihydroxy phenyl ethylidene amino benzoic acid complexes PDF

Abdou Saad El-Tabl, Moshira Mohamed Abd El-Wahed, Emad Mohamed El-Henawy, Omnya Ebrahim Abd El-Wahab and Shaimaa Mohamed Fahim Hashim

Cr(III) , Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II) and Cd(II) and Ca(II), Fe(III), Hg(II), Pb(II), and Bi(III) complexes of (E)-2- ((1-(5-acetyl-2,4-dihydroxy phenyl) ethylidene) amino) benzoic acid were prepared and characterized by elemental analyses, IR, UV-Vis spectra, Magnetic moments, Conductivity, 1H-NMR and Mass spectra, Thermal analyses (DTA and TGA) and ESR measurements. The analytical and IR data showed that, the ligand behaves as neutral or monobasic tridentate. Molar conductivity in DMF indicate that, the complexes are non-electrolytes.

Physiotherapy Awareness Among Community Health workers-A Survey PDF

Dr. Fouzia Hussain, Dr. Hajra Ameer Shaikh, Dr. Muhammad Saad Khan, Dr. Saffa Ibrahim

There are many researches on awareness of physiotherapy among medical practitioners but fewer researches on community health workers (CHWs). By this survey knew about awareness in CHWs which play important role in gynecological and pediatrics problems. The aim of the study to assessed awareness of physiotherapy among community health workers. Materials and Methods: The design of the study was cross-sectional and non-probability convenience sampling was used for data collection.


Olagboye S.A.Adekeye D.K. and Akinwunmi O.A.

Cu (II) and Co (II) mixed ligand complexes of prednisolone and paracetamol were synthesized in water-isopropyl alcohol medium at varying degree of concentrations and characterized on basis of their physical properties such as % yield, colour, melting points and spectroscopic studies as well as anti-microbial evaluations of the metal complexes. Results of this study showed that % yield of the metal complexes were reasonably high.

Improved technique in Tic-Tac-Toe game to minimize the condition of draw using min-max over optimal strategy PDF

Siby Samuel, Kajal Mahawar, Isac Joao França

In Tic-Tac-Toe game when it is played between two players, one player being the user and another player as the computer, it has been observed by us that applying optimal strategy it usually ends up in a win or draw condition for the first player. In this paper, we have developed a simulation model using min-max algorithm over optimal strategy by giving the players five more moves to change the previous input to minimize the draw scenario and to increase the complexity level of the game.


Mary Amabi

Nigeria undoubtedly has one of the largest global crude oil deposit especially in the Niger delta region. Oil is therefore the primary source of Nigeria’s revenue and accounts for about 80% of the total revenue of the Federal and State Governments. There are several international oil companies operating in Nigeria, with major players such as Shell, Exxon/Mobil, Chevron/Texaco, Agip etc which accounts for over 99% of the total crude oil production (Asiodu, 1979).

Demographic Transition and saving behavior in developing countries PDF

Sidra Haroon, Sarfraz Ahmad, Mubashir Ahmad, Hafiz Muhammad Zahid

The objective of the research is to find out the "Demographic Transition and saving behavior in developing countries" In this research data is used from (1991-2017) and data is taken from WDI and various uses of the economic survey. In my study I use the variables gross saving is dependent variable and independent variables are Labor force participation (total rate) Life expectancy (at birth total years ) Population ages(15-64 of total ) School enrollment (secondary gross) Trade (%GDP) Population age (total) Secondary education (pupils) Fertility rate (women birth). In this research, the GMM Generalized Movement Method technique is used..


Agere H. I.J , Elijah B. B, Houmsou R.S, Dawuda M, Iorgema C., Agbo J

Malaria remains a major public health problem particularly in many tropical countries, resulting in decreased productive capacity and increased poverty despite the intensive and extensive attempts exerted to control it. In this study, a total of 328 students from three tertiary institutions in Jalingo, were screened for malaria using a Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) kit for Plasmodium falciparum. Of these, 46(14.02%) tested positive. College of Agriculture had the highest prevalence of 17.02%, with School of Nursing and Taraba State University having prevalence of 13.58% and 10.38%, respectively.

Catalytic Pyrolysis of Polyethylene Wastes into Liquid Fuel using ZSM-5 as catalyst PDF

O. A. Ogundele, A. Jimoh, S. H. Paul

Polyethylene waste was converted into liquid fuel in the presence of zeolite ZSM-5 catalyst at various conditions (temperature, residence time catalyst weight) for the study of derived fuel yield. TGA and FT-IR analysis was carried out on the polyethylene sample to describe the thermal properties, as well as change in mass of the sample as a function of temperature and the functional groups present respectively. BET and FT-IR analysis was used to characterize zeolite ZSM-5 catalyst to determine the surface area, pore size and pore volume and to identify the functional groups and their assignment. The surface area, pore size and pore volume of ZSM-5 was found to be 688 m2/g, 6.077 nm and 0.2445 cm3/g respectively.

Production of Biosurfactant from microorganism using tigernut as sole carbon source PDF

H.S Audu, A. Jimoh, S.H.Paul

Bio surfactants are structurally diverse group of surface-active compounds produced by microorganismsextracellularly or as part of the cell membranes by a variety of yeast, bacteria and filamentous fungi from various substances including sugars, oils and wastes. In this present study a bio surfactant producing bacterial strain was isolated, screened for bio surfactant production capabilities.The bio surfactant production was studied using a Minimal Salt Medium (MSM) with Tigernut Waste (1 %) as the carbon source. The produced bio surfactant was characterized by measuring the emulsification index; forming characteristics Drop collapse and produced biosurfactant Fourier Transform Infrared radioscopy (FTIR).The results which showed that the produced bio surfactant shares similar characteristics as to standard biosurfactant.

Analysing the Re-vitalization of Hazratganj PDF

Mohammad Laraib Ahmad, Pradeep Kumar, Muhammad Shahrukh

Revitalization is a method to use the abandoned , left over , damaged and old structures maybe in working condition or not, in such a way that it not only reflects the past glory but also work accordingly and adaptable in the present condition, or we can say giving it a new life. It is a process to make the building or a particular area work again in better way. Hazratganj is a very important notable street and central business zone (CBZ) located centrally in the Lucknow.

Economic Analysis of Distributed Generation for Hybrid Renewable Energy System PDF

Fahid Javed Sattar Randhawa, Muhammad Bilal Sarwar, Muhammad Haseeb Shams, Abdul Rehman Saeed, The University of Faisalabad, Riphah International University Faisalabad

Because of the fossil fuel dominant energy mix operating cost of most of the power plants is high while the renewables have almost negligible Operating cost and emissions. Seasonal pattern of Pakistan is pro to renewable energy resources. Solar insolation and wind speed in Pakistan are enough to harness energy. It is preferable to use a standby diesel generator with Hybrid Renewable Energy System (HRES). Many distribution generators like natural resources several types of renewable energy sources can be integrated to entertain off grid and grid connected loads. Components of HRES are technically modeled and then HOMER Pro has been used on a specified given off grid location.


Folami Gbenga Obokhai

Spatial and Graph analysis is basically about understanding relationships. The evolution of applications and infrastructure allows new platforms and technologies to find distinct ways to incorporate and exploit locational and social information into the business and analytics workflows. The emergence of Cloud services, Internet of things, mobile tracking, social media and real time systems creates new challenges which allow the management of data and more predominantly Pattern Recognition in data types, connections and the relationships.

Overview of Fractal Microstrip MIMO Antenna for Wireless Communication PDF

Mr. Ningappa T Pujar, Dr.Jagadeesh S, Mr.Vijayakumar S Malagitti

In the recent year's antenna communication have more popularity due to its applications. Fractal antennas may be characterized by space filling and self-similarity properties which will result in a considerable amount of size reduction and multiband operation as compared to the conventional microstrip antenna. Today design technology of fractal microstrip antenna is improved more and more and can be used for multiple inputs and multiple output system. The researchers are dragged their attention to deploy wideband antenna to enhance the features of MIMO. MIMO has various features due to these better features MIMO has grabbed the considerable attention in the wireless communication system, because of it present significant increases in data throughput and link range without requiring extra bandwidth or transmit power, higher spectral efficiency, and reduced fading. A few techniques can be applied to improve the fractal microstrip antenna, this survey paper presents an overview of the fractal microstrip antenna.

An Intelligence Aided VANET System: A Development of its Ontology Knowledgebase and Rule Set PDF

S. K. Aina, O. N. Oyelade

Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) is a technology that uses moving vehicles as nodes in a network to create a mobile network. VANET turns every participating vehicle into a wireless router or node. Literature has revealed that information sharing among participating vehicles such as V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle), V2I (Vehicle to Infrastructure), lead vehicle and vehicle moving in opposite direction vehicle have been the challenges facing VANET system.

IoT based solution for monitoring of pollution through pesticide in fresh fruits and vegetable available in market PDF

Nikitha.R,Pavithra.T.K,Pavithra.V,Kavyashree.M, Mrs.Vijayalakshmi

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has been identified as one of the emerging technologies which is widely used in all walks of life in the world. The IoT comprises such as Radio Frequency Identification(RFID),Wireless sensor networks(WSN),Global Positioning System(GPS), which is used for sensing, tracking ,etc in environment management.


Asniyati, Hasanuddin Bua, Samdin, Rahmat Madjid

This research aims to describe empirically effects of service qualityon satisfactionthat is mediated by trainingvariable emphasizing on morale and ethics underlying nurse attitudes in servicing patients. This research design is an explanatory researchwith surveyapproach. This research uses descriptive analysis to determine characteristics of respondents and description of respondents on each research variable. Sample collection technique usesproportional stratified sampling technique,number of determined respondents is 180 respondents. Data analysis method used to test pattern of research inter-variable relation is inferential analysis namely Structural Equation Modelling(SEM).

Study of the SEM&EDX analysis and mechanical properties of Impact test of Aluminum alloy LM12 /Sic metal matrix composites it�s fabricated by stir casting Techniques PDF

Suresha P and Dr. N Chikkanna

Aluminum metal matrix composites are broadly used in different application, because it contains greater mechanical and physical properties, compared to their base AL alloy. This paper centers around the change in mechanical properties of AL LM-12 when it is reinforced with SiC fabricated using stir casting method. For this reason AL LM-12 and reinforcement of SiC with various wt% utilized. SiC is reinforced in 5, 10, 15 and 20 wt. %. Impact of SiC reinforcement on AL LM-12 and its chemical properties like SEM/EDX is talked in detail.


Ali Raza, Sidra Saleem, Maria Inayat, Maria Qadeer, Shagufta Anwar,Isma Jabeen, Anum Safder, Faisal Iqbal Jafri

In Cloud services, trust establishment has become an integral and a critical trademark feature. Therefore, Cloud users should be endowed with a systematic approach that helps users of these services to find an unequivocal trust model that best suite organization trust policy at all levels. Hence, this study reports the analysis of existing trust models in cloud services in a Cloudsim environment Simulation results obtained with several experimental scenarios depict their respective performances and the most secured trust model in cloud services. Consequently, cloud associated tools and Cloud refer to the front and bank ends respectively. Consequently, the client and cloud are variants of cutting-edge techniques; these features of cloud computing components extend its heterogeneous capacity. The heterogeneity feature enables various services; an instance is Web-based e-mail programs leverage on existing Web browsers such as Google chrome, UC and so on. Internet Explorer or Firefox including robust clients accessing the network access. Back end instances among others are servers, data storage as well as other perimeter security tools form the computing services in the "cloud". computing organizations and end-users can without difficulty select tools that best suited and adopt it to meeting their respective organizations incidents response vis-a-vis trust concerns and security issues in cloud computing services.

Myanmar Language Part-of-Speech Tagging Using Deep Learning Models PDF

Thinn Thinn Wai

Part-of-speech (POS) tagging is one of the most important processes in Natural Language Processing (NLP). It is useful in many areas of linguist research such as information retrieval, natural language translation, word sense disambiguation and sentiment analysis. The goal of this process is to correctly assign the POS tags for each word in a sentence. Moreover, it is also the essential process for Myanmar Language Translation.

Effect of Problem Based-Solving Technique on Secondary School Students Achievement in Biology PDF

Dr. Nneka Rita Nnorom

The study investigated the effect of problem based-solving technique on secondary school students achievement in biology in Onitsha North Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. The design of the study was quasi-experimental, specifically, pre-test, post-test non randomized equivalent control group design. The sample consist of 150 SSI students drawn from two co-educational Government owned secondary schools out of 16 public secondary schools in Onitsha North L.G. A.


Tsado Victor Mamman, Sadiq Umar (PhD), Ashigwuike Evans (PhD), Vitalis C. Anye

Channel error correction for data broadcast remains a priority operation in ensuring correct communications for either point-to-point or point-to-multipoint broadcast. Selective repeat ARQ is an oft used error correction protocol where high bit rates are involved.

An Extreme Machine Learning Model to Validate the Performance of Web Search Engine PDF

Althaf Ali A, Dr. R. Mahammad Shafi

Measuring the Search engine retrieval effectiveness is employed in the small scale using data mining approaches in the past decade. At present, large exploring technique has been employed using unsupervised learning model with sort of small queries and less set of web documents. Despite of those advantages, still some challenges has been propagating on the evaluation in terms of examination time and accuracy prediction on the large scale search engine retrieval effectiveness.


Muh. Fathir Maulid Yusuf, Prof. Dr. H. Hasbudin, Dr. H. Andi Basru Wawo, Dr. Rosnawintang

This study aims to determine and analyze the effect of internal control, work discipline and work motivation on employee performance in the Tax Management and Regional Retribution Agency of Kendari City, which is sufficient or not to improve employee performance. The data used in this study are quantitative data and qualitative data, the data sources used are primary data, namely data obtained directly from the study location in the form of raw data in the form of data on revenue and realization per quarter in 2016, as well as data on the amount of revenue incentives given to quarterly employees in 2016 through interviews.


Zaharadeen Abdullahi, Bertha Abdu Danja, Hassan Garba Abdulaziz, Saidu Jibrin, Abdurrahman Abubakar, Zakari Abdu, Lodma Hassan Hammashi, Mausul Umar, Abdulqadir Tahir Ahmad, Said Sani Said

Medicinal plants, since time immemorial, have been used in virtually all cultures as a source of medicine. An increasing reliance on the use of medicinal plants in societies has been traced to the extraction and development of several drugs from these plants. Standard procedure for analysis of phytocompounds that which is based on color formation or disappearance and bacterial activity was adopted.


Dr. Kamran Zakaria, Ms. Shifa Huma, Ms. Ammara Ashraf Choudry

To investigate about the electrical activity of human brain, electroencephalography (EEG) is the eminent technique. It is the non-invasive way to examine brain indications which assist to locate that either signals are appearing normal or abnormal scheme of the brain for instance epilepsy furthermore other neurological disorder. The frequency of signals alters time is meant by the signals of EEG are inconsistent.


J Bhanu Teja, Phani Krishna Kandala, Srivarun V, Poorna Viswanadha Sravan Nukala, Pallav Kumar Baruah, Satya Sai Mudigonda

For any analysis, clean data is a prerequisite. This means to identify wrong data input, outliers, omissions or duplicates etc. To meet this absolute requirement, SSSIHL has developed a data cleaning framework which is cost & time efficient and maintains data quality intact. The SSSIHL DATA CLEANING FRAMEWORK is built on open source and uses distributed file computing to clean the data in parallel.


Amr Hamed Mashhour, Prof. Dr. Hassan El Gamal, Prof. Dr. El Arabi M.Attia

Shafts are considered as the main component subjected to the hardest stress in efficient rotating equipment such as high speed compres-sors, pumps and gas turbines, etc. Many errors and defects can appear during the operation that can be considered as serious. Vibration spectrum can be a very good indication for the presence of a fault in the machine including unbalance, misalignment, shaft bending and many more each fault has its own effect on the vibration spectrum.

Optimization of steering knuckle geometry of an off-road vehicle applying DoE PDF

Felipe Rauber, Sérgio Junichi Idehara

Improvement in the product quality along with an increase in performance and reduction of design costs are constant themes in the automotive industry. In this context, several techniques have been developed for analysis and optimization in the design of mechanical components. One of the most commonly applied techniques is the finite elements method (FEM). The aim of this study was to use the FEM to analyze the steering knuckle of an SAE Baja off-road vehicle and then apply an optimization tool in order to provide a lighter component.

Mitigation of Corrosion in Produced Water Pipeline Using Locally Produced Corrosion Inhibitor PDF

Kenneth Dagde, Godwin C.J Nmegbu, Nyeche Chizi Jeffrey

Corrosion inhibitor was locally produced from orange peels and chrysophyllum albidum leaf using n-Hexane as solvent. Soxhlet extractor was used to extract the oils from the peels and leaves of the investigated plants. The extracted oil was characterized to determine their phytochemical properties and hence its suitability for corrosion inhibition. The characterized oils from the two species were blended to form a corrosion cocktail.

KNN Classification for the Face Spoof Detection PDF

Samrity Saini, Kiranpreet Kaur

Current face spoof detection systems are vulnerable to various spoofing attacks. A spoofing attack occurs when one person tries to façade someone else by misusing and falsifying the data to gain unauthorized access to the system. Face spoof detection has now attracted huge attention with the aim of assuring reliability of face biometrics system. There is a possibility that some exceptional disturbances are available like geometric disturbances and the artificial texture disturbances. The camera and the illumination subordinates are mostly responsible for such disturbances. A perfect camera with no defects should be used just to notice the difference between the geometric, the illumination and the texture based disturbances. The face spoof detection techniques are based on two steps; the first step is of feature extraction and second is classification. We present a novel approach based on extracting Eigen features with LBP and using KNN classifier for the classification process as opposed to already existing technique using SVM classier. Experimental analysis showed excellent results compared to existing technique. Comparisons are made to analyze the performance of the proposed algorithm and the existing algorithm in terms of accuracy and time of execution.

A counterexample to a theorem of Tarun Pradhan PDF

Jianlong Han, Seth Armstrong, Sarah Duffin

In a previous volume of IJSER, a theorem was published that claimed absence of a limit cycle for an exploited prey-predator fishery system of equations with Beddington-DeAngelis type functional response. A counterexample is offered to show that there is a limit cycle under conditions for which the theorem claims absence of limit cycles.

Value Enhancement Process on Indonesian SME through Product Formula Development, Product Durability Enhancement, and Product Label Design PDF

Agung Widiyanto, Anton Wachidin Widjaja

The purpose of this paper is to highlight an additional chances of increasing product competitiveness through product re-development for Bolognese Sauce produced by SME Rere’s Kitchen. A series of coaching session were conducted with the owner of SME Rere’s Kitchen in East Jakarta as intervention. The result from each session were collected, analyzed and discussed further with the owner using pareto analysis to arrive at the most urgent problems to be solved.

Automated Region Extraction and License Plate Detection using Deep Learning PDF

Ranjeeth Kumar.C, Gokul.S, Anand.S, Devendran.S

This paper proposes a robust system to recognize vehicle license plate by Deep Learning. Achieving good recognition results for license plates is challenging due to multiple adverse factors. A new License Plate Detection method for challenging environment is proposed. Normally Background clutters are common in road scenes and license plate detection is considered as difficult problem. To address this problem, a two-step approach is developed in which first the car is detected by removing the background clutters and then localizing the license plate in each vehicle region. To be precise, faster region based convolutional neural network algorithm for vehicle region detection is adopted and license plates are generated using hierarchical sampling method. Finally the result is filters out by deep convolutional neural network.


Dr. M. Mageswari M. E, Ph.D, Mohit Abhishek V, Vikram Reddy A, Yogesh Kumar K M, Purna Aditya K.

This paper examines the possibility of using the combination of waste Sheet Glass Powder (SGP) and Sawdust Ash (SDA) as fine aggregate replacement offers an economically viable technology for high value utilization of industrial waste. Using of SGP and SDA in concrete is an interesting possibility for economy on waste disposal sites and conservation of natural resources.

Performance Analysis of Fractional order Multi-Modulus Algorithms for Channel Equalization PDF

Shahjehan, Dr. Irfan Zafar, Dr. Syed Muslim Shah

In this research work we comparing the performance with the family of blind equalization. These algorithms are CMA, Godard and FrCMA using adaptive filters. We are varying the Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), convergence factor (step size) µ relatively in different algorithms. The MATLAB tool results exhibits that different algorithms perform different with the same transmitted bits along with noisy environment all algorithms. In blind algorithms no pilot transmitted signal required. There are some difficulties also occur like complexity of the system and cost function. Similarly, the benefit like reduction of the SNR, Intersymbol interference(ISI) and fast convergence also achieved in simulation results. The fractional order MMA algorithms generate improved results which is used in 5G networks, code is general and inevitable need of the current era. The Fractional order Constant Modulus algorithms give improved results like fast convergence as well as steady state condition. FrCMA algorithms is a new approach for practical, general application of the data and wireless communication.

Social responsibility and management ethics in business organizations PDF

Dr. Ibrahim Al Souleiman, Dr. Habib Al Souleiman, Dr. Zanna Al Suleimane

Social responsibility and management ethics in business organizations

Blockchain Technology in Health Inusrance – Integration of 8 Stake Holders PDF

Nukala Poorna Viswanadha Sravan, Pallav Kumar Baruah, Sathya Sai Mudigonda, and Phani Krihsna K

Blockchain is a progressive innovation technology that is impacting several domains, especially in the area of FinTech. The Health Insurance Company involves a number of stake holders for effective completion of various activities. All these stakeholders work in silo, there by data becomes dirty and may lead to errors as it moves from one stake holder to others

Knowledge, attitude and Practice among the Registered Nurses regarding universal precautions of hepatitis B working in four Hospital of Sargodha. PDF

Munawar Begum, Humera Zaib, Farhat Yasmin, Shahgufta Shaheen

Registered Nurses represent a population that is at high-risk group for acquiring and spreading hepatitis B infection (HBV). The aim of this proposed study is not to replicate any of the initial work already conducted, which emphasizes the spread and treatment of viral hepatitis. The purpose of this study is to identify any knowledge, attitude and practice deficits and developmental needs of the registered Nurses working in the acute care setting.

Structure des communautes de nematodes en fonction des caracteristiques physico-chimiques du sol dans la zone maraîchère de Bamako (Mali) PDF

Boubacar Kola Touré, Souleymane Dembé, Yacouba Maiga, Mohamed Maïga, Doulaye Dembélé

Le maraîchage est confronté à de multiples problèmes parmi lesquels il y a les nématodes phytoparasites. La collecte des échantillons de sol a eu lieu sur cinq sites autour de Bamako. Notre objectif est d’étudier la structure de la communauté de nématodes en fonction des paramètres physicochimiques du sol.


Ferdinand, Dedy Takdir Syaifuddin, Nasrullah Dali, Arifuddin Mas'ud

This study aims to determine and analyze Independence effects on audit quality and individual characteristic role as a moderating variable of independence effects on audit quality on Regional Inspectorate in Southeast Sulawesi.

A Surveillance of Estrogen Receptor (ER), Progesterone Receptor (PR) and Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-2 (HER-2) Status in Malignant Female Breast Lesions in Bayelsa State, Nigeria PDF

Oduma-Sandy Cordelia I, Achukwu P. U, Ajani Mustapha Akanji

A three (3) year retrospective study of Estrogen Receptor (ER), Progesterone receptor (PR) and Human Epidermal growth factor receptor-2 (HER2) status of previously diagnosed female breast cancers was done using immunohistochemistochemistry. Formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue blocks of breast cancer cases from 2009-2011 were retrieved from the tissue block archives of the two major tertiary health institutions in the state; Federal Medical Centre, Yenagoa and Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital, Okolobiri

The Effect of Perceived Organizational Politics, Knowledge Sharing and Resilience to The Organizational Citizenship Behavior in The President’s Strategic Unit PDF

Teguh Sulistyo, Niken Ardiyanti

This study analyzes the effects of perceived organizational politics, knowledge sharing and resilience to the organizational citizenship behavior in President’s Strategic Unit. Data was collected by distributing questionnaires to all 129 Presidential Strategic Unit employees, with respondents giving answers was 56 respondents.


Nithin Kumar B, Akshay Chalwadi, Ananthraj Upadhye, Dhanraj

In this project, we are developing an enhanced media player which plays and pauses the video by detecting the users face looking at screen or not and also the field of computer vision based hand gesture interfaces for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). System will continuously monitor whether the user is looking at the screen or not using a web camera.

Image Enhancement Techniques for Automated Histopathological Analysis PDF

Rucha Apte, Sanika Patange, Ishan Joshi, RD Komati, Gurunath Kamble

Computer-assisted analysis of the tissue biopsy samples is used in order to reduce the time consumed by pathologists while determining the results manually.

Wind Energy Data Analysis and Resource Mapping of East Gojjam Zone, Amhara Region PDF

Addisu Dagne, Aynalem Worku

Knowledge of wind energy regime is a pre-requisite for any wind energy planning and implementation projects. The wind energy potential of Ethiopia is estimated to be about 10,000MW, but only less than 8 percent of it is utilized so far. One of the reasons for this low utilization of wind energy in Ethiopia is absence of a reliable and accurate wind atlas.


Avantika Mussady, Parichita Ray, Lhaden Wongmu Sherpa, Sauvik Bal

Objective of this paper is to understand the need as well as the process how the identification of a particular song is done through different approach keeping in the mind the concept of uniqueness. Our idea focuses on the uniqueness of the song as every song comprise different music along with lyrics. Recognizing a particular audio by understanding its pitch and other details by using its audio sample is known as audio fingerprint.

Evaluatin of Body Weight And Some Morphometric Traits Of Laboratory Albino Rat (Rattus norvegicus) PDF

Shehu, M. A., Agere, H. I.J., Shehu, D. M., Elijah, B. B.

This study was aimed at studying the body weight (BW) and some morphometric traits at birth, 7, 14, 21, 28 and 35 days of laboratory albino rats, Rattus norvegicus. Sex effect and the various phenotypic correlations between the traits were evaluated. Traits studied were Body Weight (BW), Head Length (HL), Tail Length (TL), Body Length (BL) and Heart Girth (HG).

A comprehensive study on Online Crime Investigation System PDF

Hemanth Erabelli

The main abstract of this system isto provide the solution for the bug posted by the customer within no time. The manager should be able to organize the entire bug efficiently and assign the bug to the concerned technical person. The system should provide the solution to the customer in possible proposed date. The objective of the proposed system is to build that provides the facility to the customer to post their complaints about the particular crime or criminal.



Fractals represents a branch in mathematics which tends to abolish the barrier between mathematics and art. Fractals come under geometry and have a vast array of practical applications in the modern world.

Economic Viability of Introducing Renewable Energy in Poultry Industry of Bangladesh PDF

Kaiser Habib, Md Nuruzzamal, Md Ebrahim Shah and ASM Ibrahim

In present scenario, rapid increase of fuel cost and utility price in Bangladesh, is providing hindrance for the growth of poultry industry. Energy demand is very sensitive for the operation of poultry industry. However, a vast availability of roof top makes poultry industry a lucra-tive candidate for solar photovoltaic adoption.


Isnawati P, Jalaluddin Rum

This research aims to analyze and test effects of Value for Moneywith indicators of Economics , Efficiency and Effectiveness on Financial Performance of the Regional Government of Konawe Islam Regency. Data analysis methods is by descriptive method and hypothesis testing is by multiple linear regression analysis.

Wind Energy Data Analysis and Resource Mapping of East Gojjam Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia PDF

Addisu Dagne, Aynalem Worku

Knowledge of wind energy regime is a pre-requisite for any wind energy planning and implementation projects. The wind energy potential of Ethiopia is estimated to be about 10,000MW, but only less than 8 percent of it is utilized so far. One of the reasons for this low utilization of wind energy in Ethiopia is absence of a reliable and accurate wind atlas. Development of reliable and accurate wind atlas helps to identify candidate sites for wind energy applications and facilitates the planning and implementation of wind energy projects.

Equalizing Visually Impaired Candidates in ESL Classrooms with Special Reference to Aligarh Muslim University PDF

Mirza Adam

Effective teaching of English as a second language has always been challenging for a language teacher in the ESL classroom. But it becomes a greater challenge when it comes to teach visually impaired students as your regular learners. They are those with whom people usually do not come forward when it comes to formal teaching of a language.

(Non) Justification of Death Penalty (from a Philosophical, Religious, Moral, Psychological, Legal and Economic Standpoint) PDF

Asst. Prof. D-r. Nikola Dacev

The death penalty, also known as capital punishment, is recognized as the most severe and cruel punishment that the court of law may im-pose for the most violent and unscrupulous crimes. Although it does not exist in most European countries, it still exists in a number of coun-tries in Asia and Africa, as well as in a number of states in the United States of America. There are several aspects that can be used to analyze the justification of the death penalty as the strictest form of sanction in a single legal system – philosophical, religious, moral, psychologi-cal, legal and economic aspect. This paper covers all these aspects in order to determine the need of existence of this type of criminal sanction, especially because the death penalty is standardized in many countries, but there are countries in which the authorities and law-makers continue to discuss the possibility of establishing the death penalty as punishment into the criminal codes.