Volume 10, Issue 4

Effect on Noise Power Output of X-Band Argon Gas Discharge Tube Noise Source with Different Argon Gas Pressures PDF

Narendra Y. Pawar, S.A.Gangal, A.D.Shaligram

Gas discharge tubes containing inert Argon gas at 8,16,32,64,128,256 torr respectively when excited with appropriate DC voltages produces steady state gas discharge plasma containing light radiation and wideband microwave noise. Individual tube coupled with X-band microwave cavity or waveguide with appropriate coupling factor and volume of gas discharge produces wideband white noise.

A study of Platinum metal surface as a component of fuel cells PDF

K. N. Nigussa

Adsorption energies of small molecules carbon monoxide and hydrogen are studied using density functional theory and the neural network method of generating higher dimensional potential energy surfaces. Various lower index surfaces of platinum metal are considered, and the adsorption energies appear to increase according to: Pt(211) > Pt(100) > Pt(110) > Pt(111) with the adsorption of both molecules.

Security Attacks and Challenges of Wireless Sensor Network PDF

Mubashir Tariq, Faisal Mehmood, Muhammad Tahzeeb ul Hassan, Wasim Abbas Ashraf

Wireless sensor networks is an emerging field to research and development, due to a large number of application avail benefits from such systems and has lead to the development of tiny, cheap, disposable and self contained battery powered computers, known as sensor nodes, So the demanding and challenging part of wireless sensor network is security makes it more severe constraints than conventional networks. However, there are several types of sensor network , helps to trace the challenges to make secure network. In this paper, we investigate the security related issues and challenges in wireless sensor networks. We identify the security threats, review proposed security mechanisms for wireless sensor networks.

Optimization of drilling Parameters for GFRP Composite using Taguchi method PDF

Abeer S. Eisa

The surface roughness (Ra) and delamination factor (df) are vital problems in any drilling operation of (GFRP) Composite materials. These elements cause structural integrity reduction and poor assembly as well as the potential for long-term performance deterioration. In this research, the optimization of drilling parameters using Taguchi technique, to obtain minimum both of surface roughness (Ra) and delamination factor (df). ANOVA uses to analyze the data obtained from the experiments and determine the optimal parameters in the drilling of GFRP composite materials.

Surface Roughness and Delamination Analysis in Drilling of GFRP and AL/Sicp Composites with Different End PDF

Ahmed M. Easa, Abeer S. Eisa

In the present research the influence of the input process parameters; three of cutting speeds, five of feed rates and three cutters (end mill) of different diameters on the process responses, i.e. the surface roughness (Ra) and the delamination factor (df) of the drilled hole for the two types of composites GFRP and AL/SiCp are studied. From the deep analysis of the results, the feed rate and the cutter diameter are had a large effect on surface roughness (Ra)and delamination factor (df), while both are increased with the increase of cutter diameter and the used feed rates. The average values of results for surface roughness (Ra) and delamination factor (df) when drilling GFRP composite are bigger than that values of AL/SiCp composite at all used cutters, cutting speeds and all used feed rates. Used of cutting speed (2500 rpm), the cutter of the small diameter ? 8mm and low feed rate (10mm/min) are suitable for drilling GFRP and AL/SiCp to get a better surface roughness of drilling hole.

Evaluation of the Surface Roughness And the Delamination in Drilling Hole of Al/SiCp MMCs PDF

Abeer S. Eisa

In the present research, the analysis of the experimental results has been carried out to study the influence of the following input process parameters; three of the cutting speeds, five of the feed rates and five of the drill tools (HSS - different point angles-same diameter) on the process responses, i.e. the delamination factor (df) and the surface roughness (Ra) of the drilled hole. The drilling has been carried out on the plate of AL/Sicp metal matrix composite MMC, when using three of volume fraction ratios. The analysis of these results indicated that the delamination factor (df) is increased with the increase of; the feed rate, the tool point angle, the cutting speed and with the increase of volume fraction ratios. Also, the surface roughness (Ra) of the drilled hole is increased with the increase of; the feed rate, the tool point angle and with the increase of volume fraction ratios, but decreases with the increase of the cutting speed.

A Congestion Control Multiple Route Establishments Routing in MANET PDF

Kanchan Narware, Rajat paliwal, Chetan Agrawal

The congestion is occurring due to limited capacity of link between the nodes in mobile ad hoc network (MANET). The problem of congestion is resolve by proving the alternative path through AOMDV routing protocol in network. If one of the establish path is break due to congestion then instantly the other path is available for deliver data to destination. The AOMDV establish the minimum three paths in between sender and receiver. In this research we proposed the congestion control scheme that controls the rate of data sending by managing the queue level in network.

Effects and promotion of Earthworm on municipal sewage sludge degradation PDF

Nasasira Boeres, Fu Xiao yong

There are several techniques available for dealing with the municipal sewage sludge received during waste water treatment. Since municipal sewage sludge is a waste with high organic load generated in large quantities, a biological approach such as vermicomposting that uses Earthworms to degrade and partially digest the waste sludge was studied. To determine the effects and promotion of earthworms on degradation of municipal sewage sludge, obtaining a stable product with a high agronomic value by mineralize the essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from the sludge and reduce its risk to the environment.


Tarique Ali Mazari, Dr. Tanweer Hussain, Muhammad Sharif Jamali

This research work is conducted for computing the performance of vertical axis wind turbine. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software is used to analyze the mechanical performance of VAWT. The two bladed and three bladed VAWT performance is calculated by simulating each VAWT by using CFD software. Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWTs), can be installed in the locations where the wind speed is low.

Plate Modal and Lateral Vibration Displacement Sensors PDF

Aniket Pinjan and Marcellin Zahui

Plate vibration characteristics such as mode shapes and deflections or natural frequencies and damping factors can be measured with accelerometers, laser based systems, and other sensing technologies. The work presented in this paper is about the direct measurement of the deflection curve of a vibrating plate using piezoelectric films. The sensor consists of an array of PolyVinyliDene Fluoride (PVDF) film patches bonded to the surface of the plate. The patches are oriented such that the piezoelectric axis 1 is along the plate axis of interest to minimize the effect of the strains from the piezoelectric axis 2.

Real Time Detection and Reporting Of Road Potholes PDF

Meghana M Magaji, Sai Arjun Chakravarthula

One of the major problems in developing countries is maintenance of roads. Poor road conditions cause discomfort to the passenger, damage to vehicles, and increase the chances of road accidents. Therefore, it is desirable to have a mechanism to report potholes on a large scale occurring in the routes on which people wish to take in real time. Also understanding conditions of road surface is very important for road maintenance and management. To ensure road surface quality it should be monitored continuously and repaired as necessary.

Fabrication and Testing of a Strain Gage Load Cell PDF

Ahmed Aladdin Ibrahim, Abd AlKareim Sadoon Muhsen

In this work, a strain gage load cell was designed, constructed and subjected to experimental tests. The load cell consists of a square-section mild steel hollow tube, two electrical resistance strain gages and a digital strain meter. The two strain gages were bonded on opposite sides of the square section hollow tube with their longitudinal axes coinciding with the longitudinal axis of the tube. The two strain gages were connected to a digital strain meter in a half-bridge circuit configuration to measure the compressive strain res

Automated Hamon Transfer Standard for High Resistance Traceability in the Range from 100 MO to 10 GO PDF

Rasha S. M. Ali and M. Helmy A. Raouf

A new automated Hamon transfer standard (NAHTS) has been presented in this paper as a novel contribution to provide parallel, series, or series/parallel configurations automatically. Also by using our NAHTS, the National Institute of Standards (NIS), Egypt capability and traceability of the dc resistance measurements have been extended to 10 G? instead of 100 M?. Design of the demonstrated NAHTS is mainly based on one micro-controller and eleven reed relays.

Air Conditioning Using Exhaust of a Vehicle PDF

Naveen Kumar, Satyam Upadhyay, Vaibhav Setia, Sunil Kr. Patel, Rahul Saini

Various irreversible procedures in as far as possible its ability to accomplish an exceptionally adjusted effectiveness. The fast extension of gases inside the barrel creates high temperature contrasts, violent smooth movements and substantial warmth exchanges from the liquid to the cylinder crown and chamber dividers. These quick progressions of occasions occurring in the chamber make growing fumes gases with weights that surpass the barometrical dimension, and they should be discharged while the gases are as yet extending to set up the barrel for the accompanying procedures.

Dynamics of Peri Urban areas of Indian Cities PDF

Pallavi Tiwari

With the increasing urbanization, cities are continuously sprawling outward with expanding urban boundaries. This over spill of population is accommodated within the peri-urban interface of cities. Peri-urban is characterized as having a transformative nature, attributed to a lot of physical, social and environmental changes occurring in those areas and also the fact that what is peri urban today would be urban tomorrow which makes it significant when it comes to spatial planning.


1. Most ofthe psychiatrists are unaware as what is a perfect mindsince they are taught only to diagnose an abnormal or imperfect mind. We all are well aware that there are countless or squillion human minds across the globe which are normal or even brilliant. The question then arises as to what actually is a perfectly normal human mind!

Technical Impacts of Integration of Microhydro Distributed Generation with Power Distribution System: A Case Study PDF

Sajid, M. Iftikhar Khan, Anis Ur Rehman

In this paper technical impacts of the integration of microhydro as Distributed Generation (DG) with distribution network has been studied. An eleven kilovolt distribution system of Dir-Upeer valley located in northern region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, has been taken as a case study. Upper Dir has a huge potential for small and microhydro power (MHP) production especially in summer season, where there is an abundant water falls in hills.

Solution for Gauss Circle problem for integer value of R and it’s application in finding the number of quantum states available to a particle in 2-D box PDF

Determination of number of integer pairs of (x,y) coordinates in the region bounded by the circle of radius R is gauss circle problem. As we know the number of energy states available below an energy level is for a particle in the box problem is the number of non-zero integer values of n_x and n_y satisfying the equation n_x^2+n_y^2≤N, where 〖 E〗_N=N⋅E_1. In this paper to evaluate the number of quantum states available by considering energy levels in 2-D as spatial coordinates and hence solving the gauss circle problem and calculating the integer pairs inside the circle in 1st quadrant a more precise answer is abstracted. In this paper program for solving the gauss circle problem for an integer value of radius and evaluation of quantum states available is presented. The data achieved by the program is further analysed graphically.

The Internal Quality Assurance System at College of Teacher Training and Education (STKIP) PDF

Subaidah, Bambang Suratman, Murtadlo

Higher education is part of the national education system which has a role in educating the nation's life and advancing science and technology including increasing the nation's competitiveness in facing globalization in all fields. The long-term goal of this research is to improve the quality of universities, especially STKIP, so that it can produce professional teachers .

Phenolic Compounds, Antioxidant Activity and Fatty Acid Compositions of Commercial Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed (Cannabis Sativa L) Oils From Turkey PDF

Zeliha Ustun-Argon

Hemp (Cannabis sativa L) is one of the oldest plants which has been used throughout history by people for food, textile, and medicine due to its important components. Hemp seed oil has become more popular with a polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and linoleic/linolenic acid ratio which is ideal for a healhty human diet and cold pressed oil is preffered for supplements and pharmaceuticals. In this study different samples of cold pressed hemp seed oil from Turkey have been evaluated for fatty acid compositions, DPPH radical scavenging activity. Phenolic components determined with LC-QTOF-MS. PUFAs were found between 71.75-74.79% and linoleic/linoleic acid ratios were between 2.96-3.27. DPPH scavenging activity 38.24±2.44-51.23±0.582 %. Phenolic compounds have identified with Metlin_Metabolomic and For_Tox databases and 51-89 different components were defined.

Impact assessment of tropical cyclone MORA along the coast of Bangladesh and recovery measures PDF

Foyjonnesa, Irfan Raju, Farhana Zannat Eti, Md. Mahabub Alam, Gour Chandra Paul

In this study, the cyclonic storm (CS) MORA, a category 1 tropical cyclone that hit the coast of Bangladesh in the morning of 30 May 2017 is simulated numerically as well the impacts of this storm are assessed and recovery measures are presented. It was seen that due to adopt some necessary measures taken by the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh depending upon the warning system produced by the storm warning centre of Bangladesh Metrological Department (BMD), the number of death was found to be decreased.

Tumor segmentation and Isolation Analysis PDF

Agrim Nautiyal

Image processing is a vast area with numerous applications in our day to day lives.


Abdikarim O.Mogeh, Awot.Teklu, Mohamed. D. Ogleh

In spite of it living in harsh env ronments of semiarid and arid zones, the dromedary camel is able to produce milk in valuable quantity. Camel milk is one of the main components of diet of the nomads in semiarid and arid zones and is an essential food for livelihood of people and it may be the only milk available in the Hargeisa district where other milking animals cannot be maintained. However, like other dairy animals, dromedary camels could be affected by ud-der infections such as mastitis

The Language of Our DNA - Scalar Energy PDF

Jere Rivera-Dugenio

According to researchers Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, DNA is influenced by words and frequencies. According to their research, the key lies with the other 90% of the non-coding for protein DNA, often misrepresented as “junk DNA”, that serves as data storage and communication. The research of Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Dr. Pjotr Garajajev suggests that living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using endogenous DNA laser radiation. In simpler terms, words and sentences of our human language can recode our DNA

Performance Analysis of Fir Filter Using Different Multipliers for Image Processing PDF

Geetha K, Dr. Lakshminarayana M

The processing of image or signal on a FPGA is the very difficult process, filters plays important role in any DSP application, the filter architecture contains the many components in that the multipliers plays an vital role ,the filter performance is mainly depends on the multiplier circuit and its performance if the multiplier circuit is complex it requires more area, more power consumption and lesser speed but the VLSI design mainly concentrates on less area, less power consumption and more speed, so to get the best solution for this problem we have choose this proposed method.

Methods to find Absolute Velocity of any object moving in space PDF

Vipin E

Absolute Velocity is the velocity of a body measured with reference to the absolute space. Absolute velocity of a body in space has become an essential parameter for modern space application. By fixing an absolute direction and velocity frame will simplify the motions in absolute space. Constancy of speed of light in vacuum and its directionality is can be used to find absolute velocity of anybody moving in space.

A forecast evaluating using Dynamic forecasting and Static forecasting model PDF

Shayla Naznin, Gowranga Kumar Paul

In economic sector, remittances plays an important role .Remittances has a great contribution in our GDP. So for the development of country Remittances is important. From different countries we earn different amount of remittances which have relation among them or may not. If we can forecast using an appropriate model then we can know how much remittances come in future years and contribute in economy.

A Case Study - Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Traumatic Ocular Defect PDF

Ahmed Amin Moselhy, DDS, MS, Phd, and bNasser Aly, DDS, MS, Phd

Enucleation of the eye is often indicated after ocular injury or for the treatment of intraocular tumors, severe ocular infections, and painful blind eyes.A prosthesis is an artificial substitute that is implanted into, or integrated onto a human body part to replace the missing natural organ, for the purpose of restoring a specific function or a group of related functions.

Walkability Assessment in Housing Schemes Using Global Walkability Index and GIS based Spatial Analysis PDF

Arwa Tariq, Nimra Ejaz, Sana Ghazanfar

Walkability refers to the safety, security, and convenience of traveling by foot. It is the extent to which the built environment is friendly to the presence of people living, shopping, visiting, or spending time in an area. It can be generally defined as the measure of suitability of an area for walking. The study assesses the walkability in neighbourhood design of Garden Town and DHA-EME Housing Society using GIS Based Spatial Analysis Technique and Global Walkability Index. Furthermore, questionnaire based surveys have been conducted for exploring the users perception regarding existing condition of pedestrian facilities. The GIS Based Analysis for assessing the walkable community facilities has been made on the basis of location standards given in National Reference Manual (NRM) and Walkability Index.

Determination of Mass of Electron PDF

Gunjan Raj Tiwari, Bal Krishna Acharya

We present an efficient way to compute the mass of the electron, a fundamental particle of matter. The main goal of our work is to find out the mass of electron without depending on its charge and specific charge. Still, in this modern era, the mass of the electron is found out complicatedly by using the conclusion of Millikan's oil drop experiment and JJ Thompson's experiment which contains some limitations

Development of Road Cleaning and Scrap Collecting Robotic Vehicle PDF

Ayush Goel, Vipul Verma,, Peeyush Kr Gupta, Vishal Gupta

This paper shows the advancement of Road Cleaning and Scrap Collecting Robotic Vehicle and its different usages. As neatness of our condition has its own ideal conditions which makes it a basic topic of research nowadays as it goes under Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan, an activity taken by the legislature of India additionally it favours green collecting structures and we pointed conveying cleaner streets by utilizing least endeavours.

Prediction of surface roughness for milling of GFRP composites using R.S.M. and ANN PDF

Abeer S. Eisa

Surface roughness prediction for the end-milling process, is a very important economical consideration in order to decrease the production cost in manufacturing environments. In this research, prediction of surface roughness (Ra) for GFRP composite material based on cutting parameters; cutting speed, feed rate, volume fraction ratio and cutter diameter are studied. Response Surface Methodology (RSM) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) are used to present the application of predict surface roughness for end milling process.

Study of Railway Accidents PDF

Aniket Dhaygude, Yogesh Deokar, Nirbhay Baste, Rushikesh Dengale,Prof. Milind darade

Over the last decade many railway accidents and fatalities have occurred in Pune and worldwide. Following these train accidents, there has been a large amount of public debate about safety management on the Indian railways. These accidents have raised issues regarding the effectiveness of the safety management of the railway system. This paper presents a summary of the results of a preliminary systematic analysis of several Pune rail accidents of central railway as well as local railway bogies, i.e. those at Pune Junction platform and on the tracks which run within the limits of Pune municipal corporation.

Comparative Study of Performance of Modified Asphalt Mixtures Using Different Traditional and Nano Additives PDF

M. G. Al-Taher, Hassan D. Hassanin, Mokhtar F. Ibrahim and Ahmed M. Sawan

This study investigates the performance of Hot Mix Asphalt concrete mixtures modified using different types of traditional and Nano additives. The traditional modifiers include rubber, polyethylene and lime while the Nano modifiers include Nano Silica and Silica Fume. The performance of the modified mixtures was comparatively evaluated in order to find the best modifier. The evaluation was done through conducting the comparison between results obtained on samples using Marshall, Indirect Tensile Strength, Direct Compression, and Wheel Tracking tests. The used samples were prepared and compacted at the optimum modifier percentage previously founded by other research studies.

(KAP)Survey on the usage of plastic bags, their disposal and impacts on the en-vironment: A case study in the Capital Secretariat, Sana'a, Yemen PDF

Jibreel, Mustafa & Al-shwafi, Nabil

Research and policy interest in questions of environmental pollution is growing, especially plastic bag pollution. this international concern on the effect of plastic pollution in general lead to the announcement of the theme "beat plastic pollution'' for the World Environment Day 2018. The situation is indescribable in economically poor countries like Yemen where trash disposal and recycling are not highly regulated the proliferation of plastic bags has created a dramatic environmental pollutions and health problems. In Capital Secretariat most people use plastic bags for shopping purposes and keeping Qat. however, their excessive use leads to a large amount of plastic bag waste.

Computer Literacy of Non-Information Technology Students: Basis for Curriculum Enhancement PDF

Marlon I. Torres

This paper adopted the descriptive method of research. The researcher used questionnaires to gather data together with interview and observation. The interview technique was used to validate data that has been gathered in the questionnaires. The aim of the study was to determine the level of computer literacy of non-information technology students. The study involved the third year non-information technology students in the different campuses of Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology during the first semester school year 2012-2013.

Optimal Location of FACTS Devices for Performance Enhancement of Jeddah 380 kV Power Grid PDF

Abood AL-Dossary, Khaled Sedraoui, Abdulaziz Othman

This paper focuses on the enhancement of the Jeddah 380kV power systems performance through the incorporation of the appropriate flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) devices. The optimal locations of the FACTS devices in the network are determine through sensitivity analysis. Newton-Raphson load flow analysis incorporating the FACTS devices is performed on the Jeddah 380 kV power grid. These results are then used to investigate the effectiveness of the optimally located FACTS devices, namely Thyristor Controlled Series Capacitor (TCSC) and the Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC), in the Jeddah grid for the enhancement of the load flow and reduce the power losses in the transmission system.

Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) and Radiation Effect on the Casson Nanofluid Flow over Linear Stretching Sheet PDF

Hazoor Bux Lanjwani, M Imran Anwar and M Saleem Chandio, Sumera Dero and Liaquat Ali Lund

In this paper, Magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow of the Casson based nanofluid has been studied in presence of thermal radiation effect towards a linear stretching sheet. The governing equations are reduced in the form of the ordinary differential equations by using similarity transformations. The reduced equations are solved by shooting technique with Runge Kutta method MAPLE software implementation. In order to validate the accuracy of shooting method, numerically obtained results of the skin friction and the Nusselt number are compared with three-stage-Labattoo-three-A-formula in bvp4c ODE solver and found in the excellent agreements.

Real Time Determination of an Information Content of an Audio Signal a Multidomain Approach PDF

Engr. Olawore Jelili O.

Ability to examine a signal in time, frequency and time-frequency domain gives some statistical features about such signal .It provides valuable insight into the properties that are difficult to discern in a particular domain and the cause for poor and bad performance of such signal. Acoustic analysis of a speech signal in time, frequency and time-frequency is explained briefly.

Modeling and Forecasting Weather Parameters using ANN-MLP, ARIMA and ETS model: A case study for Lahore, Pakistan PDF

Dr Bushra Shamshad, M Zubair Khan, Zara Omar

This paper demonstrate a comparison of Artificial Neural Networking Multilayer Perceptron (ANN-MLP) with automatic Exponential Smoothing Algorithm (ETS) and Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) models for forecasting the key weather parameters of Lahore, Pakistan. Models are developed by considering average of monthly maximum and minimum temperature, relative humidity, wind-speed and amount of precipitation For developing the models, thirty years data (1987-2016) comprising are used. ANN-MLP is a mathematical technique and ARIMA and ETS are statistical techniques.

Artificial Neural Network based Intelligent Waste Segregator PDF

Nitha Elizabeth John, Sreelakshmi R, Swetha R Menon, Varsha Santhosh

In today’s fast-paced world, we are facing an escalating problem in ensuring efficacious and sustainable management of waste. This is a result of rapid increase in urbanization and industrialization. India ranks second in the world after China, in terms of population and this rising population has given way to an increase in the use of resources and ultimately resulting in a proportional increase in waste generation. Waste management has gained popularity as an issue that requires immediate attention and action. Waste segregation is the most important step in this process.

Sofosbuvir for Hepatitis C Genotype 2 or 3 in Patients without Treatment Options PDF

Dr.Muhammmad Waqas Aslam, Dr.Laique Imran, Dr. Zunaira Idrees

Background: Patients chronically infected with hepatitis C virus (HCV) genotype 2 or 3 for whom treatment with peginterferon is not an option, or who have not had a response to prior interferon treatment, currently have no approved treatment options. In phase 2 trials, regimens including the oral nucleotide polymerase inhibitor sofosbuvir have shown efficacy in patients with HCV genotype 2 or 3 infection.

A Comparison Study of Penetration Testing Tools in Linux PDF

Mr. Lijo Zachariah, Prof. Sudeshna Roy

Penetration testing also known as Pen Test is very searing concept in the area of security testing nowadays. With the change in the way computer systems are used and built these days, security takes the limelight. It is the sequence of activities which is accomplished by authorized simulated attack on computer system, network or web application to find vulnerabilities and susceptibilities that an attacker could exploit.

Self Diagnosing and Optimizing Features of an Industrial Process Control PDF

Kamalu Ugochukwu .A and Okerulu Charles .I

Self diagnosing and optimizing features of an industrial process control has been achieved, it is a modern industrial process control system, which aims at providing energy efficiency, safety improvement, consistent product quality, reducing manufacturing costs and finally providing better environmental performance. In order to achieve this work, several technologies were considered in the methodology: for both self diagnosing and self optimizing, vibration analysis, oil and wear particle analysis, thermography, acoustic emission (AE) analysis information processing Sensor Actuator system (ISA), Model Predictive Control (MPC) and Model Based Self optimization (MBSO) were considered respectively. The results obtained were satisfactorily as the system was able to predict breakdown and rectify it, thereby eliminating unscheduled downtime.


Metwally G. M. Altaher, Ahmed Mohamady Abdallah, Mohamed Abdelghany Elsayed, Abd El-Rahman Baz Abd El-Samii Mahfouz

Unplanned cities, like Zagazig, are suffering from traffic congestion, trip delaying, and accidents. This may be caused by harmful impact of the continuous constructing random projects and activities which maximize the number of trips generated in the city and change its distribution from time to time. Trip generation is the first and biggest challenge in transportation modeling process. This stage is used to predict all generated trips including those starting inside and outside the study area. Many terms are used to express trip generation based on its origin - destination, or production- attraction as a reference.

Extramerital Affairs and Family Disruption PDF

Ambreen Fatima

Illicit relationship of one of the spouses outside the marriage without any regard of societal norms, cultural boundaries and religious sanctions is called extra material affair. Extra material affairs may be defined as emotional, romantic or sexual relationship between a married person and someone else other than the person’s spouse. Simply a lustful, emotional or romantic attachment of wedded couples out of the martial boundaries is called extra material affair(Martin, 1989).Marriage is religiously, socially and legally accepted and endorsed relationship between men and women.

Study and Control of DHT11 Using Atmega328P Microcontroller PDF

Rajesh Shrestha

Here digital portable Temperature and Humidity Sensor is designed by using the DHT11 (Temperature and Humidity) sensor and ATmega328P Microcontroller. The accuracy in temperature is ±10 similarlly the accuracy in Humidity is found to be ±10 .It can measure temperature of range 00C to 600C and humidity of range 0% to 95% The power supply of 5volt and 1 amper is used to drive the Arduino Uno ,DHT11 and the 16x2 LCD display to display the Temperature and Humidity.

Random Task Scheduler Algorithms as a Comparison and Access to the Best to Use in Real Time PDF

Haeder Talib Mahde Alahmar

Today's real-time systems are the core of most ICT applications. The rapid development of such systems has attracted researchers' attention to optimize performance and to minimize as much as possible the problems and disadvantages they suffer in order to improve their performance in proportion to the volume of tasks entrusted to them.

Behavior of Flat Slabs using Ultra High Strength Concrete under the Effect of Eccentric Punching Shear PDF

Hany Abdelaziz, Omar El-Nawawy, Hossam El-Karmoty and Ayman Abu-Beah

This paper is to investigate the behavior of the punching shear strength for ultra high strength concrete (UHSC) flat slabs subjected to eccentric loading with and without shear reinforcement. Also study the application efficiency of using UHSC for strengthening normal strength concrete (NSC) flat slab to punching shear under centric loading by adding a layer of UHSC as a drop panel. In this study, An experimental program included four half scale specimens (1400x1400x120) mm.

Modeling, Simulation & Analysis of the Applicability of Wavelet Transform Technique for Automotive Radar Signal Processing PDF

Nathaniel U. Nathaniel, Evans C. Ashigwuike, Umar I. Sadiq

One of the applications of radar sensor is in vehicles: future technology has proposed self-driven vehicles. The radar sensor is to be used in detecting obstacles and providing accurate information about the vehicle’s ambient environment, so as to activate appropriate control commands. This sensor will also need a computing platform that can ensure real-time processing of the received signals. Previous works encounter problems in the areas of having appropriate algorithm, chip-set, memory, etc. that are capable of performing these tasks sufficiently.

Performance Analysis of Control Channel in LTE PDF

Imran Rafiq

Main purpose of LTE Network is to provide higher average throughput for both uplink and downlinks. The performance of LTE Network is dependent on efficient utilization of resources. Control channels play a key role in enhancing the throughput high gains. This research work is mainly focused on the downlink control channels which are analyzed to minimize their impact on the LTE system performance. The simulation is done by setting certain parameters on LTE-Sim simulator and throughput gains are measured using a scheduler.

Smart Home Implementation PDF

Agrim Nautiyal

Here we propose a smart fingerprint based biometric attendance system that works over IOT so that attendance can be monitored from anywhere in the world. Our system uses a microcontroller based circuit with fingerprint sensor, push buttons, power supply, power supply and wifi modem to interact with internet based system. We here use IOTGecko to develop the online attendance display system.

Flood Scenario and its Risk Management, Policy, Practices in Nepal PDF

Bitu Babu Shreevastav

This review paper is prepared as a part of Ph.D. study course which has been carried out at Institute of Forestry (IOF), Tribhuvan University (TU), Dean’s Office, Pokhara, Nepal. It is the first review paper prepared after the approval of Ph.D. proposal during defense presentation at IOF, Pokhara.

Dynamic Thresholding of Vehicle Activated Signs PDF

Hussain Saleem, Sadia Imam, Narmeen Shah, Samina Saleem, Ali Muhammad Aslam

This research presents a systematic analysis and proposed development on traffic management schemes based on Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) using computing techniques. The literature revealed that the previous dynamic solutions provide results based on traffic congestion.

Strategic Data Driven Approach to Improve Conversion Rates and Sales Performance of E-Commerce Websites PDF

Hussain Saleem, M. Khawaja Shaiq Uddin, Syed Habib-ur-Rehman, Samina Saleem, Ali Muhammad Aslam

E-commerce is a buzzword to actually describe the electronic commerce trade activities happening between business and customers including but not limited to online shopping, digital payments, and online trading between businesses. In today’s digital age, e-commerce has been playing a very important role in areas such as retail, sales automation, and payment services. With huge amounts of data been collected from different e-commerce services available, there are multiple opportunities to use this data to analyze trends and strategize profitable activities.

Civil Use of Autonomous Pilotless Aerial Vehicle PDF

Hussain Saleem, Saad Asad Khan, Syed Akhtar Raza, Samina Saleem, Ali Muhammad Aslam

The pilotless, self-triggered and self-driven, autonomous, the computer programmed aerial vehicle commonly called as “Unmanned-Aerial-Vehicle”, UAV and generally known as “Drone” is one of the tremendous inventions of this century. This machine is not only small in size, but due to being a human-less, it is highly risk-free for humans as it is controlled remotely, however, work in the environment where human reach is difficult or impossible.


B C Eke and H U Emelue

The naturally occurring radioactivity concentrations of 40K, 238U and 232Th in quarry samples from different locations in some South Eastern part of Nigeria was carried out using NaI (TI) detector. The mean values obtained for 40K, 238U and 232Th were 1,028.63 ± 27.48 Bq kg-1, 5.88 ± 3.8 Bq kg-1 and 2.65 ± 1.4 Bq kg-1 respectively. These radioactivity concentrations were used to determine the indoor and outdoor values of the following ; Absorbed Dose Rate, Annual Effective Dose Equivalent, the Health Hazard Indices and Excess Lifetime Cancer Risk using standard analytical methods.


Pradeep V R, Dr. T A. Subba Rao,

The Vibrant Soundbridge is the first FDA-approved implantable middle ear hearing device to treat sensorineural hearing loss, and has been implanted in thousands of patients worldwide. It is a partially implantable middle ear hearing device initially developed by Geoff Ball (1996).

Data modeling in today’s Scenario PDF

Dr Sunita Dwivedi, Leeladhar Chourasiya

Data modeling is a decisive skill for every data scientist, whether you are doing research design or architecting a new data base for any organization. The skill to think clearly and systematically about the key data points to be stored, retrieved, and also how they should be grouped and related, is what the data modeling element of data science is all about.


Abdullayeva Dilfuza Abubakirovna

The article discusses the organizational and economic mechanism of management of rural engineering. A statistical analysis of the development of agriculture and engineering. At the end of the article, the author has developed scientific proposals for improving the organizational and economic mechanism of managing rural engineering.


Sheshachala C H, K.B. Manjunath, Dasharatha T H, Mahendra H N, Sneha K R, Bhavani G T, Keerthi H

Modern world is facing a serious situation of waste management, especially plastic waste. Everyday thousands of tonnes of plastic are dumped to the garbage but there is no enough method to treat and recycle the plastic world. A large amount of plastic is been discarded or burned daily which leads to the contamination of environment and air.

Clinical and automatic evaluation of the severity of maculopathy using optical coherence tomography PDF

H.I. Abdelkader, Mona Abdelkader, Fahmi Khalifa, Doaa.gabr

Diabetic Macular Edema is characterized according to Early Treatment Diabetic Retinopathy studies by thickening of macula.The search included two mains. Firstly, a study included comparing the retinal thickness measurements using two scanning Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) mechanisms (Radial scan – Three dimension (3D )scan) of patient with Diabetic macular edema (DME)and normal subjects, correlates between retinal thickness measurements with 3D and radial in different types of DME .

Recurrent Motifs of Political Strain in the Poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz PDF

Muhammad Nawaz

This study aims at exploring the element of political strain in the poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz in the light of post-colonial studies swiveling round Spivak’s Subaltern theory. Faiz become a forceful voice of subalterns belonging to lower classes and the social groups who are at the margins of society. He has startling unity of political themes in his poetry. The research discusses Faiz’s those poems which highlight the ethnic violence and political exploitation in detail to present what was going around him in his time.

Different Digestion Methods for Determination of Heavy Metals in Fish Muscles and Gills by FAAS PDF

Valon Durguti, Suzana Aliu, Fisnik Laha, Fidan Feka

Through the use of the analytical method known as Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (FAAS), we have analyzed three fish species, two of which were freshwater fish, while one of them has been sea fish. The analyzed fish species were: Cyprinus carpio, Oncorhynchus mykiss and Dicentrarchus labrax. In the fish muscles and gills using three digestion methods, we have quantitatively determined the presence of these types of heavy metals: Fe, Cu, Zn and Cr. The obtained results show a concentration over the permissible levels for Fe and Zn in the analyzed samples, while the concentrations of Cu and Cr are within the permissible levels. A significant difference of accumulated metals in the two analyzed fish tissues was also observed. Heavy metals are also determined in the habitat of freshwater fish, including some other water parameters, such as pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen and water conductivity.


Mrs S.R Talole and Dr. R.Y Borse

Metal oxide semiconductors are device used as a gas sensor to detect the gases in an environment. They are widely used for safety because, many harmful gases present in environment.TiO2 have better stability and remarkable properties as compared to other materials.TiO2 is used for anticorrosion, self-cleaning coating, paints to solar cells, and photo catalysts.

Frequency Domain Model Identification of Quadrotor at Hover PDF

Marvi Jamali, Dr. Arbab Nighat, Muhammad Sharif Jamali

Dynamic characteristics such as intensively nonlinear, multivariable, highly connected system, a quadrotor is regarded as an unstable system, even though it is essential to have a more reliable and reasonable vehicle control model that tends to be easy to use. Modeling is very necessary as model gives the complete narration of how the system complies with the inputs given. Owing to its complex structure, the quad rotor model is not really a simple task.

Behavior of Flat Slabs Using Ultra High Strength Concrete under the Effect of Centric Punching Shear PDF

Hany Abdelaziz, Omar El-Nawawy, Hossam El-Karmoty, Ayman Abu-Beah

This paper is to investigate the behavior of the punching shear strength for ultra-high strength concrete (UHSC) flat slabs subjected to centric loading with and without shear reinforcement. Also study the application efficiency of using UHSC for strengthening normal strength concrete (NSC) flat slab to punching shear under centric loading by adding a layer of UHSC as a drop panel. In this study, an experimental program included six half scale specimens (1400x1400x120) mm which divide into two phases.

Evaluation of a charcoal from cistus Ladaniferus seeds used as an adsorbent for anionic dye removal from aqueous phases PDF

H. El Farissi, R. Lakhmiri, A. Albourine, M. Safi and Omar Cherkaoui

Environmental pollution by either solid or liquid pollutants is a big problem in our ecosystem. The environmental cleanup can be carried out according to several types of processes by; solid waste discharge, coagulation flocculation, chemical precipitation, decantation, floating, filtration, etc. But all these techniques are used to transfer pollution from one environment to another. The increasing demand for adsorbents used in environmental protection processes has made their price more and more expensive, leading to further research into the production of new, cheaper adsorbent materials from non-conventional materials, concretely from biomass.



Antimicrobial-resistant Salmonella and other zoonotic bacterial pathogens can be transferred from animals to humans through consumption of contaminated food and food products and thus present a public health risk. The increase in Salmonella resistance to the commonly used antimicrobials both in the public health and veterinary sectors is one of the major threats of health care worldwide. The objectives of this study were to isolate and identify Salmonella spps from 225 samples obtained from lactating dairy cows, personnel and equipment’s at farms, Batu, Ethiopia; and to determine the in-vitro antimicrobials susceptibility profile of the isolates.

Prevalence Rates of Bacterial Isolates Associated with Nosocomial Infection in Sputum and Surgical Wounds PDF

Mohamed Abdel-Raouf, Hisham M. Aldeweik, Mohamed S. Albannan, Dalia Moemen, Mohamed M. Zaki, and Ahmed E. Abdelkader

Nosocomial infection (NI) is one of the most important problems facing the world. This work is dedicated to investigating the prevalence rates of NI in sputum and surgical wounds samples in addition to determine the impact of antibiotic disks on isolated bacteria. This study included fifty samples of sputum and thirty four samples of surgical wounds from fifty patients staying for 3 days or more in Gastroenterology Surgical Center, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt.

State of cyber security: the Ugandan perspective PDF

Matovu Davis, Mugeni Gilbert B, Karume Simon, Mutua Stephen, Gilbert Gilibrays Ocen

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects accessed through the Internet that can identify themselves to other devices and use embedded technology to interact with internal states or external conditions. IoT systems or applications are used across various sectors of the economy such as energy, construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, health, agriculture, defence, and transport, as well as public sector and consumer applications, there will be few parts of society not affected by IoT.


Ishmanova Dinora Nurmamad qizi

This article discusses the issues of improving the innovative strategic management of oil and gas enterprises in Uzbekistan, thereby increasing the efficiency of enterprises in the industry. Based on foreign experience by the author were proposed concept of the competitiveness of oil and gas companies.


Mahmudov Mirabbos Fazliddinovich

In the paper has been discussed the importance of industrial development in the regions and identifies the main directions of effective use of industrial potential in the regions of the country. It also covered the principles of effective deployment of industrial sectors in the regions and regional factors of industry and assessed factors, regional conditions and sources of industrial development in Kashkadarya region.


Odilova Sitora Sayfitdin qizi

This research focuses on the sensitivity of advertising methods to children. In addition, it is the first step in promoting brand identity among children. Marketing strategies for involving the children segment, and the outcomes from it. One of the main reasons for the fact that all the strategies for children are very effective is that they kill two rabbits with one bullet: it is mainly attraction of the younger generation, as well as contribute to the role of the prince.


Tursunov Bobir Ortikmirzaevich

The article examines the issues of improving the management efficiency of the production capacity of textile enterprises. The author proposed a mechanism to control the use of production capacity of the enterprise. It is revealed that the system of goals for making strategic decisions does not always have a specific form, moreover, you first need to develop the target indicators required for making decisions.


Mahmudov Sherzod Sur`atovich

This article outlines the scientific and methodological aspects of the assessment of the effectiveness of business activity management at the textile industry. In the second part of the article, the issues of choosing the indicators of business activity assessment at the textile industry were disclosed. Also, an expert evaluation method was used to determine the differentiation of the business activity and the indicators of the nominal and integral indices.

Estate Mathematics: Key to Improve Students’ Performances in Valuation and Investment Decisions PDF

Paul C. Anih, Oluchi A. Diala

Students’ performances in valuation courses in the nation’s tertiary institutions are not good enough to support improved decision-making in real estate investments. Valuation courses in tertiary institution and its application in professional practice involve various mathematical calculations. Majority of the students are not mathematics-friendly and this negatively affects their performances in valuation which translates into poor decision making in real estate investments.


Nabieva Saidahon Abduvahabovna

The article discusses the issues of improving the mechanism of motivation for innovation in industrial enterprises. The author provides a classification of the motivations of innovation activities in industrial enterprises. According to the author, depending on the level of the economic system, there will be various groups of motivations that encourage innovative transformations within these systems. The study revealed that the most important incentive motive for changing the level of innovation activity is an increase in the level of competition in commodity markets.

The Classification and Feature Extraction Technique for Plant Disease Detection PDF

Satjot Kaur, Kiranpreet Kaur

The image processing is the technique which is applied to process the digital information from the images. The plant and the crops are ruining because of the excessive use of fertilizers and insecticides. The plant disease detection is the technique which is applied to detect disease from the input images. In this work, technique is applied which is based on textural feature extraction, segmentation and classification. The GLCM algorithm is applied which extract textural features from the image. The k-mean clustering algorithm is applied which segment input image.


Tauwi, Samdin, La Ode Mustafa R, Syahri Nehru Husain

This research aims to illustrate and analyze actual actions taken by policy implementers; identify and analyze public value that is promoted dominantly in the implementation of policy; and any factors giving effects on implementation of policy Village Fund (VF) in Konawe Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province. This research used quantitative research design with descriptive method. The data include primary and secondary data. There are 15 people as the research informants that are determined by purposive technique. Data collection techniques are participative observation, in-depth interview and document study. Data analysis technique is interactive model qualitative analysis. Data validity checking include credibility, transferability and dependance.

Daylight analysis for multifunctional residential space in warm, humid climate PDF

Asha Sapna A P, and Jitha S

Daylighting is the controlled admission of direct sunlight, natural light, and diffused-skylight into a building to reduce electric lighting and saving energy. Daylighting has a unique role in human well-being. Particular emphasis is given to daylighting while designing a building when the aim is to maximise visual comfort or to reduce energy use. This paper presents a study to analyse the lighting levels of a multifunctional room in a residential space in Indian warm, humid climate. The distribution of daylight is investigated by setting up a reference grid on the room layout. The planar illumination levels (horizontal working plane) analysed in each grid with the help of a lux metre. The output is compared with the recommended values of illumination specified in Bureau of Indian Standards IS SP: 41 (S&T) 1987. The additional artificial lighting required can be further identified with reference to the values.

Radix-2 FFT Routine Derived from CORDIC Algorithm For Surface Electromyography PDF

Reshma.R, Anju MI

FFT,is one of the most important operations in modern digital signal Processing and communication systems. It is one of the most used algorithms for calculating the Discrete Fourier Transform due to its efficiency in reducing computation time. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is used in a wide range of applications, such Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) principle based mobile communication. Electromyography popularly known as EMG is a medical procedure that evaluates the health condition of muscles and the nerve cells that control them. These nerve cells are known as motor neurons. Each nerve cell transmits electrical signals that cause muscles to contract and relax. EMG translates these signals into graphs or numbers, helping doctors to make a efficient diagnosis. This project is about calculating muscle fatigue using EMG. The electric signal transmitted by the muscles will have lot of noises. This project proposes an ideal FFT Core implemented using CORDIC algorithm as a solution for the same.

Random Forest Classifier Based Approach for Next Genera-tion Sequecing Gene Data Classification PDF

A. Q. M. Sala Uddin Pathan, Md Hasnat Riaz, Mohammad Humayun Kabir, Md Javed Hossain

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) opens a new door to the researcher by permits high throughput of gene data sets at low cost with high accuracy. This analysis produces a massive amount of biosequence which required enormous storage capacity. Several methods have been proposed in terms of assembly and alignment to limit the storage problem and classify the pathogen. In this paper, for classifying specific pathogen, we described a Random Forest based alignment-free approach that converts the base sequence into different lengths k-mers.

Dry deposition of Carbonised Aerosols and Impacts on Public Health and Environment in Port Harcourt, Nigeria PDF

Giadom, F. D.

Air quality in the Port Harcourt metropolis has continued to deteriorate; due to the regularly observed intense carbonised aerosols, generally referred to as ‘black soot’ which descend on the city as dry deposition. These aerosols are tiny particles measuring 2.5-10µm circa in diameter, suspended in the lower troposphere, inhibiting cloud formation and capable of causing long term environmental and health hazards to residents.

Using of Nano Materials and Additives to Enhance the Hot Mix Asphalt PDF

Mohammed Elsadek Ouf, Ahmed Ebrahim Abu El-Maaty Behiry and Saddam Shahrah

In recent years, the use of nano materials for improving various mechanical and performance related properties of polymer-modified asphalt binders has been growing rapidly. However, few researches investigated the effects of base binder and styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) structure on the performance of polymer nano composite modified asphalt mixtures.

Correlation of Obesity and Hypertension between Normotensive and Hypertension Among Adults PDF

Dr.Laique Imran, Dr. Zunaira Idrees, Dr.Muhammmad Waqas Aslam

Obesity is an important risk factor for many chronic physical and mental illnesses. Obesity is abnormal or excessive fat accumulation, which means it must be saved for the first time. Obesity and overweight are considered problems in high-income countries. At least 2.8 million people die prematurely each year because of overweight or obesity. Here, he talks about the relationship between obesity, and his determinants of nutrition and health are inconsistent with an editor.

Investigation of Geotechnical properties of lateritic soil from Iwo road located in Ibadan, Oyo State, Southwestern Nigeria PDF

Ologun.S., Okon J.E., Monde M.J., Aboluwarin O.M.

Laterite is a highly weathered material, rich in secondary oxide of iron, aluminum or both. This study reports an investigation of lateritic soils on the geotechnical properties. Test such as Sieve analysis, Atterberg limit, Compaction, California Bearing Ratio for the soil was conducted for the sample collected. The sample soil were collected at 0.25m deep at different locations in Iwo road area of Ibadan Oyo State. All analysis were carried out in accordance with the British standard.

An initial assessment of the impact of coal mining on the Khe Cham washing plant (Vietnam) PDF

Pham Van Chung, Cao Xuan Cuong, Nguyen Quoc Long,Duong Thuy Huong

Surface subsidence due to underground mining is a frequent problem that mine surveyors normally deal with. When some indicators like ground cracks occur, it is necessary to have a quick assessment of surface subsidence. In this case, the similar zone method proposed by D. A. Kagacovski is commonly used. By this method,the borehole data of overburden strata is used to estimate angles of movement of the subsidence trough. This article presents the result of the initial assessment of surface movement due to excavation at the Khe Cham underground mine, Quang Ninh province. With movement angles of subsidence trough estimated using stiffness coefficients of the overburden strata, it is obvious that the Khe Cham washing plant is within the dangerous deformation area due to the underground mining activities. The assessment in this study can be used to choose a reasonable solution of excavation for the safety in both underground working and surface areas.

Haematological effects of chloroquine and naphthoaquinone on Plasmodium berghei infected male mice PDF

Nkereuwem ETUKUDO, Olufadekemi KUNLE-ALABI, Opeyemi AKINDELE, Folasade BOLARINWA

Increasing reports of the re-emergence of chloroquine- and naphthoquinone-susceptible malaria has rekindled interest in these drugs. Both drugs have previously been reported to cause haematological derangements similar to those usually associated with Plasmodium infec-tion. It is thus not clear if the haematological changes observed during malaria are solely due to the parasite or to treatments as well. This study was therefore conducted to investigate the effects of chloroquine and naphthoquinone on haematological indices in parasitized and non-parasitized male Swiss mice.

Linkage between ASIAN and USA Stock Markets: A Cointegration Approach PDF

Samreen Fatima, Rafia, Shafi, Tayyab Raza Fraz,

CPEC, a joint venture of Pakistan and China, has now become the most highlighted issue around the globe. In the last three decades China has emerged as one of the largest economies of the world. Chinese market has great potential to capture many markets of the world. CPEC on one side will open many markets for China and on the other side it will become a continuous source of threat to many markets around the globe. Chinese stock market may be considered an influential market with respect to many Asian and USA markets.

Determining the Critical Success Factors for ICT Project in (Abuja) Nigeria PDF

Babadoko D. Mohammed,Ikechukwu A. Diugwu

This paper determined the critical success factors for ICT project in Abuja, Nigeria. Structured questionnaire were distributed to ICT expert handling projects in ICT or ICT related project that are practicing in Abuja, Nigeria for at least for the past ten years. Fifty questionnaires were distributed to each of these organizations Nigerian communications satellite limited, Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency, Nigerian Communications Commission, Ministry of Communications and Galaxy backbone and interviews were conducted with some expert of ICT project and the One hundred and seventy-one completed questionnaires formed the basis of the study and the data obtained were analyzed using Relative Importance Index (R.I.I), Frequency Index and Severity Index.

Nursing Student’s Knowledge about Outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-Corona Virus PDF

Thamer Salem Alghamdi, Mr. Alaa Iqab Abu Jaber, Abd Al-Hadi Hasan

Aim of the study: This study aimed to investigate the nursing students’ level of knowledge regarding Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) outbreaks and their preparedness for enrollment in clinical training during epidemics. This study also aims to provide possible guidelines or policies that will help clinical instruction during infection outbreaks.

Image Steganography Using Pixel Manipulation and Shuffling PDF

Vikas Sharma, Utkarsh Srivastava and Shubham Aggarwal

Security of the information or any sort of data is crucial for the transmission and reception from end to end without any risk of breach in privacy. Steganography is the safest data hiding technique deployed that gives almost an invisible form of information exchange method on the web using different data concealing techniques. It takes numerous digital images for hiding any information in the form of text via pixel manipulation.

Incandescent Light Radiation On A Flat Plat Collector With Variation Inlet Water Temperature PDF

Halim, Andi Erwin Eka Putra, Syukri Himran

Collector flat plates used to heat water. Heat captured by using radiation falling on the surface of a glass cover, some directly reflected some absorbed and continued to plate absorbent. The purpose of this research to determine the efficiency of the collector by heating inlet water temperature effect. Research conducted lights intensity 1000 W/ m2 distance 25 cm to collector by four-warming inlet water temperature 30 oC, 40 oC, 50 oC, 60 oC, at flow rate 0.6 L/min, 0.8 L/min, and 1 L/min.


David Lopes Santiago de Oliveira, Emanuelle Machado Marinho, Carlos Lacerda de Morais Filho, Márcia Machado Marinho, Othon Souto Campos, Emmanuel Silva Marinho

Currently Brazil occupies a prominent position in the world supply of cereals, fruits and other products of plant origin, so it is necessary to use insecticides to control pests. Billions of dollars are spent on trying to control insects and misuse and indiscriminate over several decades has caused several problems, contamination of water and soil are just a few examples

Power quality assessment in a stand-alone photovoltaic / battery system supplying an asynchronous motor through an adjustable speed drive PDF

E. Tchoffo Houdji, D. Yamegueu, G.B. Tchaya, M. Kamta, Haman-Djalo, G.J. Kayem

The issue of electric power quality is gaining importance as the society is increasingly becoming dependent upon the electrical supply. For example, a small power outage could have a great economic impact on industrial consumers. More generally, new equipments are more sensitive to power quality variations. In this paper, the influence of the irradiance fluctuations on the power quality of a photovoltaic / battery system powering an asynchronous motor is assessed.

FRMA: Farming Resource Management and Analysis PDF

Ananya Bal, RohitanshuKar, Adeep Biswas, Akshit Grover, NavinAgarwalla, JishuDohare, JayantPatidar, V. Santhi

Internet of Things with Cloud technology and Machine Learning with Big Data capabilities have emerged to help us improve productivity in agriculture. We review works which have carried out research on these technologies being applied to farming and their impact on agriculture. The works have been analyzed and categorized into the following categories (a) Internet of Things in intelligent farming; (b) Machine Learning in intelligent farming; (c) Applications of compound technologies in intelligent farming. The works reviewed will give the reader a comprehensive idea about how Internet of Things devices and Machine Learning are improving agricultural productivity and farm management. Machine learning algorithms process the data being collected by sensors to help solve many problems faced by farmers.

Design and Implementation of Tracking System for Dual Axis Solar Tracker Using PIC 16F887 PDF

Yu Yu Mon Win, Ye Myat Thu

The paper describes a tracking system of Dual Axis Solar Tracker using PIC 16F887 microcontroller. Four LDRs are used as sensor to sense the sun light. The sensing signals are applied to the microcontroller as input signals. The controller compares the input signals and directs the two servo motors to track the sun. The two servo motors are attached horizontal and vertical axis of solar panel stand each. The tracker then rotates the solar panel to get the maximum sunlight. Automatic Sun Tracking System is a hybrid hardware/software prototype, which automatically provides the best alignment of solar panel with the sun, to get maximum output (electricity).

Numerical Investigation on the Effect of Conning Tower in Submarine PDF

Md. Rafid Alim, Md. Harun-Or-Rashid Molla

Conning tower’s use in the submarine is increasing due to its excellent underwater operation characteristics. Therefore, this investigation aims to investigate fluid flow characteristics at different conning tower position on the submarine in order to obtain the conning tower position that generates lower drag coefficient, which results in lower energy consumption of the submarine. The conning tower was placed in 5 different positions on submarine’s cylindrical middle portion and thereby determining the position of the conning tower in a submarine at which lowest drag coefficient occurs.

Semi-Empirical Study Of Rotenone Stemonone: HOMO, LUMO and Re-activity Descriptors PDF

Francisco Nithael Melo Lucio, David Lopes Santiago de Oliveira, Emanuelle Machado Marinho,Carlos Lacerda de Morais Filho, Francisco Rogenio Silva Mendes, Márcia Machado Marinho, Emmanuel Silva Marinho

Agricultural evolution is directly related to the transformations of land and tools created. One of these tools is the use of agrochemicals to combat pests in order to increase productivity in order to obtain the highest possible profit. It is currently looking for new compounds less aggressive to human health and the environment that are efficient in pest control. In this context, the Clitoria fairchildiana arises, a tree native to Brazil, popularly called a hat, used in the forestation of squares, gardens and roads.

Analysis and Experimental Validation For Fatigue Behavior of Composite Material Helical Compressive Spring used for Four Wheeler Suspension System PDF

Mr Ajay Tukaram Kumbhar, Prof. E.N. Aitavade

The best way to increase the fuel efficiency is to reduce the weight of the automobiles by employing composite materials in the structure of the automobiles. Metal coil springs can be replaced by composite springs because of high strain energy, less weight and high corrosion resistance. Carbon pre-peg epoxy based composite spring is the best alternate to metallic springs and e-glass epoxy based composite springs. A composite helical spring is developed using mould making process and experimental fatigue testing are carried out on E-Glass fiber based spring. The results indicate that E-Glass fibers are superior in structural parameters compared to metallic springs.


ODUADA Ubabuike; T.K. S. ABAM and WOPARA Onuoha Fidelis

This study explores various techniques for applying well logs and other data to the problem of predicting permeability in uncored wells in Otumara fields, Onshore Southern Niger Delta. Data utilized for the study included well logs and core data. Lithology was determined from gamma ray log. Hydrocarbon presence was determined using resistivity log while porosity was determined from density log. The results from wireline logs revealed that the cored sections are predominantly sandy.



A simple and green one pot protocol for the synthesis of various pyranopyrazoles derivatives catalyzed by ammonium chloride has been developed. Operational simplicity and environment-friendly green approach are the advantages of this method.

Innovation in Small and Medium Enterprises, Growth of SMEs and Economic Development of Pakistan PDF

Amina Manzoor

This study is to investigate the impact of innovation in SMEs and other related factors on SMEs growth and effects SMEs growth and other related factors on the economic development of Pakistan. Secondary data has been collected; period of 10 years from 2006 to 2015.

Comparative Reliability Assessment of A Solid and Nail-jointed I-Section of Nigerian-Grown African Birch (Anogeissus leiocarpus) Timber Column PDF

WILSON Uwemedimo Nyong, ADEDEJI Adeola A., ORIOLA F.O.P, SANI, John E., ALOMAJA Jonathan A

Analogous to the built-up sections in structural steel, built-up sections for timbers can be achieved by joining different timbers in any desired choice of geometry with the intent of primarily increasing the sections of the timber beyond the naturally existing ones thereby consequently improving their capacities.

Security and Challenges in Privacy Preservation of unstructured data using Pseudonymization and Data masking techniques PDF

Dr. M.Suresh Babu, Suneetha. V, P. Neelakanteswara

Protecting sensitive data is a challenge. And, the historic digital transformation has made this challenge even greater by the exponential increase in data. The amount of sensitive data to be protected increases at almost unbelievable rates, the data comes in numerous forms, and while data needs to be safe from cybercriminals, it must also be available to use in an ever increasing number of applications as enterprises pursue their digital transformation.

Exploring the Distributed Max Flow Algorithm for IoT Networks PDF

Main Uddin, Md. Hasnat Riaz, Nishu Nath, Md. Auhidur Rahman

For any kind of IoT network, we want maximum flow from source to destination. It is a classical optimization problem. In case of the static network, we can easily implement the classical max-flow algorithm. However, in the distributed environment, we can’t implement classical max-flow algorithm directly. The main challenges are any node can join or leave at any time and node mobility. To get the max-flow in the distributed network with minimum overhead, we investigate the flooding method considering the three different types of distributed network environment based on the well-known classical max-flow algorithm such as Dinic’s, Ford-Fulkerson and Edmond-Karp algorithm. However, our implementation is not restricted to any kind of particular max-flow algorithm.


Kalavakunta V. Pavan Kumar, Ch. Thrinadh, V. Sailaja, D. Ganesh, B. Manikanta

Here, in this project we have demonstrated the working of accelerometer based gesture controlled rover using arduino. Here the movement and the path of rover is controlled using simple gestures, with help of accelerometer. The systems sensitivity is defined and adjusted using the Arduino coding as per the requirement. Here we have used RF transmitter and receiver systems to attain maximum efficiency in real time applications. The hand gestures are transmitted through transmitter section that contain accelerometer and voltage level corresponds to movement of robot along X and Y axes are compared by a pre instruction, following which corresponding instructions are transmitted through the RF transmitter to control robot. The robot receives the instructions. The motor driver IC drives motors corresponding to instructions received and changes the path of the rover.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Printed Devnagari Script Using Artificial Neural Network PDF

Aparna Patil, Prof. M. D. Ingole

There are about 300 million people in India who speak Hindi and write Devnagari script. Research in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is popular for its application potential in banks, post offices, defense organizations and library automation etc. However most of the OCR systems are available for European texts. In this paper, we have proposed a technique for OCR System for different five fonts and sizes of printed Devnagari script using Artificial Neural Network. The recognition rate of the proposed OCR system with the image document of Devnagari Script has been found to be excellent.

Employee Motivation: A Comparative Analysis of Banora Textile and Sapphire Textile Mills by Applying Applications of Two-Factor Theory PDF

Sumra Haleem Shaikh, Eng. Haseeb Shaikh, Eng. Sumair Shaikh

The theme of research is to compare the two textile industries by applying Herzberg two-factor theory to improve the motivation of employees. Questionnaires were employed for data collection purpose. Data was analyzed through quantitative techniques such as Reliability test, Pearson correlation, Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA), t test and multiple regression techniques. The results have shown that Herzberg two-factor theory is positively effects on employees’ performance.

Evaluation of Using Two Types of Reclaimed Aggregate Pavement in Asphalt Mixes PDF

Mahmoud F. Khamis, Ahmed M. Abdallah, Ashraf E. Mohamed, Mohamed H. Hassan

Currently, a large number of new/rehabilitated roads is constructed every year in Egypt through the national project for roads construction to facilitate, encourage and increase the investment projects in Egypt. So, road contractors companies are suffering from the shortage of the availability of quantity and quality of virgin aggregates. Searching about alternative construction materials as well as innovative construction techniques becomes essential goal.

Impact of Referral Bonus on (RHP) referral Hiring Process with Moderating Effect of Organizational Justice: A Case Study of Telecom Companies of Pakistan PDF

Fahad Rashid, Dr. Irfan Zafar

The stimulus to carry out this research to find out referral bonus can impact the referral hiring process in the telecom sector of Pakistan. Referral hiring is the phenomenon of hiring practices where the current employee of the organization has referred to the new employee for the recruitment process. According to the current estimation it is observed that more than 50% to 30% employees are recruited with help of the reference of the current employees. This study has taken the organizational justice in the moderation role, to see if an organization is not being fair in paying employees substantial referral bonus amounts, referral bonus types and on timely manner then how it will affect the referral hiring process within an organization. Data was collected from four major telecom companies which are Warid, Zong, Telenor and Ufone.



In this research paper we are describing latest features and technology used in newly hand made GRASS CUTTER which is totally based on IOT (INTERNET OF THINGS) and ROBOTICS .Special feature of this grass cutter is that, it can be controlled from any part of world because it is connected from internet. We can even control it from our cell phone which is very common gadget installed in everyone pockets

An Investigation of the Padma River Water Quality Parameters near Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant: A case of study for Nuclear Power Plant grade water PDF

Md. Nur Salam, Md.Farhan Hasan, Md. Akhlak Bin Aziz

Water samples collected from five different points near under construction Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant were tested in this work to assess the availability of nuclear grade water. The average value of pH was found to be 8.02, mean value of Electrical Conductivity (EC) was found 430 μS/cm, Total Dissolve Solid (TDS) 215 ppm, Salinity 0.8, total Alkalinity 79.6 ppm, total hardness 149 ppm and Chloride Content was found 16.87ppm.

An Intelligent System for Automatic Footdrop Correction in Stroke Patients using FES: A Pilot Study PDF

Naveen Gangadharan, Sivakumar Balasubramanian, George Tharion, Judy John, Thangavelu Senthilvelkumar, Suresh Devasahayam

Stroke patients suffer initial post-stroke hemiparesis often leading to motor impairments of the contralateral limbs, who often demonstrate impaired ankle-foot function, commonly termed as footdrop / dropfoot, consequences being foot slap, toe-drag and hip-circumduction.

Optimizing of BPRS Finance in the MSMEs Growth in Makassar PDF


Indonesian economy during the current economic recovery continues to grow, but the growth is worrying because it is caused by the consumption sector and not the production sector. Although the MSMEs sector is important in the national economy, a group of MSMEs is very difficult to get loans of requirements to be met by the debtor. Sharia rural bank or SRB is one of the Islamic Financial Institutions expected to play a role in the growth of MSMEs

PCA application for the job satisfaction levels of pharmacists in Karachi PDF

Sidra Ghayas, Sidra Ayub, Najaf Farooq, Suboohi Safdar

Job and career satisfaction depends on employee’s personal experiences. Job satisfaction is achieving positive outcome from the estimation of one’s job experience. It is basically the extent to which individuals like their jobs. The qualities that provoke satisfaction in employees comprises of appreciation of their merits, freedom, facilities, job security and other employee’s benefits

Calculation of the Unknown Criteria Weights Under the Neutrosophic TOPSIS and the Neutrosophic VIKOR MCGDM Problems PDF

Hagar G. Abu-Faty, Nancy A. El-Hefnawy, Ahmed Kafafy

This paper presents three different proposed methods for determining the suitable criteria weights with the nature of being completely unknown or partially known. These weights are applied to the Neutrosophic TOPSIS and the Neutrosophic VIKOR separately for solving the Multi Criteria Group Decision Making (MCGDM) problems and ranking the alternatives

Throughput optimization in DSRC for collision avoidance PDF

Addah Kyarisiima, Dr. Abraham Nyete, Prof. Vitalice K. Oduol

As a standard way of moving vehicles’ communication, VANETs (Vehicular Networks) have been characterized with enormous ability to increase the effectiveness of traffic and enhance the safety of cars on roads. Connected vehicle technology aims at dealing with important road transportation issues that concern environment and safety. Vehicular network density varies depending on the traffic load which can be high in the city, or low in suburban areas.


Igwe, Joseph Sunday, Alo Rita Uzoma, Agwu Chukwuemeka and Ituma Chinagolum

The manner and approach our medical practitioners in developing countries such as Nigeria attend to their patients leaves much to be desired. Advanced countries have a better approach when it comes to handling sick people. Neurological ailments like stroke are the worst hit because most of the patients found themselves in situation where they cannot properly describe the nature and history of the disease that is affecting.


IGWE J.S., Ezeaku Chizoba

Developing countries in Africa are benefiting immensely from the digital globalization ushered in by the evolution of mobile phones. There is hardly any sphere of life where digitization via mobile devices is not making gainful waves. One area that is beginning to enjoy high patronage especially in Africa is digital mobile mapping. This paper discusses the impact of digital mobile maps with emphasis on selected countries in Africa such as South Africa, Nigeria, and Uganda. It also exposed the bottlenecks militating against its widespread and acceptance. Suggestions were also on possible solutions to problems that will enable Nigeria and Africa at large to leverage the enormous potential and advantages presented by the advancement in digital mobile map technology.

To Compare Rolling Force, Torque and Power of Pure Aluminium and Stainless Steel in Cold Rolling Process PDF

Roman Kalvin, Muhammad Waqas Mustafa, Waqas Javid, Tauqeer Ashraf, Inzamam Shoukat, Muhammad Talha Riaz

On the basis of cold rolling process, a rolling force, torque and power of pure aluminum and stainless steel was investigated. Our aim is to compare these factors for stainless steel and pure aluminum by using experimental method for pure aluminum & ANSYS for stainless steel. Factors which influenced rolling force including radius of roll, stress coefficient & deformation resistance.

Fluctuations in Chip Formation with Alterations in Cutting Conditions during Turning Operation using Aluminium 6061 PDF

Roman Kalvin, Bilal Qayyum, Zaryab Lall, Taha Baig, Muhammad Waqas Mustafa, Muhammad Shoaib Sajid, Muhammad Talha Riaz

Turning process is conducted on cylindrical job of material Aluminum 6061 for the extraction of chip in different cutting conditions. Cutting conditions variation is limited to alteration in feed rate and cutting speed. Macroscopic evaluation involved direct measurement of chip thickness via instrument of minimum precision 0.01mm.Chip thickness obtained implemented direct relation between with feed rate and partially direct relation at lower cutting speeds. This can be provided by shear forces involved along the shear plane angle.

Secure Data Storage in Cloud Computing using RSA Algorithm PDF

Y. Kiran Kumar, Dr. R. Mahammad Shafi

Cloud Computing is a way to enhance the facility or add capabilities with liveliness without investing in new infrastructure, training new human resources, or licensing latest software. It extends Information Technology’s (IT) existing capabilities. In the preceding few years, cloud computing has full-grown from being a promising business concept to one of the fast growing sector of the IT industry.

Rise of Growth Centers: Current Trend in Strategic Spatial Planning PDF

Anwesha Aditi

Urbanization is the current emerging problem in today’s world and metropolitan cities face the adverse outcomes of urbanisation whereby they become dominant centers of commercial and administrative units leading to crowding and congestion at an unprecedented scale. Cities are initially smaller outgrowth areas which eventually grow into new growth centers that are properly planned and segmented around big metropolitan cities to reduce the burden upon them and act as nodal points of development for other smaller settlements who earlier depended on metro cities to fulfill their basic requirements.

Automatic Calculation of Disc Foveal-Angle PDF

Mona A. Mohammed, Nancy M. Salem, Mohamed El Dosoky

Strabismus refers to a condition in which eyes are misaligned. Proper alignment of eyes is important to avoid seeing double, to experience good depth perception and to prevent developmental or learning delays and consequences of anxiety. The earlier the treatment, the better the results, it may be caused by overactive or underactive eye muscles. The position of the fovea with respect to the optic disc (OD) is used to identify whether the image is normal or abnormal ocular torsion (Extorsion or Intorsion). In this paper, a method for automatic Disc Fo-veal-Angle (DFA) calculation to detect the type of ocular torsion is proposed. First step for DFA calculation is the OD localization by using the Canny edge detector followed by a circular Hough transform. Second step is to localize the fovea, where the Wellner`s adaptive thresh-old is used followed by Canny edge detector and circular Hough transform. A set of 1250 fundus images are used from two publicly available datasets (DRIVE and MESSIDOR) in addition to a local dataset. Results show that this method is reliable and accurate for the DFA calculation and for the detection of the ocular type.

Phenolic Compounds, Fatty Acid Compositions and Antioxidant Activity of Commercial Cold-Pressed Grape Seed (Vitis vinifera) Oils From Turkey PDF

Zeliha Ustun-Argon

Grapes (Vitis vinifera) are one of the largest fruit crops in the world and its consumed both as fresh fruits or processed products such as wine, jam, juice, grape seed extract, oil, vinegar. Grape seed oil is one of the most important by-product of grape juice and wine processes due to its beneficial health effects, flavor and special characteristics for food applications.

Neuropsychological Syndrome and long term effects of Exposure to Organophosphate Pesticides in Humans PDF

Dr.Maida Zameer, Dr. Sunbal Siddique, Dr.Maria Baig

Organophosphorous compounds, the anticholinesterases, produce significant morbidity and mortality in Pakistan. Neuropsychological assessment was traditionally carried out to assess the extent of impairment to a particular skill and to attempt to determine the area of the brain which may have been damaged following brain injury or neurological illness. With the advent of neuroimaging techniques, location of space-occupying lesions can now be more accurately determined through this method, so the focus has now moved on to the assessment of cognition and behaviour, including examining the effects of any brain injury or neuropathological process that a person may have experienced.



In the twenty-first century building construction has since changed from the rudimental, old traditional system of construction; to conventional method of construction, which metamorphosed to modern building construction. Today, we are talking of ‘Kit’ or package building which could be built like a ‘pagoda’. Howbeit, the aforementioned do not need special masonry walls but none the less, walls effectiveness and efficiency could not be over-emphasize. In this context, walls, (different types) Finishes, appendages toward complete carcass has been enunciated with some calculations to depict number of blocks and other materials, equipment need for final Turnkey construction.

An Application of Estimating Process Capability Indices Based on Weibull Shape Parameter PDF

Suboohi Safdar

Process capability indices always been debated by quality practitioners for the measurements come from normal and non-normal controlled processes but indices based on parameter(s) of non-normal distribution is not formally discussed. This paper is an application of a procedure to estimate capability indices based on Weibull shape parameter of a process whose measurements come from two parameter Weibull distribution. A data consisting of Weibull measurements is taken, Sampling distribution based on Weibull shape parameter using rank regression method is obtained, assumptions before estimating indices are checked and four basic indices are summarized along with their confidence intervals at certain level of significance. The program is made in R-console and results shows that indices based on Weibull shape parameter can results equivalently as estimated indices based on process measurements of same process.

Reversal of Terrible Global Heating and its Gang through Unique and Complete Water Evaporation and Precipitation Cycle of Pakistan PDF

Malik Muhammad Nazeer

The earth Globe and its all living inhabitants, are under extremely sever and perishing multipronged attack from the Gang of Global Heating, Green House Gasses (GHG) Emission, Environmental Pollution, and Stratospheric Ozone Layer Depletion. All these have taken extremely terrible steep upward turn since 1960 promoting extremely fatal disasters all over the Globe resulting from aftermath of tragic Indus Basin Water Treaty-1960 (IBWT). This has squeezed the performance of major Global heat exporting system to almost 11.76 since 1973.

Synthesis and characterization of novel friendly biosorbents and it uses for removal of crystal violet dye from wastewater PDF

Elhossein A. Moawed, Hala A. Kiwaan, Amira A.A. Elbaraay

The methodology of this work preparing of low cost and environmental friendliness biosorbents and used for the treatment of industrial wastewater by removing dyes from its effluent. The cellulose and lignin biosorbents were getting from the camphor tree using acidic and alkaline treatments. There are characterized using ultraviolet, visible and infrared spectra surfaces functional groups and pH zero point charge.

Reducing electrical energy consumption for a child wearable exoskeleton suit using a new mechanical design PDF

Elouarzi Abdelkarim, Sedra Moulay Brahim

This study explores the feasibility of a novel mechatronic structure for exoskeleton child system designed to facilitate standing, walking, and stair climbing of paraplegic children, this design based on an actuated hip and passive knee. The main objective of this design is reduce the electrical energy consumption and increase the batteries charge time. A solenoid used to maintain the standing of the exoskeleton and control the motion of the knee joint and algorithm implemented to control the total motion of mechanical structure. In the First portion, the mechatronic design presented and detailed through the mechanical design and electronic circuit. Second, the control algorithm presented including the algorithm of control and the interactive human machine interface. Finally, a simulation in Matlab presented to conclude and approve the energy reduction of the mechanical design.

Perception of the Birth of Girls as an Anathema and Its Consequences in Pakistani Society PDF

Ambreen Fatima

This is flabbergasting to know that the birth of a baby girl is still deemed as a curse in conservative Pakistani families mostly living in rural areas. The girls are discriminated from the womb to dearth. Prenatal sex determination gives rise to abortions resulting in medical complications among the mothers. This discrimination prove a big hindrance for promoting equality and attaining of universal rights of children especially, in our country, where a patriarchal system of social relations predominates, parents prioritize the male child and this priority can be seen in their social and cultural rehearses, social prestige and economic potentiality .Such preferences negatively influence the girls' educational right, welfare, health and even survival opportunities.

Design of Portable Plasma Device using Inductor, Capacitor and Coil resistor circuit PDF

Dipak Kumar Subedi, Rajesh Shrestha, Raju Bhattarai

Here Portable plasma device is designed by using the inductor, capacitor and coil resistor circuit. The ignition coil is used as a inductor and high voltage generator with the help of the capacitor of 0.68uf 400v in series with the dimmer circuit ,nominal of 300 watt,220 volts AC with the frequency of about 50 Hz and temperature range from -200c to +400c .

Effectiveness of Manual Therapy Vs Exercise Therapy in the Management of Chronic Neck Pain with Postural Correction Education and Home Exercise Plan: An RCT PDF

Ambreen Shahzad, Saeed Akhter, Prof. Dr.Naila Naeem Shahbaz, Farhan Ishaque, Samreen Yasmeen, Saba Aijaz Ali

The prevalence of musculoskeletal pain is quite diversified all over the world. This study was conducted at the Institute of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Dow University of Health Sciences to find out the best possible treatments of musculoskeletal pain. Subjects both male and female were selected through systematic random sampling technique with history of chronic neck pain. Patients were divided into two groups randomly, group A received manual therapy with joint mobilization (Maitland), soft tissue mobilizations and selected exercise program.

Using Mobile-Enabled Devices for Engagement and Monitoring of Patient with Chronic Disease: Hypertensive Case PDF

Akinwole A. K., Yekini N.A., Oloyede A.O., Ojo O.

Handling of chronic disease in Nigeria health care system is perfunctory as illnesses that require long-term monitoring get very little or no attention due to lack of proper facilities to handle such cases. Use of traditional mode of patient monitoring system where patient visit hospital to see doctor is still order of the day in our hospitals. Hence result to bad management of chronic diseases and long queue in the various hospital across the nation. This research addressed the problems associated with the use of the traditional mode of engagement of patient with chronic diseases. The research is focused on design a Remote Patient Monitoring System for monitoring patients with chronic condition by healthcare provider. The system will supports and allows for greater care of patient with chronic disease like hypertension.

Phenolic Compounds, Fatty Acid Compositions and Antioxidant Activity of Commercial Cold-Pressed Pomegranate (Punica granatum) Seed Oils From Turkey PDF

Zeliha Ustun-Argon

The pomegranate (Punica granatum) is a highly nutritious food source with phytochemical dense composition. Pomegranate seed oil has become more popular with punicic acid and polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) content which makes the oil uniqe. In this study different samples of cold pressed pomegranate seed oil from Turkey have been evaluated for fatty acid compositions, DPPH radical scavenging activity. Phenolic components determined with LC-QTOF-MS. Punicic acid ratio found around 70%. DPPH scavenging activity were between 15.21±0.349-49.01±0.223%. Phenolic compounds have identified with Metlin_Metabolomic databases and 16-86 different components were defined.

Performance Evaluation of Efficient Energy protocols for clustering in WSNs PDF

Nehad Morsy, Ehab Abdelhay, Sherief Kishk

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) is a group of sensor nodes with lightweight, inexpensive, low battery nodes distributed in interesting field to sense the environment and send collected data to Base Station (BS) for further processing. Communication distance between sensor node and BS affects the battery of sensor node, as distance between sensor node and BS increased, the energy consumed in data sending increased.



In this paper an experimental investigation is done to use biogas in stationary duel fuel compression engine as a substitute for diesel. Biogas is introduced in the engine through inlet manifold along with the atmospheric air and diesel is injected into the engine through fuel injector. Performance and Emission characteristics is plotted under different compression ratio with varying load on engine. The Biogas used was produced by using cow dung.

Analysis of Physical, Mechanical, Magnetic Properties and Corrosion Resistance on Composite Magnet NdFeB With Bakelite Binder PDF

Ramlan, Dedi Setiabudidaya, Suprapedi, Priyo Sardjono and Muljadi

The composite magnet NdFeB has been made by using raw materials such as: jet milled NdFeB powder (type MQP-B) and bakelite powder as binder. The mixing process was carried out with variations of bakelite composition used were 3 % wt, and 8 wt. The mixtured raw materials were formed by using hot press at 10ton force and at temperature: 120, 140, 160, and 180 °C.

Electrical Conductivity on the Portland Cement by chemical admixture Produced in Najran- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia PDF

Fatima A.AL-Qadri

Effect of CaCl2 on the electrical conductivity of different cement pastes using blended Portland cement was studied. Various mixes were prepared using a water/cement ratio (W/c) of (0.2,0.3and 0.5)and at different ages of hydration (0.5 hr, 1hr, 4 days ,and 7 days )in the presence and absence of 2% CaCl2 which was 2%.

Evaluation of Energy Storage Options for 100% Renewable Energy Generation in Scotland by 2020 using EnergyPlan Software Package PDF

Andrew Kwaji Musa, Samuel Musa Kaltiya, Balami Bwanthlala Yusuf

EnergyPLAN intervene between the variable sources and the variable loads. However, if there is no provision for storage, energy generation most be equal to the energy consumption. In this study, the current share of energy mix and the UK energy demand was scaled up to the energy need in 2020.

Educating Farmers and Fishermen in Rural Areas in Nigeria on Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation for Global Sustainability PDF

Benjamin Anabaraonye, Chukwuma Joachim Okafor, Olamire James Ikuelogbon

The impacts of climate change are greatly felt on Nigeria’s agricultural sector which in turn affects the economy of the nation. There is an urgent need to educate farmers and fishermen in rural areas in Nigeria on climate change adaptation and mitigation for sustainable development.


Hendrik Ernantje

Farmers in carrying out their farming will always interact with the surrounding environment, and that the surrounding environment is maintained continuity required sustainable farming. Therefore, farming activities should be supported by the actions of good environmental management and sustainable agriculture from farmers as the main actors in agricultural development. Environmental management measures that farmers in general is influenced by various factors, such as the use of environmentally friendly technologies available. It is thus important in a farm to take advantage of technologies and practices that have been proven relevant to increase production, and sustainability.

The influence of implantation of total hip endoprosthesis on the life quality PDF

Hadžan Konjo, Đemil Omerović, Adnan Šehić, Fuad Julardžija, Suada Branković, Jasmina Mahmutović

Introduction:Total hip endoprosthesis is one of the most frequent and effective methods that are used in the treatment of progressive degenerative hip changes. After the implantation of total hip endoprosthesis, patients perception on their postoperative improvement and health has big role in their contentment and thus in the success of the surgical procedure. The aim of this survey is to examine whether there are differences in the quality of life of people in third age before and after the implantation of total hip endoprosthesis.


Danlami Umar Zuru , Abdulsalam Abubakar Ganza , Mubarak Mukhtar , Nura Sani Namagari

Among all reaction parameters involved in the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) synthesis, the working temperature is regarded as the most influential determinant of the morphological quality of the as-grown materials. To investigate this effect, Fe2O3/Al2O3 catalyst nano-particles were prepared by the impregnation and calcination of Fe(NO3)3.9H2O/Al(NO3)3.9H2O precursor salts, respectively, at 450oC. Samples of multi walled carbon nanotubes were grown via CVD pyrolysis of C6H14/N2 feedstock on the prepared catalyst.


Alegbe M.J, Matanmi A.O, Moronkola B.A, Ameh E.E, Petrik L.F

Environmental pollution from limestone mine wastes can be detrimental by reducing both the soil and underground water quality which causes water shortage and poor plant growth. The high cost of purchasing calcium sulphate in the market for industrial purposes and the high cost of treating waste generated from this mine has been a source of concern to mine operators. The aim of this study is to use limestone waste to synthesize calcium sulphate. Precipitation method was employed in the synthesis of calcium sulphate from the waste material.