Volume 10, Issue 6

Impacts of the Tanzanian 2013 - 2017 Glide path Implementation Phase on Telecom Voice Call pricing PDF

Asinta Manyele, Deograsias Moyo

The effects of reduction in mobile termination rates (MTR) on voice call pricing trends and mobile telecom market competitiveness in the Tanzanian for the third phase of glide path were evaluates using Tanzanian quarterly telecommunication statistical reports for year 2013 to 2018. The results reviled general increasing trends for prepaid voice calls prices for all mobile network operators (MNOs) in Tanzania as compared to that of 2013. Comparing pricing trends among major MNOs, the results indicated convergence of on-net and off-net prices at the end of year 2018.

Flexural Behavior of Concrete Slabs Reinforced with Innovative Semi-Ductile Hybrid FRP Bars PDF

Mohamed Abo Elyazed, Reham Eltahawy, Omar A. EL-Nawawy and Khaled S. Ragab

This study introduces a new ductile hybrid reinforcement bar (Glass-Steel wires) fiber reinforced polymers (HFRP), steel hybrid bar with a core of steel wires, three types of the hybrid cross section with three different steel ratios of 6.25%,12.5% and 22% are considered. As a result of tensile tests, the elastic modulus of FRP Hybrid Bars is improved as 3.66% - 24.4% in comparison with the normal GFRP Bars. The bars are locally manufactured by double parts die template using local resources raw materials.

Influence of Compensation and Job Satisfaction on Work Achievement PDF

Rince Tambunan

This study aims to: (1) Effect of compensation on employee work performance at the Department of Manpower and Transmigration of Southeast Sulawesi Province. (2) Effect of job satisfaction on the work performance of employees at the Department of Manpower and Transmigration of Southeast Sulawesi Province. The sample used in this study was 55 respondents who were employees of the Manpower and Transmigration Office of Southeast Sulawesi Province. The analysis technique used is descriptive statistical techniques and inferential statistics.

Influence of Auditor Competence, Independence And Professional Attitude On Audit Quality By Inspectorate Apparatus In Southeast Sulawesi PDF

Nasrullah Dali

This study aims to determine the effect of competency, independence and professional attitude towards the audit quality of the Inspectorate Officers in Southeast Sulawesi. The study population was all Provincial Inspectorate auditors in Southeast Sulawesi spread across 17 cities / regions and 1 Province totaling 576 respondents. While the sample number of samples is all employees of the Inspectorate in Southeast Sulawesi who meet the criteria: (1). Profession as an auditor, (2). Ever conducted an audit as a Chairman of the TEAM or member of the auditor at least 2 times, and (3).

Assessment of Automobile Induced Pollution in an Urban Area (A Case Study of Owerri City South-east, Nigeria) PDF

S.I. Okonkwo, V. O. Ezigbo and K.O. Okpala

Studies on the effect of automobile emission in an urban area (Owerri City South East Nigeria) was carried out for a period of one month. Locations noted for heavy traffic congestion in the city were chosen for the study and concentration measure for Carbon monoxide (CO), Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Sulphur dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen sulphide (H2S), Hydrocarbon (HC) and Total Suspended Particles (TSP) were carried out in the morning (7.00-800am) and evenings (5-7pm), peak periods of traffic congestion using standard gas monitors.

Aspects on Modeling of Hydro-Turbine Speed Governor PDF

Gordana Janevska, Sotir Panovski

The liberalization of the electricity market enforces the use of more productive and energy efficient technologies. Hence, the revitalization of some parts of the equipment in the existing power systems was required. Such a need is imposed on hydro-turbine speed governors. Governor play an important role in hydraulic turbine. It maintains the stability of the system frequency by controlling the speed of the system. The paper analyzes the standard control algorithm for turbine governors, the PID controller. The fundamental basics of PID controllers are illustrated, methods of tuning are considered in order to demonstrate the adaptation of these devices to the system, but also their limitations are highlighted. Finally, alternative control systems are also considered.



The study to evaluate public health hazards of door handles within Unical community was investigated. Eighty-five (85) swab samples from laboratories, offices and toilets within Unical community were analyzed. Sterile swabs were firmly pressed on the various door handles; up/down, left/right and diagonally. Samples collected were cultured and incubated at 370C for 24hours. Isolation and identification of pathogenic bacteria was done using standard microbiological procedures.

Increasing Productivity of Beam Fitment Machine PDF

Asst.professor Dhandin Ramesh and K P Vadan Kumar

During the project work study , time taken for each and every process step is analyzed and it was noticed that considerable amount of time was spent on the welding time and welding inspection of the web plate , carried out by manual ARC welding and calling for change of welding methods. Methodology used in the project is consisting of Defining of problem, using Problem solving techniques, study of Present Production system, identifying the problematic area in the present process, Proposing Production system, data collection of both existing process and suggested process and finally Results & Conclusion.

A Diagnostic Method for the Service Span of Oil - Immersed Transformer with EXCEL Application Software PDF

Ming-Jong Lin

For the safety and reliability of operation in power systems, oil-immersed transformer’s service span needs to detect strictly on a regular basis for the purpose of transformer safety diagnosis. On the review of the existing diagnostic approaches of oil-immersed transformer for aging or deterioration of insulation material, the gases of CO, CO2, 2-Furaldehyde, 2-Furfuryl alcohol, 2-Acetyl Furan, 5-methyl-2-furaldehyde, and 5-Hydroxymethyl-2-Furaldehyde, are among the wildly used ones.

Reliable Route Discovery using Link Break Prediction Multicast Routing in MANET PDF

Bhavana Verma, Shivank Kumar Soni, Chetan Agrawal

In MANETs, there are several crucial problems like energy consumption, QoS (Quality of Service), exposure to attacks, link stability, etc. that require to be addressed for improved communication. ‘Link Stability’ or ‘Reliable path’ is important because radio links are likely to be unreliable due to node mobility. To extend the link stability, we need to solve the problem of link breakages in the networks. Because these link breakage problem causes high data loss and delay. In order to resolve these problems, the concept of link breakage prediction has appeared. In this dissertation, we have proposed a link breakage prediction algorithm.

Mechanical behaviors of joining AL-Alloys based FSW parameters and welding tool design PDF

Ahmed El-Keran, Rania Mostafa, Reham Al-Mahdy

Friction Stir Welding is a solid-state welding process with specially rotating tool design. The heat is generated due to the friction between the workpiece-surface and the tool shoulder. The core benefit of FSW joint is to weld the material without achieving the fusion temperature so it’s allows to join almost types of aluminum alloys, even the ones categorized as non-weld able alloy by the traditional welding process such as fusion welding because of the hot cracking and unfortunate solidification microstructure in the welding zone. FSW is used in aerospace, automotive, marine industries, electronics etc.


Budhaditya Dutta

Glacial lakes are common in the high elevation of glacierized basin. They are formed when glacial ice or moraines impound water. These lakes normally drain their water through seepage in front of the retreating glacier. Flash floods caused by the outburst of glacial lakes, called as Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF), are well known in Himalayan terrain, where such lakes are formed due to landslides.


Andy, I.E., Okpo, E.A., Tiku, D.R., and Mboto, C.I.

Some members of the enterobacteriaceae were investigated for their ability to produce extended spectrum beta lactamases (ESBLs) implicated in inactivating the cephalosporins. Clinical specimens of urine, stool, sputum, blood, high vaginal, wound, pus and urinogenital swabs were obtained from health resource centers in Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Delta, Edo and Rivers State, all in South- South geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Double Disk Synergy Test (DDST) was used to detect ESBL production. Out of the 12 isolates of E. coli strains studied, isolate A, N, R and T had bands in TEM and SHV; M had bands SHV and CTX-15; S had weak bands in TEM and SHV but two strong bands in CTX-15; U had weak bands in SHV and CTX, while isolate J, K, O, Q and V had no band. For the second set of E. coli isolates; A5, A¬6, A8 had band in TEM; X had bands in SHV and CTX- 15; A11 and A12 had bands in SHV and CTX-15; A11 and A12¬ had bands in CTX-15 and SHV respectively, while A7, A13 and A14¬ had no bands.

Beauty of Agrivoltaic System regarding double utilization of same piece of land for Generation of Electricity & Food Production PDF

Dhyey D. Mavani, P M Chauhan, Viral Joshi

In order to meet global energy demands with clean renewable energy such as with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, large surface areas are needed because of the relatively diffuse nature of solar energy. Much of this demand can be matched with aggressive building integrated PV and rooftop PV, but the remainder can be met with land-based PV farms. Using large tracts of land for solar farms will increase competition for land resources as food production demand and energy demand are both growing and vie for the limited land resources. Land competition is exacerbated by the increasing population.

Evolving Role of Space Actors: from Space race 1.0 to 2.0 and a Model for Developing Economies PDF

Francis Chizea, Akachukwu Chichebe, Ovie EseOghene

Space technology evolution continues to steadily draw inspiration from the private business sector. With older national space agencies changing their modus operandi towards outsourcing more of their activities, private companies that have come to be termed “new space” are stepping into the shoes left behind by the bigger government monopolies that participated in the first space race (1.0). This new paradigm is aimed at creating efficiencies in the end-to-end chain of space exploration activities such that governments can focus on the core aspects of space utilization while private space companies can provide needed services that support the work of governments.

Requirements Engineering: Elicitation Techniques PDF

Affifa Kanwal

This paper is about the elicitation methods for requirement collection. Requirements engineering initial step is the most key phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC). If the first step in conducted in wrong way the whole project may fall down. The elicitation techniques are used to eliminate the barriers in communication of the user and the requirement engineers. In this paper we examine the strategies connected to name the necessities. We attempt to know the flaws and plus points of these practices and come up to a convenient or suitable technique amongst them.

Video To Text Analysis : Deep Learning PDF

Akshay Khatter, Dr. Namita Gupta, Keshav Issar, Nishant Sardana

Using Deep learning techniques, proposing a new approach that analyses a video and then present it in understandable language using NLP techniques. For most people, watching a brief video and describing what happened (in words) is an easy task. For machines, extracting the meaning from video pixels and generating natural-sounding language is a very complex problem.


Alfred Ba’amani Ba’am, Dr. Iliya Tizhe Thuku, Simon Samuel, Timothy Gambo, Peter Audu5

The wind energy potential in Adamawa State were statistically analysed based on Weibull and Rayleigh Models using mean monthly wind speed data. The Rayleigh and Weibull model were used for selected locations and wind speed data at 10m, 25m, 30m, 60m and 80m height above the sea level. Assessment of wind speeds in Adamawa state was carried out in some locations such as Mubi, Michika, Numan, Mayo-Belwa, Guyuk and Yola, According to the assessment record obtained shows that, the results are good enough for wind energy generation in these Areas.

Determination of the Water Quality of Mini-Ngulo - A Fresh Water Stream in Isiokpo Ikwerre Local Government Area, Rivers State PDF

Eferegbo, F. U., Obunwo C. C., and Maduelosi, J. N.

Mini-Ngulo stream like most fresh water sources globally has been threatened by pollution arising from domestic and industrial waste, urbanization and stormwater runoff releasing dissolved organic and inorganic ions which negatively impact their quality and create public health concern. In order to determine the water quality of Mini-Ngulo stream in Isiokpo Community, Ikwerre Local Government Area River State, surface water was sampled.


Quadri Okiki N, Adeyemi Azeem A, Pelumi Dayo, Tomori Wasiu B

Dust is a form of pollution which have shown undaunted effect on the health and wellbeing of human and other forms of life. Looking in-depth into the component of dust have shown to consist of heavy metals which when inhaled by human, it has caused stunted growth, cancer and certain ill- state of health. Therefore, this research study the concentration of certain toxic metals in street dust along road construction site and relate the finding to the standard control measure to determine the extent to which environmental uncontrolled process can pollute the environment.

Experimental Evaluation of the Suitability of Local Agro Materials as a Potential Alternative to Conventional Sodium Asphalt Sulfonate in Fluid Loss Control PDF

Izuwa, N.C, Nwogu, N.C, Amaefula, R.C, Ihekoronye, K.K

The study focuses on using local agro materials as a possible filtration loss control in drilling muds. Colocasian esculenta (long cocoyam), Xanthosoma spp (short cocoyam) and Pennisetum glaucum (millet) were obtained as an alternative for the imported filtration loss control (soltex) used as drilling fluid additives. Oil based muds were formulated using the locally sourced agro materials and the conventional one (Soltex). Laboratory tests were carried out at different concentrations of 2g, 4g, 6g and 8g to determine the cake thickness and filtration loss control. The result of the study shows that Colocasianesculenta and Xanthosianspp showed a good filtration loss control at 2g, 4g, 6g and 8g when compared to existing one (soltex).

A review on phytochemical constituents and pharmacological properties of Allium victorialis PDF

Sadia Khan, Mehdi Hassan Kazmi, Farah Inamullah, Itrat Fatima

Plants have been the origin of a few standard meds everywhere throughout the world for a huge number of years and keep on giving new solutions for mankind. Aim of this review is to investigate the secondary metabolites isolated from Allium victorialis and its pharmacological importance. A. victorialis is a type of shrub consists of sulfur compounds, glycosides, alkaloids and saponins used in various ailments. The plant has effective pharmacological activity and shows promising future for further researches. This study on the plant A. victorialis is comprised of review of plant from pharmacological and phytochemical standpoint.

Ecotoxicological Consequences of Wood Saw Dust and Wood Ash on the Littoral and Neritic Environments of Ethiope River, Nigeria – A Case for Recycling PDF

Kenneth Abara Ibe, Doris Fovwe Ogeleka

Wood saw dust and its combustion product, wood ash are becoming ubiquitous in the proximity of rivers where wood industries and wood markets are located. The cumulative health hazard this may pose had attracted very little or no attention. Therefore, the assessment of the ecological consequences of the wood saw dust generated by the operations of the Ogwanja wood dealers in Sapele, Delta State, Nigeria on the littoral and neritic environments of Ethiope River was undertaken. They were assessed using toxicological tests and the associated instrumental and classical determinations.


The concrete is widely used construction material in the world. In conventional concrete, micro-cracks develop before structure is loaded because of drying shrinkage and other causes of volume change. When the structure is loaded, the micro cracks open up and propagate because of development of such micro-cracks, results in inelastic deformation in concrete. It has been recognized that the addition of small, closely spaced and uniformly dispersed fibers to the concrete would act as crack arrester and would substantially improve its compressive and split tensile strength properties. In this research, Natural available Jute fibers

Analytical Approach for Lateral Torsional Buckling Strength of Triangular Web Profile Steel Beams PDF

Mohammed Mansour, Sherif M. Ibrahim, Mohamed Korashy

Triangular web profile (TWP) steel beam is special case of corrugated web profile where web follows seesaw configurations along the beam longitudinal axis. This triangular configuration of web allows minimizing web thickness and eliminate the need for transverse stiffeners. This paper develops a simplified analytical approach to calculate the elastic lateral torsional buckling of TWP steel beam. The elastic lateral torsional buckling is an essential input to estimate the inelastic strength of beam in many international codes such as Euro code.


Olaleye John Olatunde, Razaq Subair

The aim of this paper is to investigate the relationship that exists between Capital Structure and Earnings Management in Selected Listed Consumer Good Manufacturing Companies in Nigeria. Furthermore the Study tested the role of Long Term Debt Ratio (LTDR), Short Term Debt Ratio (STDR) and Total Debt ratio (TDR) in the relationship. Modified jones model on Discretionary Accruals was used as a measure of Earnings Management.


James Bassey Effiong, Ethel Asinya Mendie

The study compared and analysed valuation estimates and sale prices of residential properties in Calabar metropolis. The study adopted the research survey design and purposive sampling technique to select all practicing estate surveying and valuation firms in Calabar. A total of seven firms out of fourteen firms provided valuations and sale prices of seven properties. The valuations were compared to the sale prices of the properties which show some level of variation from the valuation estimate when compared to the later sales price. Property 1 shows a variance of 10%, property 2, 25%, property 3, 10%. Only property 4 was sold at the estimated valuation price while property 5 was sold above the valuation price indicating a 4.3% increase.

Estimation of Earthquakes Factors using geotech-nical technique at Faris city, Aswan, Egypt PDF

Hesham A. H. Ismaiel

The present investigation interested with the assessment of earthquakes factors of solar power station project constructing at Faris city, Aswan, Egypt using a geotechnical technique. The geotechnical tests were including grain size analysis, direct shear box (frictional angle and cohesion), and standard penetration test (SPT. To fulfillment this objective, nine mechanical wash boreholes were drilled at ten meter depth. Ninety disturbed samples were collected.



Monogenic diabetes syndromes result from a mutation of a single gene involved in the regulation of pancreatic beta-cell function. It is a rare condition, accounting for 1-4% of all paediatric diabetes cases. This gene defect is usually inherited, either autosomal or recessive, but a small percentage of spontaneous mutations have been found. There are over 40 subtypes of genetic mutations identified, each with its unique phenotypical characteristics (Rubio-Cabezas et al., 2014). Overall, it can be subdivided into two main categories: Maturity onset diabetes of the Young (MODY) and Neonatal diabetes (NDM). This report will discuss the incidence, prevalence, and pathogenesis of the MODY and NDM syndromes.

Characterization of Surface Water Quality along Ismailia Canal, Nile River, Egypt PDF

Mohamed Ahmed Reda Hamed

Ismailia Canal, one of the main branches of the Nile River in Egypt, is considered as one of the most important irrigation and drinking water source for Ismailia, Port Said and Suez governorates. The canal received industrial, municipal and agricultural waste water which caused deterioration in its water quality. To determine the spatial variability of Ismailia canal water quality and identify the sources of pollution that presently affects the canal water quality, the study scope of work divided into three main parts.

Arduino Based Automatic Irrigation through Wireless Sensor Networks Using IoT PDF

Saad Hanif, Mian Ali Mujtaba, Yasir Ali, Zain Ul Abidin, Saim Raza Amir

The main purpose of Arduino based automatic irrigation system is to conserve water and reduce the man power. This system has soil moisture sensors, pH sensors, humidity sensors, ZigBee devices, Motor, Relay, Weather forecast application, Bluetooth Module and WIFI Module which are interfaced with Arduino boards. The sensors and ZigBee module makes up a wireless network of sensors. This wireless network of sensors will sense the moisture content from the soil, moisture content from the air and pH of the soil and then send the data to the main unit which will further send this data to user’s mobile application using Bluetooth module and also to the web server using IoT through Wi-Fi Module.


Prof.Yogesh Bhowte

It is but human to strive for satisfaction in every aspect of life, and in the organizational context this may be related to striving towards securing a good job, with a good pay and high job satisfaction. Satisfaction with job always had been an area of concern for both practicing managers and academicians, primarily because of the reason that job satisfaction significantly affects major organizational outcomes, such as individual performance, organizational productivity and employee absenteeism and employee turnover.

Gesture Recognition using Sensors for Physically Disabled Patients PDF

Arun S.Tigadi , Sneha Reddy, Ashwini Singadi, Ayisha Nadaf, Soumyashree A

In Today’s world many people are suffering from Physical disabilities and most of the physically disabled patients dependent on care takers. A physical disability is a limitation on a person’s physical functioning, mobility or stamina. In extreme cases, the patient may be speech impaired which makes it difficult for him to communicate with others and to express his needs. Providing solution to these inabilities is the prime motive of this proposed work. The physically disabled persons require special assistance from care takers or other persons to lead their normal life and even at home it is not convenient for them to control the home appliances according to their wish. Apart from this, it is also difficult to continuously monitor the health of the patient.

The Planetary Grid-Chemical DNA Mutation, Merkaba Reversal, and Cellular Transmutation PDF

Jere Rivera-Dugenio

The information offered within this research briefing is part of a larger, body of suppressed intel containing hidden cosmology only imparted in the highest levels of top-secret, intelligence agencies and the industrial military complex. The current homo sapien-2 species has been biologically and energetically controlled in our organic evolution, as we have been genetically, hybridized, mutated and ensnared within continual cycles of re-embodiment within the Transharmonic-1 Earth system.

Factors Associated with Contraceptive Discontinuation among Women (15-49 Years) in Uganda PDF

Julius Sseninde, Allen Kabagenyi, Hellen Namawejje

Contraceptive discontinuation is the dilemma behind full utilization of family planning services, leading to an unnecessary increase in fertility rates, unwanted pregnancies, and induced abortions. The objective of this work is to investigate factors associated with contraceptive discontinuation among women aged 15-49 years in Uganda. The study is based on secondary data set from Performance and Monitoring Accountability 2020 (PMA 2020) for PMA2016 Uganda Round 4, with a selection of a sample of 4047 women. The binary logistic regression is used at the multivariate analysis level.



This study specifically developed an appropriate intervention model for the daily Norwegian Kroner (NOK) /Nigerian Naira(NGN) exchange rate. The data with 180 observations (October 24th, 2017 – April 21st 2018) was sourced from Nigerian Bureau of Statistics (NBS). The point of intervention is spotted at T=81 and was characterized by step function. The pre-intervention plot indicates that there was an initial negative trend and later an upshot to positive trend which did not favour the Naira. The plot further shows that the pre-intervention rates are non- stationary but became stationary after first difference was taken.


P.V. Patel, A.M.Polara, V.H. Kachhadia, Dhey D. Mavani, A. A. Vyas

Fisheries is a sunrise sector with varied resources and potential, engaging over 14.50 million people at the primary level and many more along the value chain. Transformation of the fisheries sector from traditional to commercial scale has led to an increase in fish production from 7.5 lakh tonne in 1950-51 to 107.95 lakh tonne during 2015-16, while the export earnings from the sector registered at around 33,441 crore in 2014-15 (US$ 5.51 billion). The sector registered an overall annual growth rate of about 4% during the 11th Five Year Plan period. It has contributed about 0.91% to the National Gross Domestic Production (GDP) and 5.23% to the agricultural GDP (2014-15). Constituting about 6.30% of the global fish production and 5% of global trade, India has attained the second largest fish producing and second largest aquaculture nation in the world.

Comparative evaluation of Indigenous traditionally used herbal tooth sticks (Datun) and toothpaste in cleaning of mouth microflora PDF

There are many plants, which are used as chewing sticks (Datun) in different parts of India and the world. Numerous studies have been reported on the antimicrobial effects of chewing sticks on oral bacteria. The aim of this study was to compare the antimicrobial effect of extract of seven different chewing sticks of India. The agar well diffusion Method was used to test the antimicrobial activity of seven Asian chewing sticks. It was found that at there was antimicrobial effect on pyorrhea causing bacteria at IC50 concentration of Kharijal (Salvadoraoleodes) from India.

A case study of Cow based organic farming System adopted by the farmer of Vadal, Junagadh, Gujarat PDF

P. V. Patel, A. M. Polara, G. R. Gohil, Dhyey D. Mavani

There has been a rise in consumer’s demand for safe and healthy food due to increasing concerns over the quality of food, contamination due to chemicals, serious health hazards and environmental issues. This increasing demand has given way to a new stream of agriculture, popularly known as Organic Agriculture. Since the use of huge quantities of chemical fertilizers in the Indian farming has been stopped since the Green Revolution, it has changed the structure of our land. Today, the fast-growing agricultural land is changing in the wasteland. And millions of crores of rupees are being spent on the chemical fertilizers.

Temperature Profile Study of Selected Natural Ventilated Greenhouses and Development of Temperature Prediction Models PDF

In India because of the least expensive cooling method of greenhouse, natural ventilated types of greenhouses are considered to be the most acceptable structures for growing of vegetable and flower crops. In natural ventilated greenhouse, the inside air temperature is affected by its geometrical dimensions, span, orientation, ventilation rate etc.


Water demand has significantly increased over the last decades while available water resources are becoming increasingly scarce. Climatic change is adding another dimension to this complex nexus of soil-water-plant-atmosphere. Looking to the problem of this region, project work carried out for cotton crop. In which crop was irrigated with the help of soil moisture sensors based drip irrigation along with mulch. Renewable source of energy i.e solar energy used to pump the irrigation water. Results revealed that around 60% irrigation water saved along with energy which help to reduce effect of global warming.

Design and Construction of an Ultrasonic Sensor Based System for Determination of Fuel Adulteration Content by Refractive Index Analy PDF

O.J Dada, E.O Oloyede, A.O Ayannusi, A.I Oyedeji

The design and construction of a non time-consuming sensory device that can measure the refractive index of a fuel sample in order to check whether the fuel is adulterated or not is presented. In this research, three fuel samples were experimentally examined using an ATMega328 microcontroller based ultrasonic sensor with the help of combined lenses to determine their respective refractive indices, and thus, the percentage differences when compared to the theoretical value of the index of refraction of unadulterated fuel.

Awareness Of Rural Population About Ecotourism Centres In Nigeria: A Case Study Of Ore Town, Ondo State PDF

Ojokunle Adebusola and Akeredolu Olaniyi

Inadequate level of awareness has militated against the development of ecotourism in Nigeria. A lot of people especially in rural areas place little or no value on the natural resources around them, and as a consequence, have depleted the biodiversity of resources in their ecosystem through poaching, illegal forest trees felling, pollution of natural waters with refuse, overexploitation of other beneficial forest resources e.t.c.

Rheological behavior of gum cordia, effect of temperature and concentration over its shear rate profile and non-Newtonian behavior PDF

Muhammad A. Haq, Zubala Lutfi, Mohib R. Kazimi, Faiza Shaikh, Zeeshan Akhtar, Anjum Nawab, Feroz Alam, and Abid Hasnain

Gum cordia is extracted from the fruits of flowering plant Cordia myxa. The gum has been reported to be used as controlled drug delivery agent, edible films and coatings. The gum contains an anionic polysaccharide having good adhering property. In addition it contains ample foaming ability and great capacity to hold both oil and water. Due to these properties it wields massive industrial applications in chemical and food industries as a binding agent.

The Fault Current of Oil-immersed Power Transformer Draws Abnormal Gases PDF

Ming-Jong Lin

Oil-immersed power transformers play an important role in power system. To increase the efficiency and reduce the operating tempera-ture, a large amount of insulating oil needs to be injected. It generates a very high temperature because after the fault current and thus escapes the flammable gases - hydrogen (H2), methane (C2H4), acetylene (C2H2), ethylene (CH4), ethane (C2H6), Carbon monoxide (CO). If the high temperature continues to reach the ignition point, it will cause a combustion and explosion.

Hand Gesture Recognition System Using Computer Vision And Neural Networks PDF

Akhil Dixit, Arush Agarwal

A gesture can be recognized as a form of nonverbal communication in which certain bodily actions represent and communicate particular messages. These actions may be represented by facial features or by hand movement. The hand movements are conveniently deciphered to particular messages that are universal in nature.

Automated and Secure Monitoring System for Smart Home Application Using Internet Of Things PDF

M.Suganya , J.Aruna Jasmine, R.Dayana

Today we are living in 21st century. It is necessary to control the home from desire location, Smart Home automation is the control of any electronic device in our home and office. It is implemented using python, OpenCV, raspberry pi and android application in a user friendly and intuitive manner. The appliances are controlled by the Raspberry pi server, which operates according to the user command received from the mobile phone. A unique door monitoring system is designed based on face detection and recognition from a camera installed outside the main door, which can be accessed from the phone using android application.

Geophysical and Geotechnical Investigation of Failed Section of Orsu-Ihiala Road Southeastern Nigeria PDF

Nnamdi J. Ajah, Zander C. C. Akaolisa and Osita C. Okeke

The Orsu-Ihiala road failed shortly after repairs causing delay in trip time, loss of properties and life. This research employs Geophysical and Geotechnical method in investigating the causes of this failure. The study area is part of the Anambra basin consisting of Eocene Ameke formation, the Oligocene Ogwashi-Asaba formation and the recent Meander belt. 6 VES was carried out using Schlumberger array (maximum AB/2 = 55m), 2-D electrical resistivity was run using Wenner array and three (3) samples were collected at depth of 1.5m from the failed part of the road. The VES results show that the investigated area is underlain by top soil, clay, clayey-sand and sand.

Empowering healthcare IoT systems with hierar-chical fog-based computing architecture PDF

Wafaa M. Shosha, Reham R. Mostafa, Ahmed Abo Elfetoh

IoT-based healthcare systems are changing the way is healthcare delivered, improving the availability, quality, accessibility, and cost-effec-tiveness of healthcare. The vast amount of data generated by these systems, have to be collected, analyzed, stored, and appropriately shared. IoT devices cannot process this huge data volume. Moreover, sending data to cloud is not generally applicable.

Visualisation of renal arteries using Time-SLIP and contrast-enhanced MR angiography technique PDF

Sabina Prevljak, Sandra Vegar-Zubović, Melika Bukvić, Adi Behmen, Fuad Julardžija, Jasenko Šito, Merim Jusufbegović, Adnan Šehić

The purpose of this study was to compare unenhanced MR angiography with contrast-enhanced MR angiography and visualisation of renal arteries with its segment branches using both techniques. We performed renal MRA on 22 patients using a 1.5T MRI unit. For renal MRA, a three dimensional balanced type steady-state free precession (SSFP) sequence (Time-SLIP, Canon) was used with respiratory gating and conventional CE-MRA sequnce (upisati tačan naziv).

Effects of X-Ray Irradiation on the Nutritional and Antinutritional Factor Contents of Ten Soybean Cultivars in Wukari, North-Eastern Nigeria PDF

Ibirinde, D. O, Balogun, K, Aremu, C. O, Oladokun, L

The use of traditional processing methods has fast eroded the nutritive, organoleptic and sensory characteristics of legumes such as soybean. Although soaking, germination, cooking and fermentation have been used to reduce antinutritional factors of legumes, irradiation remains the most reliable and safe method for the improvement and preservation of nutritional values of foods. Study was conducted at the Teaching and Research Farms of the Federal University Wukari, Taraba State between the 2017 and 2018 cropping seasons and harvested seeds were evaluated for trypsin, tannins, phytate, crude protein, crude fiber, carbohydrate, moisture, ash and oil contents.

Strength of the Slash-and-Burn Planting System in the Manikin River Basin, West Timor, Indonesia PDF

Max J. Kapa, Totok Gunawan, and Su Ritohardoyo

Slash-and-burn farming systems actually have high complexity. Slash-and-burn cultivation requires knowledge of location suitability, burning time, fire control, the timing of planting, erosion control, the combination of plant arrangements, and so on. The purpose of this study was to identify various factors that become the strength of the slash-and-burn farming system in the Manikin watershed. The method used was the survey method. Data collection was done through in-depth interviews with key informants, and through field observations.


Dr.Sana Iqbal, Dr.Sadaf Aslam, Dr.Khadija Asghar

Hypertension is the most common medical disorder encountered during pregnancy. Hypertensive disorders are most important clinical problem in pregnancy. Hypertension is one of the most frequently observed medical diseases, which considerably affects maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. There is a progressive increase in the incidence of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy worldwide.


V. V. Naga Deepthi, Prof. K. GovindaRajulu

Nowadays Diesel engine plays a dominant role in the field of power, propulsion and energy with increase of its performance in the field of internal combustion engines. Internal combustion engines are the weightier misogynist and reliable source of power for all domestic, large scale industrial and transportation applications. The fluid spritz dynamics plays an important role for air-fuel mixture in Uncontrived Injection Diesel engines, Turbulence is the way air fuel mixture moves inside a combustion chamber. If the turbulence of charge is more, then the air and fuel moves randomly inside the chamber.

A mathematical model for ascertaining same ciphertext generated from distinct plaintext in Michael O. Rabin Cryptosystem PDF

Md. Shamim Hossain Biswas

Michael O. Rabin Cryptosystem can generate same ciphertext form different plaintext as well as multiple plaintext from single cyphertext. There are a number of techniues to reveal original plaintext. But none of them can seperate same cyphertext against each plaintext generated from modular reduction arithmetic. If question arises about how one can distinguish particular ciphertext against each plaintext, to answer those questions, I design a new mathematical model for identifying same ciphertext against each plaintext and it also facilitates message encryption and decryption.

Surgical Correction of Congenital Macrostomia in Cattle Calf PDF

C. Rohit Kumar, Hidayat A. Shaikh, Anil V. Kandarpalle, Kartik Allure

Congenital macrostomia is a very rare deformity of the mouth, and it is still rarer to see cases of isolated unilateral (right) macrostomia. The condition has not been reported in cattle calves so far. Although the creation of a symmetric neo-commissure is imperative, this presents a technical challenge. A review of the literature for surgical solutions revealed various techniques. This report presents the case of a 15 days old non-descript male cattle calf with isolated right unilateral macrostomia for whom straight line closure was performed. After one-month follow-up, the oral commissures are symmetric and no lateral migration of neo commissure seen.

Avoidance response in three ecologically different earthworm species exposed to heavy metal spiked soils of Cr and Zn: A comparative study PDF

V. Latha and P.M Basha

Avoidance response in earthworms is considered as a potential tool for assessing soil toxicity involving minimal experimental effort. In this study three ecologically different earthworms [epigeic- Eudrilus eugeniea, aneic- Lampito mauritii and endogeic- Pontoscolex corethrurus] were used to assess avoidance response upon exposure to Cr and Zn polluted soils. The studied parameters include differences in their lethal mortality and avoidance response to spiked soils of chromium (Cr VI) and zinc(Zn) using a two-section avoidance test procedure.


Bika, M. Joseph, Sule, Aldutsitiya

This study determined the effect of collaborative teaching strategy on chemistry secondary school students’ post and retention tests in Adamawa State. The sample for this study consisted of 114 subjects selected from population of 3543 SSII chemistry students in 118 public secondary schools. The sampling involved stratified purposeful and random sampling techniques. Instrument for this study was tagged chemistry achievement test (CAT) developed by the researcher. The instrument was validated by three experts and a reliability coefficient of 0.85 using K-R 20 formula was obtained. This study adopted quasi- experimental design which involves a pretest post-test non-equivalent control group design.

Design and Implementation of Petroleum Product Level Monitoring and Tracking System PDF

Engr. Enweliku David Maledo

Distribution of refined crude oil by road transport is characterised by numerous constraints like thefts and accident on the high-ways. The need to monitor and track the location of the trucks conveying the petroleum product can’t be over emphases. This work is all about the design and implementation of petroleum product level monitoring and tracking system. The system incorpo-rates GSM/GPS module, Ultrasonic sensor and PIC16f877A microcontroller for data acquisition and processing.


Mohammed Abbas, Sherif M. Ibrahim and Mohamed Mostafa Korashy

A Partial corrugated web (PCW) steel beam is built up by welding flanges and a web composed of trapezoidal corrugated profile and flat web parts in the longitudinal direction of the beam. The shape of the beam web plate leads to the increase of the beam lateral stiffness when compared to flat web beams.


Imran Ahmed Farooqui, J.Uday Raj

The ankle is one of the most frequently injured parts in sport, especially in soccer / football, which account for 24% to 54% of total injuries. Up to 70% of individuals with a history of ankle injury report ongoing symptoms of ankle instability or pain, of whom 40% report ‘‘giving way’’ as their main problem, resulting in a functional ankle instability (FAI).1 Athletes are always at a significantly higher risk of sustaining a lateral ankle sprain compared with syndesmotic and medial ankle sprains24, grade I and II sprains being frequent.

Comparative study on Optimized Moving Average types, Buy-and- Hold Trading Strategies PDF

Aru-Eze Okereke, Okechukwu Cornelius C., Ananaba Ephraim C.

Forecasters in the financial market are of the opinion that past price and volume from Technical analysis make available important and useful information which can lead tosubstantial trading profits. This paper examines comparative study between Exponential Simple Moving Average (ESMA) Trading Strategy and the popular Simple Moving Average (SMA). We discovered that the initial conventional SMA crossover strategies have generated higher risk-adjusted portfolio return in contrast to the simple buy-and-hold approach.

Comparative study of Histogram Equalization Enhancement Techniques for Medical Images PDF

Ahmed N. Ismael, Noura H. Ajam, Zainab S. Jumaa

Image enhancement plays a fundamental role in vision applications. Enhancement is the manner of improving the superiority of an electronic digital stored image. Recently much work is completed in the field of images enhancement. Many techniques have previously been proposed up to now for enhancing the digital images.

Novel homozygous missense variant in CLCN7 gene causing autosomal recessive osteopetrosis type 4 in 11 days old Saudi girl presented with neonatal hypocalcaemia PDF

Saeed Alfadhil, Walid Fawzy,

Osteopetrosis is a rare genetic disease that is relatively common in Saudi Arabia because of the high rate of consanguineous marriages. Hypocalcemia is a rare presentation of malignant infantile osteopetrosis ( MIOP). Here we are reporting a case of autosomal recessive malignant Osteopetrosis type 4 with a novel missense variant mutation on CLCN7 gene not reported before. This patient presented with symptomatic hypocalcaemia in the age of eleven days , which is a very rare and very early presentation for this disease.


Kenny Halim, Andi Setyawan, Marinus Halawa, Sawarni Hasibuan

Defect bonding is one of the biggest problems in the assembling process in the shoe manufacturing industry which can be caused by internal factors and external factors so that detailed analysis is needed about the planned repairs that need to be done to minimize the defect. PT. PDK analyzes the biggest factors of defect bonding as well as alternative repairs made on Accelerator LS shoes using experiment design analysis.



Global economic challenges and increasing hospital bills have laid great burden on the healthcare consumers. This has led to their desire to be involved in their healthcare decisions and contentment with both services and spending on health matters (Kernick, 2012). Kernick opined that limited healthcare resources, knowledge empowerment of consumers of healthcare and increasing array of intervention options have made it necessary for decision on healthcare to be taken openly and fairly. In order words, the need for assured quality care/services from the providers in the healthcare arena remains indispensable in the present era of economic downturn. One of such quality assurance measures is nursing audit and feedback.

Relevant feedback dependent semantic annotation for Content based image retrieval using region labeling and texture patterns PDF

Ashitha.S.S, Dr.G.Raju

Recently, Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) has become an important part of image information retrieval system. Image contents play an important role in image retrieval. In content-based image retrieval system there are three basic steps, i.e. visual feature extraction, multidimensional indexing, and retrieval system design. In this paper, we have presented an effective image retrieval system using features like texture patterns and region.

A model to produce combined clean energy at any scale maintained by hi-tech artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IOT) PDF

Minhazul Haque Bhuiyan, Partha Sarathi Kundu

It is unquestionable that we have a few limited sources of natural energies around the world and so we need to move toward producing and using renewable energies as much as we can. Now it’s important to focus on discovering more efficient ways to produce clean energy as well as enable hi-technologies like IOT, AI, ML in the renewable energy production systems.

Synthesis and Characterization of Magnetite Fine Particles by Simple Co Precipitation Method PDF

Juliya Khanam, Rownok Jahan, Lutfor Rahman, Sabrina Mostofa, Nahid Sharmin

An innovative synthetic method for preparing magnetite (Fe3O4) fine nanoparticles was achieved by simple co-precipitation method using ferric and ferrous salt solution in alkaline medium. Magnetite fine nano particles were prepared by mixing and stirring of ferric and ferrous salt at the molar ratio of 2:1 at room temperature. The mixture was treated by adding 25% ammonium hydroxide.

Toxicological and Haematological Effects of Pyrene on Whit Taker Albino Mice PDF

O. E Nwanekezie and I. R Nduka

This study explores the effect of the haematological toxicity of pyrene (toxicant) on Whit taker Albino mice. The method for haematological toxicity was oral administration of different concentrations (50, 120,250 mg of pyrene kg/b.w.) using olive oil as diluent into adult male and female Whit taker Albino mice approximately 8-12 weeks of age.

Designing and Prototyping of Multi-Crop Solar Powered Harvester PDF

Getaw Ayay Tefera and Haileyesus Kebere Aschenaki

The demands on the grains have been being increased radically in Ethiopia. The existing ways of harvesting grains are not differed from the ancient methods. In order to satisfy the needs our ancestors have been being applied their full money, power and times which leads financial and physical weakness and health problems especially on their backbones

Internet of Things: Current Trends, Architectures and Challenges PDF

Mohamed Osman Elbashir, Awad Haj Ali

The Internet-of Things (IoT) revolution has gone a long way to reach the current state. This paper addresses the IoT general concepts and discusses the IoT building blocks. Furthermore, the IoT enabling IoT technologies are reviewed such as Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), Mobile Communications technology and Wide Area Network (WAN).

Electrical conduction of chalcogenide Se90Te10-xAgx (x=0,2,4&6) films PDF

A .S. Farid, N. A. Hegab

Four different Se90Te10-xAgx (x=0,2,4&6) compositions were prepared by melt quenching technique. Thin film samples(165-711nm)were obtained from the studied compositions by thermal evaporation technique. The current –voltage(I-V) characteristics have been measured throughout the temperature range (298-323 K).

Effect Temperature On Fluorine Doped Tin Oxide Via Spray Pyrolysis Technique PDF

Agbim, E. G, Ikhioya, I. L, Agbakwuru C. B , Oparaku O and Ugbaja C. M

The synthesis of fluorine doped tin oxide thin films were successfully deposited onto well cleared glass substrate by varying the deposition temperature. The XRD patterns of the films showed that the deposited films are polycrystalline in nature having the characteristic peaks of tetragonal structure of SnO2.The peaks observed are (110), (101), (200), (211) and the preferential growth along the (110) direction.

The Effect of Brand Image and Promotion on Purchase Decision and Implication on Customer Satisfaction in Mercedes Benz Car Indonesia (Case Study at PT Mercedes Benz Indonesia Jabodetabek Area) PDF

Cemy Kurniawan, Arifin Sitio

This study aims to examine and analyze the effect of promotion and brand image on purchase decision which implicates the customer satisfaction of Indonesian Mercedes Benz cars at PT Mercedes Benz Indonesia. Sample were collected from 103 respondents to fill in the questionnaire submitted to respondents. Collection of data from the results of the questionnaire filling.


Dr.U.Ganapathy sankar, Monisha.R

Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) is explained, using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV)1 . However American Psychiatric Association and WHO- World health organization has coined inclusion and exclusion criteria in describing and coining the term DCD and the condition is marked by a significant limitation in the development of motor coordination in children, which interferes with academic activities and activities of daily living (ADL)1.



Developed Stage-Discharge Models for Baro is presented based on the statistical method of least squares to estimate the potential discharge volume from the sub basin. Missing records were determined by the mass curve analysis for periods that stage and discharge records were not available. Test on time homogeneity showed that the interaction of stream Stage and stream discharge exhibited common profile but non-stationary.

Generalized Control Problems with Optimality Conditions under Generalized Univexity PDF

L.Venkateswara Reddy, Anju Singh, Dr. S.P. Pandey

In this paper, we introduce generalized multi objective programming problems. Further, we will derive optimality condition of Kuhn – Tucker and Fritz – John type under generalized univexity conditions.

Bilingual Education and the Factors of Success in South Africa and Australia PDF

Neha Ganapathineedi

Bilingual education is an academic setting where the curriculum is taught in two different languages. This implies the idea that students are taught in one language half of the time and another language half the time. However, this is not always the norm and in fact there are more situations along the lines of this: the students are taught in their native language and their textbooks are in their native language. The teachers will write on the board in a second language and make their students copy the notes down into their notebooks.

Content Based Image Retrieval by Pseudo-Hash in Discrete Wavelet Transform Domain PDF

Mitko Kostov

Discrete wavelet transform is used to create pseudo-hashes based on content of images and they are stored in a database. The images are decomposed in few levels and the most important wavelet coefficients are selected. The pseudo-hash contains statistical parameters of the coordinates of the coefficients. When searching a large database for images that match a query-image, the similarity of images pseudo-hashes is considered instead of the images themselves.

Assay Value of Acid Mammalian Chitinase Activity in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients: Correlation with Non-invasive Markers of Hepatic Fibrosis PDF

Entsar A. Saad, Gamal E. Shiha, Mohamed E A Toson

Chronic hepatitis C virus run the risk of developing fibrosis, cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma in later life. Aim: The aim is to assay acid mammalian chitinase (AMCase) activity in chronic hepatitis C (CHC) patients using a simple colorimetric technique and Correlate such activity with those of non-invasive markers of hepatic fibrosis. Methods: Blood samples were withdrawn to characterize viral infection, to estimate AMC activity, to count blood cells and to evaluate liver function tests. Beside, clinical investigation and transient elastography were done

Effects of Internal Embedded Composite Steel Frame on Reinforced Concrete Walls Behavior Seismically Excited out-of-Plane, Experimental Study PDF

F. Y. Al-Ghalibi, and Laith K. Al-Hadithy

In the modern era, especially after middle of 19th century, the utility of concrete walls became widespread as a type of structural engineer-ing applications. Various wall types and many construction methods involve building construction. Generally, structural walls can be classified according to load sources and directions. Building behavior can be improved with many engineering advantages that achieved using reinforced concrete walls as structural elements.

The Correlation Between the Business Profile and Skills of Managers/Owners of Hotels and Restaurants in Tuguegarao City, Philippines PDF


The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between the business profile of the owners/managers and their level of busi-ness skills making used of descriptive-correlational method. The respondents have a rating of highly on their level of business skills and shows significant relationship with their number of years in the industry and no relationship exists with their type of business at an alpha of 0.05. This study is limited to the business skills of 40 managers/owners of hotels/managers of hotels and restaurants in Tuguegarao City such as management skills, interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial skills, financial skills and sales and marketing skills.

Analysis of Thalassemia Patients Data Using Sta-tistical Methods PDF

Arfa Maqsood, Sehrish Iftikhar

The purpose of this study is to concern with statistical methods to detect information from thalassemia diseases data. Data collected from Kashif Iqbal Thalassemia care Center of 220 individuals on seven variables. The seven variables are Age, Sex, Weight, Height, Hemoglobin (G/Dl), Packed Cell Volume (PCV, %) and Red Blood Cell (RBC, 10'6/cmm3). Data is in cross sectional form. Firstly, we explain the data with the help of some descriptive analysis. Afterwards, we employ the simple statistical techniques such as correlation, body mass index and regression analysis to explore the dependence relations between the variables.


Ammar Jalil Almosawi, Karar Saleh Suhail

In the present work, a continuous waler beam is designed to retain two types of sheet piles a cantilever sheet piles and an anchored sheet piles with different penetration depths (24, 26, 28 and 30 meter length) in a 400m length port.

Properties and performance of Normal Pressed Rice Straw Thermal Insulation Boards PDF

Noha Z. Hareedy, El-Sayed A. Nasr, Ehab F. Sadek

Rice straw is getting popular as an environmentally friendly renewable material. Among various applications, using rice straw to produce thermal insulation boards for building walls or ceilings are aliening with the globe goal to achieve zero energy buildings. This study investigated the performance of innovated thermal insulation boards. These boards were manufactured using locally available rice straw and cement mortar using a normal compaction procedure.


Sohila A. El-Khouly, Randa Fouad, Amr H. Zaher, Ehab F. Sadek and Khalid M. Hilal

An innovative and a new kind of lightweight concrete (LWC) was developed few years ago at the Department of Structural Engi-neering of Ain Shams University. It is called foam balls lightweight concrete (FBLWC), in which conventional aggregates are par-tially replaced by polystyrene foam particles. FBLWC combined the advantages of normal density concrete, cellular concrete and high workability. FBLWC is currently believed to have a promising future in construction field; as foam balls lightweight concrete has a dry unit weight of 18.50 kN/m3 that leads to self-weight reduction of 15–20%. That results in reducing dead weight, in addi-tion to lower foundation cost with the achievement of a cubic compressive strength of 27 MPa. This paper focuses on investigat-ing and evaluating the short term and the long term behavior of FBLWC.

The Sources of Macroplastic Waste in Freshwater Ecosystems PDF

Abigail Chapman

This research paper was concerning the concentrations of different source of macroplastic waste in Lake Lewisville in the Colony, Texas. Plastic waste has been accumulating in great amounts in both freshwater and marine ecosystems over the last several decades. The presence of plastic waste inside these ecosystems can cause harm to organisms in the area, by causing entrapment, stranglings, and many digestive and reproductive issues if the animals digest smaller pieces of plastic. Plastic stands out from other forms of waste, because its durability that makes it such a useful material in the industrial world also causes it to persist for long periods of time in terrestrial or water environments when it is deposited in these areas.


Dr. Ha Nguyen Ngoc

Drug has been a problem of international concern. Since the first International conference on opium combat held in Shanghai, China in 1909, the international community has experienced more than 100 years of drug prevention efforts. How is the situation of drug evil and drug addict situation in Vietnam? What are the regulations of Government of Vietnam in drug prevention activities? The author analyzes the causes of drug addiction, the consequences of drug evils in Vietnam. Based on that, propose solutions to improve the efficiency of drug suppression.

A Study on Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Emergency Contraceptives among Undergraduate Female Students of Pokhara University, Nepal PDF

Sushmita Baral

A descriptive cross sectional study was carried out among 530 female undergraduate students of Pokhara University to assess knowledge, attitude and practice of emergency contraceptives using self administrated questionnaire. Data was entered and analyzed using SPSS Version 20. Majority of respondents 82.6% (439) had heard about Emergency Contraceptives. T

An Up-to-date Systematic Review of the New Techniques and Treatment Methods in Restorative Dentistry PDF

Waad Mosaad Almugren, Doaa Makki Alharbi

Restorative oral treatments today truly encompass all the disciplines that dentistry has to offer in an incorporated inter-disciplinary method to accomplish optimal dental health, function and aesthetics for our patients.

Differences on Natural Resource Management Themes between Mathematics and Science Textbooks in Public High Schools PDF

Maricor D. Medalla

Textbooks are among the main instructional materials in educational systems. It is just necessary to study its contents more particularly on nowadays relevant issues concerning natural resource management. Our environment has been confronted with many pressing problems and the endeavors from the government and non-government organizations to help solve these concerns still remain inadequate. There is a need to go down at the very roots of the problem---the low level of knowledge on natural resource-based education.

Recruitment, promotion, and retention of women in the workplace: a literature review PDF


The women in the workplace did stood up for their rights to get an equal position in the workplace, women had limited opportunity to grow in the industries. The companies preferred male employees over the female for the filling the leading positions like managers, executive officers, and others. The findings in this study that answered each research gap by removing the lack of growth and development opportunities for the women, engaging introductory courses of female students to recruit high talents and skills, performing detailed outcome evaluations to ensure the effectiveness of women’s performance in the workplace.

A Note on Effect of Sample Size on Operating Characteristic Curves of Process Capability Indices under Normality PDF

Suboohi Safdar

Process capability indices have been topics of the significance for statistically controlled processes under diverse distributional conditions since few decades. Process capability indices are the numerical quantities that reflect the functional relationships between allowable spread and the actual spread. For normal processes allowable spread is the function of preset limits and actual spread is the function of process parameter(s) which characterize the normal process sufficiently.

The Effects of Texas’ Esports Industries Growth PDF

Jai Parekh

We have esports leagues that have begun to rise all over the world. There are esports leagues in Europe, China, and Korea, just to name a few. For example, according to Mr. Hallmann, a researcher who has published many research papers within the subject of esports industry development, “in Germany, the state promotes sports by means of subsidies as well as tax exemptions for sport organizations.

Temperature Distribution Model for Predicting the Precipitation of Wax in a Wellbore: (A Numerical Approach) PDF

Ekom Archibong Eshiet, Abam Tamunoene K, Dagde Kenneth K

In this research work, since wax deposition is strongly thermal related, an accurate heat transfer model is necessary and was developed in predicting and preventing wax deposition. The derivation of the temperature distribution prediction model took into consideration the three basic equations which are: The conservation law of mass equation, the conservation law of momentum equation and the energy balanced equation applied to a differential control volume of a pipeline.

Evaluation of the effect of Molybdenum nanoparti-cles on the incidence of pregnancy in Mus muscu-lus PDF

Radwa H. El-Atawy, Hanan R.H Mohamed, Ahmed M. Ghoneim, Akmal El Ghor

Molybdenum nanoparticles (Mo-NPs) are extensively used in huge applications. However, limited studies investigated their effect on the pregnancy incidence. This study aimed to evaluate the effect of Mo-NPs on the incidence of pregnancy in mice. Female mice were divided into different groups and treated with different doses of Mo-NPs. Administration of Mo-NPs caused significant decreases in the number of pregnant female mice during the experimental period. Conclusion: Mo-NPs administration decreased the incidence of pregnancy in mice.


Endang Masitoh Wahyuningsih, Rochmi Widayanti

This research is explorative in nature using a qualitative approach with the aim of obtaining an overview of: (1) village funds management practices before and after the launch of the village funds system (SISKEUDES), (2) obstacles that arise in the implementation of SISKEUDES, (3) level of readiness and understanding from users of the village funds system within the village head and village funds management equipment in the Jatisrono sub-district.


Erepamowei Young and Douye Markmanuel

Aframomum melegueta seed is used as as a spice in food due to their aromatic flavor and pungent taste or as ingredients of ethnomedical preparations for the treatment of snakebites, stomachaches, and diarrhea and other ailments. Oil from Aframomum melegueta seeds was analyzed for its phytochemicals, ant-repellent potentials and constituent chemicals.


Lateef Abd Zaid Qudr, Mohammed Abomaali,Ahmed Mohammed Merza

Smart devices and sensors are key empowering resources regarding the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm to gather user’s sensed information and facts. However, getting involved in collecting user’s sensed data for further processing is definitely not very easy.

Economic Analysis of Using Some Types of Polymers in Asphalt Concrete Mixtures PDF

Mahmoud F. Khamis, Ahmed M. Abdallah, mohamed I. El-Sharkawi, Eslam M. Deef-Allah

In the last decades the use of polymer modified asphalt has increased because conventional asphalt mixtures cannot resist the high axle loads and tire pressures. The main objective of this study was to evaluate economic feasibility of adding several types of polymers with asphalt mixtures in Egypt. Study program involved two parts.

Effect of processed rice husk ash on the production of Conventional bricks PDF

Arnob Debnath, Mst. Meratus Salma, Md. Sagirul Islam, Mohammad Golam Mostafa, Abdus Samad, Umme Sarmeen Akhtar

The effects of processed rice husk ash (RHA) on the various properties of conventional bricks were studied. The measured properties were Particle size distribution, bulk density, compressive strength, 24-hour immersion water absorption and shrinkage. The effect of processed rice husk ash percentage and normal RHA on the bulk density and compressive strength of bricks was also studied. Both bulk density and compressive strength of bricks decreased with an increase in the percentage of RHA content.


John, G. E. and Lennox, J. A.

The ability to preserve foods using bacteriocin-producing lactic acid bacteria (LAB) isolated directly from foods is an innovative approach. Therefore, this study aimed at evaluating the efficacy of cell free supernatant of lactic acid bacteria isolated from food samples on selected spoilage and pathogenic microorganisms. A total of 48 food stuffs such as cucumber, fresh fish, nunu, meat, ogi, cheese and yoghurt were obtained aseptically and analyzed. Lactic acid bacteria were isolated using MRS agar and bacteriocin positive isolates were screened using disk diffusion assay against the test organisms.

Finite Element Analysis for Engine Cylinder head in Ansys PDF

Dr.B.Sudarshan, Mr.Subhajith Roy

The application of thermal analysis concept is leading towards engineering design during engine development in the thermal equilibrium condition. The life and output potential of such engines is strongly connected to the working temperature of specified components. Thus, accurate temperature predictions are an essential pre-requisite to the continuing engine evolution.

Big Data Analytics Landscape And Careers PDF

Mr. Vikas Chauhan

Big Data Analytics helps organizations harness their data and use it to identify new opportunities. That, in turn, leads to smarter business moves, more efficient operations, higher profits and happier customers. $15 billion on software firms only specializing in data management and analytics. This industry on its own is worth more than $100 billion and growing at almost 10% a year which is roughly twice as fast as the software business as a whole. In February 2012, the open source analyst firm Wikibon released the first market forecast for Big Data, listing $5.1B revenue in 2012 with growth to $53.4B in 2017. The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that data volume is growing 40% per year, and will grow 44x between 2009 and 2020.

Biogas Production by Anaerobic Digestion and Co-digestion of some Large Available Organic Solid Wastes of Madagascar PDF

Michard Rockson Rajaonahy , Michel Torrijos, Jean Phillipe Steyer, Philippe Sousbie, Victor Razafinjato, Hery Tiana Rakotondramiarana

The first part of this work is focused on the determination of the Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP) of a wide range of substrates that are largely available in Madagascar in order to determine the amount of methane (CH4) that could be produced from their treatment (by monodigestion and by co-digestion) in an anaerobic reactor.



Chrysoeriol is a Methoxylated flavone of great scientific interest because of its promising anti-microbial activities against bacteria. The biosynthesized chrysoeriol was structurally characterized using high resolution mass spectrometry and various nuclear magnetic resonance analyses. Chrysoeriol exhibited antimicrobial activity against pathogens. It has minimum inhibitory concentration values of 1.25 g/mL against a methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus. It is very useful medicinal plant.

Fuzzy self-tuning PID controller for hypersonic wind tunnel pressure regulation PDF

Trinh Luong Mien

This article refers to the design of a new controller to regulate the pressure in the setting chamber of a hypersonic wind tunnel. By inheriting, then developing the mathematical model of the hypersonic wind tunnel pressure process, firstly the paper presents the design of the traditional PID by the Skogestad method. And then, a new fuzzy self-tuning PID controller by combining traditional PID and fuzzy logic calculation block is presented in this article.

Detection of angiodysplasia from wireless capsule endoscopy images PDF

Pradeep chakaravarthi Rajendran

Angiodysplasia, also known as telangiectasia, is a lesion in the small and large intestine and the second most bleeding causing lesion in the lower gastrointestinal tract. Due to its severe bleeding nature, it can cause anemia, chronic intestinal hemorrhage, chronic kidney disease, aortic stenosis, von Willebrand disease when undetected, and these lesions are prone to higher detection miss rate during the examination.

Development of an Automated Fruit Sorting Machine using an Embedded System (Arduino Mega Based) PDF

Y. Adamu, A. A. Adamu, S.I. Kolo, A. W. Nnanna

The design, development and performance evaluation of the automated fruit sorting machine was carried out using an embedded system (Arduino based) to serve as a time saving, low energy consuming and cost effective alternative for sorting and grading fruit for both home and commercial applications. The device is constructed to sort different varieties of fruit, which includes man-go, orange, lemon, udala (agbalumo or African star apple), apple, tomato etc. Sorting are carried out based on the difference in the wavelength of the color of a ripe fruit to that of an unripe or defective.

EXPLORATION ON ETHICS ON BROADCASTING IN INDONESIA (A Case Study of Bianglala Program on Reks Garut Radio) PDF

Tita Melia Milyane

The ethics on broadcasting is a guide for media crew in conducting broadcasting activities. When these ethics not properly implemented, it will cause serious effects. As happened on the Bianglala program of Reks Garut Radio. Bianglala, as an interactive program clarified by government officials and stakeholders, is listeners’ favorite program in Garut, and serves as a medium used by the people to complain about the government services.


Kazi Nuruddin Al Masud, Shakera Islam Keya, Monika Nasrin Munni, Nura Ahmed, Amina Ferdous Chowdhury, Rafiqul Ha-san Khan, Mahbuba Mohoshina Runa

The study was conducted to evaluate the safety dose range of methanolic extract from the leaves of Lippia javanica by acute and sub-acute oral toxicity study on rats. In acute toxicity study, a single oral dose of 1000mg/kg of the experimented plant extract was administered to three groups and adverse effect, mortality and general behavior were monitored for 15 days.


Nafisa Nawar, Tushar Ahmed Shishir, Nuzhat Mahbub, Most. Nasrin Akter, S.M. Saiful Islam

Global population is increasing day by day. Therefore, the demand of food will be doubled in next 30 years. With limited resources to meet this demand will be a great challenge for human. To increase the production of food, traditional agricultural system needs to be updated.

Application of Remote sensing and GIS Techniques in Urban Planning, Development and Management PDF

Kamaluddeen A. Baba, Deepak Lal, Abdulkadir Bello

Management and planning of urban space requires spatially accurate and timely information on land use and changing pattern. Evaluation provides the planners and decision-makers with required information about the current state of development and the nature of changes that have occurred. Remote sensing and Geographical Information system (GIS) provides vital tools which can be applied in the analysis at the district and as well, as the city level.

Implementation of Microcontroller Based Vehicle Location Tracker Using GSM and GPS PDF

Yu Yu Mon Win, Thin Thin, Kyaw Zue Thar

Location Tracker uses GPS and GSM to track and provide complete location information to user over mobile phone. This sys-tem gives minute by minute update about vehicle location by sending SMS through GSM Module.This SMS contains longitude and latitude of the vehicle location.Arduino microcontroller is the central processing unit of the overall system.Arduino gets the coordinates from GPS module and then it sends this information via SMS to send the owner of the vehicle.

Evaluation of Resource Deployment in a Recessed Economy: A Review of Leveraged Firms on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE PDF

Monisola Alao, Ifayemi Olayinka

Previous studies on capital structure and liquidity covered leverage effect of firms’ liquidity on investment decisions and performance, limited studies examined the effect of resource deployment on business liquidity and growth during recession using a developing economy. The study is exploratory, using secondary data of quoted commodity-based firms (NSE). Population of the study is 180 quoted firms, only 21 firms produce consumer goods.



The psychological, emotional, and physical state of teachers is very much important since it can have a great impact on students’ learning and well- being as well. However, it usually requires long working hours, larger class sizes, with decreased time, and energy which may eventually result to burnout causing other unprecedented consequences.

Physicochemical and Microbial properties of Water Samples around Abattoirs in Calabar PDF

Agbor R.B and Antai S.P

Water Samples obtained from three sources; Borehole, Stream and Drainage from Anantigha and Nkonib Abattoir were analyzed for physicochemical and microbial properties. The Physicochemical properties determined include; pH, turbidity, Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Electrical conductivity (EC), Total Saturated Solids (TSS), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Total Hardness and Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD).

Bi al-Lisan Da'wah Method to the Assisted Citizens in Correctional Institutions class II A of Palopo ,South Sulawesi Indonesia PDF

Muhammad Ilyas, Badaruddin

The results of this study discuss; 1). How was the application of Bi al-Lisan's da'wah method conducted at the Class IIA Correctional Institution in Palopo, Indonesia. 2). What Efforts conducted by Class IIA correctional Institution in Palopo Indonesia to guide Assisted Citizens (Prisoners/inmates.). 3). what is the obstacle for Da’i (preachers) in conducting Da'wah (preaching) to the assisted citizens and it’s solution. 4). The results of the Application of the al-Lisan Da'wah Method to Assisted Citizens.

Extracting Text Information from Digital Images PDF

Md. Mijanur Rahman, Mahnuma Rahman Rinty and Fouzia Risdin

Extracting text from an image is a difficult task. The main purpose of this project work is to develop a system that extracts text and its related information from digital images. Text on images contains useful data or information for annotation, indexing, and structuring of images. However, the problem of text extraction extremely challenging for variations of text on images. Various systems have been proposed in the past for detection and extraction of text from images.

Relations between parent – teen conflict and emotional intelligence of adolescents PDF

Ms Mita Mandal, Dr. A.Ray, Dr. A. Mukherjee

A descriptive co relational survey design was conducted to find out the relations between parent –teen conflict and emotional intelligence of adolescents in selected district(south24 pgs), west Bengal. The objectives of the study were to determine the extent of parent –teen conflict, to determine the emotional intelligence of adolescents, To identify the Relationship between parent –teen conflict and emotional intelligence of adolescents.



Sesamin is a lignin isolated from the bark of fagara plants and from sesame oil. It has been used as dietary fat-reduction supplement, although no controlled studies on this application have been performed. Its major metabolite is enterolactone, which has an elimination half-life of less than 6 hours. Sesamin is a minor component of sesame oil, on average comprising only 0.14% 0f the oil by mass. It has a molar mass of 354.35 g/mol and a chemical formula of C20H18O6.

Poka Yoke In Collaborative Inventory Practice To Reduce Action In Automotive Manufacturing PDF

Rio Patria, Annisaa Wulandari, Sampik Krisning Tyas, Sawarni Hasibuan

This paper discusses how Pokayoke helps inventory in the supply chain to reduce losses caused by delays in decision-making by the inventory control department. With the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) method, pareto diagrams, fishbone, and SCAMPER diagrams it is found that the company immediately uses alternative solutions that have been obtained so that losses caused by delays in decision-making by the Inventory Controls are reduced or absent.


H.M Udir Sudirman, HasanuddinBua, Samdin, Nasrul, Nofal Supriaddin

The objectives of this research : (1) Assess understanding of the concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) by the community, government, non-governmental organizations and companies. (2) Assess the effect of implementing a CSR program on improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the target community in trying productive economy. (3) Formulate a model of community economic empowerment based on the variables studied which are suitable for the implementation of CSR by companies in Southeast Sulawesi.

OIL WELL CEMENT ADDITIVES: Critical Review of the Common Polymers PDF

E. C. Ndubuisi, O. F. Joel, A. Dosunmu, I. Okoye

Oil well cementing is a critical operation required for successful completion of oil or gas wells. The longevity and integrity of wells depend on good cementing operations. Several chemicals known as oilfield additives are needed to modify the API properties of cement slurries for optimum performance. These additives fall into the following broad categories: retarders, accelerators, extenders, densifiers, dispersants, fluid loss control agents, lost circulation agents, strength retrogression prevention agents, free water/free fluid control agents, expansion agents, and special additives.



Human resource is the backbone and the main resource in which its development is a vital ingredient to achieve performance goals, improve productivity and sustain competitive advantage. Training & development (T&D) is a very important concept. T&D helps employees not only to meet their skills for the current job but also to prepare for their endeavor. This study. The purpose of this study is to explore insights of the perceptions, practices, and barriers in the T&D activities in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Vietnam.


Le Thi Ngoc Diep

This study is a partial systematic look about the use of realia in teaching and learning grammar to young learners (from 6 to 11 years old) in public schools in Vietnam. It also offers a depiction of the problems that teachers and children had to face. The article focuses on exploring children’ expectation in grammar classes as well as how to manage those classes in a more effective and enjoyable way.

Oscillation Monitoring Using Ortho-Projected Terrestrial Photogrammetry PDF

Omar A. El Kadi, Adel Y. El Shazly, Khaled Nassar

Monitoring of oscillation/ deformation is a raising concern for the benefit of structural health monitoring of historical structures and sensi-tive facilities. Moreover, the analyzed measurements can be implemented in further structural dynamic analysis (Modal analysis), for repair and remodeling purpose. Moreover, it can aid in structural testing as for static and dynamic bridge loading tests.

Design and Implementation of a Smart Home Energy Management System PDF

Tochukwu Ironsi, Michael Adelabu

The exponential growth in complexity and declining cost of electrical parts has led to a proliferation of electrical appliances in the household, thus increasing the electricity demand. Increased tariffs and lapses in electricity supply by the Nigerian government and growing environmental concern has collectively influenced the need for the consumer to be able to effectively monitor and hence efficiently consume the limited energy.

Evaluation of Heavy Metal Pollution in Soils of Warri and Environs, Southwestern Nigeria, Using Contamination Indexes PDF

Chinemelu, E.S. and Okeke, O.C.

The concentrations of heavy metals (Pb, Cd, As, Ni, Cu, Zn) in soils of Warri and environs were determined using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS). The mean concentrations of heavy metals obtained in all samples from the study area showed an increasing order of As>Cd>Pb>Ni>Cr>Zn>Cu>Fe. In order to ascertain their pollution status, the environmental indexes: geoaccumulation index, contamination factor and enrichment factor were used to quantitatively ascertain the extent of soil pollution, especially from anthropogenic activities.

Response of Local Bean from Tanimbar on Nitrogen Fixing Azotobacter PDF

Reginawanti Hindersah, Priyanka Asmiran

Food security in Tanimbar Island, Maluku Tenggara Barat Regency, is depend on local bean as carbohydrate, fat and protein sources in their diet. Appropriate fertilization is needed to support sustainable bean productivity due to low nitrogen content of Tanimbar’s soil.

Eye Diseases Monitoring using Ultrasound Technology PDF

Safaa Makram Mohamed, Ashraf Ali Wahba, Mohamed Ali Ahmed Eldosoky

In this paper, new model implemented based on real images of disc topography and average retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) took from Topcon three dimensional optical coherence topography (Topcon 3D OCT) in ophthalmology institute of Cairo, Egypt, these images for different cases of normal, mild and severe glaucoma patients, in this model the ultrasound elastography technology applied on finite element model of human eye produced deformation according to different loads on optic disc re-gion when stress 0.02 MPa applied on normal case, mild and severe glaucoma cases

Artifact correction of EEG signals using Kernel FastICA based on Mutual Information PDF

J. Sheshagiri Babu

The signals collected from scalp are often called as electroencephalography (EEG) signals .These are usually contaminated by other signals like electrooculography (EOG) signals which are often called as artifacts. The recorded brain signals are mixtures of both EEG and EOG signals. Since the required EEG signal is having an extra unwanted EOG information, this leads to wrong diagnosis of brain activity. The main objective here is removal of this unwanted EOG signal. There are several signal processing methods to solve this problem.


Bassey Oben, Shalgwen Julius Katshin

Le désaccord conjugal est un phénomène universel qui menace la convivialité familiale. Nombreux sont de couples qui n’en arrivent pas à atteindre la paix dans leurs mariages, le résultat étant souvent la rupture inévitable de leurs unions. Rien d’étonnant à ce que le taux de divorces et celui de meurtres est en montant.

Effectiveness of Postural Awareness Program among People with Persistent Low Back Pain PDF

Nadeem Amar Lal, Syed Zain Ali, Soleman Warnar, Imtiaz Afridi, Rabiqa Saleem, Dr. Breera Amjad, Dr. Erum Tanveer

Background and Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of postural awareness program as compared to different age group in subjects with persistent low back pain (LBP) at short term follow-up (i.e. 6 weeks 18 sessions thrice in a week).


Ren Zaiying , Faisal Imran

Education positively affects economic growth. The growth and progress of education increaseknowledge and information, which is reflected in improved factors of production. Education and technology increase human capacity to increase production and achieve high rates of economic growth. The theoretical analysis of the relationship between Chinese investments in higher education, technological innovation, and economic growth, selected data from China (1995–2018) were selected and the autoregressive vector (VAR) model was used between three.

Analysis of Urban Expansion and its Impact on Land Surface Temperature in Lome City (Togo) Using Remote Sensing and Gis PDF

Komi A. Edokossi

Land surface temperature (LST) monitoring is being increasingly recognized due to the role it plays in environmental studies; and there is a strong interest in retrieval or measuring it from the space due to quickly retrieval methods and large study area covering.


Ajetunmobi David Tunmise and Adeola Ademola

Pedal Powered Hacksaw can be used for light duty cutting operations of plywood, soft-bamboo, and iron rod. This paper consists of a crank and slider mechanism. In the mechanism, pedal is directly connected to the hacksaw through crank and slider mechanism for the processing of cutting the plywood, bamboo, and iron rod.

Characterization of Nanomaterial from Medical Waste PDF

Enni Sulfiana, Andi Erwin Eka Putra, Novriany Amaliyah

Medical waste is all waste produced by hospital activities and other supporting activities in the form of a combination or mixture of water and pollutants carried by water, both in dissolved and suspended conditions that are wasted and at certain times mixed with ground water, water surface, or rainwater. Examples of medical liquid waste are from the kitchen, laundry, laboratories and seepage of septic tank tanks.

An Ensemble Framework for Software Defect Prediction PDF

Shiwang Agarwal

Defect Prediction is a very necessary tool in the maintenance and durability of software. It increases durability, reduces cost and most important efforts. It increases the efficiency of the software. In this paper, a verifiable study is done to analyse the performance and durability of software.

Universal Design for Mobile Learning among EFL Students in Higher Education PDF

Zeynab Moosavi

In the new era of globalization, English as the global language for communication is having a considerable impact on every field of work such as economics, business, politics, education, technology and science. However, learning English is very challenging in a non-English-speaking country like Iran where students have no chance to communicate with the native speakers of English outside the classroom

Effectiveness of Nonlinear Modelling and Computer Aided Design based Technique in the Control System PDF

Imran S. Sarwar

Two methods for modeling of mechatronics system such as pan tilt platform (PTP) are presented based on Lagrange-Euler (LE) modeling method and Computer Aided Design (CAD) based technique. The objective of this research work is to derive nonlinear model of PTP, apply the controller for motion control of PTP, check the stability and create virtual simulation of the PTP to point in a desired direction.


Ezeibe A. U., Achilike J. B., Nleonu E. C. and Atuegbu O. M.

Magnetic Iron Oxide (Fe3O4) nanoparticles were synthesized by chemical co-precipitation method. The decomposition of ciprofloxacin under Fe3O4 and UV radiation was evaluated under contact time and catalyst dose using conductory method. The IR absorption band shows mineralization of the compound was not achieved and the result exhibited photocatalysis than photolysis.

Effective Well operations in the Niger Delta using static and dynamic rock property correlations PDF

Ogunrinde Joshua Oluwayomi, Dosunmu Adewale, Godwin J. Udom

The knowledge of the rock strength in the Niger delta field is essential in reducing problems that occur during drilling operations. The problems include; use of inaccurate drilling bit as well as casing, incorrect mud weight prediction for drilling operations which have resulted to wellbore instability problems faced in the Oil and Gas industry.

Quality Evaluation of PHP Frameworks PDF

Syed Taimoor Ali, Jun Long

Now a day’s frameworks are playing vital role in development of web-based applications. In this article, world wide web-based development has been carried to compare the two most widely used PHP frameworks in the development community; Yii and CodeIgniter. The study is based on comparison of both frameworks by considering various quality frameworks, moreover we have implemented web-based Inventory system to validate results.

Effect of Tempering Temperatures on the Mechanical Performance of Soda-Lime-Silica Glass PDF

B. Oji and O. Aletan

This work seeks to investigate the effect of tempering temperature on the mechanical performance of soda-lime glass. The glass samples were cut into 130 x 30 x 4 mm and heated at varying temperature ranges of 570, 590, 610, 630 and 650oC respectively in a muffle furnace. The samples were then tempered by rapid ooling in a bath of oil and allowed to cool to room temperature.

Everydayness of Power: Understanding Experiences of Women Within Intimate Relationships PDF

Tanya Lamba

The aim of the paper is to try to understand the power within an intimate heterosexual relationship from the perspective of the woman and how the partners negotiate the social structures of patriarchy and caste.The paper looks at everdayness of power in the lives of women in relation to their intimate relationships. The concepts that have been discussed here are how time is a gendered concept, how women assert and negotiate their independence within an intimate relationship. Then I discuss the strategies that women use and the adjustments they make to negotiate with the wider patriarchal structures within their intimate relationships.

Antibacterial Activity Study of Graphene Oxide-Polyaniline (GO-PANI) and GO-PANI-Mupirocin Composite against Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus PDF

Sm. Shafiur Rahman, Mst. Maria Rahman, Prof. Dr. Md. Shajahan, Abdullah Al-Mamun

Graphene Oxide (GO) and Polyaniline (PANI) were synthesized by modified Hummers method and Oxidative polymerization respectively. GO-PANI and GO-PANI-Mupirocin composites were synthesized by simple dispersion methods during polymerization. The synthesized composites were characterized by Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR). Characterization results confirmed their formation.

Composition Study of Soil Seed Bank at Gera Moist Evergreen Afromontane Forest, Jimma Zone of Oromia Regional State, Southwest Ethiopia PDF

Yohannis Teklu, Tamrat Bekele

Soil seed banks are important sources of new individuals for many plant populations and contribute to future genetic variability. The objective of this study was to investigate the composition of soil seed bank at Gera moist afromontane forest. A total of fifty quadrats were established in the selected sites. The quadrat size (30m × 30 m) for trees, shrubs and herbs and with seedling (height ? 1.0 m), sapling (height between 1 and 3 m) and mature tree/shrub (height >3 m) laid down to examine similarity between standing vegetation and seed bank flora as well as natural regeneration of the study site.

Performance of a Cognitive Cooperative Relay aided Downlink Multi-Carrier Code Division Multiple Access (MC-CDMA) System PDF

Md. Alomgir Kabir, Hafsa M. Ali, Fahmida Ahmed Antara, M. Shamim Kaiser

With the advent of Internet of Things and 5G wireless services, the scarcity of radio resources is increasing. The Cognitive Radio Network can reduce spectrum scarcity problem by sharing licenced spectrum to the secondary users.

Root Cause Analysis in Integrated Tire Manufacturing using Shainin Group Comparison Method PDF

Aris Tri Marjoko, Bambang Biantoro, Choiri Purwanto, Sawarni Hasibuan

Mass production condition in the manufacturing has high speed and high amount of product quantity. It needs fasterr and appropriate problem solving (PS) to handling a quality problem in order to minimize the losses. Many method of PS can be chosen by manufacture base on the conditions of each process and type of quality problem .

Improving the Properties of Asphalt Concrete Using Waste Plastic Bottle as Additive PDF

Rocksana Akter, Md. Rabiul Islam and Kazi Abu Manjur

Disposal of waste plastic bottles are hazardous for environment as they are non-biodegradable. In this study waste plastic bottles were used as additive to investigate whether it would improve the properties of asphalt concrete. For this purpose four different series of asphalt concrete samples were produced using shredded waste plastic bottle in different proportions ( 0%, 0.25%, 0.50%, and 0.75% by weight of total aggregate and five different percentages of asphalt (4.5%, 5.0%, 5.5%, 6.0% and 6.5% by weight of total aggregate).

Diversity of Araceae in Mae Takhrai National Park, Chiang Mai Province in Thailand PDF

Oraphan Sungkajanttranon, Dokrak Marod, Sahanat Petchsri, Kritsiam Kongsatree, Anothai Peankonchong, Thunthicha Chotpiseksit, Benjawan Supnuam

Araceae species were surveyed by strip plots width 10 m along the two nature trails in Mae Takhrai National Park, Chiang Mai Province in Thailand, 1) Mae Takhrai Reservoir Nature Trail in Amphoe Mae On, distances 4 kilometres (km), at 500-700 meters above mean sea level (m amsl), and 2) Park Head Office Nature Trail in Amphoe Doi Saket, distance 3 km, at 400-700 m amsl, during January 2016 to February 2018.


Kathlyn Abadilla Mata

This study sought to determine what makes young Filipina happy. This study was conducted in a University in Northern Philippines whereby descriptive survey design was utilized with 691 female teenagers as respondents. The Myerrs-Briggs Type Indicator a standardized personality test coupled with structured questionnaire were the main data gathering instruments.

Quality of life of patients before and after implantation of total knee endoprostesis PDF

Nerma Alievi, Meliha Hidi, Amina Pljaki, Hadan Konjo, Adnan ehi, Fuad Julardija, Samir Bojii, Belma Tuki

INTRODUCTION: Diseases of the locomotor system or musculoskeletal disease are on the rise, mainly due to the ageing of the population but also due to lifestyle changes. Those are the main cause of chronic pain and disability in the modern world. Thanks to the achievements of modern medicine, in patients with advanced osteoarthritis of the hip or knee it is possible to replace the diseased joint with an endoprosthesis, with very good long-term results related to pain reduction and function improvement.


In 2010, the UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS) evaluates that the greater part surprisingly living with HIV/AIDS are women. It is assessed that, in Africa, ladies are twice as liable to contract HIV-1 through sexual intercourse involving vagina contrasted to men and are along these lines thought to be vulnerable persons in the population. The improvement of a female microbicide that gives security against HIV-1 infection is a promising preventive and precaution strategy.

Role of biotechnology to meet 2050 global demand of population growth in the current situation of livestock challenge in the Developing country: A Review PDF

Misikir Mengistu, Praveen Yadav, and Lema Gemeda

Nowadays the facts indicate that’s the human population rise 7.7 billion as of April 2019 according to the most recent United Nations estimates elaborated by World meters beside the burden of demand daily on the production sector of livestock which hindered by the consequences of overpopulation and climate change that pushes land degradation, decrease in soil fertility which are challenges of getting recommended animal daily intake basically feed.

Isolation, Characterization and Identification of Bacteria emanating from Sawdust generated in Ahiake Saw mill, Umuahia,Abia State, Nigeria PDF

Idu,E.G , Nwaubani,D.A, Inyang,M.P

The isolation, identification and characterization of bacteria from sawdust was carried out. Sawdust waste samples were collected from different spots in the Ahiake saw mill, Umuahia. The media used were nutrient agar for total aerobic plate count, McConkey agar for coliform count and cellulolytic media for cellulolytic count. The pour plate method was employed. Colonial morphology, gram staining and biochemical tests were used for the identification of the bacteria.

Activity of Inhibition Bacterial Pathogens from Symbiotic Yogurt of Yellow Yam Tuber with the Addition of Probiotics strains L. rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium ssp PDF

Febrindah Ester Tambalean, Afriza Yelnetty, Maria Sumual

The advantages of yogurt products compared to others functional food is the inhibitory activity of pathogenic bacteria. The combination of bacterial culture in yogurt continues to be developed thus gaining a bacterial culture that can maximize health effects especially to prevent the overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria (normal microflora) in the gastrointestinal tract.

Students’ Performance in National Achievement Test using an Inquiry-based Science Teaching in Public Secondary Schools PDF

Mae V. Ceblano

Inquiry-based teaching encourages students to learn by themselves. Teachers help students generate their own content-related questions and guide the investigation that follows. This method of teaching enhances student engagement, academic achievement and higher order learning outcomes. In this study, the researcher assessed the performance of the fourth year students in Science in which inquiry-based teaching was applied.

A survey concept on Deep Learning PDF


Artifical intelligence is an area of computer science that emphasize the creation of Intelligence machines that work and react like human . ie, machine can learn and think .The team machine learning , deep learning and AI are interconnected with each other. Deep Learning is a subset of machine learning and machine learning is a subset of AI, which is an umbrella term for any computer program that does something smart. Machine learning is set of algorithms that parse data, learn have learning to make intelligent decision.

Exploring Batangas State University Graduates’ Perceptions on BS Chemistry Learning Outcomes PDF

Angelica A. Angeles-Macalalad, Bryan John A. Magoling

This research aimed to explore the perceptions of Bachelor of Science (BS) in Chemistry graduates on the knowledge and skills they have developed through-out their programme of study at the Batangas State University. In this study, graduates from the BS in Chemistry program of Batangas State University (n=46) were asked of their personal perceptions toward their initial skills at the start of their study, their improvement throughout the programme, and their current confidence level in applying these outcomes in their current jobs or posts.

Analysis of a 7-storied RC Building with Different Patterns of Cross Bracing System PDF

Captain Sheikh Rifat Iftekhar, Ehsanul Kabir, Tasnuva Farnaz

In this study, the seismic analysis of reinforced concrete (RC) buildings with different bracing patterns namely, no bracing, full bracing, partial bracing, alternate floor bracing and alternate partial bracing is studied. The bracing is provided for peripheral columns and any two parallel sides of building model. A seven-storey (mid-rise) residential building situated in Dhaka city is analyzed for seismic zone II as per BNBC 2006 using ETABS 9.6.0 and ANSYS 10.0 softwares.

Mahogany Fruit Husk-derived Activated Carbon for Removal of Cr (VI) from Aqueous Solution PDF

Bryan John A. Magoling, Angelica A. Angeles-Macalalad

Lignocellulosic agricultural wastes, such as mahogany fruit husk (MFH), shows great potential as a precursor for the production of activated carbon (AC) because of its abundance in nature and great economic value. In this work, AC was prepared from MFH via chemical impregnation with phosphoric acid (H3PO4) and thermal treatment. Response surface methodology (RSM) involving central composite design (CCD) was utilized to investigate the interactions among the adsorption parameters pH and adsorbate concentration, and their effect on chromium (VI) removal from aqueous solution.

IoT Based Health Monitoring & Fall Detection System PDF

Noushin Jannat; M. Tanzeeb Rubaiat Haque

The term IoT encompasses everything connected to the internet, however it is progressively getting used to outline objects that discuss with one another. Health monitoring and fall detection using IoT advantages can improve the daily lifestyle of elderly people. In this paper, we present an IoT based health monitoring and fall detection system for elderly people [1].


Fatima Baba Ciroma, Kabiru Sani Daroda, Stephen Zemo Audu

Developing Nigeria in both economic and human resource capital represents a recurring theme in both National development and transformation plans of the country over the years. Technical education, with its emphasis on exploration of career options, support of basic academic, leadership and skill provision for industry-defined work represents a viable and urgent alternative in achieving these objectives.