Volume 6, Issue 11

Design and Construction of An Arduino based Wireless Remote Controlled Video Capturing Vehicle PDF

Nathan David, Umunnakwe Amarachi, Odiaka Chinonso, Okoye Ife-ebube

This research work focuses on achieving a mobile remote controlled monitoring system. The (VCV) is a wireless remotely controlled video capturing device with full ground mobility. The Video Capturing Vehicle comprises the mechanical mobility system, with other devices mounted on it. The other devices include the Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller, which interprets control signals according to the code in it and sends out the corresponding action commands to control the movement of the VCV; the Bluetooth Slave, for wireless control signal reception; the distance sensor, for avoidance of obstacles; the L298N motor shield, which provides the appropriate H-bridge circuit for moving the wheels, the motor drivers and wheels, which perform the actual movement; an IP camera, for video surveillance. The Remote Control System is made up of a Smartphone, on which the control application is developed, and operated from. The Video Capturing Vehicle is aimed at reaching areas inaccessible to humans. It can be used in biologically hazardous areas to gather data, aiding scientific research and control.

A Computer-Based Comparative Performance Analysis of QPSK and 4-QAM Schemes in Fading Channels PDF

B. O. Omijeh and Sukubo

Amongst the industry trend of modulation schemes are the QPSK and QAM schemes. The 4QAM scheme is one of the categories of QAMs, and is an equivalent of the QPSK scheme in terms of number of information bits transmitted per symbol. In this research, not only are the two schemes compared in Rayleigh and Rician fading environment, comparison was also made to find out the BER performance differences of each scheme in the fading channels by applying SNR/BER as key performance indicator. With a design modeled in Simulink for this purpose, various instances of simulations were run and the resulting values of SNR/BER over different time period recorded for QPSK and 4QAM in the fading channels. By ensuring proper signal alignment and comparing the experimental product of SNR and BER with the theoretical expression SNR x BER = 1, the data set obtained and thus, the results are considered reliable. Findings show that 4QAM is generally a better modulation scheme but, is preferable in Rayleigh fading channel at the cost of transmission stability. It was also established that QPSK is an ideal choice in Rician environment than it is in Rayleigh fading environment

Examination of Teachers’ Perceptions in Some Approved Science Textbooks as Useful Instructional Aid to Them in Junior Secondary Schools in Ebonyi State of Nigeria PDF

Dr. (Mrs) Nwafor C.E, Umoke C.C.

This study was designed to examine the teachers’ perceptions in some approved computer textbooks as useful instructional aid to them in Junior Secondary Schools in Ebonyi State of Nigeria. The sample of the study consisted of three (3) approved computer textbooks, 30 computer teachers randomly selected from the three (3) Education zones of the State. The instrument used for data collection is Teachers’ Perception Rating Scale (TPRS). The data were analysed using descriptive statistics (mean computation). The results of the findings showed that the teachers’ perceptions in the approved computer textbooks in use in Junior Secondary Schools in Ebonyi State was adequate. Based on the findings, conclusion were drawn and it was recommended that teachers should use many of the approved computer textbooks in both studies and lessons

Critical Path in a Project Network using TOPSIS Method and Linguistic Trapezoidal Fuzzy Numbers PDF

B. Pardha saradhi, N.Ravi Shankar

The intent of this paper, Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution (TOPSIS) is implemented for project management to get to the foundation of the critical path in the network of a fuzzy project. Linguistic Trapezoidal fuzzy numbers are appended to establish the final evaluation value of fuzzy activity times for each path in the fuzzy project network. A numerical paradigm is furnished to illuminate the procedure of the TOPSIS method insinuates and regulating the critical path with distinctive yardsticks.

A Survey on Design Pattern Formalisms PDF

A.V.Sriharsha, Dr. A.Rama Mohan Reddy

In order to construct large and complex software systems which provide the necessary infrastructure in a systematic manner, the focus in the development methodologies has switched in the last two decades from functional issues to structural issues. The encapsulation principle is essential to both the object-oriented and the more recent component based software engineering paradigms. Formal methods have been applied successfully to the verification of medium sized programs in protocol and hardware design. In this paper a brief review about software systems and essential survey of formal methods has been presented.

A Study That Identify the Relationship between the Financial Leverage and Firms Profitability: Empirical Evidence from Oil and Gas Companies of Pakistan Listed In KSE PDF

Tooba Raheel, Faiza Maqbool Shah

This study identifies the relationship between the financial leverage and Firms profitability of Oil and Gas marketing companies of Pakistan listed on Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE). The study was identified 05 companies listed on the KSE for the period starting from year 2007 to 2012. The Degree of Operating Leverages (DOL), Degree of Financial Leverage (DFL) & Degree of Combined Leverage (DCL) are the independent variables and Earning per Share (EPS) is the dependent variable for this study. The present study used the correlation coefficient and linear regression to measure the variables. The findings revealed that there is no significant relationship of DOL, DFL and DCL with EPS. Thus, fixed operating expenses and the financing mix decisions of the firm are not significantly impact the earning capacity of the listed companies in KSE.

Effects of Upsurge of Human Traffic on the Quality of Service of GSM Network in Eagle Square Abuja, Nigeria PDF

Ukhurebor Kingsley E, Andikara John, Azi S.O

Due to the rapid increase in the number of mobile subscribers in Abuja, Nigeria the optimization and performance evaluation of GSM network quality is therefore a key parameter in the race for subscribers and this can only be achieved where the network is sufficiently optimized to meet the grade of services expected from its subscribers/customers. This research is aimed at finding the panacea to the effects and defects of GSM network especially during Human upsurge so as to improve and ensure better quality of service for the generality of the subscribers.

Analysis and Rectification of Factors Contributing Delays in Construction of Power Projects PDF

Ganesh Kumar Pamarthi, Tejaswini Borra

This paper aims at identifying various factors of delays during the capacity planning and the execution phase of BoP by using suitable delay analysis techniques. Delay analysis is the technique used to identify causes of delay and the impact they have on the progress and completion of a project. It is necessary in some form for claims for extensions of time and cost of prolongation. Without it a contractor will fail to demonstrate any entitlement.It is crucial to any claim that the most appropriate method of delay analysis is adopted. If we choose a method that fails to deal with issues such as culpable delays, concurrent delays and changes in logic then the claim might be easily rebutted. Whereas, using a sophisticated method for a simple issue can be a waste of time and money. A number of factors influence the selection of approach including the requirements of the contract, quality of the contractor’s planned programme, quality and extent of records and the complexity of the issue.

Segmentation of Tooth and Pulp from Dental Radiographs PDF

Christy Elezabath Tom, Jerin Thomas

Teeth and pulp segmentation for periapical radiographs is one of the most critical tasks for effective segmentation in periapical radiographs, and the process is difficult due to noise, low contrast, and uneven illumination of the dental radiographs. For accurate segmentation, images must be preprocessed either by image enhancement or image transformation or both so that the aforementioned problems will be reduced as much as possible. In this work, proposed an effective scheme to segment each tooth and pulp in periapical radiographs. The method consists of four stages: image enhancement using Contrast Limited Adequate Histogram Equalization(CLAHE), local singularity analysis using Hölder exponent, connected component analysis, and tooth segmentation using Chan-Vese segmentation.

Environmental and Performance Impact of Jatropha Biodiesel Blends on Combustion in Compression Ignition Engine PDF

S.I. Hawash, K.M. El-Khatib and G. El Diwani

In this study, extracted oil from jatropha seeds was used to produce neat (pure) biodiesel through transesterification, and this converted biodiesel was used to prepare biodiesel/diesel blends. This study presents the preliminary research results of an investigation carried out on the potentiality of different biodiesel blends as an alternative fuel for compression ignition engines at load and no load conditions. The main objective of this research is to compare selected emissions of petroleum diesel with jatropha biodiesel fuel blends (B10, B20, B30, and B100) and B10* treated by ozonation. B20 produced the lowest CO concentration for engine test. B50 produced higher CO2 than other fuels for all engine tests, where B20 gave the highest. The biodiesel and biodiesel/diesel blend fuels produced higher NOx for various engine tests as expected. SO2 formation showed an increasing trend as the percentage of diesel increased in the fuels. Overall, we may conclude that B20 is the optimum fuel blends.


Umesh Kumar, S. N. Singh & V. Seshadri

In the present experimental investigation, the pressure drop measurements are done over a length of 4.0 m in 50 mm NB diameter pipe line under fully developed flow conditions using a pilot plant test loop for narrow sized silica sand slurry and bi-modal slurry. The bi-modal slurry consists of narrow sized silica sand and fly ash as fine particles in different proportions keeping the overall efflux concentration. The deposition velocity characteristics of the abovementioned slurries are also measured experimentally. For bi-model slurry, at an efflux concentration of 20.4% (by weight), the pressure drop reduces considerably with addition of the fine particles and the reduction in pressure drop is more at lower velocities. Further, at efflux concentration of 33.9% (by weight), the pressure drop reduces at higher rate for low velocity region as compared to high velocity region with addition of the fine particles. The bi-model slurry shows slight reduction in deposition velocity with increase in percentage of fines for both efflux concentrations.

QSAR study of isatin(1H-indole-2,3-dione) analogues as in vitro anti-cancer agents using the statistical analysis methods and the artificial neural network PDF

Y.Boukarai, F.Khalil, M.Bouachrine

Isatin (1H-indole-2,3-dione) and its derivatives arepotent anticancer agents, these compounds inhibit cancer cells proliferation and tumorgrowth.A study of quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) is applied to a set of 47 molecules derived from isatin, in order to predict the anticancer biological activity of the test compounds and find a correlation between the differentphysic-chemical parameters (descriptors) of these compounds and its biological activity, using multiple linear regression (MLR) and the artificial neural network (ANN).The topological and the electronic descriptors were computed, respectively, withACD/ChemSketchand (ChemDraw Ultra 8.0, ChemBioDraw Ultra 14.0) programs. A good correlation was found between the experimental activity and that obtained by MLR such as (R = 0.94 and R2 = 0.88), this result could be improved with ANN such as(R = 0.97 andR2 = 0.94) with an architecture ANN (5-3-1). To test the performance of the neural network and the validity of our choice of descriptors selected by MLR and trained by ANN, we used cross-validation method (CV) such as (R = 0.95 and R2 = 0.90) with the procedure leave-one-out (LOO).

Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic panel Characteristics using MATLAB PDF


A MATLAB programming for the solar PV cell, modules and array is developed and presented in this dissertation. This programming is based on the fundamental circuit equations of a solar PV cell taking into account the effects of physical and environmental parameters such as the solar radiation and cell temperature

A GIS Model for Site Selection of Industrial Zones in Sri Lanka PDF

G.M.T.S. Fernando, Ven. Pinnawala Sangasumana, C.H.Edussuriya

Site selection of industrial zones in Sri Lanka has become a critical issue and a sensitive decision making process that may create a range of socioeconomic and environmental problems over time. Hence, several site selection criteria and appropriate methods for establishing industries have to be concerned by the decision makers and authorities before locating industrial zones in particular regions. Though, at present the enormous data volume and complex criteria regarding this field are available, the suitable site selection process is still problematic. Therefore, this paper assumes that, in some extent, such failures can be overcome by applying Geographic Information System (GIS) and Multi-criteria Decision Making Techniques into the site selection process of industrial zones.

Decreasing Musculoskeletal Complaints by Developing Product Design based on Ergonomics Participatory PDF

Wahyu Susihono

The farming tools are vary, but nevertheless there are still some design of farming and building tools only consider the function but do not consider the wants and needs of users. Farmer are given product that are ready to use produced by large industry while construction workers only hammering the nail using ready to use hammer every day. Some tools only consider the function and have not adjusted to anthropometry of hands so that there are potential of force postures in operating, handle is not comfortable, early Complaints frequently happen when operating tools which is signed by spontan rest. Using of tools which does not consider the wants of users will effect to increase of postural stress of workers. Therefore design that considering the wants and needs of users by using participatory ergonomic approach is needed. This research is an experimental research using the post test only control group design because population of farmer considered homogen. Subjects totaled 46 are chosen randomly. Musculoskeletal complaints are measured by questionnaire Nordic Body Map (NBM). Result of questionnaire are compared and analyzed. Result shows that there is meaningful decrease between average score of musculoskeletal complaints when using conventional sickle with new design of sickle, but in use of hammer, there is no meaningful decrease because the change is only 3.681%. Redesign of tools based on user need could decrease musculoskeletal complaint as 15.517%

Quantifying Land use/cover change of Oredo, Egor, Ikpoba-Okha LGA, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria from 1987-2013 PDF

Dirisu Dolo Kelvin, Frimpong Emmanuel Osei, Eguaroje Onoshi Ezekiel, Alaga Abayomi Taofik

With the phenomenal increasing population globally and in particular Nigeria, it is very important to be aware of the limited resources that are available to the huge number of people. The size of land remains unchanged (devoid of a catastrophe) but to put the land in good use to be sustainable, it is crucial to know the various land cover and land uses of an area to be able to plan how future developments would be executed. This information notwithstanding is not readily available to authorities to help plan the area. It is for this reason that this work was carried out to provide this gab in knowledge on the LULC of the Oredo, Egor, Ikpoba-Okha local government areas (LGA) which are forms the main growing areas of Benin City of Edo State in Nigeria. Changes in the LCLU between the period of 1987 and 2013 in the study area were considered and how the lands uses changed during that period, using geospatial techniques.

Speech Recognition with Hidden Markov Model: A Review PDF

Shivam Sharma

The concept of Recognition one phase of Speech Recognition Process using Hidden Markov Model has been discussed in this paper. Preprocessing, Feature Extraction and Recognition three steps and Hidden Markov Model (used in recognition phase) are used to complete Automatic Speech Recognition System. Today’s life human is able to interact with computer hardware and related machines in their own language. Research followers are trying to develop a perfect ASR system because we have all these advancements in ASR and research in digital signal processing but computer machines are unable to match the performance of their human utterances in terms of accuracy of matching and speed of response. In case of speech recognition the research followers are mainly using three different approaches namely Acoustic phonetic approach, Knowledge based approach and Pattern recognition approach. This paper’s study is based on pattern recognition approach and the third phase of speech recognition process ‘Recognition’ and Hidden Markov Model is studied in detail.


Dr.kokila.P and Rathika.S

Water samples were collected in four major estuaries of Kanyakumari District to analyse the distribution of dissolved nutrients and it is said to be polluted. Water samples were analysed for physico-chemical parameters including pH, turbidity, electrical conductivity,total hardness, dissolved oxygen , BOD and anions were analysed like Ca, Mg, Fe, free ammonia, NO3-, SO42-, PO42-, F- and Cl- during the different seasons of monsoon period from August - January (2011-2012).The concentrations of most of the investigated parameters in the water sample from Manakudy(Station1), Rajakamangalam(Station2), Kadiyapattanam (Station 3), Thengapattanam (Station 4) estauries in Kanyakumari district were exceeded the permissible limit of WHO, CPHEEO water quality guidelines.

A Study on the Major Causes of Labour Unrest and Its Effect on the RMG Sector of Bangladesh PDF

Kamrul Hasan, Ashraful Islam, Md. Arifuzzaman

Labour unrest is one of the important issues in RMG sector of Bangladesh. Letting this issue unsolved could lead Bangladesh RMG sector to a place, where other competing countries become a threat in the international market of RMG. To find out the causes behind labour unrest, data collection has been carried out by questionnaire and interview methods. 20 workers & 20 staff from different garment factory of Dhaka, Savar, Gazipur and Narayanganj have been brought under the questionnaire method. The major causes of labor unrest or turbulence have been explored from the responses of the respondents. These are- irregularities in payment, low wage, mistreatment of the workers by managers/ officers, rumor, absence of trade union, conspiracy, non-execution of labor laws, unruly nature of the workers and political intervention. In key issues regarding labor unrest such as investigating the incidents of labor unrest, bridging the gap between the factory owners and workers, improving law and order situation, majority of the respondents want the involvement of ‘tripartite committee’ (a committee formed by the representatives of Government, factory owners and workers) which indicates a bright prospect of public-private cooperation in addressing labor unrest in the RMG sector of Bangladesh. If private sectors with their first-hand knowledge and experience cooperate with public agencies having power and authority, labor unrest in the RMG sector of Bangladesh is supposed to be solved.

The Advantages of Web-Based Businesses for Entrepreneurs PDF

Amardeep Virdy

Entrepreneurship is generally regarded as a force of change, innovation and development in modern economies. Entrepreneurs bring new and better products to markets, restore allocated efficiency through arbitrage and reinvest their profits. In this paper we explore the various dimensions and advantages of taking a business online & the various possibilities of expansion and growth it offers. Internet can open doors to a completely new segment of marketing and promotion of a product at minimum cost of resources. The internet allows one to increase productivity and sales and at the same time cutting on daily costs of business. This cuts the time and costs of daily management of resources. Thus the main objective of our research is to understand the need and importance of internet and web–based businesses in entrepreneur world. It has totally proved to be advantageous, catering to people of various age groups from very young to old.

Review on Photo and video sharing privacy based on multiclass classifier in OSN PDF

Ms.Devyani P Khambekar, Prof.Shaikh I.R

Message sharing, photo sharing video sharing are the important aspects of online social network. Sharing such data requires security. There need to have a system that provide security to such shared data based on the content of post. Post may have different format such as text, image, video etc. There should be some mechanism that enables the user to participate in decision making activity of his/her photo and video sharing on any users wall. By analyzing post data and based on user policies decision can be taken to share or block the content. In case of multimedia data System automatically detects the user form shared images and video using efficient facial recognition FR technique. In this paper I am analyzing multiple systems and their contribution in this OSN security domain.

Face Recognition and Retrieval Using Association Rules in Android Operating System PDF

Dr.Abdul-Wahab Sami Ibrahim, Raniah Ali Mustafa

The task of face recognition has been actively researched in recent years. The goal of this paper is to implement face detection and face recognition system on the Android Operating System for use on mobile devices. After difficulties were experienced while attempting to inte-grate the two Components, a Visual Basic implementation was accomplished instead. In this paper, we present face detection algorithm was successfully implemented on Android Operating System version (4.3) which involved programming in Java language version 6 and face recognition system successfully implemented in programming language visual basic 6.0. The main idea of the proposed system depends on the fact that any face image person has multi unique features. These features are different from one face image to another. Our proposed algorithm depends on moment invariants to extract features from the face image person to extract association rules between these features to recognition face images person and retrieval. And then each face image is sored with its association rules in the association rules database to be used in face image recognition and retrieval systems. Where using canny edge detection in moment invariant. In this paper the features vector that represent the face features consists of seven features. The proposed system tested on dataset consists of 300 images for 30 persons for each person 15 images in different lighting conditions, varied in expression, orientations, illumination, skin color, background, ages, and faces shapes (the mouth and eyes are open or closed, with or without glasses, male and female... etc.). The achieved training rate was 100% and recognition rate 84.3% and the average of precision 82%.

Temperature Prediction and Validation of V-Gutter for an Aeroengine Afterburner PDF

Batchu Suresh, S. Kishore Kumar

Military aircraft engines employ afterburner system for increasing the thrust required during combat and take-off flight conditions V-gutter is employed in an aeroengine afterburner for stabilization of the flame during reheat. The hybrid methodology of V-gutter metal temperature prediction is discussed in the present work.

Glass ceiling: a perspective of women working in Karachi, Pakistan PDF

Sana Mobin,Samreen Lodhi

In this 21st century the concept of glass ceiling follow in many organizations. We can say that there is an improvement not cut from the root. There are so many women are who are very talented, expressive, more cooperative, more foster, critical analyzer, stress manager as compare to men but unfortunately no able prove themselves because of this concept. This is also happening when women’s have no support from their friends and family.The main reason of this research is find out why this is happening still in this 21st century. Although peoples of this era are more educated and board minded but somewhere this concept is follow by their selves. In this period because of high inflation rate it is not possible that one man can full the stomach of six to seven peoples of their family members. It is time of full participation from the side of women. So this is clear from the result that still in this 21st century the concept of gender discrimination is follow by many organization and the social norms which greatly affects the women’s skill and talent.The independent variables of this research include; gender discrimination, social norms, family influence and the dependent variables are: education, skills and success.

Glass ceiling: a perspective of women working in Karachi PDF

Sana Mobin

In this 21st century the concept of glass ceiling follow in many organizations. We can say that there is an improvement not cut from the root. There are so many women are who are very talented, expressive, more cooperative, more foster, critical analyzer, stress manager as compare to men but unfortunately no able prove themselves because of this concept. This is also happening when women’s have no support from their friends and family.The main reason of this research is find out why this is happening still in this 21st century. Although peoples of this era are more educated and board minded but somewhere this concept is follow by their selves. In this period because of high inflation rate it is not possible that one man can full the stomach of six to seven peoples of their family members. It is time of full participation from the side of women. So this is clear from the result that still in this 21st century the concept of gender discrimination is follow by many organization and the social norms which greatly affects the women’s skill and talent.The independent variables of this research include; gender discrimination, social norms, family influence and the dependent variables are: education, skills and success.

Brain Fingerprinting PDF

Tejas Rajput, Shaunak Chandorkar, Aney Khatavkar

Different technologies and methodologies have evolved with times for the effective deduction of crimes viz. Fingerprint testing, DNA testing , Polygraph testing (lie detectors). Brain fingerprinting is a new addition to this list and has proved beneficial. The basic idea is that the brain emits a unique brainwave pattern when confronted with a particular stimulus. This brainwave pattern is then studied with a well-devised algorithm and the necessary deductions are carried out to avoid any error. Brain Fingerprinting differs from the Polygraph Test in a way that it does not detect lies, stress, emotions. It simply determines if the information is ‘present’ or ‘absent’ and delivers a confidence based on computed statistics for each determination.Apart from criminology, this technique is useful in other applications too.

Wireless Sensor Network based Smart Home with Object Locating system for old age population PDF

Rasika Ranisng, Manita Rajput, Megha Kolhekar

The objective of this paper is to monitor environmental parameters and find lost objects, based on Wireless Sensor Networks built using ZigBee technology. Existing indoor positioning systems help find objects using technologies like RFID, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. Recent advances in the industry standards and lightweight wireless networking hardware suggest that ZigBee is found to be well suited for Smart homes and automation systems. This paper aims at developing a Smart Home system integrated with an object locating system. In this system, various sensors like temperature sensor for fire detection, LPG sensor gas leakage detection and Magnetic contact sensor to determine whether any door has been left open, are deployed. In case of any emergency, a warning message is generated, and played through a loudspeaker and an SMS is sent to the caregiver, simultaneously. When the user wants to find an object he/she can click on the relevant icon on the front panel of the LabVIEW screen which transmits a message to the lost object. The tag attached to the lost object then calculates the RSSI from each reference tag and replies the reader with the identity of the nearest reference tag along with the distance from that tag. An indication of the object location is then provided within a circle of radius of this distance. Thus, safe, sound and secure living can be provided to older people.

Impact of employee satisfaction on customer satisfaction in telecom sector of Pakistan PDF

Humaira aziz,Samreen Lodhi

The satisfied customers actually are the possessions of business, to implement enhanced business in this aggressive era, only employee satisfaction, reward and motivation amenities not competent to increases customer satisfaction ,but also other aspects in terms of organizations policies, high-quality product, product consistency, product features also required to enhance customer satisfaction, the findings of research concluded that only superior employees service to customers not lead higher customer satisfaction, result also explore that if companies have the policy to satisfy employee although if satisfied employees are not devoted ,realistic, competent, eligible and devoted with their work they not lead higher customer satisfaction , the findings of research also explore that it’s not necessary that merely trained and motivated employees increases customer satisfaction a lot of the other aspect also required for higher customer satisfaction, a few kind of training for employees is needed, but training of employees also include many negative aspect also, such as employees leave for better job, high training cost , wastage of time moreover if employees not have higher job satisfaction in terms of promotion, recognition it decreases employee morale as a result they not interested to entertained customers effectively either they are trained or not also if organizations motivated their employees through financial and another assertive but the employee is not enough qualified, , reliable, skilful, and knowledgeable to respond and satisfy customer requirements easily which lead poor customer satisfaction, to explore the correct result ,SPSS software used, study is descriptive in nature, a structured questionnaire was design to collect data, by using primary data the objective used for likerd scale were, strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree, strongly disagree, a questionnaire was close handed, the questionnaire was distributed among 220 employees and customers of mobilink, zong, warid, uphone, telenor out of which 170 forms were collected , qualitative data collection is taken to analyze the result, result concluded that employee satisfaction is not lead customer satisfaction.

Numerical Investigation of loaded and unloaded diffuser equipped with a flange PDF

Farouk Owisa, M .T. S. Badawyb, K. A. Abedb, H. E. Fawazb, Amr Elfekyb

Numerical investigations were carried out for flow fields of a flanged diffuser wind turbine. Influence of expansion angle, diffuser length, flange height and load factor on the flow field described by velocity contours, static pressure contours and streamlines was investigated. A commercial package “ANSYS FLUENT 14.5" is used as a solver, while Gambit program is used for constructing the problem domain and mesh generation. The results showed that increasing the expansion angle leads to accelerate the flow through the diffuser when the angles are between 0° and 12° where the flow field is characterized by undisturbed streamline flows, after that the expansion angle effect become negligible as the secondary fluid circulation is generated near the end of the diffuser and grow with expansion angle. Also increasing the diffuser length accelerates the flow entering the diffuser until the diffuser length to inlet diameter ratio reaches a value of 1.25. After that, a recirculation zone is formed at the end of the diffuser. A high pressure region is formed in front of the diffuser flange and a low pressure region is generated behind it. The intensity and area coverage of these regions increase with flange height which leads to increase the overall flow speed inside the diffuser till flange height to diffuser inlet diameter ratio reaches to 0.75, it is found that by increasing the load factor Ct the acceleration factor decreases until reached to a value of Ct equal to 0.95, at this value of the load factor the acceleration factor still > 1. In another word the designed diffuser is still effective and able to increase the air velocity passing through it. By increasing Ct more than 0.95 the diffuser will not be effective in increasing the velocity passing through it and the acceleration factor will be lower than 1. also it is concluded that the best diffuser load is estimated to be in the range of 0.4 to 0.95.

Flexural Strength Properties of Slurry Infiltrated Fibrous Concrete (SIFCON) Beams using Miraculous Berry (Thaumatococcus daniellii) Fiber as Reinforcement PDF

Olufemi S. Awogboro, Oladipupo S. Olafusi, Festus A. Olutoge, Isaac B. Oni

This study investigated the flexural characteristics of slurry infiltrated fibrous concrete made with miraculous berry fiber (thaumatococcus daniellii) thereby assessing its potentials as a replacement for steel reinforcing material for economical construction methods. The stems of the miraculous berry plant were collected, freed of their inner central pith with their hard bark remaining, which are the fibers. They were sun-dried, cut in sizes of 400 mm and 80 mm to fit into 100 x 100 x 500 mm beam molds. The fibers were infiltrated with cement slurry at the tension zone of the beams to 10 mm, 20 mm and 30 mm thicknesses and filled up with 90 mm, 80 mm and 70 mm thickness of concrete. Plain concrete beams without cement slurry and fiber were cast to act as control. The fiber was subjected to tensile test and the cast beams to flexural strength examinations. The result showed that the miraculous berry fiber possessed a tensile strength of 48.38 MPa and the height and volume of the slurry infiltration significantly influence the failure loads that caused deflection, cracking and ultimate failure.

Study the role of lipid profile in the incidence of benign breast tumors in the women PDF

Ms.c Jenan Mahdi Chani and BS.c Shaymaa,Mhammed

This study is designed to investigate the role of cholesterol, high density lipoprotein HDL, low density lipoprotein LDL and triglycerides TG in the increased incidence of benign breast tumors among women.This study involved 80 women divided into two groups: control group which including 40 healthy women and benign group which containing 40 women with benign breast tumors diagnosed by the means of fine needle aspiration and ultrasound.The age of women in benign group ranging from under 20- 60 years, blood sample was collected from each women for measuring lipid profile (cholesterol, high density lipoprotein HDL, low density lipoprotein LDL and triglycerides TG).The results explained that benign breast tumors was more common in women with interval age 20-30 years. The results also revealed that the age at menarche and abortion were significantly P≤ 0.05 associated with increased risk of benign breast tumors . The results clarify a significant P≤ 0.05 increasing in the levels of cholesterol, high density lipoprotein HDL and triglycerides TG) in women in benign group in compared with healthy women, reflecting that increased lipid profile may contribute in increasing risk of benign breast tumors. Finally the statistical analysis of this study was showed that obesity reflecting by measuring body mass index BMI significantly decreased in women with benign breast tumors in comparison with control group, the matter that explain benign breast tumors less incidence in obsess women.

Improved Flexible Task Scheduling for Heterogeneous Cluster of Hadoop PDF

Mr. Prashant P. Mali, Mrs.Sunita S. Dhotre

Native task scheduling algorithm of Hadoop does not meet the performance requirements of heterogeneous Hadoop clusters. There are three native job schedulers of Hadoop i.e. First in First out (FIFO), Fair scheduler and Capacity schedulers. FIFO has a known drawback of no concept of prioritization of the jobs and no consideration of job size while scheduling the jobs. In Fair Scheduling the allocated resource may go unused if the user has submitted lesser number of jobs. The Capacity scheduler is more beneficial for larger jobs because jobs are prioritized based on their size. To overcome these drawbacks in this paper a flexible task scheduling is proposed which works on runtime workload adjustment strategy and size of job which is much like the adaptive scheduler but with a difference that instead of user defined business goals it relies on the node availability and run time task allocation.

Biodiesel generation from rice bran oil using transesterification process and experimental investigation on a 4- stroke single cylinder water cooled diesel engine PDF

B.Susmitha, M.Geeta Rani, M.Nagarjuna

The Increase of industrialization & motorization of the world led to a steep rise in demand of petroleum products. Although present reserves are sufficient for the near future, continuous usage of the reserves leads to the depletion of conventional fuels. So, the new type of fuels can replace these problems which occur in future. The increasing demand for petroleum products for use in engines of transportation and agricultural machinery had shown its impact on our economy as our country depends on imports to meet the demand. So, increased use of petroleum fuels by automobiles is not only causing fuel scarcity but also causing health and environmental hazards. As a result of overcoming the problem of energy crisis, more and more efforts are being put towards new alternative fuels that can meet today’s as well as future energy demands. In this way biodiesel is a promising fuel in terms of reliability and less environmental pollution. This paper deals with the investigation of rice bran oil as an alternative fuel in diesel engines. Present work describes investigation carried on a 4 Stroke single cylinder, water cooled diesel engine with rice bran diesel fuel blends. In the first stage, rice bran oil is transesterified to obtain biodiesel and Fuel properties such as flash point, viscosity and pour point tests are carried out to ascertain the feasibility of fuel. In the second stage, experimental investigations are carried on the same engine with same operating parameters by using different blends of rice bran oil such as B05, B10, and B15and B20. Based on investigations, a comparison is drawn on engine performance with pure diesel operations & with different blends.

Influence of Keratinous Substrates on Keratinolytic Ability of Chrysosporium tropicum GPCK 511 and Chrysosporium tropicum GPCK 512 PDF

Firdos Katiar and R.K.S.Kushwaha

Keratinolytic activity of C. tropicum GPCK 511 and C. tropicum GPCK 512 has not been yet investigated on other keratin sources such as horse hair, goat, hair, cow hair and fathers. In the present study we, therefore, report the keratinolytic ability of C. tropicum strains on different keratin sources with a view to determine degradation of various keratinous substrates in static and shaking condition as evidenced by protein release and weight loss.

A Gesture Controlled System PDF

Nathan David,Chinedu Udengwu,Obiayor Onyia

Recently, strong efforts have been made to bridge the gap between human and computer-based system by making the interactions (which were via input devices like keyboards and mouse) as natural as possible through gesture controls. Gesture recognition is useful for processing information from humans which is not conveyed through speech or type. The main objective of this work is to control a robot with gestures of our hand. There are two main components that are used in the system, an Arduino microcontroller and an accelerometer. The accelerometer depends upon the gestures of our hand. Through accelerometer, a passage of data signal is received and it is processed with the help of arduino microcontroller. The microcontroller gives command to the robot to move in the desired direction. Accelerometer-based gesture control is studied as a supplementary or an alternative interaction modality. Gesture commands freely trainable by the user can be used for controlling external devices with handheld wireless sensor unit. Gesture commands were found to be natural, especially for commands with spatial association in design environment control. The work consists of the integration of three technologies as wireless, gesture & embedded.

CMOS Voltage Reference Design using Variable-Voltage Charge-Pump Circuit PDF

Md. Zafar Equbal,Prashant Chaturvedi,Dr. Rita Jain

This paper presents design of CMOS voltage reference circuit, by replacing the analog amplifier in the conventional CMOS voltage reference circuit with a low-voltage comparator, a charge-pump circuit with extended voltage range, and a digital control circuit with minimum supply voltage. The reference voltage circuits are used to adjust the clock frequency to regulate the charge pump to a steady output voltage under a large range of current loads. The parameters such as output resistances and power conversion efficiencies are the performance measures of charge pumps circuits. The propose circuits are design using transmission gate logic. Using transmission gate maximum voltage range is expected and no longer limited by the breakdown voltages of the devices.

Non-Invasive Extraction of Fetal ECG using Differential Algorithm and Analysis using LabVIEW PDF

Rupali Mohan Gadakari, Umesh Mhapankar, Jatin Desai, Sadhana Pai

Early detection of a fetal Heartbeat can be important in many cases, where monitoring the development of the fetal heart is necessary. Studies have shown that Electrocardiogram (ECG) signal can play a significant role in investigating the obstetric state during pregnancy and labor. By means of fetal ECG, the disturbances of cardiac activity can be determined.

Refined Clustering technique based on boosting and outlier detection PDF

Ms. Reshma Y. Nagpure, Prof. P. P. Rokade

Boosting is the repetitive process to perk up the accuracy in functions for prediction that supervised learning (SL) system learn using training data. In this prediction process, boosting considers multiple function rather that considering only single function from the same supervised learning system. Boosting process then predicts the label for new data instances using a weighted vote over all the functions. By considering and merging multiple functions together , boosting manage to get fine grained decision boundary on training data than using single function. Boosting for supervised learning having certain limitations like e.g. because of problematic data difficulty arises to analyze the data , over-fitting of training data , wrong label prediction by initial function etc. Previous worked reflected that boosting is resistant to over fitting problem. Also in case of wrong label prediction from function, boosting achieves higher accuracy when multiple functions are used to decide the labels for clusters. Previous work have some difficulties like A] Wrong data i.e. label noise in training data which causes wrong output instances and B] Another problem is that when feature of label instances are different and not relevant with respective rest of training data then its proper cluster cannot be defined properly. Hence there must be proposed system that work on these problems. Also clustering can be achieved on problematic dataset also. For this cluster based boosting (CBB) approach should be adopted to achieve this. Also along with CBB, the outlier detection should be achieved so that data will be easy to analyze and cluster can be formed smartly.


S. P. Predeep Kumar, Dr. E. Babu Raj, Dr. M. Chithirai Pon Selvan

Physically challenged persons find their movements very tough with the existing assistive devices (Joysticks) in cases of higher disability. Though there are many methods available in recent times to enable their motility they require fine and precise control which is most of the times not possible. In recent times there have been various control systems developing specialized for people with various disorders and disabilities. This paper reports the preliminary work in developing a robotic wheelchair system that involves the movement of eyeball and head kinematics in directing the wheel chair. The system enables the patient to have command over the chair, its direction of movement and will also sense and alarm the user about the obstacles in the path to avoid collision. This wheelchair helps the patient to move in environments with ramps and doorways of little space. Generally an automated wheelchair must be highly interactive to enable the system to work most efficiently.

Laboratory Evaluation of Rutting Performance of Asphalt Concrete Mixtures by Crumb rubber modification PDF

Dr. Akhtar Ali Malik

One of the most important distresses in flexible pavements is Permanent deformation (rutting). It is a severe problem mostly in those countries having high temperature like Pakistan. Asphalt Rubber (AR) is produced by mixing crumb rubber that is obtained from waste tires with asphalt binder. Mixtures produced with asphalt rubber are one of the substitutes to reduce permanent deformation. It is also one of the most suitable applications to dispose the waste tires. In this study our aim is to compare the rutting behavior of asphalt rubber mixtures with the conventional mixtures. For this study, two aggregate gradations, namely NHA class "A" and NHA class "B" were chosen. Wet process of mixing was used to produce asphalt rubber and Marshall Mix design was used to determine optimum asphalt rubber content. Uniaxial repeated load test (cyclic creep test) and Wheel Tracking Test (WTT) were performed to study the rutting performance of asphalt mixtures. During uniaxial repeated test, temperature was set to 25, 40 and 55 ⁰C and specimens were tested for a period of 3600 cycles. Stress levels of 100, 300 and 500 kPa were used. Pulse period was selected 2 second and the pulse width was selected 0.5 second. Wheel tracker test was conducted for a period of 10,000 load cycles at three different temperatures 25, 40, and 55 ⁰C. The testing results of this study confirmed that the use of asphalt rubber to prepared asphalt mixtures increases significantly the resistance to permanent deformation (rutting). This study also concluded that crumb rubber modified bitumen is more effective for coarser aggregate gradation than finer aggregate gradation to increase permanent deformation resistance (rutting resistance).

The Effects of Slaking on the Durability of Bio-improved Sand PDF

Mohsin Qureshi, Sameera Al-Qayoudhi, Shaima Al-Kindi, Asma Al-Hamdani and Khaloud Al-Sadrani

Sustainable development perspectives confine to improve the geotechnical properties of weak soils by using such a material which has high engineering performance, less environmental impacts and is cost effective. Moreover, the eco-friendly-improved soil should also be resistive against the adverse environmental factors. So, the present paper focuses on the effects of wet-dry cycles on the durability of bio-improved sand. Xanthan gum (biopolymer) was used to improve sand collected from Muscat, capital city of Oman. The specimens prepared by mixing biopolymer and ordinary Portland cement with the sand were cured for 7, 14 and 28 days in controlled laboratory environment. Standard slake durability tests were peformed on the specimens to determine the slake durability index after each wet-dry cycle. The results indicated that a small proportion of biopolymer treatment to sand had similar slake durability characterstics which are comparable to the treatment with a high proportion of cement. However, in the environment friendly perspective, cementation induced by biopolymer takes precedence over the Portland cement. The qualitative description of biocemented sand elucidated by micrographs taken by scanning electron microscope (SEM) inferred the enhanced durability to the connection of sand particles through biopolymer. The authors believe that present study will contribute in the development of techniques for the application of biopolymer in eco-friendly ground improvement.

A Review on Ordered Dither Block Truncation Coding for Content Based Image Retrieval using Relevance Feedback PDF

Ms.Simantinee Sacchidanand Joshi, Prof.S.R.Durugkar

Now a days, content based image retrieval (CBIR) is the mainstay of the image retrieval systems. CBIR system is used in various areas like medical, academic, art, fashion, Entertainment .This project uses ordered-dither block truncation coding (ODBTC) for CBIR which have relevance feedback mechanism. In this project features of an image are extracted using ODBTC for the generation of image content descriptor. ODBTC offers a simple and effective descriptor to index images in CBIR system. ODBTC compresses an image block into minimum quantizer, maximum quantizer and bitmap image. The proposed image retrieval system generates two image features namely Color co-occurrence feature (CCF) and bit pattern feature (BPF) from the minimum quantizer, maximum quantizer and bitmap image respectively by involving the visual codebook. To be more profitable, relevance feedback technique can be applied into CBIR such that more precise results can be obtained by taking users feedback into account. The proposed method is superior to the block truncation coding image retrieval system and the other earlier method.

Enterprise Resource Planning PDF

Meshal Alabdulwahab

This report highlights the key areas which can be solved in order to generate optimal outcomes. In order to apply proper implementation process for the soft drink bottler, it is important to provide some ways and methods in a detailed manner. Proper attainment of knowledge is important and this can guide through the entire projects too. Root cause of implementation failure is non-involvement of employees where they fall victim of stress due to uncertainty and lack of clarity about their jobs.

Application of Space Technology to Identifying Suitable Areas of Solid Waste Disposal in and Around Lae City, Papua New Guinea PDF

Tingneyuc Sekac, Sujoy Kumar Jana, Dilip Kumar Pal

Identification of suitable areas of solid waste disposal is crucial in solid waste management especially in large cities where municipal au-thorities of the city has to deal with the situation as a least trade-off to city’s environment. While increasing population in cities or urban areas is the order of the day in commensurate with the proliferation of industries, commercial activities, public institutions and real estate enterprises; unprecedented pace of waste production is obvious. In order to cope with the situation it is paramount to find suitable landfill area to save the city’s environment. This research study was carried out with a view to identifying suitable areas of solid waste disposal in Lae city utilising GIS and Remote sensing technology. With the multi-criteria evaluation process, the maps were prepared through overlay and suitability analysis. The city is densely populated with ever increasing industries and commercial activities, so the solid waste handling remains a serious challenge for the civic authority. In order to select suitable site of solid waste disposal, the area must be easily accessible from any corner of the city and at the same time the site must not pose health hazard to nearby residents, hence six factors were selected and analysed. These are slope, Land use Land cover (LULC), buffer zones from major road, public institution, ‘settlements and housing’ and main rivers. From the overlay analysis the final suitability map was produced and reclassed as unsuitable, moderately suitable and highly suitable areas. It was found out that 11.37% of Lae city area and surrounding are highly suitable for solid waste disposal. The largest highly suitable site found was in the north-east part of the city.

Tracking the status of height deformation of Kiri dam through statistical analysis PDF

A.N. Jatong

Dams are important engineering structures meant for among others irrigation, hydro-electricity. Every engineering structure is however, susceptible to deformation over time and hence failure. The intention of this research is to establish whether there is any significant difference in the status of the dam for three epochs; 1982, 2003 and 2004. The observations for each monitoring point were taken at four months interval per year to produce three observations per year for each of the epoch under study. The monitoring points were established at chainage 500, chainage 1000 and chainage 1500 on the dam embankment with their most probable height values for the period under consideration. The observed parameters, the heights were rigorously adjusted using least squares parametric adjustment techniques to minimize the sum of the squares of errors. Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA) One-way test of hypothesis on the mean population was adopted. Various significant levels were used to test the hypothesis. The results and test of hypothesis showed that, except at chainage 500, null hypothesis was not rejected at the other chainages (1000, and 1500). It is therefore important to monitor chainage 500 regularly to checkmate precipitation of general dam movement and probable failure.

Elimination of Hydrocarbon Contaminants from Synthetic Waste water by Soil Filter PDF


One of the major environmental problems today is hydrocarbon contamination resulting from the activities related to the pet-rochemical industry. Accidental releases of petroleum products in the environment are of particular concern. Hydrocarbon components have been known to belong to the family of carcinogens and neurotoxic organic pollutants. The present work aims to implement a system to reduce or even eliminate hydrocarbons; it consists in columns composed of a fixed bed of sand dunes of N’Goussa from the Region of Ouargla (Algerian South). Columns gave excellent results regarding the removal efficiency of hydrocarbons, since a yield of up to 99.65 % was obtained.


V. Hemalatha, V. Mohana Selvi

Let G be a graph with p vertices and q edges. Let be a injective function. For a vertex labeling f, the induced edge labeling is defined by . Then f is called a Super Geometric mean labeling if . A graph which admits Super Geometric mean labeling is called Super Geometric mean graph. In this paper, we investigate Super geometric mean labeling of some cycle related graphs.

Efficiency Improvement of the Hybrid PV/T System Applied on Kuwait PDF

Faisal Z. A. ALAZEMI

This paper presents a noel model and performance evaluation of a low concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) and photovoltaic/thermal system CPV/T systems to improve the efficiency of the PV sysyems. Two types of reflective optics are used with V trough and parabolic mirror concentrators of point focus type and the triple-junction cells (InGaP/InGas/Ge) assembled to obtain a low and high concentration system. The proposed model was built in the MATLAB/Simulink environment by considering constant PV cell temperature. The model adopts a mathematical approach in order to simulate and investigate the cell characterization curves including module electric and thermal efficiencies, thermal and electric energies provided by cell and module, and cooling fluid temperatures. Also an active cooling system of the photovoltaic cells is considered. The model analyzes the CPV and CPV/T system working for different time levels in terms of direct normal irradiance. The comparison of these systems operating confirmed the improvement of the electrical performance of the concentrating photovoltaic/thermal system.

Isolation and Characterization of Bacteriophage Against Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus PDF

Mariem N. Mohammed-Ali and Nidham M. Jamalludeen

Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a major human pathogen responsible for several life threatening conditions. MRSA have the ability to acquire resistance to several antimicrobial agents and phage therapy is one potential option to treat this pathogen. The aim of the study was to isolate and characterize bacteriophages effective against a wide range of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). A mixture of ten MRSA isolates was used for the isolation of phage from wastewater treatment plants. Three phages were selected for further characterization. All three phages belong to the Siphoviridae family and have long non-contractile flexible tails. The three phages showed a wide host range against S. aureus. Phages ɸSA1 and ɸSA2 were resistant to a pH range from 4-10 while ɸSA3 has a pH range from 3-11. DNA from all three phages were resistant to digestion by endonuclease enzymes such as EcoRI and AccI. There was a high degree of mosaicism among the three virulent phages and with their ancestor phages of Siphoviridae due to their non-uniform access to the common genetic pool by horizontal gene transfer and recombination. Since some of the staphylococcal toxins are phage encoded, the presence of genes for such toxins was tested by performing polymerase chain reaction and all three phages lacked genes for any of the staphylococcal toxins, including staphylococcal enterotoxins (sea, seb, sec and see), exfoliating toxins (eta and etb) and the toxic shock syndrome toxin (tst), therefore these bacteriophage are suitable candidates for future use in phage therapy against MRSA.

Insights to Existing Techniques of Subspace Clustering in High-Dimensional Data PDF

Radhika K R, Pushpa C N, Thriveni J, Venugopal K R

With an increasing attention towards the significance of increasing data sizes, the area of clustering is still under the focus of the researchers. There has been extensive research work from more than a decade in this regards and still the problems of understanding the data with a shape of business logic is yet to be seen. Hence, this manuscript gives the snapshots of the problems associated with high-dimensional data and cluster analysis that finally leads to discussion of Subspace clustering problem. It has been seen that large scale of research attempt is dedicated more towards subspace clustering process and quite less for dimensionality reduction process. The manuscript reviews the existing technique and draws a research gap of the existing literatures. Finally, the manuscript highlights a conceptual framework in order to overcome the problems associated with the subspace clustering problem

Assessing the caries risk factor among children at age prom 4-5 using the cariogram program PDF

Jetmire Alimani JAKUPI, Snezana ILJOVSKA, Sanja NASKOVA, Marija PAVLEVSKA, Nexhibe Nuhii

The Cariogram is a new concept, primarily evolved as an educative model, focused towards simple presentation of the numerous factors which cause dental caries.For the realization of this doctorate, we defined and accomplished the goal, which was based on the assessment of the dental caries risk profiles, in examinees with primary teeth, using the Cariogram model. The research is carried out in a longitudinal study, that lasted 2 years, in which we included 60 examinees at a preschool age, from 4 -5 years (31 male and 29 male).

The Impact of justice in SHRM practices OCB and its consequences in sustainable business development of IT Sectors Chennai PDF

M. Munna

The purpose of this paper is to explain how to influence just/fair SHRM practices corporate citizenship behavior in sustainable business development of IT sectors. OCB describe actions in which employees are willing to go above and beyond their prescribed role requirement. Some studies have shown that OCB are positively related to indicators of individual, unit, organizational performance. Empirical study was conducted. This paper focuses on clearly defining the relationship between just/fair SHRM effectiveness and OCB. This paper will also discuss the implications of the OCB and try to find out how to improve OCB through just/fair SHRM practices.

Screening and selection of Sweet Sorghum Varieties from India and Nigeria for Bioethanol production potential PDF

Ijeomah, A.U. and Nzelibe, H.C

The reducing sugar content of 14 Sweet Sorghum varieties at 5, 7 and 9 weeks of age were investigated using Dinitro Salicylic acid (DNS) method. Eight sweet sorghum varieties which comprise 3 Indian: E 36-1, ICSR 93034, SPV 422; 3 Nigerian: SWSV 2006-3, SWSV 2006-5-2, SWSV 2007-1; and 2 Indian crosses: ICSA 89002 X SPV 422 and ICSA X NTJ -2 were selected out of the fourteen based on the order of increasing reducing sugar content. At ninth week, ICSA 89002 X SPV 422 had the reducing sugar value of 149.38 ± 1.53mg/ml which was significantly higher than the other varieties at p<0.05. Two sweet sorghum varieties: SWSV 2006-3 and SPV 422 were subsequently selected from the eight based on field performance, susceptibility to hydrolysis, % bagasse yield, cellulose, hemicelluloses and lignin content.

Energy Efficient Web Surfing for Smart Phones PDF

Mulik Umesh, Bora Sanket, Chavan Ankita, Bande Jyoti

Now-a-days we have observed that a lot of power is wasted during web browsing on mobile phones due to the special characteristics of wireless radio interface. Accordingly, we have identified these characteristics and have also taken into consideration the power consumption issues with the help of two techniques. Firstly, we analyze the energy consumption of the Android browser at popular web sites such as Facebook, Amazon, and many others. Secondly, to measure the energy needed to render individual web elements, such as cascade style sheets (CSS), JavaScript, HTML, images, and plug-in objects and also how to design web pages so as to minimize the energy needed to render the page. After that shows the results in the form graph and table format with related to those web elements. Our approach can reduce the power consumption and reduce loading time while surfing on the Android phone web browser.


Gabriel A. Okafor

This study was designed to find out the relationship between students’ achievement in essay and objective tests in senior secondary certificate examination in geography in Enugu education zone of Enugu State. The study identified that the poor enrolment and poor performance of students in geography in school certificate examination affect those who have interest in studying science related courses in the universities. Multi-stage stratified and proportionate random sampling techniques was adopted. A total of 635 students drawn from seventeen schools were used Method of data collection was documentary information on students’ scores on essay and objections in mock examination in geography. In data analysis, students scores on essay and objectives were correlated using Pearson’s ‘ɤ’. The significance of the correlation result obtained was tested with T-test at ɤ 5% level of confidence. The result of the study revealed positive relationship between the essay and objective scores obtained. The result showed that even though the relationship was positive, it was not strong and there was no significant relationship. This showed that in most cases, teachers and examination bodies do not use table of specifications in setting essay and objective tests. Some recommendations were therefore made.

Efficiency of some bio-inducers in induction of faba bean resistance to chocolate spot disease PDF

G. A. Ahmed

This study aimed to evaluate the ability of six bio-agents and died spores (DS) of Botrytis fabae to induce resistance of faba bean plants against Botrytis fabae. Among six tested bio-agents in vitro, Trichoderma harzianum and Trichoderma viride were the most effective bio-agents in inhibiting the growth of B. fabae.Under greenhouse conditions, spraying faba bean plants with the tested bio-inducer significantly decreased chocolate spot disease severity. The least disease severity % were recorded on faba bean plants treated with spores exposed to UV light (DS3), Bacillus subtilis and Trichoderma album at 3 and 5 days post inoculation with B. fabae. Under field conditions, all tested bio-inducer significantly reduced the disease severity % of faba bean chocolate spot disease during 2012/13 and 2013/14 seasons. Also, DS3 followed by B. subtilis and spores treated with chloroform (DS2) were the best effective treatments in reducing chocolate spot disease severity. Results indicated also that all tested bio-inducer treatments with superiority of DS3 and Bacillus subtilis treatments affected positively on the different growth parameters and yield components like plant height, number of pods and seed weight of treated faba bean plants under field conditions. All treatments increased chlorophyll, phenols and flavonoide, content in treated faba bean plants at 0, 3 and 5 days post inoculation of faba bean plants with B. fabae spores. The highest increase in the total phenols and flavonoide contents were recorded with (DS3) followed by (DS2) and Bacillus subtilis at 0, 3 and 5 days post inoculation with B. fabae spores. Also, all treatments increased peroxidase (PO), polyphenoloxidase (PPO), chitinase and β-1, 3- glucanase activities post inoculation of faba bean plants with B. fabae spores. The highest activities of all enzymes were recorded with Trichoderma harzianum and DS3 treatments.

Cancer Bio-Informatics New Future of Cancer Therapy PDF

Ayan Chatterjee, Dr. Uttam Kumar Roy

We all are very familiar with the name "cancer" which claims nearly 7 million lives each year worldwide. To fight against cancer different type of treatment approaches are taken and as time passes sophisticated research proposals are made. Bioinformatics is also not an exception. DNA sequencing, microarray expression profiling and genomic sequence analysis are different research fields under bioinformatics. Currently our adopted medical treatments are based on chemotherapy that are not target specific and maximizes the side effects. This article reviews and discusses recent advances in the treatment of cancer with the help of bioInformatics as many challenges yet to overcome in reduced cost and time. Traditional chemotherapy/radiation therapies are costly. It is better to have molecularly targeted therapies like ligand targeted therapy which are more targets limited, produces less toxicity and can overcome many drug resistance challenges. It is a challenge to develop accurate tools for delivering the right treatment to the right patient based on biological characterization of each patient's tumor.

Human Ear Segmentation Based on HSV Colorspace PDF

Samar Amil Yousif, Samira Abdul- kader Hussain

Human ear due to its consistent behavior over the age, has gained much popularity in recent years among vari-ous physiological biometric traits. Among various physiological biometric traits, ear has received much attention in recent years as it has been found to be a reliable biometrics for human recognition The shape of the outer ear is recognized as a valuable means for personal identification. Naturally, an ear biometric system consists of ear detection and ear recognition modules.

Text Based Steganography - A Theoritical Proposal of Text Based Hiding Strategy PDF

Ayan Chatterjee, Gourab Dolui, Dr. Uttam Kumar Roy

Steganography is a useful tool of hiding information in ways that prevent the detection of hidden messages. It serves better than cryptography which only hides the content of the message not the existence of the message. The output of steganography operation is not actually visible but in cryptography the output is scrambled so that it can draw attention. In Steganography, Original message is being hidden within a carrier such that the changes so occurred in the carrier are not observable. It is a process of combining secret information with the carrier medium gives the hidden message. The hidden information is difficult to detect without retrival. This paper will look at a new proposal on text based information hiding technique (encoding or encryption) and steganolysis (decoding or decryption) technique on top of the existing text based methods. Text based steganography with digital files is not used very often since text files have a very small amount of redundant data. Using this technique we can hide more binary information with minimal number of alphabets. This method also provides a security on secret binary information.

Heavy Metal Concentrations of Some Fish Species Consumed in Ozoro, Delta State, Nigeria PDF

C. K Ojebah and K. Emumejaye

This study investigated the heavy metal concentration of commonly consumed fish species in Ozoro, Delta State, Nigeria. The four fish samples procured from Ozoro daily market; Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus), Mud Fish (Clarias anguillaris), Catfish (Ostariophysi Siluriformes) and Croaker fish (Micropogonias undulates) were used in this study. Each of the fish samples were cut into three parts; head, trunk and tail. Samples were then oven dried and ashed in electric furnace at temperature of 4500C. The fish parts were digested using Nitric acid/Perchloric acid mixture (2:1). Heavy metal concentration was determined using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Varian Spectra AA 200 model). Results obtained showed that most of the metals were associated with the head. Zinc was the most dominant metal and ranged from 2.97 - 6.59mg/kg. Copper ranged from 0.94 - 3.13mg/kg; Pb and Cd concentration ranged from 0.06 - 1.36mg/kg and 0.00 - 0.30 mg/kg dry, respectively. The mean concentrations of the metals were below world mean average except lead. The presence of non essential elements (Pb and Cd) in the study calls for concern to the consuming populace of these fishes.

The Influence of Frozen Storage on Selected Physicochemical Properties of Pork PDF

Paulina Duma, Elzbieta Glodek, Magdalena Marchel, Mariusz Rudy

The aim of this study was to assess the effect of freezing storage on the chemical and physicochemical properties of the longissimus dorsi muscle of pig. The assessment of meat quality involved the measurement of the pH, chemical content, water holding capacity, and cooking loss of the meat. The texture parameters measured included: hardness, adhesiveness, deformation, resilience, cohesiveness and chewiness. Findings of the study indicate that frozen storage at -20°C for 90 days did not have a significant influence on the chemical composition and pH of the meat. It was observed that frozen storage and subsequent defrosting resulted in higher rate of water loss and lower water holding capacity than was observed in the fresh unfrozen meat. There were no significant differences between the frozen and fresh meat in respect of the texture parameters studied.

Look into Brand Identity and Its Effect on Loyalty to Brand and Specific Value of Brand PDF

Hesam Jabbari, Sadaf Yahyaei

Brand is one of the most valuable properties of each organization which its appropriate management can smooth the way toward reaching more contribution of market and more profitability in any industry. In this regard, brand identity, which is an intra-organizational factor and is one of the most important issues in the field of marketing and brand, has not been widely considered in previous studies. As a result, the current study is aimed to evaluate the effect of brand identity on development of loyalty to brand and its specific value in electronics industry. The current research is a survey study and questionnaire is used for data collecting. In the current research, Apple (a brand of electronics products), which is well–known in all over of the world, was selected for investigation. In this manner, all customers of Apple’s products in Semnan was considered as statistical population and a sample consists of 9840 people were considered in this study. According to the research findings, the effect of brand identity on both concepts of loyalty to brand and specific value of brand were confirmed in electronics industry.

Assessment of a gradient thermostat unit: Implications to field alterations at a 11.7 Tesla preclinical system PDF

Irati Markuerkiaga, Sandra Plaza-García, Daniel Padro, Torsten Reese

Modern high field preclinical MRI systems are built compact, with gradient coils that fit tightly in the magnet bore. Thus, heat generated during operation can be transferred directly from the gradient coil surface to the passive shims causing undesired field fluctuations that may affect data quality. The performance of a commercial thermostat unit that is designed to pre-heat the passive shims to limit these fluctuations is described for a preclinical 11.7 Tesla system. The main magnetic field is affected by changes in the cooling water of the gradient alone, indicating that a compact system design allows an efficient heat transfer from the gradient surface to the passive shims. Similar results are obtained when the gradients are pulsed. The thermostat unit that preheats the passive shims to 42.5 Celsius reduces the magnitude of the field variations by 90%. The in vivo experiments confirmed that the pre-heating of the passive shims is required, even for standard robust sequences.The thermostat unit reduces the field variation to a range that is acceptable for routine applications. However, any study that analyses spatio-temporal signal changes requires knowledge of the apparent irregular field variations created by the feed-back controlled thermostat unit.

Optical and Solid State Properties of Manganese Sulfide Thin Films Deposited Using Chemical Bath Method PDF

R. A. Daniel-Umeri and K. Emumejaye

Manganese Sulfide (MnS) thin films were successfully deposited on glass substrate at room temperature via a simple, cheap technique; chemical bath method. The baths contained manganese sulphate (MnSO4. H2O) of different concentrations (0.1M, 0.2M 0.3M), thiourea [SC (NH2)2] and Ammonia (NH3) solution which acted as the complexing agent. The effects of the bath concentration on the optical and solid state properties of the films were investigated. The as-deposited films was characterized by the 752N England UV-VIS Spectrophotometer in the wavelength range of 200-1000nm. The results showed that films deposited at 0.1M was found to posses high values of absorbance, absorption coefficient, refractive index , extinction coefficient and optical conductivity. Transmittance and reflectance values were low. Films deposited at 0.2M and 0.4M, showed an inverse of these properties. The band gap energy of the material was found to increase as concentration increases. It was found to be in the range of 2.4eV - 2.8eV. These properties make MnS thin film suitable as Spectral Selective Surfaces for Solar Energy Application.

Natural Language Processing and Python PDF

M/s Purwa Maheshwari

Natural Language Processing is a subfield of computational linguistics, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. Since, computers play a great role in transmission and acquisition of information, there is a need to make computers understand natural languages. Technologies based on NLP are gaining widespread acceptance. e.g. Smart phones, other handheld devices are making use of translators, various machine learning approaches for retrieving text written in Chinese or Spanish. Language Processing is emerging to play a central role in this multi-lingual society.

A Quasi- Empirical Investigation of the Relationship between Real Financial Events and Profit Management in Companies Accepted by New York Stock Exchange PDF

Sadaf Yahyaei, Hesam Jabbari

Many current researches in the field of profit management are focused on discovering unusual accruals. Profit management may be performed by accruals, real financial events or both of them. Till now, little works have been performed to identify whether unusual accruals are due to manipulation of accruals without the effect of cash flows or due to manipulation of real events which are effective on both cash flows and arrears. The current study aims to evaluate manipulation of real financial events through focus on variables such as cash flows induced by operation, optional costs, variation in inventory and production costs. Accruals are selected as an appropriate alternative for measuring the profit management. The results show that there is a meaningful relationship between operation cash and variation in inventory and profit management in companies accepted by New York Stock Exchange.


Aideyan Donald Osaro, Shittu Olarewanju Ismail

Spectral method has been used in detection of aberrant observations in the frequency domain with promising results. The method is useful only when the data is stationary, without jumps or discontinuities, otherwise decisions on suspected aberrant observations might be incorrect. This study proposed the use of wavelet shrinkage algorithm capable of ameliorating the limitations of spectral method in the non-parametric setting. It will be extended to the parametric setting and the result compared with previous studies in outlier detection. The Mallat algorithm was used to reduce the size of the data into smaller resolutions while preserving the desired statistics. In the non-parametric setting, Turkey’s and modified Turkey’s method initially developed for thresholding was adapted for the wavelet shrinkage approach by examining the presence of aberrant observations at different resolutions.


Ibearugbulem, Owus M., Njoku, K. O., Anyanwu, T. U. and Mbadike, E. S.

This paper presents an alternative flexural ultimate limit state design approach for reinforced concrete elements. The main objective is to provide a conservative and reliable formula-based design of reinforced concrete columns. Applied and resistant stress and strain blocks were used in conjunction with similar triangle theorems to evolve the formulas for the design of beams and columns. It was made sure that the stresses in both compressive and tensile reinforcements were below the allowable stress of 0.95fy. The formulas were used to design a beam with the following parameters h =350mm; b = 200mm; C = 25mm; Rod = Y16; Link = R8; Fcu = 25N/mm2. A column with the following parameters was also designed from the developed formulas: b= 225mm; h = 225mm; C = 25mm; Rod = Y16; Link = R8; Fcu = 25N/mm2. The bending moments for the beam design and the corresponding quantity compressive reinforcement for conventional and alternative approaches include: 100 KNm (217.94 mm2 and 218.95 mm2) ; 85 KNm (89.87 mm2 and 91.44 mm2); 70 KNm (-38.21mm2 and -36.06 mm2). The moment and corresponding quantities of tensile reinforcements include 100 KNm (929.60 mm2 and 865.83 mm2); 85 KNm (801.52 mm2 and 735.95 mm2); 70 KNm (651.99mm2 and 606.08 mm2). For the column design, the axial compression is 900KN and bending moments and the corresponding quantities compressive and tensile reinforcement include: 100KNm (1625.6mm2 and 690.12mm2); 85KNm (1441.32mm2 and 557.64mm2); 70KNm (1256.8mm2 and 418.45mm2); 55KNm (1071.85mm2 and 267.06mm2). From the results it shall be seen that the differences between the quantities of reinforcement from conventional and alternate approaches are marginal. Thus, one can say that the alternate approach is both reliable and conservative.


Manish Bansal, Amit Kumar, Aakanksha Devrari, Abhinav Bhat

Several algorithms for Public Key Cryptography (PKC), such as RSA, Diffie-Hellman, and Elliptic Curve Cryptography are used for secure communications. These algorithms require modular exponentiation as their basic operation. Modular exponentiation implies repeated modular multiplication which is computationally very costly as the large operands are used. Therefore computation time is very large. This computation time can be reduced by Montgomery multiplication algorithm. Montgomery multiplication algorithm involves three basic phases 1. Conversion of operands from integer domain to Montgomery domain. 2. Multiplication of operands. 3. Conversion of operands back from Montgomery domain to integer domain. A architecture designed to implement Montgomery Modular exponentiation using right to left exponentiation approach, which allows the parallel execution of modular operations “square and multiplications”. The implementation of Montgomery modular exponentiation is achieved on Spartan3E, virtex4 and virtex6 series of FPGAs for 4, 8, 16 and 32 bits respectively

Optimal location and number of SVC for improving voltage stability in the electrical networks PDF

Faissal El Mariami, Abdelaziz Belfqih, Mohamed Noh Dazahra, Abdelmajid Berdai, Jamal Boukherouaa, Abdelhamid Hmidat and Anas Lekbich

Voltage regulation is an essential element for maintaining the stability of the power grid, which requires very efficient means, but this will be reflected in additional costs. What drives us to seek to minimize the cost by trying to optimize the regulation means. In this article, a model of fixed capacitor and thyristor-controlled reactor (TCR-FC) is incorporated in an iterative algorithm which allows to find the optimal angle thyristor’s firing, the optimal location and number of SVC .The algorithm was tested for IEEE-6 -Bus and 14 bus. The simulation results are given in order to verify the proposed algorithm.

Performance Analysis of MANET Routing Protocols for various Traffic Patterns PDF

Qaisar Salamat & Dr Irfan Zafar

The research thesis is aimed towards the performance analysis of the MANET (Mobile Ad hoc networks) Routing Protocols for various traffic patterns. Wireless communication has shown a lot of development over the years. MANET is based on the infrastructure less, self-configured network architecture. In the infrastructure-less network architecture the nodes (electronic devices) do not have any fixed base station (access points). Similarly the network architecture is not fixed as all the times the network nodes are moving from one place to the other. Hence each node is basically considered as a host, or in terms of network, a router receiving and forwarding the information/data on the network. As the propagation distance is limited with continuous shifting of locations/topology, the routing protocols hold the key to successful communication. The routing protocols generally used include Ad hoc On-Demand Distance Vector (AODV) and Dynamic Source Routing (DSR). We have specifically looked into these protocols for our research. The parameters selected for the performance measurement include throughput, delay, packet delivery ratio & packet loss. Simulation is done using Network Simulator 2 (NS2) and Optimized Network Engineering Tool (OPNET/Modeler 14.5). The results of NS2 and OPNET are analyzed to ascertain the performance of each tool.

Evaluation of the accumulation of some heavy metals in the red beetroot (Beta vulgaris L.) grown on two different soils and irrigated by wastewater from the SETP Bouznika (Morocco) PDF

D. Ez-zarhouny, E.M. Hbaiz, M. Lebkiri, S. Elanza, A. Lebkiri, E.H.Rifi, N. Habbadi

The present work aims at evaluating the metal contamination of the red beet (Beta vulgaris L.), irrigated by wastewater treated by wheat straw of Bouznika STEP (Morocco) and cultured on two different soils, one of Maâmora and the other of Bouznika. The results of the ICP-AES analysis showed that the increasing intake of raw sewage causes a significant accumulation of metals in different organs of the plant. However, irrigation with treated wastewater (EUT) allowed a reduction of the concentrations of various metals especially those of lead, nickel and chromium. So, with 100% of treated wastewater, the concentration of lead rose from 5,88ppm to 3,1ppm in the soil of Bouznika.The statistical study by principal component analysis (PCA) revealed the existence of correlation between wastewater intake and the metallic levels in the plant’s organs.


Manish Bansal, Amit Kumar, Aakanksha Devrari, Abhinav Bhat

Several algorithms for Public Key Cryptography (PKC), such as RSA, Diffie-Hellman, and Elliptic Curve Cryptography are used for secure communications. These algorithms require modular exponentiation as their basic operation. Modular exponentiation implies repeated modular multiplication which is computationally very costly as the large operands are used. Therefore computation time is very large. This computation time can be reduced by Montgomery multiplication algorithm. Montgomery multiplication algorithm involves three basic phases 1. Conversion of operands from integer domain to Montgomery domain. 2. Multiplication of operands. 3. Conversion of operands back from Montgomery domain to integer domain. A architecture designed to implement Montgomery Modular exponentiation using right to left exponentiation approach, which allows the parallel execution of modular operations “square and multiplications”. The implementation of Montgomery modular exponentiation is achieved on Spartan3E, virtex4 and virtex6 series of FPGAs for 4, 8, 16 and 32 bits respectively

Philosophical appraisal of stem cell research: A CHALLENGE to scientific RESEARCHERS PDF

Onuoha Jude A

The present day modern researches are faced with myriads of problems in their efforts to unravel the secrets of nature especially as relates to “human life”. What is the meaning of life? How can we improve on life expectancy? Is there any possibility of recreating or manufacturing life? These thought-provoking questions are both topical and tropical issues in our present day society and they are also major concerns of present day researches especially in the area of stem cell. This work is out to access, appraise and evaluate philosophically the progress made by modern researches. It also x-rays the problems encountered and solutions fashioned to enhance the result of the findings made in stem cell research.

Theoretical Studies of Non-Newtonian Behaviors of Blood through the Stenosed Artery PDF

Md.Mohiuddin, A. Hoque, Abdul Malek, M. A. Halim

It is known that the stenosis in the artery is responsible for changing the nature of blood flow from its usual state. Therefore, the flow of blood through a cosine-shaped stenosed artery has been investigated, treating blood as Casson fluid. The effects of stenosis height, viscosity, slip velocity and yield stress on blood flow has been obtained. The results have been highlighted that the axial velocity, volumetric flow rate, pressure gradient and wall shear stress decrease with the increasing of viscosity and yield stress but these increases with the increasing of slip velocity. The results have been presented graphically for a better understanding by choosing the suitable parameters.

Recycling and Analysis of Spent Engine Oil PDF

Md Touseef Ahamad, B. Purna ChadraSekhar, P. Narendra Mohan, K. Sowmya Joshi, T. Durga Rupa Sree

This paper describes an investigation to study the recycling and analysis of spent engine oil. Recycling the spent oil reduces the environmental pollution by the disposal of spent engine oil. In this paper we recycled the spent engine oil and the result of the analysis of the spent engine oil was recorded and was compared with that of the fresh engine oil and again we took different compositions of recycled spent oil and fresh engine oil and analyzed with fresh engine oil. Finally it is found that properties like flash point, fire point and viscosity of the compositions and fresh engine oil are almost comparable.

Survey on Challenges and Applications of Internet-of-Things PDF

S. Prince Sahaya Brighty, P. Selvanayaki, M. Kiruthika

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the next trend of innovation that potentials to improve and enhance our daily life based on smart sensors and smart objects working together. The primary vision of the IoT was to fundamentally change the way of doing business, developing greater competences, motivating deeper customer networks and presenting new business models. IoT includes devices such as radio frequency identifications (RFID), sensors, and actuators, as well as other instruments and smart appliances that are becoming an essential part of the Internet. It is important to gather accurate raw data in a competent way; but more significant is to inspect and mine the raw data to abstract more valuable information such as relationships among things and services to provide web of things or Internet of services.Devices can be connected to the Internet using unique IP addresses in Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity, hence agreeing them to be read, controlled, and managed at everywhere and every time. Security is a vital aspect for IoT deployments. Due to the robust attacking ability, speed, simple implementation and additional features, differential fault analysis has turn out to be an important method to weigh the security in the Internet of Things. This paper elaborately affords the knowledge on architecture, challenges, security and applications of IoT in various fields.

Comparative Study of the Effect of Temperature on the Viscosity of Niger Delta Crude Oils PDF

A. O. Akankpo and U. E. Essien

This research work compared the effect of temperature on the viscosity of Niger Delta oils. The investigation was carried out on five crude oil samples obtained from different reservoirs in the Niger Delta region. Experimental method was used to determine the effect of temperature on the viscosity of these crude oil samples under gravity flow in a capillary tube viscometer inserted in a thermostatically controlled water bath at temperatures below and above room temperature from 100C to 900C. The results show the variation of their kinematics and dynamics viscosities with temperature. It shows that NOAC crude oil had the highest API value of 36.392, while Umuechem 7L had the least API value of 20.095. The results show that the viscosity of Niger Delta crude oils reduces with an increase in temperature in all capillary or pipeline system. Pipes with larger diameter should be designed for locations in the Niger Delta to ease flow in pipeline transportation.



THE aim of this study is to examine the impact of working Capital Management on firm’s performance for textile spinning companies in Pakistan listed in KSE. A panel data has been used in this study for 10 sample companies that cover the period of 7 years from 2008 to 2014. Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Assets (ROA) are selected as dependent variables for profitability while for working capital management; Account Receivable turnover (ARTO), Account Payable turnover (APTO) and Inventory Turnover (INV.TO) are selected as independent variables. The results are analyzed by using Spearman’s Correlation and linear regression Analysis for identifying the relationship between working capital management and firms’ performance. The study finds a very weak negative relationship ARTO, APTO and INV.TO with ROE and ROA but statistically no relationship exists between WCM and Profitability, It might not be a surprise because WCM have a very weak negative association with the profitability. However, a weak negative relationship exists between INV.TO and ROA. Furthermore, it is suggested that particular norms for inventory management should be followed to reduce inventory turnover days in order to increase the profitability. If the firm’s efficiently handled the inventory turnover can produce the positive significant impact on textile spinning sector.

Role of National Cadet Corps in Developing Soft Skills among Youth in India PDF

Dr. Urmila Sarkar, Ms. Sampada Margaj

Higher Academic Studies in India is more focused on subject-related area. But with this we are actually ignoring student’s basic skills. Soft skills are the skills which are essential to build student as a good and responsible human being of society. We as a parent, teacher and guide are more concern towards “Three R’s” (reading, writing and arithmetic).

Thermal Treatment of Cattle Bone and its Application in Removing Lead from Wastewater PDF

Suporna Paul, Sabrina Mostofa, Shirin Akter Jahan, Samina Ahmed, Nahid Sharmin

The main focus of this study was to prepare low cost adsorbent using cattle bone which could be used for the treatment of Pb (II) in aqueous medium. Experimental protocol was particularly confined with the thermal treatment (at 300 ï‚°C, 500 ï‚°C, 600 ï‚°C and 700 ï‚°C) of raw bones followed by the investigation of adsorption of Pb (II) on treated bones.Thermally treated bones were characterized using FT-IR, XRD and particle size analyzer. Adsorption study was accomplished considering two factors:(i) adsorbent-substrate solution contact time;and (ii) pH covering both acidic and basic ranges. Cattle bones treated at 300 ï‚°C exhibited maximum adsorption capacity. Upholding the pH at 5.72 a maximum adsorption of 88.90% was achieved in 30 min. Observed results revealed that adsorption kinetics of Pb (II) followed pseudo second order model confirming chemisorptions.

Five Models of Software Development Engineering PDF

Surya Madaan

This paper deals with a vital and important issue in computer Science world. It is concerned with the software development and management processes that examine the area of software development through the development models, which are known as software development life cycle. It represents five of the development models namely, waterfall, Iteration, V-shaped, spiral and Extreme programming. These models have advantages and disadvantages as well. Therefore, the main objective of this research is to represent different models of software development and to understand and show the features and defects of each model.


Oyndrila Roy, Aranyak Roy, Dr.Debasis Roy

This project is all about to control the power consumptions at the streets and eliminating manpower. This includes controlling a circuit of street lights with specific Sensors and LDR during day and night. The street lights of our country sometimes remain on throughout the day even if there is sunlight and they remain off when there is no sunlight, because these lights are operated by certain people. Especially on highways, it is often seen that the lights are on throughout the day time even when there is sunlight and off in the night time when they are supposed to be on. This wastes a lot of valuable electrical energy in the day time, which could have been used for other purposes and it is also inconvenient for the vehicles and pedestrians on the road. Now the energy requirement is increasing day by day and its supply is declining. Hence it is wise to save electricity wherever possible. Our project is to save electricity by using a switch which automatically turns if off at sunrise and turns on at sunset. The automatic function saves electricity besides manpower.

Math-on-the-web Platform for Arabic Mathematical Notation PDF

Mustapha EDDAHIBI, Azzeddine Lazrek, Ali Rachidi

The purpose of this work is to help overcoming some of the issues associated with the typesetting, encoding and rendering mathematical expressions in Arabic notation. Indeed, we propose here a multi-platform solution to display Arabic mathematical expressions encoded using one of the three most used formats for coding mathematical expressions, namely, MathML, TEX and AsciiMath. This solution is based on web fonts or image fonts to provide a visual rendering that respects both Arabic and mathematical typographical rules regardless of the used browser.

A Novel Dynamic Spectrum Access Network in Wireless Communication to Increase the Efficiency of Spectrum Usage PDF

Rajasekhar Raju.K, S.Saidarao

Wireless networks are characterized by fixed spectrum policy. With increasing demands for wireless communication efficiently using the spectrum resources has become an essential issue. Cognitive radio is a form of wireless communication which is used to sense the spectrum and find the free spectrum. It is used by unlicensed users without causing interference to the licensed user. Cognitive radio with the dynamic spectrum access is key technology which provides the best solution by allowing a group of Secondary users to share the radio spectrum originally allocated to the primary users. Dynamically accessing the unused spectrum is known as dynamic spectrum access (DSA) which becomes a promising approach to increase the efficiency of spectrum usage. In this paper, DSA models are discussed along with different methods such as game theory based method, a measurement-based model, network coded cognitive control channel, Markovian Queuing model, the Delay performance of threshold policies, fuzzy logic based method and spatio-temporal spectrum management model.


Assoc. Prof. Kire Sharlamanov, Asst. Prof. Aleksandar Jovanoski

In last decades we are witness of increased usage of political marketing in organization of political campaigns. Almost every successful contemporary political campaign includes implementation of the tools of political marketing. This paper tries to determine political marketing, its scope, functions and academic criticism toward political marketing.

Solution of Eigen value problems by using New Iterative Method PDF

Tahir Kamran, Dr. M. Jamil Amir, M. Shafeeq Ur Rehman

In this paper the system of ordinary differential equations on Eigen value problems is presented. I used New Iterative Method (NIM) on the Eigen value problems. This is recently developed method which is very easy and efficient developed by Daftardar Gejji and Hossein Jafri [1]. In this study the problems of Eigen value problems are solved to check the ability of this method for solving non linear and linear ordinary differential equations. The results obtained are very useful and close to the exact solution.

Effective policy for Advanced Nursing Education: A Necessity for Healthcare Sector of Bangladesh PDF

Laila Habib, Md Shahedul Alam Chowdhury

Tertiary education in Bangladesh has been regarded as one of the key performance areas in the education sector of Bangladesh. The national education policy 2010, the prospect of post graduate education in health science has been highlighted as a possibility in the future. In recent years, the main areas of focus in the national budget are the health and education sector. It is noticeable that the competence level of health care and education professionals are not up to standard. The necessity to develop competent human resources and engaging them in education and health care is also important.Even though there seems to be an abundance of resources in both sectors; the main concern is the development of infrastructure. In this study, the main focus has been drawn towards developing career prospects in nursing at post graduate level and also the different factors that are sought to be the impediments of education development in Bangladesh where the scope of infrastructural development and quality of education and teachers have been the main concerns in recent years.


Ajibo Augustine, Igboeli Chukwudi, Ani Cosmas

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) technology is the transfer mode for implementing a Broadband-Integrated Services Digital Network (B-ISDN). ATM as a technology is recommended as the transport vehicle for the B-ISDN, as it offers a great flexibility in the allocation of transmission bandwidth in order to accommodate diverse demands of multimedia connections. Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) is a fundamental factor in network performance for an ATM-based bursty traffic. However, the fundamental problem in ATM network is defining the way available network resources are optimally allocated especially during period when the network experiences unpredictable bursty traffic. This work therefore, aims at developing an approach for determining the the optimum loading level and the associated QoS parameter values. A typical network was adopted, modeled and simulated in MATLAB environment using Simulink tool and results obtained were analyzed using Microsoft Excel.

Synthesis, Characterization of Schiff Base and its Complexes Derived from 4-Aminoantipyrine and using in Extraction of Nickel (II) Ion PDF

Israa Jirjees , Saher A. Ali , Haider A. Mahdi

New Schiff base was synthesized by two steps. In the first step a solution of 4-Aminoantipyrine in Ethanol react under reflax with Salicyaldehyde to give a percursore compound which reacted in the second step with 3,4-Diaminotoluene to give the ligand .The complexes were prepared by direct reaction of the metal salt with the ligand (L): [ 2,2'-((1Z,1'E)-( (3E,3'E)-3,3'((4-methyl-1,2-phenylene)bis(azanylylidene)) bis(1,5-dimethyl-2-phenyl-2,3-dihydro-1H-pyrazole-4-yl-3-ylidene))bis(azanylyidene))bis(methanylylidene)) diphenol]. The liqand and its complexes were characterized by elements analyses , FT-IR , Mass and 1H NMR .Schiff base has been studied by liquid-liquid extraction twards the metal Ion Ni2+ from aqueos phase to organic phase . The study of condition of extraction shows that the optimam PH values for extraction was ( PH=9) in addition to the optimam shaking time to reach equilibrium was (15 min. )

The Performance of Surfactant Modified Bentonite in Removing Mobil Oil PDF

Sabrina Mostofa, Nipa Banik, Shirin Akter. Jahan, Samina Ahmed, Nahid Sharmin

Adsorption of petroleum hydrocarbon (mobil oil) by bentonite modified with cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB), and sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) has been investigated in this study. Observed result revealed that modification of bentonite by surfactants hugely improved the adsorption of petroleum hydrocarbon as compared to the unmodified bentonite. Adsorption efficiency of organoclay increases from 15% to 50 % with various time interval.

Performance study of a Missile Autopilot for various state feedback models PDF

Sauparno Debnath, Sanjukta Dey

A missile autopilot with incomplete state feedback system is considered. A cost effective model has been proposed which assures desired transient performance. A complete performance of the system like time response characteristics has been studied here considering various flight parameters such as elevator deflection, missile body rate in pitch and missile flight path rate. The design ensures to achieve a certain desired stability margin. Thus a choice of a missile autopilot configuration can be done. The performance indices of the system have been executed in the MATLAB/SIMULINK environment to get the different characteristics.

Evaluation of Chemical Composition of Selected Meat Products Coming from Traditional and Mass Productions Sold in Retail Outlets in Poland in Podkarpacie Province PDF

Dr Renata Stanislawczyk, Dr Paulina Duma

Currently the Polish market as well as the European market note a significant growth of interest in food products with specific quality characteristics traditionally produced for many decades, or even for many centuries. It should be noted that Podkarpacie Province in Poland is the region of the country which is in the third place in terms of number of products placed on the List of Traditional Products. The aim of this study was to compare the chemical composition of selected meat products coming from traditional production and mass production. The material for the study were selected meat products purchased in retail outlets in Poland in Podkarpacie Province. There was evaluated chemical composition of selected meat products: homogenized sausages, medium ground sausages, offal cured meats and smoked bacons. In said products there was determined the content of water, fat and protein. The evaluation of selected parameters of the chemical composition was made using Food Check apparatus. The research showed that finely ground sausages, medium ground sausages and smoked bacons produced by the traditional method were characterized by higher content of water and protein and lower amounts of fat. Only in the case of traditional offal cured meats was noted fat content higher by 2.1%. All analyzed meat products produced in the traditional manner were characterized by higher content of protein compared to similar products from mass production.


Opara, C.C., Nwadike, M. C., Evbuomwan, B. O. and Eniafe, B. O

There are several environmental effects which have been traced to effluent gases from different sources. In this research, evaluation of effluent component gases and residual ash from a medical incinerator was carried out.Monitoring was conducted in two phases. The first phase lasted for about 20minutes which covered four different sampling points on the medical waste incinerator location. Second phase was the collection of fly ash from burnt medical waste to ascertain the concentration of lead (Pb)and cadmium (Cd) in it.Sampling was carried at 100m intervals for TPM10, CO2, NO2, SO2 and CO2emission from the facility and the results compared with an existing standard set by government regulatory agency (the Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria).


Prof. B.D Shendkar, Nikhil Mundhe, Karandeep Singh, Karan Vatnani, Rupesh Ranjan

In the past few years different methods has been introduced regarding image inpainting i.e. Diffusion and exemplar-based inpainting. Different algorithms are present today but more efficient algorithms are required. In this paper, using K-NN based exemplar method and Super-Resolution method inpainting is explained.

Design Limitations of Human Computer Interaction for Elder Users PDF

Samreen Safdar, Tasleem Mustafa, Raheela Nasim

Different modern techniques are introduced in market, but mostly are not adopt by every person due to their complexity. Some technical person and youngsters utilize these technologies for their benefits, but these are being ignored by elder peoples. Due to some effects of aging like regression in memory, lack of management capability and cognitive effects they cannot interact with computer interface.

Internet of Things: Machine to Machine communication with emphasis on role of RFID and NFC PDF

Jinisha Bhanushali, Piyush Dinde, Shreya Chakraborty

Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept which, for quite a while now, has been identified as the future of internet. It has opened up new possibilities for the implementation of smart environments. Machine-to-machine communication technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Near Field Communication (NFC), etc. play a pivotal role in Internet of Things. This paper highlights the function of device communication in terms of IoT and compares the technologies based on different parameters. Our main purpose is to focus on the usability of RFID and NFC technology for machine communication. Through this paper, we aim to point out the features and future scope of both RFID and NFC which make them perfectly suitable to serve the purpose of device communication in the large scale implementation of Internet of Things in near future.

An Approach to Maximize Profit of a Constructing Project within Limited Budget by Using Simplex Method PDF

Shifat Ahmed

The design and operations of constructing project has become of concern to an ever-increasing segment of the scientific and professional world. It is very difficult task to complete the selected project within the ranges of Budget and limited source. Sometimes we haven’t enough money to complete a project work. In this work a new idea is developed, which is very effective to find out the maximum benefits by formulating a constructing project, applying linear programming and using simplex methods. The linear requirements and non-negativity conditions state that the variables cannot assume negative values. It is not possible to have negative resources. We also use the graphical method to solve a linear Programming problem involving resource allocation.

Review on Leveraging Techniques on Bug Repository to form Accurate Bug Triage PDF

Aparna S. Murtadak, Prof. S. R. Durugkar

Software organizations spend huge amount of cost on managing programming bugs. An unavoidable stride of fixing bugs is bug triage, which expects to effectively allocate a developer to a new bug. To diminish the time cost in manual work, text classification techniques are applied to perform automatic bug triage. In this paper, we address the problem of information decrease for bug triage, i.e., how to diminish the scale and enhance the nature of bug data. We use instance selection with feature selection at the same time to decrease information scale on the bug dimension and the word dimension. To focus the request of applying instance selection and feature selection, we extract properties from historical bug information sets and construct a predictive model for new bug information set. Outcomes demonstrate that our data reduction can adequately decrease the data scale and enhance the precision of bug triage. Our work gives a way to deal with leveraging techniques on data processing to form decreased and high-quality bug information in programming advancement and upkeep.

Syntactic Difficulties Arabic Speakers Encounter While Learning English PDF

Mohammad Alfehaid

This paper is about difficulties Arab learners encounter when they learn English as their foreign language.

Overall Condition of the United Arab Emirates PDF

Abdullah Alrubaysh

United Arab Emirates is modern country specially in Economy such as airlines. However, Etihad does not operate a direct flight to Dubai. the proposal is to have Etihad subcontract us to operate two aircrafts to take over the transport services to and from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The aircrafts are meant to reduce the time taken to travel between the two cities by the emirates customers, provide a more comfortable transport system and make the customers satisfied with the services and ensure customer loyalty and probably attract new customers. The service will be offered through operating two Embraer ERJ 135 series with 37 seats and two Airbus H155 helicopters 14 passengers.

Designing fractional order PID for car suspension systems PDF

Saeed Zeraati

The suspension system of the car has a crucial effect on the comfort of traveling and controlling the vehicle because the body of the car is assembled on it and transfer the forces by the road to the body. In this study the implementation of FOPID controller based on genetic algorithm on the 1/4 active suspension system was investigated through the non-linear hydraulic actuator. The working principle of hydraulic suspension system that sometimes is called hydropenomatic is based on the compressibility principles of gases and non-compressibility of liquids. Investigation of the given acceleration to the pssengers and deviation of suspension shows that the suggested controlling structure has made more ease for the aboard. The results of simulation of the system regarding a non-flat road as the entrance, proves the ideal operation of closed ring system.

Raspberry Pi as a Portable Server PDF

Nitisha Srivastava, Megha Kolhekar

The Raspberry Pi is a low cost single-board computer which has recently become very popular. In this paper we showcase our attempt to use Raspberry pi as portable server and perform few applications based on it. The algorithm are coded in python environment which is the default programming environment provided by Raspberry pi. The Raspberry Pi is controlled by a modified version of Debian Linux optimized for the ARM architecture. The display contains a graphical user interface which provides various fields for data entry via an onscreen keyboard.

Solving Fuzzy Critical Path Problem Using Method of Magnitude PDF

S.Vimala, S.Krishna Prabha

This paper deals with a novel method for solving critical path problems with fuzzy duration. The duration of activity is followed by normalized Trapezoidal fuzzy number. Method of magnitude is used for ranking of fuzzy numbers and for solving CPM.

Threat Handling and Security Issue in Cloud Computing PDF

Akinola Kayode E., Odumosu Adesola A

Clouds provide a powerful computing platform that enables individuals and organizations to perform variety levels of tasks on the internet. It has been developed to provide information technologies services on demand to individuals as well as organization. However, as good and flexible as cloud Computing is, there are lots of threat from hackers to security of data passing through it day in day out. Therefore, cloud security have to be strong and consistent, so that the flexibility and advantages that cloud computing has to offer will be reliable. This paper presents a review on the cloud computing threats as well as security issues and how to handle them in the context of cloud infrastructure

Improvement of Plywood Surface with Urethane Acrylate (M-1200) by UV Curing: Effect of Diluent Monomers and Surface Pretreatment on Physico-Mechanical and Degradable Properties PDF

A. M. Sarwaruddin Chowdhury, Syed Rashedul Alam, Haran C. Biswas, Pinku Poddar, Zinia Nasreen and Ruhul A. Khan

A set of formulations were prepared from oligomer urethane acrylate (M-1200). This oligomer is very sticky at room temperature and it was diluted with diluent monomer to reduce its viscosity so the formulated solutions could be easily coated on a substrate to prepare thin polymer film. The reactive diluents are a tri-functional monomer, trimethylolpropanetriacrylate (TMPTA) and 2-ethyl-2-(hydroxymethyl)-1, 3-propanediolthrmethacrylate (EHMPTME).


UKHUREBOR Kingsley Eghonghon

Surulere, Lagos State have experienced rapid growth in GSM network, as the number of subscribers of GMS phone user increases the spectral efficiency becomes more critical because the frequency allocation is limited. This research is aimed at using a Model that can help in planning better GSM network and to address the defects and complains of the poor quality of GSM network services in Surulere area in Lagos State by consumers/subscribers.

VHDL Design and Synthesis of PCI Express Bus Controller PDF

Abhinav Bhat, Amit Kumar, Aakanksha Devrari, Manish Bansal

This paper presents the design and implementation of 64-bit Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) using VHDL. In this thesis, MAC and Physical layer are interconnected using high speed serial communication PCIe bus using a dedicated controller. Peripheral devices like Keyboard, Keypad and RS232 are designed to receive data form external world. Timer is designed for up-count and down-count purpose. DMA is designed to increase the speed of system. CCU is designed to control the flow of data between receiver and transmitter. Finally PCIe bus is designed to interconnect all these modules as a high speed serial communicator. This design is synthesized on Virtex 4 xqr4vsx55-10cf1140 FPGA. VHDL programming language is used to develop the design and simulation results are obtained using Xilinx 14.3 ISE design suit.

Coating of Foods with Plant Based Gum to Reduce Oil Absorption during Frying PDF

O.P Weerasekera, S.B Navaratne

This research discusses four edible plants named Durio zibethinus (Durian-seed), Abelmoschus esculentus (Okra-pod), Cinnamomum verum (Cinnamon-leaves), Neolitsea cassia (Dawul Kurundu-leaves) and gums were extracted using Water Extraction method. Extracted gums were coated on potato chips by dipping method. Then, they were fried in coconut oil and palm oil separately and measured the absorbed oil content using rapid method of oil extraction. The results were then analyzed using Factorial One Way ANOVA Design. From the statistical analysis, it can be concluded that there is a significant difference between the oil absorption in different coatings as well as in frying medium. Then, the four best samples which had less oil absorption were taken for sensory evaluation. The results were analyzed using Fread Mann Test. According to the results obtained, Okra pod gum was the most effective gum source, which reduced the oil absorption during frying (34%). However, from the sensory aspects, it was not the best source for coating of food items. It got lower points from the sensory evaluation in both cases. Second most effective gum source, which reduced the oil absorption during frying was Durian Seed gum. In coconut oil, as well as in palm oil, it had shown the second most reduction in oil absorption. The results of sensory evaluation proved that the best quality chips are the durian seed gum coated chips. When the cinnamon leaf gum and dawulkurundu leaf gum are concerned, they both did not show any remarkable reduction in oil absorption during frying. It may be due to releasing of gum to the oil. On the other hand, both gums might be heat unstable. Therefore, the two gums had to be rejected as both are not satisfying the main objective of this research.


A.Ravi, Dr. P.V.Naganjaneyulu, Dr.M.N. Giriprasad

As the progressive work is on noise removal from SAR (synthetic aperture images) images an efficient noise removal technique was proposed especially removing SPECKLE noise. This paper represents an improved denoising technique by redundant curvelet transformations for removing noise from SAR images. This improves information provided by the image and reducing noise rate in the same. This helps in preserving the images in multi resolution analysis and even filtering the curved architectures in the images. Various error calculation parameters were observing on these redundant curvelet transformation in combination with Empirical mode decomposition filtered image by indicating the best resultant value in the tabular form provided below in results. These observations were executed and results were simulated in MATLAB.

IN-SITU Chemical Synthesis And Electrical Prop-erties Of Polyaniline/ Titanium Di-Oxide Nano Composites PDF

L.N.Shubha, Dr.P.Madhusudana Rao

The present paper aims to study the preparation of Polyaniline / titanium di-oxide (PANI / TiO2) Nano composites and characterize them. Polyaniline / titanium di-oxide nano composites were prepared by in-situ chemical oxidation polymerization method. The synthesis involved the formation of dark green colored Polyaniline/TiO2 Nanocomposites. The Nanocomposites were characterized by FTIR, XRD, UV-Visible Spectroscopy and SEM. The expected structure of polymer was confirmed by the characteristic peaks in FTIR, SEM and UV-Visible spectra. The XRD pattern shows the monoclinic structure of the composite. The A.C. conductivity , dielectric constant (€’(w) ) and Dielectric Loss (€’’(w) ) of PANI /TiO2 nano composites were investigated in the frequency range 102-106 Hz using LCR Meter .The effect of doping on the A.C. conductivity was investigated.

A format to handle Sustainability problem in software design by engineering sustainability requirements PDF

Razia Falak, Raheela Nasim

One of the major challenges of our society is to achieve sustainability development. Sustainability contains three factor: social, environmental and economics sustainability. For individuals, sustainability is the ability to undergo and the probable for long lasting maintenance. So there is a need to develop a sustainable software with a liable feeding of resources. In software development process, a pattern is a written document that provides a general solution to a design problem that occurs repeatedly in many projects. Requirement engineering is considered one of the most important phases in the development life cycle. Requirement engineering is the crucial activity which can affect the entire life cycle of software development process. The main objective of the requirements elicitation phase is to collect requirements from different views such as requirements from the business, requirements from the customer side, requirements from the user side, and requirements from the security point of view. This research will explore to handle the sustainability problem in design, a new software pattern based on singleton and service locator design pattern is defined. This research also focuses on requirement engineering techniques that are affective to overcome these problems. These techniques are focus groups, interviews and ethnography for eliciting the requirements.

Sequencing and Amplification of Chitinase Gene From Entomopathogenic Fungi Beauveria bassiana 6291 PDF

Shivani sood, Tapan Kumar, SS Sandhu, Anil K Sharma

The need for new and useful compounds to provide help and respite in all aspects of the human life is always growing. It has been well familiar that some plant pathogenic fungi can be developed as inundative biological control agents to kill or inhibit the activity of some insects which cause a large destruction in the crop fields and in forest vegetation. Today, scientist worked on a number of fungi for making it as a myco-insecticide because some fungi contain chitinase genes which degrade the outer hard cuticle of the insect pest. Beauvaria bassiana is one of the fungi which is widely used in insect-pest control in forest as well as in crop fields. In the present study, DNA of Beauvaria bassiana were extracted and amplified by PCR using designed primer from GeneRunner software for isolation of Bbchit1 gene. Bbchit1 gene showed significant similarities with Cordyceps sp., Metarhizium , Trichoderma with endochitinase, chitinase and chit gene. The sequencing of the gene was done and subjected to ClustalX for alignment to detect conserved region and a phylogenetic tree was also generated. These results may be useful in characterizing the evolutionary mechanism of the species. The pathogenecity of the fungi was also detected against insect larvae of Helicoverpa armigera on the basis of time and temperature. This study will facilitate the identification of virulence genes and the development of improved bio-control strains with customized properties.

Fast and Improved Level Set Method for Image Segmentation PDF

Bibin Varghese, Shany Jophin

In recent years, image segmentation algorithms are widely used for segmenting the image into different parts which can be used for further analytical purposes. Nowadays, many applications such as iris segmentation for authentication, brain tumor detection and number plate segmentation uses different segmentation methods. Among them level set methods emerged widely due to its efficiency in handling the change in the topology of images. For solving the level set equation, the conventional level set methods uses some finite approximations schemes for providing numerical stability. These schemes take lot of time for the curve to evolve. This problem is tackled using the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM). In this method, a fuzzy energy function based on fuzzy c-means objective function is minimized using the gradient descent method to create the level set equation and LBM is used to solve the level set equation in order to provide parallel programming. The proposed method is insensitive to the initial position of the contour. This method easily detects brain tumor, segmented iris and character from number plate of vehicle is selected.

Anticipation of the Significance of Risk Factors in Cervical Cancer for Low Incoming Country: Bangladesh Perspective PDF

Sayed Asaduzzaman, Kawsar Ahmed, Setu Chakraborty, Md. Goljar Hossain, Mamun Ibn Bashar, Touhid Bhuiyan and Subrata Sarker Chandan

Cervical cancer is the second alarming cancer for women of low incoming countries like Bangladesh. In future it would be the main cause of death of Bangladeshi women by caner. To find the significant factors, association among them and making a precedence list among them by data mining and statistical approaches. During, February 2014 till July 2014 a case-control study has been acquitted on 436 participants of both patients (199) and non-patients (237). Using an accurate questionnaire based on previous study the whole data collection process done in the different part of the Dhaka cities and diagnostic center. About 10 factors like first sex at the age below 16, Lack of knowledge about cervical cancer, number of children above 3, STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) affection, previous cervical cancer history are founded highly significant by the statistical analysis and later those factors were given precedence by data mining process Ranker algorithm with different attribute evaluator. Oral contraception taken, contraception used and vaccine taken factors are lower significant than the other factors by the analysis. Both data mining and statistical approaches depict a comparative analysis and by the result the significant factors and the significance priority can be measured.

‘A Vocal Eye’: A GPS Based Way Finding Voice Navigational System for Visually Impaired People PDF

H.M.Sohaib Azhar, Suhail Shaikh, Sajid Ahmed, M.Hassan Tanveer, Shahzeb Sami

This article focuses to provide an effective model and a system named ‘A Vocal Eye’ that can be used to carry out the monitoring system for visually impaired persons which alert them about the existing obstacles and ducts. It also allows visually impaired to hear voice directions to reach their desired endpoint safely by avoiding hurdles and obstacles using ultrasonic sensors. Due to which the acquire range data from objects in the environment and detection of obstacles around.. For solving such issues, a multiple number of microcontroller platform is being implemented (i.e: AVR and Arduino) which directs the command and control throughout monitoring system.. Moreover, brief comparisons of both Microcontrollers are also presented in this paper for appropriate selection.

Performance Evaluation of Spatial Multiplexing MIMO-OFDM System using MMSE Detection under Flat and Frequency Selective Rician Channel PDF

Namrata Mankad, Dr. B. K. Mishra, Rajesh Bansode

MIMO-OFDM (Multiple Input Multiple Output-Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) is a very promising technology providing high throughput and range without additional bandwidth or transmit power by using many antennas at transmitter and receiver eliminating Inter-Symbol-Interference (ISI).The capacities of MIMO-OFDM systems can be fully utilized by low complex and optimal signal detection scheme. The receiver’s detector is supposed to maximize the Signal to interference plus noise (SINR) by cancelling the spatial interference and should separate the transmitted signals. Linear detector, Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE) is a less complex detector than other non-linear detectors. The performance of the proposed system is analysed using MMSE under flat and frequency selective Rician channel environment, different number of antenna configurations and various modulation techniques to provide an optimum solution

Thermal Efficiency of a Locally Manufactured Concentrating Solar Power System Located in Fayoum Region-Egypt PDF

M. Abdelmonem, G. Said, N. Yasein and H. Hassan

A locally manufactured concentrating solar power system LM-CSPS is designed and constructed in Fayoum-Egypt in order to study its thermal efficiency and the heat power output which could be probably used in the solar exploitations. LM-CSPS was built on the theoretical background of the parabolic solar collector and its total thermal efficiency was calculated being on average 27.5% with a heat power output 15.0 MJ/day which represents an important good result for extracting free and clean energy.

Transient Response of Lossy Multiconductor Transmission Line, Terminated in Complex Nonlinear Loads and Illuminated by an External Electromagnetic Field PDF

Ilham Zerrouk, Hassane Kabbaj, Amine Amharech

This paper investigates the electromagnetic field coupling to a lossy and planar uniform multiconductor transmission line (MTL), connected with multiple complex nonlinear components such as the Metal Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MESFET) or the Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET). Under the assumption of a quasi-transverse electromagnetic (quasi-TEM) field structure, we obtain the expressions of the currents and the voltages induced in the line, using the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) algorithm. The calculated results using the proposed method show good agreement with results obtained by commercial software PSpice.

Aspirin and its Preventative Role in Colorectal Cancer PDF

Wyncel Chan

It has been evident for a number of years that aspirin (ASA) has held a strong position in the prevention of cardiovascular related events but is now becoming a prominent preventative measure in colorectal cancer. This paper has sought at what molecular levels these new preventative results are stemming from.

21 U.S. Code § 1708 - National youth antidrug media campaign PDF

Fahad Alzahrani

The office of National Drug Control Policy has started a campaign in the United States named as the National youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign. The goal of this campaign is to influence the news media and attitudes of the people about the issue of drug abuse. This campaign is also started by the domestic government with the goal of preventing and reducing drug abuse mostly found in the youth of the country. This media campaign is making associations with public and private sector organizations for the drug free America.

Tumor Detection Using Trapezoidal Function and Rayleigh distribution PDF

Mohammad Aslam. C, Satya Narayana. D, Padma Priya. K

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. In developed countries, among one in eight women develop breast cancer at some stage of their life. Early diagnosis of breast cancer plays a very important role in treatment of the disease. With the goal of identifying genes that are more correlated with the prognosis of breast cancer.

The role of the annealing temperatures on the structure and optical properties of Rose Bengal thin films PDF

H. M. Zeyada, M. I. Youssif, N. A. El-Ghamaz, M. E. O. Aboderbala

Uniform thin films of Rose Bengal, RB, have been successfully prepared by the spin coating technique. Results of thermal analysis for RB films showed its stability up to 514 K. Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) measurements proved no changes occurred in the chemical bonds of RB films upon annealing. X-ray diffraction showed that the powder, the pristine and the annealed (363 K) thin films of RB have amorphous structure. The amorphous pristine films become polycrystalline structure after being annealed at 423 K. Optical properties of pristine and annealed RB films have been investigated using transmittance and reflectance methods. The refractive index (n) and the extinction coefficient (k) of RB films were directly calculated from the absolute values of the transmission and the reflection spectra. Single oscillator parameters and Drude model of free carrier absorption have been applied for the analysis of refractive index dispersion. The optical absorption edge data were analyzed within the frame work of the band-to-band electron transitions theory. Annealing temperatures created variations in the absorption coefficient, the energy gap and the refractive index of RB films. The optical functions and their dependence on the annealing temperatures were directly calculated from the spectral distribution of dielectric constant.

Assessment of Selected Dietary Habits in Students of Rzeszow University PDF

Paulina Duma, Magdalena Marchel, Elzbieta Glodek, Marian Gil

The aim of this study was designed to assess dietary habits of students of Rzeszow University. The study covered a group of students of the faculty of Food Technology and Human Nutrition at the University of Rzeszow. The group of respondents consisted of 318 individuals (266 women and 52 men). All participants completed an original questionnaire. Tables of numerical data were calculated using statistical software STATISTICA 12 PL.

Error analysis of the FEM calculations depending on the mesh density PDF

Paweł Nowak, Roman Szewczyk

Paper presents analyses of the FEM modeling error in the function of the mesh density. Tests were conducted on open-source FEM software, which allows magnetodynamics modeling with the utilization of Whitney elements to solve Maxwell’s equations. Simulations was based on modeling of magnetic flux distribution around the Helmholtz coils setup, which allowed to compare modeling result with analytical solution of magnetic flux value in the midpoint of the setup. Modeling was conducted on a typical model of Helmholtz coils with different mesh densities. Results confirmed that generally denser mesh resulted with lower modeling error, but the correlation was non-linear. Also, utilization of a mesh with premade parameters resulted with similar error like high density meshes with fixed element size.

Study on the Importance of Knowledge, Innovation and Entrepreneurship on the Country’s Progress PDF

Misko Dzidrov, Simeon Simeonov, Slavco Cvetkov, Sasko Dimitrov, Ljubica Stefanovska Ceravolo

Entrepreneurship as a term has become a well-known term around the world, where the society sees the entrepreneurs connected with the well-being and economic development of any country. In the same time, the importance of innovation has been highlighted many times but little has been said about the major source of entrepreneurial opportunities that potentially can arise from that innovation idea. This research focuses on the role of knowledge in creating opportunities that can be exploited through innovation and possibly with some future entrepreneurial step. We would analyse the theoretical models of growth vis-à-vis the link between the knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship. Also we will try to comprehend the forces of knowledge and how innovation and entrepreneurs make it marketable and help the growth process.

Effects of anthropogenic activities on soil carbon storage and compactness in coastal plain soil of tropical urban area PDF

Udebuani A.C, Obasi K O, Ezeji E U, Okereke J N, Anyado S. O, Dike-Ndudim J. N and Enekwu E.C

The study on the impact of anthropogenic activities of a tropical urban soil; effects of different land use on bulk density, relative bulk density and their capacity to store carbon were investigated using several key soil physical and chemical properties such as ammonium acetate methods used for determination of cation exchange capacity. Results obtained showed the soil textural class to be sandy in all the land used area. Moisture content and porosity were highest in the automobile servicing area. Bulk density (1.50g/cm3) and relative bulk density (0.82g/cm3) were highest in soil samples from commercial area. Automobile servicing area had the lowest soil pH (5.1), compared to other land use areas, which had it pH ranging from 6.2 – 7.5. The highest value of exchangeable base was obtained also from automobile servicing area compared to other anthropogenic active areas. There is a considerable variation in the total carbon storage from different land uses with the highest carbon storage obtained from automobile servicing area (570.5 g/cm3), this is followed by soil samples from commercial areas (370.0 g/cm3). The lowest value of carbon storage was obtained from institutional area. The major effect of anthropogenic activity is on soil organic matter (OM); therefore the degree of compactness was as a result of the impact on organic matter. Result of this present investigation shows that anthropogenic activities in urban environment affect the compactness and carbon storage of soil.

Geoelectric and Physiochemical Evaluation of ABUAD Groundwater Potential, Southwestern Nigeria PDF

Ogundana, A.K , Okunade A., Aladesanmi A. O., Olutomilola O.O

A geoelectric and physiochemical evaluation of ABUAD groundwater potential was carried out to determine the quality of water in the boreholes in the school. A total of fourteen boreholes were investigated namely; borehole 1-14. Vertical electrical sounding (VES) using schlumberger electrode configuration was carried out to evaluate the groundwater potential of each of the boreholes (VES 1-14). Physiochemical tests were also carried out on the 14 boreholes to determine the quality of the water being produced. The electrical sounding conducted revealed that the study area has low to medium groundwater potential with clayey-sand, weathered and fractured basements constituting the aquiferous zones with an average depth range of 20-40m from the surface. Results of the physiochemical parameters revealed temperature ranges from 24.0-27.0 with average value of 24.00C. pH, TDS and EC revealed ranges of 6.3-7.7, 51.9-82.01mg/l, and 76.0-110.2µs/cm with the average values of 6.9, 68.7mg/l and 92.4µs/cm respectively. These parameters are well within WHO and NSDWO acceptable limits, however, the hydrochemical parameters need to be analysed.

Generalized Relative Lower Order of Entire Function of Two Complex Variables PDF

Rakesh Kumar, Balram Prajapati, Anupma Rastogi

In this paper we introduce the idea of the generalized relative order of entire function of two complex variables are discussed in this paper.

Deployment Plan for Next Generation Networks PDF

Eshani M Patel

Service convergence for digitization of the content over internet and packet based information transport, above the economies of scale, rapid rise in requirement of network for flexible service delivery, reduction of capital and operating costs. Changes in telecom policy and regulation, ever increasing competition have been key factors which lead to the evolution of Next Generation Networks (NGN).Telecom service providers worldwide are migrating their network architecture towards for deployment of new next generation networks to meet the market competitive edge.

Epidural Steroid along with midazolam for low back pain with sciatica PDF

Dr vasudha Ranjeetsinha jadhav, Dr Ranjeetsinha Jadhav, Dr Satish mehta, Dr manisha patil, Dr Trupti Deshpande

Low back pain continues to be a leading cause of disability.It is the commonest complain of most of the patients presenting to the pain clinic and orthopaedic Out patient department. The cost to society and the patient in the form of time lost at work ,compensation and treatment is staggering.

A survey of IDS classification using KDD CUP 99 dataset & WEKA PDF

Urvashi Modi, Prof. Anurag Jain

Intrusion detection systems (IDSs) are based on two fundamental approaches first the recognition of anomalous activities as it turns from usual behavior and second misuse detection by observing those "signatures" of those recognized malicious assaults and classification vulnerabilities. Anomaly (behavior-based) IDSs presume the difference of normal behavior beneath attacks and achieve abnormal recognition evaluated with predefined system or user behavior reference model.


Jetmire JAKUP ,Snezana ILJOVSKA ,Sanja NASKOVA, Marija PAVLEVSKA ,Nexhibe NUHII

The Cariogram is a new concept, primarily evolved as an educative model, focused towards simple presentation of the numerous factors which cause dental caries. For the realization of this doctorate, we defined and accomplished the goal, which was based on the assessment of the dental caries risk profiles, in examinees with primary teeth, using the Cariogram model.


OWOLABI, Babatunde Oluwaseyi, OWOLABI, Boludola Gbemisola

E-learning as a sub-system within information and communications technology (ICT), is the electronic process which enhances the delivery and administration of learning opportunities and support via computer, networked and web-based technology to help an individual’s performance and development. The basic principle of e-learning is connectivity – the process by which computers are networked to share information which can connect people. Electronic learning technologies are becoming increasingly popular in tertiary institutions as they are used for tutoring, managing courses, providing simulations, enriching existing courses, programming and problem solving. The catalyst for growth in e-learning is its suitability for simulation and experiential learning through the internet and computer applications. E-learning technology has the potential to transform how and when learners learn. Learning becomes more integrated with work and uses shorter, more modular, just-in-time delivery systems via e-learning. This paper therefore, discusses the concept of e-learning, common e-learning terms/tools and attributes of e-learning.The paper also examines the concept of effective instructional delivery and the responsibilities of lecturer in using e-learning, the major problems identified and recommendations that will help in the effective utilization of e-learning to catalyse instructional delivery were also made.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) Utilization for Instructional Delivery in Teaching-Learning Process in Nigerian Educational System PDF

OWOLABI, Babatunde Oluwaseyi, OWOLABI, Boludola Gbemisola

Information communication technology (ICT) has been recognized to be a very powerful tool in education reform. The use of ICT, particularly a computer stimulates a new atmosphere where teachers and students could utilize modern ICT resources for effective instructional delivery during teaching-learning process in order to promote students’ academic achievement. The curriculum of schools ought to be computer based to enable ICT utilization to be achieved. ICT policies need to be formulated and planned to complement and support curricula with technologies infrastructure. This paper therefore, discusses the need to achieve effective instructional delivery at all levels of education through the use of ICT. The paper also examines the concepts of ICT, need for ICT in schools, and ways of integrating ICT in teaching. The major constraints to the utilization of ICT in schools are highlighted and recommendations that will help in its’ effective utilization in teaching and learning process at all levels were made.

Investigation of Bubble Dynamics of a Second Grade Visco-elastic Fluid PDF

Rehan Ali Shah, Jamal Nasir

Theoretical analysis will be made on the bubble dynamics of a second grade viscoelastic fluid. The flow will be considered to be laminar and incompressible. Theoretical results include the time wise variations in the bubble growth and mass transfer during growth. Some results will be obtained numerically using RK-4 method of bubble growth and mass transfer with effects of physical quantities, namely, viscosity, density, shear stress, pressure difference and viscoelastic parameter.


Aneesh.P, Sruthi.K.C, Jisha.P, Jeena Sharafudheen, Dr.A.P Krishna

Objective: The aim of present study was to identify thyroid abnoramilties-Hypothroidism, hyperthyroidism and autoimmune diseases in women during pregnancy.

Study of mercury induced morphological and biochemical changes in gill of Cirrhinus mrigala PDF

V. R. Chavan

Pollution due to heavy metals is a major ecological concern due to its impact on human health through food chain. Mercury (Hg) is highly toxic, nonessential, persistent, immutable and nonbiodegradable metal and is highly toxic to animals and cause death and sub lethal pathology of aquatic animals.

Risk of CAD in adolescents PDF

Ms Shobha Gaikwad

Adolescence (10-19 years) is a period of transition from childhood to adulthood and involves rapid change in growth. Childhood overweight and obesity is known to be associated with higher prevalence of other cardiovascular risk factors, including hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, and type II diabetes and subsequent cardiovascular disease later in life. In childhood, excess weight is associated with poor lifestyle, including sedentary habits, and lack of physical activity. Poor nutrition, such as low intake of fruits, vegetables, fibre and high consumption of energy dense foods, also may contribute to excess weight gain.


Magda Sabbour

Background:Sitophilus oryzae (L.) is a serious primary insect pest of the stored rice, wheat and maize grains Objective: The present studies aims to determine the efficacy of the nano-entomopathogenicityof the two nano-entomopathogenic fungi, B. bassiana and M. anisopliaeagainst one serious pest of stored rice, wheat and maize.Methods: The effect of the two nano-entomopathogenic fungi Beauveria bassiana and Metarhizium anisopliae were tested under laboratory at concentrations ranged from 1X10 to 1X108spores/ml and experiments were conducted under laboratory conditions (26±2 o C and 65±5 %RH.), store (in 15 rice packages were sprayed by the nano-bio insecticides (B. bassiana and M. anisopliae) at concentration 8.25 x 108 conidia /ml for each fungus) Results:Data showed that the LC50? s of the rice weevil under laboratory conditions after treated with different concentrations of the nano entomopathogenic fungi which obtained 45X104 and 57 X104 conidia/ml after treated with Nano-B. bassiana and Nano-M. anisopliae respectively.


A.O.James, Eziaku Osarolube

The corrosion inhibition of aluminum in 0.5M H2S04 solution in the presence of velvet tamarind (VT) at various concentrations (0.5 - 0.25g/dm3) was studied using weight loss technique at temperature range of 30oC – 50oC. It was found that VT-water extracts acts as a good inhibitor for aluminum corrosion in the sulphuric acid medium. The inhibition efficiency of VT increased with increase in temperature and concentration of the acid. The result shows that velvet tamarind serves as an effective and non-toxic inhibitor of the corrosion of aluminum in H2SO4 solution. The inhibition may be attributed to the adsorption of the active ingredients in VT on aluminum surface. The adsorption fits well into the Langmuir adsorption isotherm.



An unsteady two dimensional flow of a laminar, viscous, electrically conducting chemically reacting viscous dissipative and heat absorbing fluid past a semi infinite vertically permeable moving plate embedded in a uniform porous medium and subjected to a uniform transverse magnetic field in the presence of thermal and concentration buoyancy effects was considered. The plate is subjected to a constant normal suction/ injection velocity. The governing equation for this investigation, which was based on the balanced mass, linear momentum, energy and species concentration, were solved analytically using perturbation technique.

Containers Architecture PDF

Ahmed Hosney Radwan

Reusing and recycling of materials is considered as an important value in sustainable design and architecture that prolonged among many historical ages, from reuse of stone, wood, marble columns, etc.… the previous decades witnessed the use of many materials in creating spaces that can host various functions, not only for economic or financial reasons but also for environmental reasons, in addition to the expenses of getting rid of these materials or reprocessing them by any mean. From re-use of paper, till reusing steel shipping containers, various attempts have been made to explore the possibilities, opportunities and examples of creating many functions, projects, or even large buildings been constructed in this way, the wide increase of these applications lead to the emerging of a type of architecture called afterwards containers Architecture.

Digital Simulation Programming Technology of Contaminated Surface Water boundaries PDF

Najah Mahdi. Lateef. Al Maimuri

A 3D unsteady model in homogenous anisotropic media is developed to simulate the contaminate transport in surface runoff. The model technology is based on a numerical solution of the partial differential diffusion-advection equation. A finite difference numerical solution is preferred. A model technology firstly requires to discretize the model domain into finite number of meshes and the implementation of the base map. The case study indicates that concentration ratio C/Co is lowered to be (0.1) at 1600m downstream of the pollutant setting point. The model is so flexible in the input and output of the data.

Euphrates Pollution Threats for Human and Fishery Wealth Survival in Al Hindyia City by using 2D Mathematical Dispersion-advection Modeling PDF

Najah Mahdi Lateef Al Maimuri, Arkan Radi Ali, Ahmed Mahdi, Kareem Fadil Abood, Abbas Ahmed Hussian, Afaf Rafeek and Adnan Mohammed Shihab

A brief study is performed including mathematical derivation, conceptualization and computer programing to develop 2D comprehensive mathematical model to dealing with any environmental problems especially that concerning pollution accident. The model is capable to be used for solving a point, line and area sources. The current pollution process in Al Hindyia city which is located on Euphrates River proves the model is efficient tool to deal with any environmental pollution which may be occurred in stilling and moving surface water. The results shows that the point at which the waste water concentration reaches a zero value is occurred at 555m D/S the disposing point into the Euphrates River.


Kwaji, B. P. and Sogbesan, O. A.

The fish fauna of Lake Ribadu, Adamawa State, Nigeria was studied from June to August, 2015. Data were collected through frame and catches composition surveys. The catch assessment was conducted at the landing site; twice a week and fish were indentified using Olaosebikan and Raji (2013) and Idodo-Umeh (2003). Simple descriptive statistical tools such as simple percentage, frequency counts were used to analyze data collected. A total of 5,572 fishes belonging to 15 families and 29 species were identified in the local fisher’s catches. In terms of number, the Family Cichlidae dominated the catch, which contributed 28.86% to the total catch. This was followed by the Claridae (28.74%); Schilbeidae (15.54%); Mochokidae (8.0%); Alestidae (4.17%); Mormyridae (3.62%); Protopteridae (2.23%); Bagridae (2.10); Claroteidae (1.94%); Ployteridae 91.78); Dischodontidae (1.42%) and Cyprinadae (1.34%). The families Citharinidae, Anabantidae and Gymnarchidae each contributed less than 1% to the total fishes in the catch. In terms of weight, the Claridae family tops contributing 40.84% to the total weight of fish caught. Mormyridae is the most diversified family which was represented by 4 species. The study showed that Sarotherodon galilaeus (21.34%); Clarias gariepinus (21.02%); Schilbe intermedius (10.43%) and Clarias anguillaris (7.72%) were the dominant species in Lake Ribadu. Longer period study should be carried out to confirm the species and families of fish fauna in the present study.

Oxidative Degradation of Methylene Blue Using Fenton Reagent PDF

Elegbeleye Oladipo Ayodamope

Methylene Blue dye is an aromatic chemical compound with a molecular formula C16H18N3SCl and has some very distinctive uses in some fields like biology and chemistry. Its uses are diverse as they can be used in paper and pulp industries, leather industries and can also be used for medicinal purposes. This paper focuses on the degradation of methylene blue using Fenton and Oxidative processes and how to remove this dye compound from water solution. The material used, its environmental effect, advantages and recommendations are also discussed.


A.O. James, F.A. Odey

The inhibitive effect of different concentrations (10%v/v to 50%v/v) of bitter kola water-extract (BK) on the corrosion of aluminum in 0.5M hydrochloric acid was investigated by weight loss technique at 30oC to 50oC. The percentage inhibition efficiency increased with the concentration of the inhibitor and the temperatures. The mechanism of chemical adsorption has been proposed for the inhibitor on the basis of the temperature effect and the values of activation energy obtained. The inhibition is probably due to the adsorption of kola flavonone which is the active component in bitter kola extract on aluminum surface. The adsorption of the inhibitor molecule on aluminum surface was in accordance with Langmuir adsorption isotherm. The results from weight loss technique confirmed that bitter kola water - extract (BK) is effective in reducing the corrosion of aluminum in hydrochloric acid medium and could serve as an effective and non-toxic inhibitor of the corrosion of aluminum in hydrochloric acid solution at the temperatures studied.

Comparative Study of the Performance of Two way and One Way DF Relaying with Co-Channel Interference and Channel Estimation Error PDF

Ahmed El-Mahdy, Nerin Nerin Ashraf, Ahmed Mostafa Elbakly

It is known that cooperative communications enhances the bit error rate performance of wireless communication systems. In this letter, we show that cooperative communications also reduce the effect of channel estimation error and co-channel interference. A metric called signal-to-noise gap ratio is used to measure the amount of this reduction in decode and forward two-way relay network (TWRN) and one way relay network (OWRN) compared with the direct link between source and destination. The effect of different parameters on the ability of TWRN and OWRN to reduce the effect of channel estimation error and co-channel interference is studied. It is shown that OWRN achieves more reduction on the effect of channel estimation error and co-channel interference than TWRN. Furthermore, more reduction can be achieved if the number of relays increased.

Helicobacter pylori Testing as a Screening Mechanism for Peptic Ulcer Disease PDF

Zachary J. Degner, Josée P. Proulx

Helicobacter pylori testing is not a suitable screening mechanism for peptic ulcer disease (PUD). A literature review was conducted to find studies that either showed association between H. pylori infection and PUD or proved the efficacy of the screening mechanisms for H. pylori. This was done to assess the possibility of using the H. pylori testing as a screening mechanism for PUD. Only publications written in English and available as “free full text” were utilized in the analysis. Search terms were pubmed MESH terms H. pylori and peptic ulcer disease. An association between H. pylori infection and an increased risk of developing PUD was found. However, the development of PUD was found to be a result of many other factors as well, most notably: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) use and smoking status. Furthermore, infections with H. pylori only rarely lead to development of PUD as many cases of H. pylori remain unproblematic and often asymptomatic. Ability of the various tests for H. pylori to detect an infection was assessed and extrapolated to show sensitivities and specificities of the various tests if they were used in PUD screening. Although there is a small but statistically significant association between H. pylori infection and PUD, using any of the currently available H. pylori tests as a screening mechanism for PUD is not reliable due to a low specificity and sensitivity.

Synthesis and Characterization of Hypoeutectic Al-Si Alloys by Reduction of Sodium-Fluosilicate Using Powdered Aluminium PDF

H. S. Wasly, Moatasem M. Kh, Mohamed M. Ali, A. M. Omran

Al-Si alloys and sodium aluminum fluorides were obtained by reduction of Sodium-Fluosilicate (S.F) with Al powder and molten aluminum. Different factors affecting the composition of the produced Al-Si alloys are studied. These factors are sodium fluosilicate to aluminum weight ratio, Al powder to S.F weight ratio and reaction time. The produced Al-Si alloys are self-modified due to sodium fluoride existence in the reaction's bath, which changed the morphology of Si crystals. This modification process assists in improving the mechanical properties. Microstructure examination, chemical analysis, x-ray diffraction, and Differential Thermal Analysis (DTA) are performed to characterize the as received materials and the produced alloys. The results indicated that the mechanism of the reaction was taken place as follows; when S.F is added to Al, the S.F decomposes to produce SiF4 gas which reduced in the presence of Al powder to silicon ion. The silicon ions combine with Al to form the Al-Si alloy and the fluorine ions react with Al and the residue of sodium fluoride to produce cryolite. The produced Al-Si alloy in this study is a high quality containing Si up to 12%, with less than 0.2 total impurities and the produced cryolite can be used in aluminium electrolysis.

Isolation and Structural Identification of Compounds with Antioxidant, Nematicidal and fungicidal Activities from Punica granatum L. var. nana PDF

Emam, A.M, Ahmed, M.A.M, Tammam, M.A.A, Hala, A.M. El-Dakar and Zawam,S. Hanaa

Pure compounds have been isolated from methanolic extract of Punica granatum L. var. nana. The crude extract and pure isolated compounds have been tested for their antioxidant, nematicidal and fungicidal activities against three nematode species, i.e. Meloidagyne incognita, Rotylenchulu reniformis and Pratylenchus penetrans as well as three phytopathogenic fungi, i.e Fusarium oxysorum f.sp. lycopersici ,Rhizoctonia solani and Sclerotium rolfsii. The methanolic extract exhibited free radical scavenging activity against DPPH radicals (IC50=25.97µg/ml-1). Activity guided separation resulted in isolation of three active compounds namely; Cyanidin 3,5-diglucoside (IC50=5.2 µg/ml-1), Galloyl glucoside (IC50=4.1 µg/ml-1) and 2-methyl-pyran-4-one-3-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (IC50=5.5 µg/ml-1).

Power Quality Improvement using STATCOM PDF

K. Jayavelu

The paper describes an advanced approach to power quality enhancement, mainly to flicker mitigation. There is described the standard STATCOM device added by an energy storage in its DC circuit. Its function is then discussed and modelled for active power compensation in addition to the classical reactive power compensation. A case study is provided for an industrial plant with 60 MVA electric arc furnace producing power disturbances, namely flicker.


Mallikarjuna Gowds. CP , Jhanavi S , Jeena Kasthuri R

Under normal circumstances, if we want to copy or move data from one mass storage device to another, we use the computer as an intermediate device. When copying data is your only requirement, it is overkill to use a full-fledged computer to do something so ordinary as to transfer data. However to operate these devices, most of the times we use an operating system which is susceptible to attacks and security breach. The disadvantage of using USB Flash Drives is that it requires a PC to initiate file transfers between one another and it does not have any wireless facility. As a solution to the above problem, our project aims to develop a device that allows the file transfers between two USB devices without use of personal computer.


Mallikarjuna Gowds. CP , Jhanavi S , Jeena Kasthuri R

Under normal circumstances, if we want to copy or move data from one mass storage device to another, we use the computer as an intermediate device. When copying data is your only requirement, it is overkill to use a full-fledged computer to do something so ordinary as to transfer data. However to operate these devices, most of the times we use an operating system which is susceptible to attacks and security breach. The disadvantage of using USB Flash Drives is that it requires a PC to initiate file transfers between one another and it does not have any wireless facility. As a solution to the above problem, our project aims to develop a device that allows the file transfers between two USB devices without use of personal computer.

Intrusion Detection in KDD99 Dataset: A Review PDF

Megha Jain Gowadiya, Anurag Jain

With the perpetual growth in the use of network services for information and resource sharing, which makes our work easier. Sometimes extensive use of network gets compromised with different kind of threats or intrusion which may fraudulent or devastate the integrity, confidentiality and resource availability. For detecting intrusion over network system has been designed which is called Intrusion Detection System (IDS) whose purpose is to perceive a variety of anomalies and intrusions. In intrusion detection system various data mining algorithm has been applied such as ID3, KNN, K-means etc. The analysis of different feature selection approach is performed in widely used KDDCUP’99 dataset. This paper, presents the literature study of different methodologies developed by researchers with their merits and demerits.

Improved Capacity Collage Steganography Using Discrete Cosine Transformation PDF

Nidhi Antony

Nowadays establishing secure communication has gained increasing relevance. One of the methods used for hidden communication is steganography, in which secret message is embedded into a carrier without attracting the attention of unintended recipients. Among the various steganography methods that have been proposed so far a new type of steganography, collage steganography hides the secret message in a more secure way. This paper presents an improved capacity collage steganography using DCT.The secret message, image pixels, coefficients, header files are embedded into cover image by using object images with transparent features and affine transformation parameters. Capacity analysis is used to select the cover image. The appearance of cover image is altered due to object image used for embedding. Template matching techniques are used to retrieve information.

Energy Efficient Virtual Machine Management for Cloud Computing: A Survey PDF

Olayinka Adeleye

The adoption of Cloud computing in IT industry has led to creation of thousands of datacentres across the globe, each housing thousands of computing resources and applications. However, energy consumption of cloud’s datacentres remains the major challenge facing cloud operations and its sustainability. Efficient utilization of cloud resources using various virtual infrastructure management techniques remains one of the strategic means of realising energy efficiency in cloud. Many research works on cloud energy efficiency exist, with some focusing on the infrastructure layer and some on the virtualization layer of the cloud architecture. In this paper, an attempt has been made to analyze various techniques deployed to manage virtual machine in an energy efficient manner. Although, the focus is on the virtualization layer, fundamental aspects such as the architectures, supporting technologies, methods, and overall cloud performances for each method will be considered.

Site Suitability Analysis for Waste Disposal in Kano Metropolis, Nigeria (Using Multi-Criteria Evaluation, AHP, and GIS Techniques) PDF

Abubakar Aminu Usman, Mukesh Kumar

In Nigeria, Landfill is one of the most important method of managing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). The landfill remains the last option for the disposal of waste in developing countries including Nigeria. This study was based on site selection for Municipal Solid Waste dumpsite in Kano Metropolis (Nigeria) using multi-criteria evaluation, AHP, remote sensing and GIS techniques. Eleven criteria were used for the study. This criteria were classified in to two: the constraint criteria (major road, airport, railroad, river, dumpsite, and a border). While the factor criteria involves population, advance road, soil, slope and land use. The study was divided in to three phase. In the first phase the constraint criteria were standardize using Boolean logic, a score of 0 was assigned to the restricted area, while 1 to unrestricted area. Then all the five criteria were overlaid to generate a restriction map. For the second phase, factor criteria were standardize using fuzzy membership, with a range of numbers from 0 –1. The factor criteria were then weighted using AHP and then overlaid, to get a suitability map. The final phase combine the result of the first and second phase to get most suitable sites for landfill. The result revealed five different sites; the Unsuitable site occupy 324 km2 (65%), Poorly suitable site covers 30 km2 (6%), the Moderately suitable site covers only 5km2 (1%) and then Suitable site covers 6% (30km2). Finally the Most suitable site for the waste disposal covers 110 km2 (22%) out of the total area of 499km2.

Development of a Shoe Attachment to the Existing Furrow Opener of Tractor Drawn Seed cum Fertilizer Drill and its Performance Evaluation PDF

Suryakanta Khandai, N.Mahapatra and M.K.Ghosal

The plain shovel type of furrow opener mostly used in the presently available seed cum fertilizer drill has been modified by attaching a suitable shoe to it with a view to solve the problem of frequent soil sticking in the seed and fertilizer tubes and also to achieve the proper placement and coverage of seed in the soil. The performance of the developed shoe attachment to the existing plain type furrow opener was evaluated in the soil bin of the Dept. of Farm Machinery and Power, OUAT, Bhubaneswar, Odisha during the year 2012. Experiments were conducted in sandy loam soil and the effects of draft requirements of three types of furrow opener like developed furrow opener prototype (Furrow 1), plain shovel (Furrow 2) and shovel with shoe attachment (Furrow 3) were studied with moisture contents within 8-9%, 11-12%, 14-15% and 17-18% (wb) for four speeds of operation (0.8 km/h, 1.2km/h, 1.6km/h and 2 km/h) and for three depths (50 mm, 60mm and 70 mm). Soil strength was maintained between 800 kPa to 1000 kPa. Similarly, the furrow parameters studied during the course of experiments were furrow bottom, soil throw and soil coverage after passage of furrow opener in the soil bin. The data collected through experiments were analyzed statistically by following completely randomized design (CRD) method. It was found that the draft requirements for the developed shoe attachment were 30-35 % more than the plane shovel but soil coverage in the developed unit was found better and was about 100 per cent higher than the plain shovel at all depths studied. The draft requirement of the developed shoe attachment was also found very much suitable for the existing tractor operated seed cum fertilizer drills equipped with shovel type furrow openers only.

A Novel Hybrid Approach for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio PDF

Veena Gawde, Dr. B. K. Mishra, Rajesh Bansode

Cognitive Radio (CR) is a technique used to improve utilization of the radio spectrum. It is a software controlled radio that senses the unused frequency spectrum at any time. Spectrum sensing in CR is challenged by a number of uncertainties, which degrade the sensing performance and in turn require much more time to achieve the targeted sensing efficiency. Reliable spectrum sensing is one of the most crucial aspects for the successful deployment of cognitive radio technology. Hybrid spectrum sensing scheme is proposed which obtains reliable results with less sensing time. First, the scheme determines better an energy detection method, or a combination of energy and matched filter based detectors based on the SNR of the signal. In the combined energy and matched filter detector, an energy detector with certain value of threshold is used, and the matched filter detector is applied only if user is not detected by energy detection method. Second, sensing is performed by dedicated sensing receiver that is with the use of multiple antennas which reduces sensing time. To evaluate the scheme’s performance, the results are compared with those where only an energy detector, matched filter are performed. The performance metrics are the probability of detection, probability of false alarm and sensing time.

Lip Imprint Based Biometric Identification: A Survey PDF

Semonti Chowdhury, Satarupa Bagchi Biswas, Joydev Hazra

The aim of this paper is to present a survey on different approaches to use human lip-imprints as a mode of Biometric Identification. The different approaches discussed in the series of papers could be classified broadly into two categories: Manually Implemented Methods and Automated methods based on Digital Image Processing and other machine learning algorithms. The method of accepting input imprints and the method of matching those imprints are distinct in different approaches, but basis of nearly all the approaches is the study of the groove patterns present in the lip imprints.

Degradation of Mangroves in the Coastal Zones of Ratnagiri, Maharashtra PDF

Balu L. Rathod, Jagdish B. Sapkale

The present investigation is an attempt to make an in depth study of seven sample villages i.e._ Anusure, Purngad, Ganeshgule, Jakemerya, Kolthare, Dhabol, Anjarle in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. The data for mangroves was collected from villages and tehsil revenue department. The data collected, was converted into percentage. The primary data was collected through questionnaires on the basis of perceptions of farmers and villagers. Besides this, personal visits were made to selected sample villages and observations are noted for acquiring correct information. Questionnaire has covered various aspects related to mangroves i.e. Function of mangroves, mangroves species, uses of mangroves for livelihood, mangrove protection/ conservation, etc.

Contextual Features Based Naïve Bayes Classifier for Cyberbullying Detection on YouTube PDF

Mr. Shivraj Sunil Marathe, Prof. Kavita P. Shirsat

With the growth of the Web 2.0, online communication and video sharing websites has started emerging. This evolution on in-ternet is now allowing users to share their information and collaborate with each other easily. In addition, video sharing websites are helping users to establish new connections between people and promote their views, ideas etc. As a result, various malignant users are getting attracted towards these social networks. Among several video sharing websites (with social networking features), YouTube is the most popular & widely used website. Due to anonymity of content uploaded and low publication barriers, YouTube is misused by some users as a platform to post videos promoting cyberbullying, harassment and online abuse.

Simulation of Traditional and Proposed Switched Inductor Buck Boost Converter Connected with Photovoltaic Module by Simulink / Matlab for Analysis, Comparison and Results PDF

Anwarul M Haque, Dr. Swati Sharma, Devendra Nagal

The role of power electronics converter is very important in the photovoltaic (PV) systems. The inductor of traditional buck boost converter is replaced by switched inductor circuit consists of two inductor and three diodes. Buck Boost converter is used to boost the photovoltaic voltage at the required high level to extract the maximum power from the photovoltaic module. The simulation of the photovoltaic array is realized with SIMULINK block. The temperature and the irradiance are specified. The Simulink model uses a current source, voltage source and the value of the resistance in series and parallel of the PV. The number of modules in series and parallel are set. The result is used for the Simulink block as a current source to obtain the voltage and current delivered from PV. It is observed observed that the buck boost converter is able to track the maximum power of PV by variation of its duty cycle. Increasing the load resistance PV still deliver power near maximum point. At the load side the output voltage is increased depends on the load conditions. The PV module gives the maximum power, voltage and current independent of the load.

Security of Data in Machine-to-Machine Communication PDF

Nivedita Gupta, Prof. Neeraj Shrivastava

Security of data is one of the most important issues in today’s high-speed and extremely complex environment. There are several issues occurred in web environment related to data security i.e. bugs in Web pages, wrong data in Web sites, fraud in card payment system and unauthorized updating in e-mail data and other important data in Web application. Web applications are very useful and an important distributed system which is depending on both client-side and server-side mechanisms. Web applications are used to provide end users in which client access the server’s functionality with a set of Web pages. Some attacks are identified in Web applications are cross-site scripting, SQL injection, cookie theft, session hiding, browser hijacking, and the self-propagating worms in Web-based email and social networking sites. These are the common vulnerabilities which affect the data security. This is the representation for Machine-to-Machine communication system, tries to makes contributions i.e. to create an environment where data is securely sent from one machine to another machine and can be used to help Security Improvement in Web Engineering.

Detection of Breast Cancer using Data Mining Tool (WEKA) PDF

Jyotismita Talukdar, Dr. Sanjib Kr. Kalita

Breast cancer has become the primary reason of death in women in developed countries. Breast cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death in women worldwide. The high incidence of breast cancer in women has increased significantly during the last few decades. In this paper we have discussed various data mining approaches that have been utilized for early detection of breast cancer. Breast Cancer Diagnosis is distinguishing of benign from malignant breast lumps.

Application of Generalized -expansion Method to Modified Regularized Long Wave (MRLW) Equation PDF

A.H.M. Rashedunnabi

In this paper, the Modified Regularized Long Wave (MRLW) equation is solved to find out exact traveling wave solutions based on the generalized - expansion method using the computation software Maple-17. Three types of general solutions such as trigonometric function, hyperbolic function and rational function are constructed with some parameters. When the parameters take specific values, we get exact solutions. The extracted solutions are checked by putting them back to the original equation with the Maple software. Several three dimensional graphs of some availed solutions are provided to exhibit the wave pattern of the considered equation.

Assessing the Urban Encroachment Phenomenon in Egypt Using Satellite Imagery PDF

Rami Y. Khamis, Amr H. Ali, and Michael Hahn

The agricultural land in Egypt is consistently threatened to diminish by the urban encroachment phenomenon, which extensively occurred after the Egyptian Revolution in 2011. The risk is considered particularly high since the fertile and productive land of Egypt is remarkably scarce and is profoundly shrinking due to the urban infringements. The unstable conditions of the country exceptionally allowed planned and unplanned urban expansion forms to appear more and more. In this research urban expansion is studied by utilizing satellite images with distinctly different resolutions and employing diverse remote sensing classification procedures. The analysis is based on a multi-temporal change detection procedure which identifies the urban expansion in terms of location and areal extent that occurred, comparing the situation before and after the revolution.

Intelligent transportation system as tool in solving Cairo’s transportation problems PDF

Ahmed Hosney Radwan

Traffic congestion in Cairo has many causes: fuel subsidies result in cheap petrol and diesel, which in turn result in more private cars on the streets, meanwhile the lack of parking areas results in cars having to turn back or park incorrectly on the streets prompting further traffic jams. Although the number of metro commuters is high, the metro only reaches a limited number of places in the city. Also, public transport buses are few in number and outdated, thus prompting people to use other buses and taxis to get by. However the latter generally need to be cleaner, safer and be able to better load and unload passengers. There are also few areas for pedestrians to cross the streets and street peddlers often occupy these areas and the sidewalks, making things worse. Moreover, there are many problems related to the construction of roads where there are few street lights, stop signs and crossroads; people also find awful corners and U-turns that are either very sharp turns or are very narrow thus not allowing drivers to make smooth U-turns. Drivers also behave badly and irresponsibly added to the poor implementation of traffic laws, which causes the public to undermine traffic regulations. In this paper we will discuss intelligent transportation systems (ITS) which is a nontraditional tool for solving traffic problems in Cairo and holds great promise for public works professionals seeking to optimize those public investment strategies that deal with traffic congestion and other growth pressures. Advanced traffic and fleet management systems as well as traveler information and vehicle-based systems can take advantage of information technology advances and private market products to substantially improve the productivity, connectivity, and safety of transportation, and its application in Cairo to improve traffic.



Collagen is the main connective protein in the body of an animal predominantly found in the bones and skin of mammals. It is the primary source for gelatin recovery when subjected to a denaturing process at a control temperature. The aim of this study is to extract gelatin by hydrolysis, modified and determining by gravimetrical and scan electron micrograph characteristics of both the unmodified and fatty acid ester modified gelatin; the gelatin extraction percentage yield on a dry basis from collagenous cow bone after 20 hrs hydrolysis is 23.2%. The modified gelatine film subjected to hydrophocity test shows that water vapour transmission capacity of 3.9 x 10-8 gmm-1pa-1hr-1 was experimentally obtained by gravimetry desiccant method which implied that the hydrophobicity of the modified gelatine film is high to a stable accuracy. Comparison of microstructural and morphological properties of unmodified and hydrophobically modified gelatine films shows that a face cubic center (FCC) plane grain boundaries with a fibre internal structure of 1.29µm, 2.4 µm and 7.88 µm and pore average height, thickness area of 0.41µm2, 1.44 µm2 and 103.10 µm2 respectively at a stable frequency were noticed in the unmodified gelatine and this explaine it brittle and surface wettability behavior. The hydrophobically modified gelatine has a rough surface region of a micro-structural morphology of a body cubic center (BCC) micrograph with a semi-crystalline lattice structure due to the present of a rod-like curve amorphous solid and a tetrahedron ice crystal solid on a rough surface region with fibre internal structure of 757.07 nm, 4.18µm, and 14.01µm and pores of average dept, thickness and area of 0.41 µm2, 2.32 µm2 and 22.98 µm2. Roughness of the surface region confirmed it hydrophobicity ability. The modified gelatin obtained from collagenous cow bones formulated an environmentally friendly bioplastizer or binder for explosive synthesis.

Isolation and Identification of Blastocystis hominis isolated from Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients using Phenotypic and Genotypic Methods PDF

Adnan Hamad Uobeed, Ghada Basil Ali, Shams Kareem Mohammed

The current study was tried to detect the role of Blastocystis hominis in the pathogenicity of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) with their’s coexistence by using the phenotypic methods by microscopic and culture and genotypic methods by PCR. The present study was conducted on 127 patients (62 males and 65 females) attended to Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital in Al-Muthanna Province from the begging of November 2014 to the end May 2015. The patients were diagnosed clinically by physician whom suffering from IBS; Patients were interviewed directly by using anonymous questionnaire form which age, gender, type of water and residence area.Inaddition to that acontrol group of 40 apparently healthy individuals (18 males and 22 females) whom were without any history of disease included in this study. Fecal specimen were collected in suitable , clean , dry container , all sample was divided into three parts, the first for microscopic examination and second for culture and final part were quickly frozen for detection B. hominis using PCR. Microscopic examination by wet mount used saline and iodine and trichrome stain then demonstrated the B. hominis and culture method on Jones media for Blastocystis hominis and Detection of virulence gene is Cysteine protease (CP gene) of B. hominis by Polymerase Chain Reaction (RCR) where detect the virulence gene. Out of 127 samples, 43 (33.86%) were found positive for B. hominis by microscopy, 56 (44.09%) by culture and 58 (45.67%) using PCR. The parasite B. hominis represent one of the main causes of IBS.

Cryptographic Algorithm Based on ASCII Conversions and a Radix Function PDF

Y. Siva Rama Krishna

Encryption is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized users can read it. Cryptography to achieve a higher level of security. In this algorithm it becomes possible to hide the meaning of a message in unprintable characters by converting the ASCII value below 32. The main issue is to make the encrypted message undoubtedly unprintable using several times of ASCII conversions, Radix Function and a cyclic mathematical function. Dividing the original message into packets binary matrices are formed for each packet to produce the uprintable ecrypted message through the ASCII conversions, inverse cyclic mathematical and reverse radix functions are used to decrypt the unprintable encrypted message. The final message received from six times of encryption becomes an unprintable text through which the algorithm possess higher level of security without increasing the size of data or loosing of any data.

Voice robot control using advanced fuzzy control techniques PDF

M. Elsayed, M. Ib. Sokar, S. Abd Rabbo, M. El_Arabi

Nowadays, mobile robots has a significant status in real life and industrial applications. A mathematical model of the Tricycle Mobile Robot (TMR) as a closed loop transfer function is introduced. A prototype of TMR with steering wheel was established. The current research presents different control techniques of TMR with auditory systems to further enhance human–robot interaction. Controlling the velocity and azimuth angle of the TMR was discussed and examined by three methods. They are fuzzy logic controllers alone, fuzzy logic based on PID controller and Fuzzy Inference System (FIS) with the lookup table. All of each controller is examined with trapezoidal, triangular and Gaussian membership function, also compared with two inputs as unit step and unit sinusoidal input. The results show that the FIS with lookup table has the best output response and control signal at the sinusoidal input. Also, the minimum error signal occurs for FIS with lookup table with trapezoidal membership function at the unit step input.

Design and Analysis of Capacitor Assisted Extended Boost Quasi ZSI PDF

Rini Paul, Binitha Joseph Mampilly

The quasi Z-source inverter is a very attractive topology because of its unique capability of voltage boost and buck functions in a single stage. But its voltage boost property could be a limiting feature in some applications where very high input voltage gain is required. This input voltage gain could be extended by the implementation of the capacitor assisted quasi-impedance network. This paper discusses a capacitor assisted quasi-Z-source inverter. Steady state analysis and design of the topology operating under continuous conduction mode is presented. Performances were analyzed in the steady state and validated using simulation and hardware results.

A New Failure Detector to Detect Failures in a Distributed System PDF

Sheikh Tania, Jannatul Maowa, Afsana Ahmed Munia

Process groups in distributed applications and services rely on failure detectors to detect process failures completely, and as quickly, accu-rately, and scalably as possible, even in the face of unreliable message deliveries. Failure detector is a simulation application that is responsible for detection of node failures or crashes in a distributed system. It is impossible to distinguish with certainty a crashed process from a very slow process in a purely asynchronous distributed system. Some parameters are used to evaluate a Failure Detector such as complete, quick, accurate, and scalable even in the face of unreliable message deliveries. In contrast to previous failure detectors that have been used to circumvent impossibility results, the heartbeat failure detector is implementable, and its implementation does not use timeouts. Here we introduce a failure detector which is based on heartbeat message.

Determinants of Academic Performance-A Multinomial Logistic Regression Approach PDF

Sharmin Sharker, MD. Mujibur Rahman

The aim of this study is to examine the influence of some selected socio-economic, demographic, familial, individual students’ scholastic and institutional factors on the academic achievement in the 1st semester of undergraduate students. A survey was conducted by using a self-administered questionnaire for data gathering. The study participants consisted of 140 graduating students from six different departments of International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, Bangladesh. Some factors including: student’s seriousness about study during their 1st semester, time spend in study, and whether they had to face problem in understanding the courses have been identified as significant determinants of academic success of students. The seriousness about study found to be more significant than the rest of the variables. It has been also found out that the student’s current grade also significantly depends on their 1st semester’s grade. The findings of the study would help students to understand their strength and weakness and act properly for better academic achievement. It would also assist the parents and university authorities to have a deeper understanding of the factors influencing academic performance of students and take necessary actions.


K.A. El–Naggar, Sh.K. Amin, M.M. Ahmed, M.F. Abadir

A landfill solid waste obtained from a location in Delta region –Egypt was used in the manufacturing of fired clay bricks by blending with clay, as eco friendly waste recycling process. This affords utilizing a priceless waste while simultaneously minimizing pollution. Raw materials were characterized for their chemical and mineralogical composition using XRF and XRD respectively; the particle size distribution of both clay and waste was assessed by sieving. Mixtures were prepared by blending up to 35% waste with clay. Brick specimens for each mixture were molded, dried then fired. Tests performed on the wet mixes showed that waste addition caused a slight decrease in plasticity up to about 20% addition. Also the dry compressive strength was almost unaffected by the addition of waste up to 25% addition. On firing for 3 hours at temperatures ranging from 700 to 850 °C the percent boiling water absorption as well as apparent porosity regularly increased on waste addition associated with a decrease in bulk density and hence the weight of produced bricks. One remarkable feature was the elevated compressive strength obtained on adding up to 20% waste and firing at 800 °C (25 – 30 MPa) that exceeded by far the standard requirements for normal duty clay bricks according to ASTM C 62/2013 (8.6 MPa).This was interpreted in the light of formation of diopside and anhydrite that confer high mechanical properties to the fired body. Firing at higher temperatures besides being less economical caused excessive black core formation resulting in bursting of the bricks for waste addition exceeding 10%. It was concluded that the replacement of 10 – 15 wt. % of clay by the dump solid waste site and firing at 700 °C, improved brick quality as well as contributing to minimize pollution.

Production of Liquid Fuel from Pyrolysis of WasteTires PDF

Md. Shameem Hossain, Dr. A. N. M. Mizanur Rahman

Worldwide energy crisis forced the researchers to explore for new and alternate sources of energy. For the developing countries this problems are acute. Generation of any kind of waste is a problem to the environment. Some wastes have the characteristics of producing energy by different thermochemical conversion. In the present work, waste tires were pyrolysed in a fixed bed reactor. The influences of pyrolysis temperature, heating rate, operating time, sample size etc. on yield were investigated. The pyrolysis of tire was carried out within the temperature range of 300ºC to 600ºC. The optimum pyrolytic oil of 42.0% was obtained for tire pyrolysis at 450ºC. Higher temperature and smaller particle size increases the heating rate that resulting a decreased char yield. The cracking of hydrocarbons, resulting increased H2 content in the gaseous product, is favored by a higher temperature and smaller particle size. The physical properties of the pyrolytic oil were examined. The oil obtained was analyzed for their fuel properties compared with other petroleum products. The density and viscosity of the liquid was 935.1 kg/m3 and 6.95 cSt at 40°C, respectively. The higher calorific value of the liquid was about 37.98 MJ/kg. The properties of pyrolytic liquid were much closer to that of conventional furnace oils. It could be concluded that pyrolysis of waste tires may be a potential source of alternative fuels.

An Efficient Model for Developing Semantic Web Applications PDF

Tariq Shahzad, Khalid Majeed, Amir Ali, Abdul Jabbar

The emergence of semantic web technology gave rise to the improvement of current web designing methods. Current designing methods provide a development approach for designing web applications that are only human understandable. To make the web contents machine understandable, some semantic approaches are required. Semantic web Design methodologies use ontology languages such as RDF, OWL to represent information internally. These ontology languages captured semantics, allows to explicitly expressing the semantics of different models, as well as the semantics of the represented data.

Depositional Processes and Provenance Determi-nation Using Grain Size Analysis and Heavy Min-eral Assemblages of Surficial Sediment and Stream Sediment Samples from Iwere-Ile and Its Environs PDF

Okon, Emmanuel Etim and Essien, Nse Udo

The sedimentological study of surficial sediments (colluviums and stream sediments) was carried out around Iwere-Ile and its environs in part of southwestern Nigeria. Twenty-six (26) samples of which 11 were stream sediments and 15 were colluvial deposits were collected. The samples were subjected to grain size analysis and heavy mineral studies using standard procedures and the data obtained were subjected to statistical analysis from where the textural parameters and mineralogical characteristics were derived.

Image Fusion an Application of Digital Image Processing using Wavelet Transform PDF

Miss. Devyani P. Deshmukh, Prof. A. V. Malviya

In today’s era digital image processing has wide areas of application. One of the most important applications of image processing is in image fusion. Image fusion is a technique which is used for combining relevant information from two or more images into a single image. This fused image contains more information than any of the two input images. The fused image can have complimentary spatial and spectral resolution characteristics. We can apply this method in remote sensing application as well as satellite imaging application. In this proposed work, two images are fused based on the wavelet transform using different fusion technique. The objective of this Proposed work is to fuse two images in such a way that we can get better result which contain more information. The respected results will evaluate using parameters like Pseudo Signal to Noise Ratio, Root Mean Square Error, Standard Deviation and Entropy.


Martin C. Eze, Samuel C. Olisa

This research analyses Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Systems Performance in Northern and Southern Hemisphere Locations. Crystalline silicon BIPV system with peak power of 15KWp was used in the simulation and loss due to wire and inverter was set at 0.0%. The longitude was fixed at 300 and the latitude of the system was varied from 50 to 300 in each hemisphere. Based on the simulation result, it was observed that the annual output energy of BIPV systems increases with the increase in the latitude and systems in northern hemisphere produce higher energy compared to the system in the southern hemisphere. However, the system in the southern hemisphere is more efficient. The result showed that the optimum tilt angle increases with the increase in the latitude and system in the southern hemisphere have a higher optimum tilt angle compared to the system in the northern hemisphere and the hemisphere affects system orientation. The simulation was done using MATLAB and PVGIS.


A uterine malformation is the result of an abnormal development of the mullerian duct during embrogenesis. Reproductive outcomes are improved because of availability of diagnostic modalities like TVS, HSG, and laparoscopy. Increased incidences of miscarriage, preterm labor, IUGR, malpresentation, abnormal placentation are mostly common in bicornuate uterus.We here present a case of 25 years G2A1 on admission 36 weeks by LMP 35.5 weeks by USG of 15 weeks with ? bicornuate with IUGR with fetal distress FHS:-80-100BPM. Emergency LSCS was done, intraoperative findings revealed bicornuate uterus with single cervix.

Unidominating Functions of a Complete k-Partite Graph PDF

V.Anantha Lakshmi, B.Maheswari

Graph Theory is one of the most useful branches of Mathematics, which is recently originated in recent years has wide applications to combinatorial problems and to classical algebraic problems and to various fields of Science & Technology. Domination in graphs is emerged rapidly in the last three decades and it is the current interest of researchers. Recently dominating functions in domination theory have received much attention. In this paper the authors study the unidominating functions of complete k partite graph and determined its unidomination number , upper unidomination number. Further it is concluded that they are equal.

Performance Study of an Aero-Derivative Gas Turbine System with a Coalescer Filter at Varying Operating Conditions PDF

Fidelis I. Abam, Samuel O. Effiom

The performance of an aero-derivative industrial gas turbine (ADIGT) with a coalescer filter at varying operating conditions is presented. The study determines the aptness of an ADIGT for power generation in two extreme locations. The ADIGT was modeled to operate at conditions of Usan offshore oilfield and Maiduguri desert in Nigeria. For all operating conditions of decrease TET, corresponding decrease in AFR was observed. For ambient temperatures between 15 and 38OC in both environments the AFR, OPR, and IPD declined to above 0.5 %. Equally, for conditions below ISO and 1.8 % drop in TET, a 2.4% loss in AFR and 1.6% gain in OPR were attained. The estimated IPD and AFR values exist at about 90% validity with the experimental. However, for ADIGT to be suitable for power generation in these locations, it will require system modification and the use of inlet air pre-cooling system to bring the ambient air close to ISO.

Geospatial Mapping of Fish Farms in Anambra State Using GIS Approach PDF

Ojiako, J.C., Okafor, C. M., Igbokwe, E.C

Recent survey in technical assistance to fisheries in developing countries point to the difficulties in formulating and implementing policy and plans for fishery development. A problem underlining policy and planning in fisheries is that it has been difficult to make a comprehensive analysis of the suitability of the environment, human, and economic resources available for development. Anambra state in particular is faced with a myriad of problem as a result of inability to combine data sources related to fishery in a meaningful way, they lack the capacity to evaluate fishery potentials in the state as a result of ineffective management of these fishery related data sources. This paper is focused on the Geospatial mapping of fish farms using GIS approach .This was achieved through the following objectives: acquisition of base map of the study area showing boundary locations, Creation of spatial and aspatial database of the area to serve the purpose of the study and performing analysis to show the potential of GIS in Geospatial mapping of fish farms in the state. The methodology adopted included: the acquisition of primary and secondary data within the study area, data processing and analysis amongst others. The software used included: ArcGIS10.3 and Microsoft excel The result of GIS analysis showed attribute database tables, Digital Thematic Maps and GIS query results. It is therefore recommended amongst others that the results of this study should serve as a decision support system in management of fish farms in the state.

Properties of elements produced in a product of two wings & Analysis of Generalized Fermat Number by N-equation PDF

Debajit Das

Natural Equation or simply N-equation is nothing but the systematic arrangement of all Pythagorean triplets, details of which was first published in August edition 2013 of this journal. Further developments of this N-equation took place intermittently with respect to its different properties and proof of different conjectures in Number Theory and were published in this journal in several bouts. Now this paper mainly contains the properties of four elements in an equality of two prime wings produced by the product of two prime wings and the analysis of Generalized Fermat Number to prove its composite nature with the help of N-equation. It also includes some special functions of composite nature and divisibility property of a prime number.

The XPS, depth profile analysis and photoluminescence studies of pulsed laser deposited SrAl2O4:Eu2+, Dy3+ thin films prepared using different laser fluencies PDF

P.D. Nsimama, O.M. Ntwaeaborwa and H.C Swart

SrAl2O4:Eu2+, Dy3+ thin films were grown on silicon (Si) (111) substrates using the pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique to investigate the influence of the laser fluence on the structure, morphology and photoluminescent properties of the films. The atomic force microscopy (AFM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM), X-ray Diffraction (XRD), energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS), photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy and the x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) were used to characterize the films. The SrAl2O4:Eu2+, Dy3+ thin films gave two green PL emissions peaks coming from Eu2+ ions occupying the two Sr2+ sites in the SrAl2O4 host lattice. The green emissions were attributed to 4f65d1 ? 4f7 transitions of Eu2+. The films with well-defined grains gave superior PL intensity and long afterglow characteristics. The EDS and XPS results showed that the films consisted of all the major elements (i.e. Sr, Al and O) present in SrAl2O4:Eu2+, Dy3+ material. The carbon (C) and the Si peak from the substrate were also identified. The XPS depth profile results showed a linear relationship of the film thickness with the laser fluence. The variations of surface morphological and topographical properties of the films with the laser fluencies are discussed.

Interference Reduction Between Device to Device (D2D) Communication Underlying Cellular Networks PDF

Mohammed Salih Mohammed Gismalla,Ibrahim Khider Eltahir

Due to the popularity of intelligent phone devices, the demands for high data-rate wireless broadband services must be increased. The purpose of this paper is to reduce the interference between D2D communication underlying cellular networks and to study the log distance model in different environment with greedy grouping algorithm. All results are provided with three different SINR requirements, such as 6dB, 9dB and 12dB and the simulation is applied to lengths 500m, 250m, 100m and 50m for 150 links. For each group of links the free space, urban, sub urban areas are implemented. All simulation results of different areas are grouped by greedy algorithm and compared with each other; the results show that the log distance model is best in sub urban areas.

Definition of seismic vulnerability of existing residential buildings and buildings for family housing in Polog Valley PDF

Enis Jakupi

Methodologies for evaluation of seismic vulnerability of existing residential buildings and structures for family housing have been investigated. A procedure for evaluation of seismic vulnerability of RC buildings has been proposed. Applying the nonlinear static “pushover” analysis, the parameters of nonlinear behavior of the selected set of reinforced concrete buildings have been defined. There have also been defined the vulnerability indices as a measure of damage to each building, as a scaled linear combination of the state of nonlinear behavior of the components at the point of termination of the “pushover” analysis. The computed values of vulnerability indices obtained by “pushover” analysis to the range of 0.2 – 0.3 point to satisfactory behavior of the analyzed buildings.

Data Mining in Business PDF

Fasial Khoja

The move today is towards gathering more and more data for the business as more data gathered; there are better chances of getting superiority over the competitor. Companies now seek for the competitive edge as it is the demand of this era. But piling up too much information doesn’t guarantee success rather getting the right information from the pile of information is what needed (Chen et al., 1996). This is done through a process called data mining. They further stated that data mining is the process constituting of extraction and analysis of data to be used in business. It carries immense importance for business as businesses are keen to adopt such a process for developing a competitive edge over their competitors.

Automatic Query Generation and Query Optimization for Declarative Crowdsourcing System PDF

Miss.Priyanka D Sarode, Prof.Imran R Shaikh

In recent era firing optimized query on huge amount of data or on bulk data flooding from various resources is hot cake for researchers. In this search process crowd-sourcing attracted many industries as an effective tool for utilization of human intelligence for various works that computers and smart system cannot perform. Hence in this crowd sourcing various solutions for database operations are provided. Also recent crowd-sourcing systems have user friendly panels that helps newbie or user not having SQL knowledge to get desired result by firing query in his terms and his expected conditions. For user query, respective system analyzes the query, generate the execution plan, execute it, get the result, resolves errors. While this query can execute in many ways and its effective execution time will vary as per the execution plan. Hence to avoid this uncertainty in query execution there must be proper execution plan and query optimizer that evaluates the ways of execution OR execution plans from time and cost point of view and finally system should select potentially good plan for execution. In this paper we are analyzing the various approaches that help to resolve the user queries in crowd sourcing systems which supports cost based query optimization, optimizing multiple crowd sourcing operators and allow tradeoff in between cost from monetary point of view and latency.

Critical Review of Extended Waterfall Model PDF

Rajesh H. Kulkarni, P.Padmanabham, K.K.Baseer

Software product quality improvement is a desired attribute and a strenuous effort is required to achieve that.Usability is also a desired attribute as it helps in identifying how effectively user achieves product goals.Concrete efforts to integrate Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction exist in the form of models by many researchers. Better user experience is an oft expressed and desired quality of the products designed nowadays.Many efforts in this regard lead to various proposals of smooth integration of SE (software engineering) processes with HCI (human computer integration) for product development. One such effort is extended waterfall process model. This paper presents a critical review of extended waterfall model. It also suggests means to bring nearer the two diverse communities of SE and HCI.



A preliminary market study was conducted to assess the level of certain heavy metal in selected vegetable sold in Obada market and Atikori market, harvested from three farm-lands located in Ayesan, Dagbolu and Osunbodepo in Ijebu North Local Area Government. The vegetables were bitter-leaf (Vernonia amygdalina), fluted pumpkin (Talfaria occidentalis), water-leaf (Talinum triangulare), and jute mallow (Corchorus olitorius). The samples were analysed for heavy metals (Cr, Mn, Ni, Co, Cu, Cd, Zn, Pb, and Fe) using Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS, Perkin Elmer model 2130), in accordance with AOAC. The result obtained showed, Jute Mallow had highest value of Zinc with 111.23 and lowest value of Co with 3.50; fluted Pumpkin had highest value of Mn with 45.50 and lowest value in CO with 1.75; Water Leaf had Zn with highest value 186.75 and Cd has the lowest; Bitter Leaf had Zn with 90.50 and Cd with 1.50.

Computing Product Rating Using Real-Time Feedback Comments from E-Commerce Portal PDF

Gaurav Kamble, Rohit Athare, Abhishek Kumar, Neha Upadhyay

Different models are used widely used in e-commerce to rate the products on the portal, but the comments are aggregated to compute seller reputation. The “All Good Reputation” problem is very prominent in the current e-commerce rating systems. However, these scores are universal and it is difficult for potential buyers to buy from trustworthy sellers. In this study, based on comments that buyers’ express in the feedback section, this paper proposes CommTrust, for evaluation by mining the feedback comments. The contribution include: (1) This paper proposes a multidimensional trust model for computing user feedback comments; (2) This paper also proposes an Algorithm for Mining Feedback Comments for Dimension Ratings, Combining techniques of NLP, LDA and PLSA. To the best of our knowledge, this study is the pioneer on trust evaluation by mining feedback comments.

Comparing the effect of Seven isolated Bacillus thuringiensis against The Indian mealmoth (Plodia interpunctella), infesting during storage PDF

Sabbour Magda and Maysa E. Moharam

Seven bacterial isolated strains, Bacillus thuringiensis B.T Dendrolimus , B.t thuringiensis , Bt Sotto 4A/4B , BT IP thurizide, Bt Toloworthi, Bt HD 210 and Bt HD 128 tested aginst the Indian meal moth (Plodia interpunctella, the LC50 of the different bacterial strains , 103X104, 98 X104, 44 X104, 40 X104, 42 X104, 110 X104 and 177 X104 after treated with different concentrations of bacterial strains, Bacillus thuringiensis B.T Dendrolimus , B.t thuringiensis , Bt Sotto 4A/4B , BT IP thurizide, Bt Toloworthi, Bt HD 210 and Bt HD 128. The effect of the number of eggs laid/ female of (Plodia interpunctella were significantly decreased to 10.1±1.6 after treated with Bt Toloworthi as compared to 98.4±4.9 in the control after 120 days of the storage . The percentage of adult emergence significantly decreased to 10 after Bt Toloworthi treatments after 120 days as compared to 99% in the control.

Hydrogeologic Conditions of Crystalline Basement Aquifers in Kauru Area of Kaduna, Nigeria PDF

Isaac Oladejo OLANIYAN and Mwajim George GWARI

The paper assessed the hydrogeologic conditions of the crystalline basement rocks underlying the Kauru Area of Kaduna using data obtained from 26 producing wells in the area. Certain hydrogeologic characteristics of the aquifer which affect well productivity were investigated and analyzed. The minimum, maximum and the averages of the range of values of the hydrogeologic parameters were presented. The water table contour map of the area was prepared from the static water level data, and it shows that water table is generally deeper around the northwest-southeast axis of the middle section of the study area than at the southwest and northeast flanks of the LGA boundary. Graphical representation of screen lengths and specific capacities revealed that screen length has a direct effect on the specific capacity. Regolith thickness and saturated thickness showed a near-parallel variation from one well location to the other. The Pearson Product Moment Correlation analysis showed a strong positive correlation value of 0.746 between yield and drawdown, a weak correlation value of 0.48 between pumping rate and drawdown, and a very weak correlation value of 0.071 between yield and regolith thickness in the study area. The Regression Analysis, on the other hand showed that while drawdown rate has very strong and fairly strong linear relationships with yield and pumping rate respectively, yield has a very weak linear dependence on regolith thickness.

Study of phase composition of Ordinary Portland Cement Concrete using X-Ray Diffraction PDF

Prof.N.K.Dhapekar, Prof.A.S.Majumdar and Dr.P.K.Gupta

An experimental study is performed on powder ordinary Portland cement concrete samples using X- ray diffraction (XRD) which reveals a promising approach for phase composition of concrete structures. Conventional X-ray diffractometer was used for XRD analysis of concrete samples. The potential presence of cement content and silica in hardened ordinary Portland cement concrete can be determined by X-ray diffrac-tion analysis. This approach may replace the traditional chemical analysis of hardened concrete which is tedious and time consuming .An attempt has been made to quantify the phases present in ordinary portland ce-ment concrete . The results of phase quantification obtained from XRD analysis has shown good agreement with the experimental values.

Text Detection and Recognition with Speech Output in Mobile Application for Assistance to Visually Challenged Person PDF

Ms.Rupali D. Dharmale, Dr. P. V. Ingole

Now a day’s use of mobile is broadly increased every person possesses a mobile phone, in which lots of application run. Using Android mobile phones we can help the visually challenged people by providing easy reading of text boards and printed text information in the form of audio. Reading text from printed text images and text boards is a challenging task for visually challenged persons. The proposed system extracts and recognizes text from scene images and converts that recognized text into speech. This application is very helpful and handy for visually challenged person. The novelty of this work is to convert image containing text into speech.

Effect of Rice Bran Oil Methyl Ester on Emission Characteristics of CIDI Engine PDF

Sirivella Vijaya Bhaskar, G. Satish Babu

Ever rising prices of crude oil, dearth of conventional fossil fuel reserves, ever-growing energy demands and global erratic climatic changes due to emission of hazardous green gases, has all led to concentrated and escalating research efforts in search of environmental friendly, alternative renewable energy sources. In recent times, biodiesels have emerged as the prospective substitute to diesel fuel, as alternative energy source. This can be attributed to the abundance of feed stocks in all regions, eco-friendly nature of the bio-fuels and the ability to be easily used in diesel engines without any modifications. The present investigation aims to evaluate the emission characteristics of diesel engine fuelled with rice bran oil methyl ester (RBOME). The experimental results of single cylinder, 4-stroke, water cooled, direct injection compression ignition engine fuelled with different blends (BR20, BR40, BR60 and BR100) of RBOME and diesel have revealed that biodiesel has lower CO emission, lower smoke density, lower particulate matter and moderately higher NOx emission when compared with diesel.

An economical solar PV system for home use: explained PDF

Nathan David

With increasing power tariffs, power cuts and decreasing solar panel prices, there is a lot of interest in people to adopt solar technologies. Solar electricity is one possible way to electrify houses when the power supply is erratic. To convert, store and use the energy in the sunrays as electricity a solar electric system is utilised. Here solar energy is converted to electrical energy by solar panel made up of transducers called solar cell. These panels are placed on the top of houses for the purpose of obtaining maximum solar energy. This received energy is temporarily stored in a battery via a charge controller and is finally made available for use through the inverter. This paper describes briefly the components that make up a solar system, how to calculate the required power output and the cost implications.

Analysis of Bluetooth-Based Ad-Hoc Network For Voice Transmission Over Local Area Network PDF

B. O. Omijeh and K.Munonye

In this paper, the analysis of Bluetooth-based ad-hoc network for voice transmission over Local Area Network is presented. The aim is to analyze the performance of Bluetooth technology when applied to communication between Bluetooth-enabled devices such as smart phones and personal computers connected over Local Area Network (LAN) in order to communicate with other users or devices which are out of the immediate Bluetooth range. Wireless communication helps you to control electricity cost and time consumption so that we can save without compromising on comfort. The methodology employed in this work is Matlab/Simulink –based. This includes the use of the following communication blocks : CPM Modulator Baseband , M-FSK Modulator Baseband block, General CRC Generator block, M-FSK Demodulator block, CRC Syndrome Detector block. The State flow charts were used to implement the transmitter and Receiver Controller respectively. Results obtained after simulation proved satisfactory. The use of Bluetooth in voice and data transmission could produce high data and audio rates while not producing a corresponding rise in error rates. Error rates has been found to be in the order of < 0.01.