How to create EOI

Recommendation/Guidelines on How to assign EOI to your published article

EOI for articles & issues are created by publisher, we have provided the EOI prefix , all the EOI for your articles/issues will start with EOI prefix.
For example- journal name ieee, your journal EOI prefix is 10.12345  and you want to create the eoi for 3 articles in Vol 6, Issue 4, December 2018
      For first article - 10.12345/ieee.06.04.001
      06--> Denotes Vol 6
      04--> Denotes Issue 4 
      001--> Denotes articles number 1
     For second article - 10.12345/ieee.06.04.002   and so on for all the articles in same edition, or you can create your own sequence strategy.
      For complete edition - 10.12345/ieee.06.04
You can also design your own strategy to generate EOI for your articles/editions. Once you ready with the EOI for your online content there are two ways to deposit the meta-data about your content.
1. You can use online eoi deposit tool to to submit the paper details with eoi.
    EOI submission tool  
    ( If you are EOI member you must have EOI prefix & login details with you, which are required for sucessful
       submission. )
2. Download the following excel, fill the data and email us at Our administrator will upload the excel & eoi will be activated for all submitted articles.
Article EOI Excel Template - Download
Edition EOI Excel Template - Download


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