Volume 10, Issue 5

Accuracy assessment of the single CORS technology for establishing the large scale cadastral map PDF

Pham Cong Khai, Nguyen Quoc Long

Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) has been widely used in the field of surveying. When applying the GNSS technology, the positioning could be done by setting up a network of continuous operation reference stations (CORS). Real Time Kinematic (RTK) method based on CORS stations, therefore, has been developed.


Ahmed H. Ahemer, Prof. Dr. Anis A. Mohamad Ali

The offshore structures are now widely used in the field of the oil and gas activities that deal with drilling and exploration in the same time may be used for storage and transportation . Offshore structures are constructed in different forms according to their uses and their construction materials . In this paper a comparison in response under impact load from ship berthing is performed between offshore structures with embedded pile where the soil is treated as elastic and plastic model . AL-Basrah oil port (ABOP) is taken in consideration as a case study where two models are used , in the first model the pile is embedded in elastic soil with consideration of pile- soil interaction(PSI) while in the second model, the soil is treated as plastic material.

Development of Knowledge Based Smart Home PDF

Chukwunazo J. Ezeofor, Onengiye M. Georgewill

This paper presents the development of Knowledge Based Smart Home. Smart home came to existence the very moment Internet of Things (IoT) Technology was invented. Internet of Things (IoT) has been experimentally proven to work satisfactorily by connecting simple appliances to it and were successfully controlled remotely through the internet.This invention has led to automation of homes, offices, industries, robotics, artificial intelligence etc. and today, more robust systems are being developed. Two basic ways of controlling and monitoring home remotely had been implemented from research.

Prospect and Challenges of Research in the Chemical Sciences in Nigeria: A Review PDF

Akpoghelie, Ogagaoghene Jacob; Esemedafe, Ufuoma Josephine; and Ogbuta, Anthony Anwuli

Chemistry is a broad science, embracing the concepts of creation of molecules, manipulation of atoms and dealing with the microscopic and macroscopic scales. It covers the interaction with plants, animals and human through agriculture, biology, medicine and with the physical world through electronics, new building materials and new sources of energy.

SWAP-Fredkin Based Synthesis in Reversible Logic PDF

Md Asif Nashiry, Jacqueline E. Rice

In recent years, reversible computing has established itself as a promising research area and emerging technology. This is motivated by a widely supported prediction that conventional computer hardware technologies will reach their limits in the near future. This paper proposes a transformation based synthesis approach for realizing conservative reversible functions using SWAP and Fredkin gates. The proposed SWAP and Fredkin gates approach is compared with NOT, CNOT and Toffoli gates approach. Experimental results show that synthesizing conservative reversible functions using SWAP and Fredkin gates is more efficient than comparable approaches using NOT, CNOT and Toffoli gates.

Achieving Fault Tolerance in Reversible Computing PDF

Md Asif Nashiry, Jacqueline E. Rice

Reversible circuits have drawn the attention of researchers for their many advantages over traditional irreversible circuits. However traditional circuit design techniques can not always be translated to reversible circuits, and so new technique e.g. fault tolerance must be developed. Since a reversible circuit maintains a one-to-one relationship between inputs and outputs, achieving fault tolerance in such a system is not an easy task. A fault tolerant system can correctly perform its specified operations even in the presence of faults. This paper investigate the existing work on the design of fault tolerant reversible circuits and presents an efficient approach for achieving fault tolerance in reversible circuit.

Vehicular Security System Using Three-way Authentication PDF

Iftakhar Hossain, Sabrina Tasnim, Arifur Rahaman

Personal Vehicles have become more available now a day. Even it is a widely predicted notion that personal vehicles will be as available as smartphone within a few years like technologies. The personal vehicles usage has been increasing incrementally, so does the stealing of these vehicles. So, security of these vehicles has become a major concern regardless of vehicle type. Now when it comes to incorporating any security device with a vehicle, the major challenge becomes balancing between the reliability of that security device and their cost implication.

Performance analysis of fingerprinting method of navigation using beacon based offers offering tool PDF

Shreyanshi Shah, Viral Parekh

In this competitive creative world, shopping is an important part related to every human, consider anything say household appliance, clothing, electronic items etc. It can be either online shopping or shopping in stores, markets etc. There is always a dilemma in customer’s mind whether to buy such costly products or items and same time checking price through online selling company.

Medical Tourism in Pakistan: Current status, Opportunities and Challenges to its growth PDF

Minas, Asif Saeed & Chishty, Kashif Ali

Tourism Development Corporation of Pakistan has identified Medical Tourism as a niche market in which Pakistan can achieve substantial market share. This paper examines the current position of tourism in Pakistan as well as its healthcare infrastructure and intellectual capital. Pakistan’s current healthcare position is benchmarked against other nations of the world. Existing Literature on Medical tourism, data from government sources and case study approach is adopted to determine Pakistan’s position in the Medical tourism market.


Okoli, Paul Chibuike, Ezeokana, Jude Obinna, Ezeme, Mark Sunday, Ozougwu, Augustine Obimneme

This study investigated influence of personality traits and demographic factors on number of relapse among treated alcoholics. Fifty participants (32 males and 18 females) were selected for the study from ESUT Teaching hospital Parklane, Enugu. They were already diagnosed, treated and had numbers of relapse in alcohol that consented to the study. Their mean age was 22.74 and SD was 3.35.


K.Balakrishna, Dr. H.B.Balakrishna

Management of watershed and soil conservationnecessitates assessment of soillerosion areas, for planning and implementation for conservation measures.The study is made using Remotesensing in the determination of soil loss andidentification of critical sub-watersheds of Hemavathyriverbasin. The catchment was delineated into26 sub watersheds depending as per topographical anddrainage pattern.


Ir. Raden Achmad Harianto, MM

The objective of the research are to study in comparing of financial sector between Ring Spinning and Jet Spinner with assumption that the spinning factory is established to meet the standard completely, large size and construction are ideal, and the factory areal is feasible for the instalation of the mechinery with full running.

Age Issue of juvenile- Not a solution by amending the age of Juvenile in Juvenile Act PDF

Neha Parveen

In the contemporary era, we see that the crimes committed by the juveniles are continuously increasing despite of harshing the penal consequences on committing of the heinous crimes as mentioned in the existing Juvenile Act, 2015. Till what date we will make amendments in the acts in lowering down the age of delinquents in determining the age of committing the criminality? Is there any criteria? On the basis of concept of equality, we can say that all children are equal and regarding that equal treatment should be given. And to give preferred treatment to children, we follow the concept of intelligible differentia. That is we differentiate the children on the basis of some solid criterions like age factor because we have mindset the child of more age is more understandable.


Akaiso, L. E, Ekwonwune, E and Mkpandiok, M.A

Computation and preservation of students’ results and information on students academic achievement in every semester is a fundamental issue for every educational institutions; as students upon successful completion of an academic calendar seeks to know their performance and the only manner to present this to students after evaluation is through the final semester results and, or transcripts. Results and transcripts processing are vital aspect of all formal education as they determine the students’ level of academic attainment professionall.

Text Mining Based on Social Media –A Survey PDF

SP.Anitha, Dr.V.Radha

Social Media plays a vital role in the world. These technologies are effectively used to connect friends, family and pres-ently act as effective tool in business communication, vide photos, videos and messages. They basically use tools like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. Social Media is a very useful tool to connect with people and it has some privacy and security. It also provides valuable data in areas of Education, Industries, Web mining, Textmining, Ag-riculture etc. Among these Text Mining plays a valuable role to Social Media. The Social Media also provides interesting data and also guide in identifying resourceful contexts. Analyzing social media is slightly complicated process. It also provides solution in areas of Machine Learning, Fuzzy and Support Vector Machine (SVM). This survey deals with papers on Text mining.

Antimicrobial role of Usnea longissima against pathogenic microorganisms PDF

Devashree,Anand Pandey, Anupam Dikshit and Sanjeeva Nayaka

An attempt was made to study the antimicrobial activity of fruticose lichen Usnea longissima under invitro conditions. The antimicrobial activities of Methanol, Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate and Acetone extracts of Usnea longissima were assayed against nine pathogenic microorganisms using standard well diffusion method. The Methanolic extract was found most effective antibacterial as well as antifungal against most of organisms.

Influence Of Supporting Electrolyte On The Structural And Optical Properties Of Zinc Selenide Thin Films PDF

Ikhioya, Imosobomeh Lucky, Ijabor, B. O, P. N. Okanigbuan

Thin films of ZnSe have been synthesized by electrodeposition technique. XRD analysis showed that the ZnSe thin films, deposited, exhibit cubic structure with a preferred orientation along (111) plane. All deposited films exhibited absorption value between 0.006-0.356 a.u in both regions with wavelength of 300-900 nm. It is observed that the absorbance of the films is as high as 0. 35a.u in visible & infrared regions. The sample A deposited at 30s recorded the highest absorbance value of about 0. 35a.u with a wavelength of 440nm and the sample B deposited at 35s recorded the absorbance value of about 0.24 a.u with wavelength of 320 nm. Sample C deposited at 40s recorded the lowest absorbance value of 0.14 a.u with wavelength of 300nm.


Awais Ahmad

The present research check the effect of human resources practices-compensation practices, R&Selection, P. Appraisal, T. Practics, on employees of universities of district Narowal. The relationship between employee performance and HR practices is significant & positive. The purpose of this study to find out the impact of HR practices on the performance of university teachers. Restricted random sampling was used as sampling technique.

Effect of Kidney Dialysis on Some Biochemical PDF

Abdulhussien M. K. Aljebory, Tamadhur J. M. Al-Salman, Halla Wahhab Razooqi Alasedi and Alyaa Yaseen Ali Beyi

Background: Renal failure is one among the slowly progressive diseases of kidney function characterized generally by low glomerular filtration (GRF). The replacement therapy of renal failure by hemodialysis involves the removal of excessive toxic fluids and toxic metabolic end products from the body. In this background, the present attempt was focused to evaluate and correlate the value of various biochemical markers in blood serum from the pre and post dialysis renal failure patients. Among many biochemical parameters in blood, serum creatinine and urea are emerging as a source of more sensitive markers for the detection of the renal failure.

Communication Network Structure and The Role of Actors in The Spreading of Information Technology in Seko District PDF

Wahyuni Husain, Muhammad Hajarul Aswad A

This study aimed to determine the structure of networks and the role of actors in the use of information technology in Seko. This explorative research tried to reveal the actor who had an essential role in the dissemination of information technology in Seko. The network structure was identified through network density (density), centrality, distance and diameter, betweenness centrality, and closeness centrality. Then, network analysis was a complete network analysis with actor level of analysis where several actors suspected of playing a role in the dissemination of information technology given particular attention.

Software Engineering Approach For Designing Retail Information Systems PDF

Youssef Bassil

Software Engineering is an engineering discipline that is concerned with all aspects of software production including both scientific and technological knowledge, methods, design, implementation, testing, and documentation of software. Today, a successful software project is initially designed by individuals who follow well-defined engineering approaches to problem-solving. This paper discusses the design of an information system related to computer retail store using thorough and strict software engineering practices and principles.

Studies on tensile properties of cross-laid needle-punched non-woven polyester fabric PDF

Rounak Ghosh, Ankita Pramanick, Soumyabrata Bhakta and Sadhan Chandra Ray

The tensile properties of cross-laid needle punched nonwoven polyester fabric have been studied in machine laid (MD), cross laid (CD) and bias (45⁰) direction varying the gauge length, test speed and specimen width. Ten samples of desired dimension have been prepared for each varying parameter and also for measuring the fabric areal density, thickness and packing percentage before and after the tensile testing.

Trends and shifts in time series of climate data generated by GCM from 2006 to 2090 PDF


Like many African countries, Senegal faces significant challenges in water resources management due to high variability of annual floods, and climate change effects. As attenuation measures, Diama and Manantali Hydrosystem has been built on the Senegal river basin, the first to stop sea water intrusion, the second as multipurpose one for irrigation, energy supply among others.

Mining Educational Data to Enhance Intelligent Tutoring Systems Using Students Performance: A case Study PDF

AE.Madurapperumage, JB. Ekanayake

Effective course designing is a key challenge, which requires expert knowledge and a clear understanding of students’ behaviors. Intelligent tutoring systems can serve as a human tutor with excellent knowledge and less response time while understanding the knowledge level of the current cohort, which use to navigate them with most appropriate paths. In this study, we show how students’ data can use to improve course design by analyzing them in determining the comprehensive level of assignment questions.

Analysis of Laws on Plantations, Functional Apparatus, Public Collaboration, and the Role of Communities on Business Use Services in Biru Maju Village, Telawang District, East Kotawaringin Regency, Central Kalimantan Province PDF

Evan Bachtiar Sirait

In the economic cycle of a region, it shows the level of development of each region that has different growth patterns, both economically. It is very visible from one region to another, therefore development planning must first recognize the regional character and its potential as a whole based on its economy, its social character and the character of the physical itself. According to Adi Suminto. 2017. Page. 231. Book of Social Existence in Community Diseases Against the Human Rights Perspective.


Abeer M. Erfan, Taha A. El-Sayed

This paper presents an experimental and analytical study of the shear strength of ferrocement composite box section concrete beams. Two groups of ferrocement box beams were used. The experimental program includes seven box section concrete beams were tested using two-point loading system.


Sweta Jain, Syed Wajahat.Abbas Rizvi

Nowadays Data Mining is a standout amongst the most fascination regions of research that is turned out to be dynamically prominent in health care association. Mining assumes a vital part to uncover new patterns in healthcare association which thus accommodating for every one of the gatherings related with this field. It is another innovation for the PC world.

World of White Hat Hackers PDF

Sanchit Nanda

Hacking often refers to the unauthorized intrusion into a network or computer; normally carried out by one or more “hackers.” However, a hacker can be anyone. They can be an individual like you or me. They can work solo or be employed by an organization that has the motive to disrupt something or cause havoc––unnecessarily. Often, they look to alter security systems to achieve their goal, which differs from the actual purpose of the system [1].

Evolving Communicative and Textual Competency over Genres PDF

Naseer Ahmed, Shumaila Ashraf, Hafsa Karamat Meo, Sharjeel Ashraf, Syeda Maryam Naqvi

The aim of this study is to go a step further in this line of thinking and explore the relation between genre and translation competence, on the one hand, and the communicative and textual sub-competence, on the other (Kelly, 2005). Indeed, the value of the concept of text genre in the acquisition of translation competence has already been addressed in previous works (Montalt, 2003; Montalt, Ezpeleta and García de Toro, 2005; Ezpeleta, 2005; or García Izquierdo, 2005a).

Using Helmert's Second Method of Condensation To Calculate the Indirect Effect to Geoid Undulation Over Egypt Territory PDF

Moamen A. Gad, Oleg R. Odalović, Khaled M. Zaki

Whilst there are many factors posing hurdles in an accurate geoid model determination, only the effect of variable topographic mass density to the geoid undulation is of concern in this paper. Thus, the surface computed by Stokes formula from topographic-isostatics gravity anomalies is not the geoid itself but a slightly different, for every gravity reduction there corresponding a different co-geoid.

Special Family of Ruled Surfaces in Euclidean 3-Space PDF

Soukaina Ouarab, Amina Ouazzani Chahdi

The purpose of the present paper is to construct a family of ruled surfaces with Frenet frame of an arbitray non-cylindrical and regular ruled surface in Euclidean 3-space. We study the most important characteristic properties of that special family of ruled surfaces such as the Guassian curvature, the mean curvature, the striction curve and give their associated characterizations. Moreover, we apply our study for special regular and non-cylindrical ruled surfaces whose striction curve is the unit circle, the general circular helix and the general non-circular helix, respectively.

Approaches toward the Total Synthesis of the Nine-Membered Thio-Lactone Core of Griseoviridin PDF

Ashutosh Pratap Singh

The synthetic potentialities of Jacobsen’s hydrolytic kinetic resolution are demonstrated by the synthesis of a nine membered ring heterocycle component of Griseoviridin (3) in optically active form. The key step involves the stereospecific formation of the vinyl sulfide moiety using a combination system of ligand di phenyl phosphino ferrocin (DPPF), and base triethyl amin in NMP.

A Review on Security of Big Data PDF

Nikita Saxena and Dr. Hari Om Sharan

With the fastest growing use of Information & Technology along with Internet, the amount of data is also increasing very rapidly day by day. So, the problem of managing that large amount of data has also been a crucial issue in the recent years. Big data analytics are the means which helps in generating new ways for many businesses and government industries to analyse and understand unstructured data. Now days, Big data is one of the most talked topic in IT industry. Big data helps in changing the way that the companies use to manage the large amount of data.

Study on Spectrum Sensing Techniques under Low SNR PDF

Debbarni Sarkar, Sabyasachi Chatterjee

Detection of spectrum hole is one of the essential criteria of cognitive radio networks which enable cognitive radio users to coexist with licensed users without harmful interference. The radio frequency spectrum is not efficiently allocated among licensed users, which leads to scarcity and dependence of spectrum resource in the modern era. One of the ways to improve the efficiency and utilization of an available frequency spectrum is to share the same spectrum resource among the licensed and unlicensed users.

Development of Silicone Based Water-Resistant, Chemical Resistant Moisture Absorbent and Non - Ignitable Fabric PDF

Dilan Vethandamoorthy, Eranda Mandawala, Wasana Bandara

The focus of this study is on determining the optimum combination of components in coating material to obtain high water resistance and moisture absorbent properties. Silicone caulk and Mineral spirit were used in thirteen different combinations to coat the fabric along with one sample with one mixture for control. This method was discarded as water penetrated through the fabric under high pressure. Silicone caulk with Acrylic Matt Topcoat was used in thirteen different combinations to coat the fabric along with one sample with one mixture for control.


Asifa Nisar Bhutto & Lubna Naz, Zoha Khan, Amber Ayaz Memon, Sa-kina Shabbir, Gazala Yasmeen.

Liver diseases are a serious burden and cause high cost in terms of human suffering as well as premature loss of productivi-ty. Viral hepatitis is the eighth highest cause of mortality globally. Pakistan ranks 2nd in the countries having highest hepa-titis C prevalence in the world. Each year, about 400 people die due to Hepatitis B or Hepatitis. Hepatitis, viral or non-viral, may lead to very serious complications if not treated at early stages. These complications include liver cirrhosis, hepatocel-lular carcinoma, edema, ascites portal hypertension, anemia, hematemesis, melena and neurological complications.

Organizational Structure and Financial Performance of Quoted Conglomerates in Nigeria PDF

Faiza Maitala, Adekunle Elumaro

The purpose of the study is to consider if any the effect of organizational structure on the financial performance of quoted conglomerates in Nigeria covering 2013 and 2017 accounting period. The study used board size, company size and the number of board meetings as proxies for an organizational structure as explanatory variables while Return on Equity and Assets are used as a proxy for financial performance. The study gathered secondary data from publicly available annual reports and the Nigerian Stock Exchange publication.

AC-DC TCC with Built-in Tee Connector for Accurate Calibrations PDF

Rasha S. M. Ali

Accuracy of thermal current converters (TCCs) calibration to determine their ac-dc differences is important for ac currents measurement traceability. They can be calibrated either by connecting the unknown TCC in series with the standard TCC or connecting them in parallel by using tee connector. In this paper, TCCs are established for this study. One TCC is developed for 5 mA range which consists of only single-junction thermal element (SJTE) with rating 5 mA, 90 . The other TCC is for range 2.5 A constructed from a SJTE connected in parallel with a shunt metal film resistor to withstand its rating current. They are calibrated against standard TCCs by connecting them in series, and in parallel.

Architectural Space Modulates the Response of Rice to Abiotic Stress during Germination PDF

Taha El-Katony, Fatma Ward, Islam Mohammed

The effect of space architecture on the performance of living organisms is poorly investigated. This work investigates the effect of a con-tainer shape on seed germination of rice. Seeds of rice (Oryza sativa cv. Sakha 101) were germinated under water potential (ψw) of 0, -0.205, -0.41, and -0.615 MPa, using either NaCl or PEG 6000 in wooden boxes of the same volume but with different base shape, viz. square, rec-tangle, pentagon, and hexagon.

RPA Tools and Mathematical Model for RPA Vendor Evaluation PDF

Arvind Kumar

Robotic process Automation or RPA is the latest technological advancement of our Era. With this skill, an expert can create programs and software that can do a lot of things on their own. All this and much more without any sort of human interaction in the picture. But what actually makes an RPA expert do such powerful work are the set of tools. As in order to implement RPA, the thing we need first is the tools for RPA. These tools are developed to make the work easier for the robotics process automation professional. There are several tools availale in market to use but key is selection of right tool and RPA vendor.


Cuong Huy Nguyen, Thi Phuong Thao Huynh

Field trip is an effort to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes through learning experiences to achieve effective performance. The aim of this paper is to explore the advantages of English Field Trips in improving communication skills to children in primary schools and later provide the recommendations on well preparation before and after the trip. Our work is intended to emphasize the range of extracurricular educational offers and pinpoint the methods of teaching English as a second language within a borderline educational activity: field trips. Primary data is generated through questionnaires with children and semi structured interviews with teachers.

Regional cooperation in uranium field PDF

Unurmaa Dorjsuren

World countries are reducing their energy production source of coal, crude oil and natural gas and are proceeding to generate power with nuclear energy and renewable energy. In this situation, regional cooperation, including cooperation of Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Mongolia, on uranium is becoming a more important factor. Nuclear energy causes minimum damage to the environment and is a cost-effective technology. Uranium is the main source of nuclear energy production. China has been working intensively in favor of nuclear energy to meet its growing energy needs increase. In the case of Mongolia, Mongolia has nearly 130 thousand-uranium reserves and is placed 16th on highest uranium reserves in the world and 6th in Asia. Mongolia should to pay special attention to China’s energy policy, and adoption of Russian advanced technology.


Fauzia yasmeen, Muhammad Afzal, Kousar Perveen, Mohammad Husain

INTRODUCTION: Pakistan is sixth most populous countries of the world; Pakistan population increasing rate is 3% per year. It is a huge burden on country economic. The studies showed that, there is a gap between knowledge, attitude and practices of women’s related contraception. The study purpose is to assess the knowledge, attitude and practices among married women regarding contraceptive methods/ family planning in Lahore Pakistan.

Application of Sociocybernetic model in the field of Health Management PDF

Iris-Panagiota Efthymiou, Prof. Vozikis A., Sidiropoulos S.

Health care, health care systems and consequently health care management is constantly evolving. Systems theory, the twentieth-century conceptual development, led to the widespread of Cybernetics (CS) and Sociocybernetics (SCS). In the framework above, SCS main ideas and tools can be implemented toward a new, evolving and efficient management model of the Health Sector that also narrows the disparities in health and in which medicine will be a team sport.

North Atlantic Hurricanes Take Birth in India and can be Moderated only in Pakistan by Reversion of their Agitator, the Indus Basin Water Treaty of 1960 PDF

Malik Muhammad Nazeer

Since 1960, terrible rise of Global Heat Contents and Temperature (GHT) has taken steep upward turn, at an extremely alarming speed and so did all its followers as an aftermath of 39 MAF water diversion from Pakistan to India under Indus Basin Water Treaty 1960 (IBWT). This has bulldozed water vapors blending of air wheels generated by highly heated Rajasthan, Chulistan and Thar (RCT) deserts through irrigation of southern Pakistan. This in turn has squeezed the efficiency of Global Heat Shedding System to only 11.76%.

Modeling of Power Efficiency Sensor Network PDF

Duncan Kilungu

Wireless Sensor Nodes forms an ad-hoc network that is widely used in remote deployment applications and has a unique characteristic of low battery-operated devices, and hence energy saving of sensor nodes is a major design issue. Life span of any given sensor network can be prolonged if the energy minimization is taken care of under all ISO layer. Most scholar have demonstrated that energy consumption in support of node remain an unanswered.

Genetic Posting of Security Personnel (GPSP) in a Campus Setting PDF

Ajayi, Olusola Olajide, Orisadare, Emmanuel Ayo and Ogungbamila, Bolanle

The allocation of security personnel to duty posts in a university may affect the efficiency of the security personnel and the overall efficiency of the security unit. This may have serious implications for the security of individuals and the organization.

Integrated Novel Multi-Game Ball Throwing Machine: Design and Fabrication PDF

Tara Singh Thakur, K Srinivasa Chalapathi, Ibrahim Syed

Sporting arena is flooded with numerous bowling machines which are very expensive and unaffordable for ordinary sports persons. These machines are generally designed for specified dimensions of a ball and do not have the flexibility to accommodate different sizes of balls on the same machine. The purpose of this study was to design and fabricate a bowling machine in such a way that it can accommodate different sizes of balls, so that it can be used for different games like Cricket, Tennis, Softball and Baseball. It can also project the ball in desired direction.

Interactive Shared Mixed Reality on Mobile Devices PDF

Iftekhar Mahmud Towhid

Popularity of augmented reality games like ‘Pokémon Go’ has proved that technologies like virtual and augmented reality are ready for the big time. There has been a number of augmented/mixed reality apps for mobile platforms where a user’s experience is generally isolated or individual. In this paper, we discuss about the concept of interactive shared mixed reality using mobile devices where multiple users can share the same augmented experience from their own devices.

Structural and Dielectric Properties of Cuo-Mno2-B2o3 Glasses PDF

Y.Saritha Kumari, P.Yamuna, P.Sumalatha

Series of CuO-MnO2-B2O3 glasses containing 5-30 mol% of CuO were synthesized by sudden quenching method. The glass samples ready were characterized by diffraction (X-RD), Infrared spectra (IR) and Differential thermal analysis (DTA) techniques. From X-RD, all the samples were found to be utterly amorphous in nature. The infrared spectra of the glasses were studied within the frequency vary four hundred to 4000 cm-1 in a trial to The small shift within the peak frequencies was discovered. Review their structure consistently. No compositional dependence was observed in the structure.


Sheena Narula

No matter which way you look at it, technology has been headed towards automation for a long time now. It might be making us all lazier every day, or one might argue that it is giving us far greater time to pursue whatever we desire. Whatever might be the effect, there is no doubt that automation is the future and place that it is happening the most significantly is right in our homes.


Reena Mehta & Preeti Mehta

In this paper, we obtain Bianchi Type-II cosmological mesonic stiff fluid models in the context of Lyra's geometry. Exact solutions of Einstein field equations have been obtained by applying power law form of Hubble's parameter that yields a constant value of deceleration parameter. The obtained solutions represent shearing, non-rotating and expanding with time t. Moreover, they do not approach isotropy for large time t. Some physical and geometrical properties of the models are also discussed.

Review of NoSQL Databases MongoDB, CassendraDB, DynamoDB, CoughDB PDF

Patel Pinanki Bharat, Patel Pinanki Bharat

In the modern edge world framework, customers or web customers are extending exceptionally well ordered by virtue of that a consistently expanding number of unstructured data's are conveying and eating up over the framework. Moreover, how to keep up those data and improve the openness and flexibility of the limit system transforms into a noteworthy test. Nowadays a part of the NoSQL databases are supported the unstructured data organization and give assorted purposes important to the unstructured data organization e.g. CassandraDB, CoughDB, MongoDB, DynamoDB, etc. MongoDB that is giving the most versatile request capacities with respect to the unstructured data organization stood out from exchange databases like DynamoDB, CassandraDB.

Performance Based Evoluation of Programming Languages PDF

Abdul Qadeer Bhutto, Xu Dezhi, Syed Taimoor Ali, Mansoor Ahmed Khuhro, Mushtaque Ahmed, Muhammad Ahsan Bhutto

In the computer science curriculum, programming language holds a central importance as it enables the programmers to develop software more effectively. Every year, multiple programming languages are proposed, designed and implemented to keep up with the changing programming paradigms, hardware evolution, etc. The current article presents a comparative study of three programming languages C, Java, and PHP. Different aspects of the languages were studied in order to know their structure. Additionally, the results received from all three languages were implemented on a medical theory to analyze the performance.

Factors of Accessibility to Mental Health Services - What major factors currently influence the accessibility of mental health services available for adolescents in the Denton County area? PDF

According to Dora Black, an honorary consultant and a child and adolescent psychiatrist, “Of every 100,000 young people aged between 15 and 19, 400 attempt suicide each year and three succeed” (Black, 1992). This number is on the rise, and each year more children and adolescents go without the help that could potentially save their lives (Kweskin, 2015).

Using translation as a learning tool in foreign language learning PDF

Morena Braçaj

The debate over whether foreign language classrooms should include or exclude students’ native language has been a controversial issue for a long time (Brown, 2000). Although the use of mother tongue was banned by the supporters of the Direct Method at the end of the nineteenth century, the positive role of the mother tongue has recurrently been acknowledged as a rich resource which, if used judiciously, can assist second language teaching and learning (Cook, 2001). Therefore, this research study tries to find a thoughtful way to use learners’ mother tongue in second language teaching.

Analysis and Adoption of Coffee Technologies in Major Coffee Growing Areas: The Case of Wombera District, Metekel Zone, Ethiopia PDF

Desalegn Teshale Woldie

The main objective of this study was identifying factors which affect the adoption of coffee technologies in Wombera district of Metekel zone, Benishangul Gumuz national regional state, Ethiopia. The study used cross-sectional farm household level data collected from 111 randomly selected sample households in 2018.

Determinants of HIV test uptake among women of reproductive age group attending to Hargeisa group hospital, Somaliland, Somalia PDF

Mahad Yusuf Jama, Sahilu Assegid Asfaw, Yenealem Gezahegu, Erdate

Background: The Human Immunodeficiency Virus epidemic continues to be a major public health problem worldwide. It has become one of the world’s serious health and development challenges. In sub-Sahara Africa women accounted for 56% of new HIV infections among adults in 2016. HIV testing is the first step clients take towards taking responsibility for the protection of themselves and others.

Cross Layer Architecture Based QoS Centric Routing Protocol for Mission-Critical Communication in MANET PDF

Amulya Sakhamuru

The exponential rise in mobile wireless communication demands and associated Quality of Service (QoS) provision has alarmed academia-industries to achieve highly efficient and reliable communication system. Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) being one of the dominating wireless communication system possesses significant potential to meet major communication demands; however exceedingly high topological changes and network condition imposes numerous complexities including link-vulnerability, congestion etc.

Prediction of Indoor Thermal Environment and Heat stress (WBGT, PHS, PMV) in Tropical University Classrooms PDF

Biplob Kanti Biswas, Yasuhiro Hamada, Nusrat Jannat

In tropical hot humid condition, indoor climatic condition fluctuates from the comfort range during summer seasons. University classrooms are one of the building categories, where occupants experience this phenomenon most. Student’s regular classroom activities and limited scope of clothing adjustment cause trouble during their fixed schedule.

Collaboration between preschool and primary school teachers for successful transition: Results of a National Survey PDF

Marina Besi, Maria Sakellariou

Many researchers have highlighted the importance of continuity in the life of children during their transition from Preschool to Primary School. The collaboration between teachers of both educational levels strengthens the continuity and contributes to the smoother transition of children. The purpose of this survey, which has a sample of 1602 preschool and primary school teachers, was to explore their views on collaboration practices between them, which would facilitate the transition of children from Preschool to Primary School. Data collection was done using a questionnaire.

Deterioration of Masonry and Concrete Structures Due to Salt Weathering: State of Art PDF

Ahmed Faisal Oan and Rania Badawy

Salt weathering is a well-known process that contributes to the deterioration of masonry and concrete structures. This article represents a review for the origin of stresses caused by salt weathering, gives a detailed explanation for the different mechanisms that occur during this process and their effect on the structure. First a review of the concept and a definition for the problem will be presented, then a historical review will be represented to show the development of the research carried out to explain the salt crystallization process within the structures, this will be followed by an explanation for the factors affecting the salt weathering process will be represented followed by illustration for the mechanism of salt crystallization.

The mediation effect of customer satisfaction in the relationship between product quality and customer loyalty in the banking industry, Malaysia PDF

Han WeiMeng

Purpose – This paper aims to the mediation effect of customer satisfaction in the relationship between product quality and customer loyalty in the banking industry, Malaysia.

Investigating the Major Causes and Impacts of Disputes in the Road Construction Projects: A Study of the Selected Projects of Pakistan PDF

Faisal Iqbal Malik, Amanat Ali

Due to the complex and competitive nature of construction projects, disputes are inevitable in these projects and road construction projects are no exception. If disputes are not managed or resolved properly, the performance of these projects is badly affected.

Quality Assessment and Characterization of Locally Made Ink PDF

Nwafulugo F. U , Nwosibe P. O , S . O. Omale, F.Samuel, M .Buhari

The white board marker ink was formed by a homogeneous blend of dissolved fine particles of varnish, pigment and other additives. Thus Gum Arabic was dissolved in water and the resulting solution was mixed with ethanol to form a varnish. The pigments used were carbon soot from burnt Sodom apple stem, lamp black from burning of kerosene in a lantern and dye. The pH of the produced samples were 6.2, 4.8 7.6, viscosity were 1.11cp, 2.87cp, 1.32cp, and their drying time were 2.87s, 10.83s, 4.68s respectively. In comparison with a standard ink of pH of 5.5, viscosity of 1.05cp and drying rate of 2.21s, sample A stood out to be best with pH (6.2), viscosity (1.11cp) and drying time (2.87s).

Marker Ink Production from Berry Seed Extract PDF

Nwafulugo F.U, Samuel F, Nyam Tobias, S.O Omale, Nwosibe P .O

The Berry liquid was extracted from the berry by cooking, mashing, and also addition of apple cider (vinegar) as a solvent extractor. The extracted liquid was then mixed with gum Arabic, methanol, and dye, this produce a sample of ink. The reagent used and their proportions are apple cider 108ml, methanol 18ml, and 2 teaspoons of gum Arabic solution. The physical properties of the sample ink were tested against the standard ink and the results shows that the produced ink is of high quality, having a pH of 9.3, drying time of 2.3 seconds, and Viscosity of 9.5ï‚´ 10-4 Ns/m2.

Effect of Aerofoil Projections on Aerodynamic Performance of Wing PDF


As surface modifications are highly sought out methods in altering aerodynamic behaviour on wings, a novel approach in this aspect has been discussed in this paper. Inspired from the modifications on the upper surface of the wing like dimples, riblets, an effort has been made to analyse the performance of the projections at the lower surface of the wing with NACA0012 configuration. Ansys Fluent was used for simulating flow around the wing to obtain the CL and CD values for different angles of attack. The results were compared with corresponding values of NACA0012 smooth wing. Notable changes were observed in the CL and CD values as the angle of attack of the wing increases and the maximum value is obtained at the 100 angle of attack, thereby increasing aerodynamic efficiency.

The Fortification of Albania 1967 – 1986 PDF

Anisa Abazaj

After becoming one of the most isolated countries in the world, as a reaction to the risk of attacks and conviction of invasion, in 1967 began the large-scale fortification of Albania. Millions of dollars were spent on the construction of approximately 750,000 reinforced concrete bunkers.

Some Problems About The 3He Superfluid PDF

Ting-Hang Pei

We discuss the stability problem of the atomic pair in the 3He superfluid. It is similar to the bound-state problem of the hydrogen molecule because both of them are composed of two spin-1/2 nuclei. The difference is the cause for bonding. What is of interest here is whether the nuclear spin coupling between two 3He nuclei is large enough to form a stable atomic pair in the superfluid

The role of emotion in leadership and organizational performance PDF

In today’s fast-paced economy competition, successful organizations are paying much more importance to effective leadership for successfully managing their human assets. Employee work performance is a major indicator for leadership effectiveness (Amoako-Asiedu and Obuobisa-Darko, 2017 ).

Gender and Social Media Usage among Senior Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Students in President Ramon Magsaysay State University Main Campus PDF

Geoffrey S. Sepillo

The study aimed to assess the gender and social media usage among Senior Bachelor of Science in Computer Students of President Ramon Magsaysay State University Main Campus. Specifically, it sought to identify the profile of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) students in terms of gender ; to determine the social media usage among senior BSCS students and to test the difference between the female and male on the social media usage among senior BSCS students.

Review on Status and Sustainable Management of the Fall Armyworm in Ethiopia PDF

Alemu Habebe and Abebe Chaka

The fall armyworm (FAW) is a major pest of maize in America and its outbreaks in 2017 in Africa which threatened maize, a staple food crop in the region. Due to its rapid spread and distinctive ability to inflict widespread damage across multiple crops, fall armyworm poses a serious threat to the food and nutrition security and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of farming households in Ethiopia particularly when layered upon other drivers of food insecurity.

Making Effective Use of Cell Phone for Infant and Young Child Feeding Promotion PDF

Umme Salma Mukta, Umme Sayka, Md. Moslem Uddin Mia

Introduction: The use of cell phone has been increasing rapidly in Bangladesh. Each two people having at least one cell phone. A&T project delivered about 1.9 million stickers including the PKs’ contact cell phone number to the eligible participants of the catchment area. Thus, the programme expected to achieve more responses from the beneficiaries on IYCF-related problems and to deliver services as and when necessary to improve the practices.

A qualitative assessment of mothers’ knowledge and perception regarding food for under five children in rural areas of Bangladesh PDF

Umme Salma Mukta, Hasib Us Shahid Shohan

Introduction: It is estimated that worldwide 165 million or 26% children under-five years of age stunted, 101 million or 16% were underweight and 52 million or 8% were wasted. Each year about 7.6 million under five children die because of this preventable malnutrition and about 60% deaths occurring among children in developing countries, whereas 90% stunted children living in Asia and Africa.

Major Culprit behind Horrible Steep Rise of Global Heat Contents and Temperature since 1973 and its Reversal Strategy PDF

Malik Muhammad Nazeer

The Global Heat Contents and Temperature (GHT) have taken terrible steep upward turn since 1973 at an alarming speed and so did all its followers. The diagnostic analysis of almost all its 16 observations clearly guided to the role of Indus Basin Water Treaty 1960 (IBWT) as its prime contributor, elaborating its difference in India and Pakistan. This analysis is given in this work along with the estimate of contribution of its other various bilateral and unilateral contributors.

Cuckoo Hashing: An efficient technique for data de-duplication in cloud storage PDF

Aniket Kinage

Cloud computing has provided a different perspective to users for storing and accessing their data by bringing a new era of a digital revolution. In the cloud, users might store the same data which results in more memory consumption. In order to solve this problem, one needs to restrict the duplicate entries of data in the cloud system. For this purpose, the cuckoo hashing algorithm is preferred because of its fast execution and retrieval time. It is also one of the best algorithms for avoiding collision of keys. The proposed system handles the data de-duplication process and thus saves bandwidth.

The Effect of Connected Things with Intelligent Management Platform- An IoT Solution (A Research Study on Nokia) PDF

Mr.K.Sudhakar, Mr.S.Babu Rajendra Prasad

With the rapid development of opportunities in the 1IoT marketplace, organizations are challenged in developing business-specific solutions while ensuring maximum reusability across their organization and business units. Fragmentation in the IoT industry, rooted in disparate devices and applications built on proprietary protocols can stifle innovation.

Study of Inflation in Pakistan Using Time Series ARMA, ARFIMA and GARCH Models PDF

Arfa Maqsood, Syed Muhammad Aqil Burney,Suboohi Safdar

This paper presents the statistical approach to index numbers such as CPI (Consumer Price Index) to measure the inflation rate in Pakistan. We use various statistical time series models such as Autoregressive moving average (ARMA) model, Autoregressive fractionally integrated moving average (ARFIMA) model, and Generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity (GARCH) model based on consumer price index number computed by the Laspayer’s formula. Based on some accuracy measures the suitable model is estimated in order to estimate and forecast the rate of inflation in Pakistan.

Design and Comparison of Hydrogen Fuel Cell and Solar Photovoltaic powered Base Transceiver Stations and ATMs PDF

Vishal K. Mittal, Shivam Saxena, Shivani Abrol and Shweta Soam

Energy being the very crucial issue in today’s world is transforming its shape from the non-renewable sources to various renewable sources because of the two major repercussions using non-renewable sources – one is the deterioration of the environment due to combustion of the fossil fuels causing threats not only to abiotic components but to biotic components also of the ecosystem and the second is that these non-renewable resources are going to be consumed up soon.


Sunday Adeola Ajagbe, Ademola O. Adesina, John B. Oladosu

The use of electronic medical record (EMR) system is gaining attention in the healthcare sectors around the world, and its acceptability threatened by the security of patients’ information. Hence, the need to carry out study on efficient way(s) of protecting the information on EMR so that when even accessed it will remain incomprehensible except the approval is granted by the concern patient.

Peristaltic flow of a Newtonian fluid through a porous medium in a two-dimensional channel with Hall effects PDF


In this paper, the effect of Hall on the peristaltic pumping of a Newtonian Fluid in a two dimensional channel under the assumption of long wavelength is investigated. A Closed form solutions are obtained for axial velocity and pressure gradient. The effects of various emerging parameters on the pressure gradient, time averaged volume flow rate and frictional force are discussed with the aid of graphs.

Carlson’s Index and OECD Classification for the Assessment of Trophic Status of Bab Louta Dam PDF

Loubna Bougarne, Mohamed Ben Abbou, Mounia El haji and Hassan Bouka

The present work attempts to detect trends in the measurements of some descriptors and to determine the trophic status of the Bab Louta dam.To do this, a spatial and temporal follow-up of the evolution of the environmental variables (total phosphorus, transparency) and the biological descriptor chlorophyll (a), was carried out according to a vertical profile at the deepest point of the reservoir, during a year (May 2016 - April 2017).

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Academic Performance of College Students PDF

Hanah Kim

Sleep deprivation is an extremely common problem among college students as approximately 70.6% of the were found to have less than eight hours of sleep per night. Sleep deprivation can have a multitude of adverse effects on college students such as decreased attention spans, fluctuation in emotions, and memory consolidation. This study investigates the effect of sleep deprivation on the academic performance of college students in North Texas



Authorities have been plagued with detecting counterfeit drugs before they reach patients. Fake drugs are a major issue in Nigeria with thousands losing their lives every year to fake and adulterated drug in the country. The Mobile Service for Food and Drug Authentication is a system that ascertains the validity of drugs and foods using mobile phones. The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) already has a Mobile Authentication Service (MAS) that enables consumers verify few drugs with mobile phones, but this current system is faced with usability issues and lacks an interface for the prompt report of drug counterfeiters, thus the essence of the proposed system.

Design of impact stone crusher machine PDF

Tesfaye O. Terefe, Getaw A. Tefera

Crushers are one of the main equipment used for reducing size in metallurgical, mechanical, and other similar industries. They exist in various sizes and capacities which range from 30 tons/hr. to 1000 tons/hr. They can be classified based on the degree to which they can fragment the starting material and the way they apply forces. Based on the mechanism used crushers are basically of three types; namely, Cone crusher, Jaw crusher, and Impact Crusher. The main objective is to design impact stone crusher.

Nutritional Status of Adolescents Fed Lacto-Ovo And Non-Vegetarian Diets in Babcock University High School and Isanbi Comprehensive High School, Ilishan-Remo Ogun State PDF

Ani Ime. F, Ajuzie Nnenna.C, Adeoye Bolade.K, Adeyeye Joshua. A, Abi Bifisseh A

Adolescent is the transition period between childhood and adulthood, a window of opportunity for the improvement of nutritional status and correcting poor nutritional practices. Lacto-ovo vegetarians are allowed the consumption of milk and egg. The aim of this study was to assess the nutritional status of adolescents fed lacto-ovo vegetarian and non-vegetarian diets in both private and public schools

Fibers Addition to Nano Engineered Sand Dunes Mortars Subjected To Severe Loading and Environmental Conditions PDF

A. M. Alshehy, S.A.Ahmed, M.S. El-Feky, Y.H. Helal

There is a limited amount of previous works conducted on the use of dune sands in concrete, generally mixes made with dune sand only resulted in lower strengths. Moreover, one of the major advantages of reinforcing cement-based materials with randomly distributed fibers is the improved resistance to dynamic loads. This property is critical when designing structures subjected to impact and impulsively applied loads or performing fiber reinforced cement composite under cyclic and impact load to study that under severe conditions; such as elevated temperatures and acidic attack.

Detection, determination and removal of iron (â…¢) from wastewater PDF

Elhossein A. Moawed, Eman A. Gaml, Samah A. Al-Tantawy and H.M. Zeyada

Polyurethane foam are white flexible polymer characterized with urethane group. PUF can be modified after different reactions to develop a new functional groups. Batch technique was studies at different pH, time and temperature to get best conditions for removal of pollutants. The best Isotherm models for adsorption of Fe3+ is D-R isotherm. Pseudo second order is the best fitted for kinetic studies for adsorption process. Thermodynamic parameters indicate spontaneous adsorption process of iron. Exothermic nature for adsorption of Fe3+ ions onto TUPUF/ZnO. ΔS values -0.108 KJ/mol K for Fe3+, which means decreasing in randomness as interface between adsorbent and adsorbate. In application at real sample, RSD% value is 2.9% for Fe3+ ions and that is a good accuracy for removal of different types of pollutants using TUPUF/ZnO.

Suggestion for the policies in building the cultural enterprises in Vietnam through the Korean Chaebol’s experiences PDF

Nguyen Thi Phi Nga

South Korea, once known as one of the poorest countries in the world, has been seriously implementing its economic development strategy since 1962. After nearly four decades, this country has achieved extraordinary magic in economic success that make the whole world knows as "Miracle on the Han River." Along with the wonderful development of the country in the Northeast Asia is the birth and development of many large enterprises (conglomerate, hereinafter referred to as chaebol) playing an important role for the development of the country.


Okene Chinedu Kingsley, Wami Emenike Nyeche, K.K. Dune

The formation of hydrates in gas lines and/or processing equipment is very dangerous in most cases as it can lead to the reduction of pressure across lines/equipment as well as possible line blockage. This study demonstrates an Aspen Hysys (glycol package model approach) aided simulation of gas dehydration using Tri-ethylene Glycol (TEG) as the dehydrating agent thereby considering two (2) different cases of changing the flow rate of TEG and observing the corresponding effects on the rate of water removal from the natural gas, the ratio of TEG flow rate to effluent dry Gas flow rate, as well as the effect of increasing TEG temperature on quantity of water content in the effluent gas stream.



Purpose: The purpose of this study is to determine the predictors of customer satisfaction among the smartphone users in Malaysia, and also to determine the relationship between the predictors and the customer satisfaction.

Hydration characteristics and durability of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag - Homra geopolymer cement PDF

Amira A.Elsaman, E. E. Hekal, F. S. Hashem, F. A. Selim

In this paper; Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS) used to produce geopolymer cement (GPC) at ambient temperature and 100% relative humidity, the influence of replacing slag by 10, 20 and 30% of brick wastes (Homra) as well as the effect of sodium silicate to sodium hydroxide ratio (SS:SH), 2, 1 and 0.5 by weight in the alkaline activator solution on the properties of the produced geopolymer have been investigated.



This study investigated the applicability of Cashew nutshell liquid/Polystyrene (CNSL/PS) as a new binder in emulsion paint. In our continuous desire to find suitable methods of recycling polystyrene (PS) waste from our environment and the used of local resources; the quest to reviving the nations’ economy toward local production of goods and services and environmental friendly ways of recycling of waste by gaining employment for our teaming youths revolves through encouragement and development of small scale enterprises (SMEs).CNSL/PS was formulated from extraction extracts of cashew nut and blending with polystyrene waste dissolved in gasoline at different concentrations (5 – 35%).

Security Policy of Mobile Money Transfer in Bangladesh PDF

Md Al Amin Sarker, Farzana Tamannur Ony

The advancement of ICT in a variety of sectors helped in improving the time consuming and rigid service into fast and flexible service that is closer to the reach of individuals. For instance, mobile applications have evolved in different sectors such as healthcare patient support, geographic mapping and positioning, banking, e-commerce payment services and others. This study focuses on one of the most sensitive applications, which is mobile payment.

Solar Powered Sprayer- A review PDF

Nashmin Alam and Murshed Alam

Solar powered sprayer hold promise toward the agriculture’s unmechanized and drudging tasks of manually or small engine operated sprayer. The solar-powered sprayers also save crop cultivation cost and reduce environmental pollution. This review describes the current status of the solar-powered sprayer, flow chart and circuit diagram required for the successful development of the sprayer. The capacity of solar panel varied from 10 W to 60 W. A very good relation was found between the size and weight of the solar panel with the power rating of the solar panel.

Proximate Composition, Mineral Content & The Effect of Ethylene Glycol and Ethanol (Non-Aqueous Solvents) on The Functional Properties of Protein Concentrates of Gourd Melon (Citrullus colocynthis l.) Seed. PDF

Adebayo O.R, Owoso D.S

Determination of proximate composition, mineral content, and the effect of ethylene glycol and ethanol at varied pH on the functional properties using standard methods were carried out on the protein concentrates of two samples of Gourd Melon (Citrullus colocynthis L.), one containing hull and the other without hull.

Knowledge and Consumption of Dietary Supplement among Medical Students PDF

Dr. Quratulain Mughal, Dr. Ummul Qura, Dr. Erum Tanveer, Dr. Abdul Rashad, Dr. Saman Habib Malik, Dr. Alisha Noreen, Dr. Saifullah Khan

A cross-sectional study design was selected. The population selected for this research was medical students (DPT & MBBS). The data was collected from the Isra Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, Ziauddin University and Dow University of Health Sciences. The sample was selected through non-probability convenient sampling technique. 200 undergraduate medical students of MBBS and DPT. Medical students were chosen.


Olawale Onada, Oluniyi Ogunola

The ability of fish feed to maintain its nutritional content for considerable period of time in pond water has become an important aspect of Aquaculture. Several feed binder, mostly starch with other ingredient capable of creating air trap within the pellet of formulated feed has been used to improve the integrity of fish feed in water. The presence of the above characteristics in cassava flour and brewer yeast inform their selection for this experiment. This research therefore compares the effect of different percentage inclusion of cassava flour and brewer yeast on fish feed stability and sinking time index of a test diet.

Estimate of Heritability and Correlation Analysis for Nitrogen Fixation, Yield and Associated Traits in Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum L.) PDF

Nigusie Girma, Firew Mekibib, Asnake Fikre, Gemechu Keneni, Ganga Rao and Chris Ojiewo

Chickpea is one of the most cultivated grain legumes in Ethiopia for grain production and amelioration of soil fertility through N-fixation, and income generation. This study was conducted to estimate the heritability and correlation analysis of N-fixation in chickpea. Six F1 crosses were evaluated in lath house during the year 2014/15 using randomized complete block design (RCBD) with two replications at Debre Zeit Research Center. Heritability of the characters was estimated in F1 generations from the combining ability analysis of a di-allele cross using fixed model expectations of mean squares for GCA and SCA .

Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria PDF

Olaleye John Olatunde, Bamidele Adesolas

This paper examined the effect of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria. Secondary data were sourced from audited annual financial statements of five deposit money banks in Nigeria covering the period 2013 – 2017. Both Descriptive statistics and Panel Least Square regression were employed to analyse the data. The regression result revealed that Board Size, Board Composition and CEO Duality have positive effect on financial performance.

Elements of Information System for women associations in the city of Rabat PDF


The constitution of 2011 has given to the civil society a great power. The associations are considered as a partner in the management of the public policy. The women associations as a part of the whole civil society play an important role in the defense of women ‘rights and to promote their conditions at various levels, economically, socially, politicaly.

A Survey on Network Virtualization Span PDF

Bilal Bin Ijaz, Muhammad Asim Iqbal , Mr. Jawad Ibrahim, Saad Bin Ilyas

Due to Excessive need of communication mediums tech scientist and companies are worried about the utilization of physical resources but due to billions of communications it’s not possible to manage hardware and maintain the services with less hesitation and cost effective method. Virtualization is a term which came into existence in 60s.The future of computer networks and IT is clearly relay on abstraction. That’s way the Virtualization has drawn significant attention in academia as well as in corporations.

Assessment of Lower Limb Muscular Strength among Medical Students PDF

Dr. Saifullah Khan, Dr. Muhammad Asif, Dr. Vinod Kumar, Dr. Erum Tanveer, Dr. Ifra Zameer, Dr. Abdul Rashad, Dr. Tooba Khan, Dr. Ramsha Gul, Dr. Quratullain Mughal

The objective of the study was to assess the lower limb muscular strength among medical students of Karachi. It was a cross sectional study and sample size of 150 medical students were selected for the study. On-probability convenience sampling technique was used. Data was collected through Performa. SPSS version 21 was used for data analysis. The findings of the study revealed that 36.0% participants (n=54) had muscle strength below than average.

Improvement of the Mobile Authentication System towards the Eradication of Counterfeit Products for Nigerian Consumers PDF

Chuks-Ugochukwu C.M., Ndunagu J.N., Wogu C.G., Osuji R.C., Ihem F.C.

Authorities have been plagued with detecting counterfeit drugs before they reach patients. Fake drugs are a major issue in Nigeria with thousands losing their lives every year to fake and adulterated drug in the country. The Mobile Service for Food and Drug Authentication is a system that ascertains the validity of drugs and foods using mobile phones.

Systematic Approach for Data Hiding using visual cryptography in videos for acquiring reliable data security: A Review PDF

Zainab Pervaiz, Farhan Ali Arshad, Sundas Hanif, Jawwad Ibrahim

In this digitalized world, people have developed strong communication using digital means of information sharing but Security in the field of information correspondence have remained a topic of dialog throughout the years. Steganography is the art and science of message hiding. This involves a risk by the hand of unauthorized people.

Development of a Model to Predict the Flexural Strength of Concrete Using SDA as partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate PDF

Oba, K. M, Ugwu, O. O, Okafor, F. O

Saw Dust Ash (SDA) despite being an industrial waste, has been a significant addition to concrete to achieve quality and cost control as well as promote sustainability. In this study, SDA served as a fifth ingredient of concrete blend as it replaced 5% of the fine aggregate (sand).

Design of Solar Powered System to Power a Submersible Pump for Domestic and Agricultural Use in both Urban and Rural Settlement in Northern Nigeria PDF

Hussaini. A. Abdulkareem, Bitrus Auta, Abubakar A Jibrin

A large number of urban and rural settlements in Northern Nigeria are without reliable access to a source of clean drinking water. In particular, hospitals and schools that serve a sizable population experience strain in obtaining clean drinking water. Furthermore, the national electric grid of Nigeria particularly the distribution agencies cannot always be relied on to provide consistent power, giving rise to the need for an alternate source of power.

Reliability Analysis of Air-Condition Failure Modes in Ministry of Works and Housing Borno State, Nigeria PDF

Hussaini. A. Abdulkareem, Abubakar Jibrin, Abdul Garba Saddiq

The Work Involves the Examination of the Possible Failure Modes/Causes that occur in a Air-condition for safety of operation, time and routine maintenance. The failure modes/causes constitute the total failure of a Air-condition which if identified and eliminated will ensure high level of reliability, availability and efficiency of the system.


Mr.Abdirashid Adam Isak

Lead is a chemical element with an atomic number 82 and symbol Pb, and nowadays recognized as a heavy-metal poisonous, it affects every system of the body. Acute exposure to high level of Lead can result in death or significant damage to the brain or other organs.

A Study on Paradigm of Distance Education PDF

Pallavi Chopade, Tejas Gujar and Sneha Singh

Huge number of population is void of education due to weak financial condition and also due to not being able to physically attend the classes. For such class of population a better alternative is provided called distance education. Distance education provides a cost effective education to the students who cannot physically attend the classes.


Yindrizal, Sri Suwitri, Nufransa Wira Sakti, Hartuti Purnaweni

The development of Information Technology handled positively by Andalas University, namely by establishing an Academic Information System (SIA) to improve data quality, information quality and service quality. The Academic Information System is a benefit for Andalas University in providing academic administration services to students. Using the Academic Information System can reduce interactions between students and academic administration staff, so that services are more effective and efficient.

Moderating role of risk perception on the certainty effect-counterinsurgency decision link: A focus on counter-Boko Haram decision PDF

Larry O. Awo, Philip C. Mefoh, Kate C. Ekwe, Sampson K. Nwonyi, Enebi Y. Atanu and Chris A. Oko

In an effort to advance a psychologically oriented solution to the menace of terrorism, we employed a within group experimental design to examine certainty effects on counter-terrorism decision and whether risk perception could moderate such effect. Psychology students (n = 60) (mean age = 24.35 years, SD =2.85 years) took part in the study. Certainty was varied into certainty and uncertainty levels. A one-way ANOVA result revealed a significant effect of certainty on counter-terrorism decision. It was also revealed that risk perception moderated the effect of certainty on counter-insurgency decision. This result were discussed in consideration of the prevailing security challenges in Nigeria.

The impact of oil spills on prevailing metal-soil associations PDF

Aigberua, A.O, Okere, U.V

Metal-soil associations and mobility factor indices of Cu, Cr, Fe and Ni was evaluated in soils from around a crude oil transfer line in Bdere community (Ogoniland), Nigeria. The aim was to identify the impact of spilt crude oil on the prevalent metal forms that become available in soil as some metal species tend to become more bioavailable and potentially toxic. Soil extracts were analyzed for metal analysis using atomic absorption spectrophotometer.

Design and construction of prefabrication houses for flood victims in Kerala, India PDF

Fadel Kareem, Fazil P, Anjali Narayanan K M

Kerala, a state in India recently devastated by serve monsoon rains. They found a vulnerable population that will soon face fresh landslide risks as a new monsoon approaches. Since the onset of south-west monsoon on May 29, Wayanad district in Kerala has experienced 247 landslides. So we choose a village called Panamaram in Wayanad district, where we carried out our revival tasks. In order to complete the project in time we selected fiber cement board as the principle building material. We have opted the idea of prefabrication structures for fast construction.

Vulnerability Assessment of a Sand-rich Alluvium; A DRASTIC Model Approach PDF

Uzoije Atulegwu Patrick ,Chrysogonus Chinagorom Nwaigwe and Nwosu Bright

Assessment of vulnerability of a sand-Rich aquifer has been studied using DRASTIC model . DRASTIC represents the seven hydrogeological variables comprising of Depth, Net Recharge, Aquifer type, Soil medium, Topography, Impact of vadose and Conductivity. Data information of the hydrogeological variables from various study locations(FUTO, Ihiagwa, Eziobodo, Obinze and Nekede) were obtained using standard methods. Thematic map of each variable classifying them into ranges or into different media types was obtained using the ARCGIS software.

Computational Analysis and Characterization of RLM3 gene, A Disease Resistance gene of Brassica Rapa PDF

Sumit Joshi , Shivani Banchariya

Also known as stem canker , Black leg is one of the most economically important disease of Brassica family. Black leg is caused by a necrotrophic fungus Leptosphaeria Maculans that competes with plant for carbon source making various portions such as stem and leaves dead resulting in patches in various parts of plant. It has been experimentally found that there are 14 Leptosphaeria Maculans resistance genes discovered till yet. Previous studies have identified RLm3 as a TIR gene that acts as a resistance factor for a genotype that is susceptible to Black leg in Brassica. In this study protein encoded by Rlm3 gene was selected. Predicted sequence of the selected protein was obtained from NCBI (XM_009115633.2) for computational analysis. For further analysis primary, secondary and tertiary structures of this protein were obtained.



Reviewing maternal deaths and telling the story of how an individual woman died is essential in understanding why, where, and when women die. The process explores gaps within the health facility and those outside the health facility that could have contributed to the death of a pregnant or postpartum woman. Addressing these gaps subsequently lead to reduction in numbers of women dying from preventable pregnancy and childbirth related causes. This was a retrospective descriptive study on facility based and community based maternal death audit.


J.Vengadesh Marshall Raman, N.Vijay

Concrete is a major construction materials used in the construction now a day. In this present study we discussed below, Study on glass fibre reinforced concrete using metakaolin. It is a dehydroxylated form of the clay mineral kaolinite. Stone that are rich in kaolinite are known as china clay or kaolin, traditionally used in the manufacture of porcelain.

The Role of Geospatial Information in Planning and Management of Smart Cities PDF

Le Thi Le, Cao Xuan Cuong

This paper deals with the concept of the smart city from the standpoint of geospatial information enablement. The analyze emerging research on smart cities, particularly those addressing the potential role of geospatial information in the development, implementation, and management of the concept of smart cities have been presented.

Systematic Review on Involved School Leaders in Governance and Curricula PDF

Dr. Regina P. Galigao, Helen J. Codeniera, Eldino Dinoy, Carlo Nińo A. Gerebese, Louie G. Sanlad, Donna Mae D. Suraliza

School leadership nowadays is confronted with ever-changing and fast-growing expectations of what schools should be able to achieve (Knapp & Hopmann, 2017). This research uses a mixed-method evaluation design. A data mining approach is used to determine the levels of school leader’s governance. The sequence and composition of this paper are collaboratively discussed the previous reviews that have been conducted related to school leadership. In this paper, results of the reviewed paper have been presented and discussed.


Huseyin Gokcekus, Yigrem Getachew

This paper addresses dynamic planning and analysis of earthquake disaster relief work by analysis the disaster throughout the technical and procedural method. And combine this analysis as continues assessment for better input to investigating planning disaster for discontinuous economic growth.

Prioritizing Causes of Corruption in the Nigerian Construction Industry PDF

Umar I., Yahaya I., Isah M. B. and AbdulHamid A. M.

Corruption in the Construction Industry can be defined as the misused of delegated responsibility by morally depraved professionals for their private gain. To design and implement an effective anti-corruption strategy in the Nigerian Construction Industry, corruption severe causes within the Industry has to be identified. This research was carried out to envisage the most severe causes of corruption in the Nigerian Construction Industry.

Technological and Management Complexity of Water Resources in Developing Countries: A Case study of On Farm Water Management in Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, Pakistan PDF

Engr. Salim Javed

The proposed paper mainly deals with problems associated with the Civil Engineering area and therefore the methods as well as problems have been selected with emphasis on applications to Civil/Construction Engineering topics. And also as nowadays very popular Project Complexity Management (PCM) w.r.t. Water Management, will be presented as one of the possible ways how to solve today’s challenging project management problems that we are often facing. First of all, two main Project Complexity tasks are described - the Project Complexity as a “management” problem and the Water Management as an “engineering” one. Several categories among Project Complexity problems are described and some solutions from the Project Complexity area are cited. Next, a new classification for Evolutionary Progress of Project Complexity is presented.

Corrosion Inhibition Performance of Safranine Towards Mild Steel in Acidic Corrosion PDF

Ezeibe A. U., Onyemenonu C.C., Nleonu E. C., and Onyema A. V.

The corrosion inhibition performance of safranine toward mild steel in 0.5M H2SO4 solution was studied at different inhibitor concentration and temperature levels using weight loss method. The results obtained showed that safranine exhibited a very good performance as an inhibitor for mild steel corrosion in 0.5M H2SO4 solution. Inhibition efficiency was found to have increased with increase in inhibitor concentration and decreased with increase in temperature. Adsorption of the inhibitor on the mild steel surface followed Langmuir adsorption isotherm. Thermodynamic adsorption parameters (ΔHads, ΔSads and ΔGads) showed that the studied inhibitor adsorbed on the mild steel surface by physisorption, exothermic and spontaneous processes.

Entropy Weight Based Multi-Objective Optimization On The Basis Of Ratio Analysis (MOORA) Model For Supplier Selection In Supply Chain Management PDF

Zaeem Khan, Tanmay Sharma, Josy George, Pushkal Badoniya

The effective supplier selection and evaluation processes are of vital importance in a manufacturing organization or business organizations, making the suppliers selection problem a fundamental key issue to their success. In this study, a supplier selection problem is solved in a manufacturing industry and the best supplier selection is the aimed among 10 suppliers. . Firstly, the criteria of supplier selection are mentioned with the help of literature survey. Then weights of the criteria’s is solved by using entropy weight method and the suppliers are chosen by using multi-objective optimization on the basis of ratio analysis (MOORA).


Dr.Saria Mehmood, Dr. Ghanwa Fazal, Dr. Taram Asghar

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) remain the common infections diagnosed in outpatients as well as hospitalized patients. Current knowledge on antimicrobial susceptibility pattern is essential for appropriate therapy.Bacterial UTIs can involve the urethra, prostate, bladder, or kidneys. Symptoms may be absent or include urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, lower abdominal pain, and flank pain.

The relationship between Fatty Acid, Phenolic composition and antioxidant activity in Argane oil: Effect of ripeness PDF

Hajar. Atifi, Si mohamed. Jadouali, R. mamouni; A.laknifli, Z. bouzoubaa, Adraoui Imane

This study aims to evaluate the impact of maturity on the composition of argane oil, and the evaluation of the antiradical activity of these oils. Also, we studied the correlation between maturity and fatty acid composition, and polyphenol . We study the relationship between the level of fatty acids and polyphenol, present in argane oil at different levels of maturity. Further analysis of the correlation between the oil composition and the anti-radical activity was examined

Application of Machine Learning in High Frequency Trading of Stocks PDF

Obi Bertrand Obi

Algorithmic trading strategies have traditionally been centered on follwing the market trends and the use of technical indicators. Over the years High Frequency algorithmic Trading has been left only in the hands of institutional players with deep pockets and lots of assets under management, despite huge returns involved. In this project webuilt trading strategies by applying Machine Learning models to technical indicators based on High Frequency Stock data. The result is an automated trading system which when applied to any stock could generate returns which are ten times higher than the market returns without significant increase in volatility. With advancement in technology High Frequency Algorithmic trading can be undertaken even by individuals or retail traders with moderate initial investment and technical skills.

Survival Time Analysis of Liver Cancer Patients using Machine Learning PDF

Md. Ferdous, Md. Monowar Hossain, F.M. Rahat Hasan Robi

Survival time analysis is a great factor in biomedical fields. In the medical sector, Machine Learning (ML) is extensively used for cancer research. Liver Cancer is one of the leading cause of death in Bangladesh. Survival time prediction might be an urgent concern for both patients and doctors mainly when a patient goes to the difficult spotlight. In this paper, we try to show patients survival time using their external body condition. This analysis can also be done using statistics technique, but inadequate when dealing with complex and highly nonlinear data.We will match the predict output with the real data.

Impact of School Leader’s Qualities to Supervision PDF

Amy D. Delima, Cherry T. Buenavista, Mary Jane A. Obispo, Marife C. Carreon, Regina P. Galigao

The primary purpose of this study was to identify the common and distinct qualities and characteristics of leaders and how these qualities and characteristics impacted the leader’s performance of his functions and responsibilities. This study utilized the qualitative design, and for the method, data mining was used.

Bandwidth Enhancement of Microstrip Antenna for WiMAX Applications. PDF

Terry Bonchak, Noku Amos Abel, Odaba Alphaeus

This paper presents an optimized inset-fed rectangular microstrip patch antenna for WIMAX (3.5 GHz) applications. The bandwidth (BW) of a microstrip patch antenna is narrow which limits its operation in wireless communication. The bandwidth can be improved by symmetrically cutting a double I-shaped slot of size 2 mm x 10 mm from the patch, and U-shaped slot of size 2 mm x 22 mm from the ground with reference to the edges of the patch.

Assessment of Automobile Induced Pollution in an Urban Area (A Case Study of Owerri City South-east, Nigeria) PDF

S.I. Okonkwo, V. O. Ezigbo and K.O. Okpala

Studies on the effect of automobile emission in an urban area (Owerri City South East Nigeria) was carried out for a period of one month. Locations noted for heavy traffic congestion in the city were chosen for the study and concentration measure for Carbon monoxide (CO), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Sulphur dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen sulphide (H2S), Hydrocarbon (HC) and Total Suspended Particles (TSP) were carried out in the morning (7.00-800am) and evenings (5-7pm), peak periods of traffic congestion using standard gas monitors.

A Comparative Study of HR Practices in Public & Private Organizations in Lahore, Pakistan. It’s Impact on Employee’s Performance PDF

Jahanzaib Ali, Aftab chauhdry, Khuram Shafiq

Aim of this study is to check human resource practices in public and private organizations in Pakistan, also check its impact on employee’s performance. In all over the world companies want to manage HR practices in their operational system because they want sustainability in their environment. The comprehensive purpose of this study is to measure human resource practices and its impact on different public and private organization in Pakistan. Another motive of this study is to settle out the influence of supervisor behavior, centralization, training, motivation and rewards toward employee’s performance. To check the relationship between these variables different methods and instruments were used.

Opportunities and Challenges of T&D in Energy Sector of India: A Review PDF

Mr. Swapnil Thorat, Dr. Anthony Rose

Energy is an essential input for economic development and improving the quality of life. It is assessed that, earth is blessed with enormous energy, classified as conventional and non-conventional sources, for electricity generation and its use. Conventional energy sources are fast depleting and scarcity is prioritized at World level, whereas harnessing renewable energy seems to be one of the sustainable ways to meet the increasing global electricity demands. In order to consider these issues, investments are being made to address the challenges; availability of skilled manpower is becoming a major constraint. While large scale investments have been planned and a large number of projects are being launched, the lack of high quality human resources is becoming a key constraint. Keeping in account the requirement of skilled manpower, present study reviews the available literature on opportunities and challenges of training and development in energy sector of India.


Okpo E. A and Andy I. E.

Molecular methods that enable the identification of multidrug resistance determinants are essential surveillance tools that are necessary to aid in curbing the dissemination of multidrug resistance. In this study, multidrug resistant bacteria (MDRB) isolated from waste dump soil and liquid waste in hospitals were subjected to molecular identification. The bacterial isolates were primarily identified using standard biochemical identification methods before subjecting them to molecular characterization. Isolates were subjected to antibiotic susceptibility testing using Kirby Bauer’s disc diffusion method. Bacterial isolates capable of resisting at least one member from the three classes of antibiotics examined were selected as MDRB. DNA extraction was done using a nanodrop 1000 spectrophotometer.

Attitudes of teachers towards the inclusion of students with disabilities PDF

Vedrana Šuvar, Ivana Babić, Edin Mujkanović

The Croatian education system encourages the inclusion of students with disabilities into the standard school system. However. The most important role in the success of these students is played by the teachers. Since the term disabilities includes congenital and acquired impairments it is extremely difficult for teachers to successfully conduct the inclusion because they are often not trained enough to work with students with disabilities.

Hate Speech and Fake News: A Study of Meanings and Perceptions in Nigerian Political Culture PDF

Olanrewaju O. P. AJAKAIYE, John Dean OJEKA, Solomon ADEDIRE, Ngozi. O. OSUEKE, Rachael. O. OJEKA-JOHN

Political engagement in Nigeria since the advent of its fourth republic is faced with the menace of pervasive hate speech, disinformation and fake news. The trend which now becomes a common service in media outlets as accepted by Nigerians and the government is alarming. The observed trend of hate speech during electioneering process of 2015 presidential election were phenomenon and of dire concern. This was not only a tool of influencing electorate’s voting decision during the election but essential schemes to dislodge and capture future votes. Quantitative Research Method was adopted as required in this study for the analysis of factors constituting hate speech and fake news as perceived by Nigerians. The study revealed that the meaning of hate speech and fake news is well defined among Nigerians, as they perceived them to be offensive in Nigeria’s volatile sociopolitical environment. It was, however, recommended that appropriate laws should be consciously promulgated and enforced against hate speech and fake news because of its volatile nature of aggravating ethno-religious crisis in the quest for nation building in Nigeria’s social environment.


O. J. Airen and M. O. Ikponmwen

Geoforensics is the application of geophysical techniques to criminal investigations. Forensic geologists/geophysicists may assist the police in some types of crimes to help determine what happened, where and when it occurred, or to help search for homicide graves or other objects buried in the ground. In the cemetery under investigation, nine (9) soil samples were collected from points randomly, far away from marked graves and these points were labelled as S1, S2, S3,…S9.

β (Beta) Neutral Long-Short Equity Strategy using Ranking PDF

Ayan Mukherjee

The paper devises a beta neutral strategy for building a portfolio that is not exposed to market risk by implementing long short equity strate-gy using ranking for a selected basket of stocks.The portfolio so created has a weighted beta value of 0 indicating no correlation with the capital markets thus ensuring its risk free nature.