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Preliminary phycochemical analysis and in vitro antibacterial screening of green micro algae, Desmococcus Olivaceous, Chlorococcum humicola and Chlorella vulgaris

Antibacterial activity of the Acetone, methanolic, ethanolic and DMSO extract of dried green microalgae Desmococcus olivaceous, chlorococcum humicola and chlorella…

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Views: 1406

Preliminary report on the tolerance and growth of micro algae in the sludge from hypochlorite manufacturing industry and possibility of using these micro algae for remediation.

The ETP sludge of a hypochlorite manufacturing industry can be a potent pollutant of an aquatic environment. The hyposludge is…

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Views: 1479

Biomonitoring of lead, cadmium and chromium in environmental water

Water and algal samples were collected from different agricultural, industrial and residential areas of Kolkata, North and South 24 Parganas…

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Views: 1162

Cultivation of Spirulina species in different liquid media

Abellon CleanEnergy Ltd ( is working on algae cultivation for fuel and other by products through utilization of various water…

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Views: 1444

Seasonal Studies on Marine algae of the Bhimili Coast, East Coast of India

Seasonal data on environmental and hydrographical parameters of surface waters at three different study sites of Bhimili Coast was studied…

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Views: 1242

Potential of Different Light Intensities on the Productivity of Spirulina maxima

The cultivation of photosynthetic microorganisms such as the cyanobacterium Spirulina maxima has been studied by researchers in many countries because…

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Views: 1019


Cyanobacteria are known to be colonized by various heterotrophic bacteria. With a view to understand the associated organisms from cyanobacterial…

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Views: 1217

Total lipid and fatty acid composition in some freshwater cyanobacteria

Fatty acid composition and total lipids in 13 species of freshwater cyanobacteria isolated from different aquatic habitats of Southern Karnataka…

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Views: 1189

Assessment of Factors Influencing Growth and C-Phycocyanin Production of Arthrospira platensis from Meteoritic Crater Lake

The Arthrospira platensis was isolated from the unique habitat of Lonar Crater Lake, world’s only crater in the basalt rocks.…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 1340

Cyanobacterial extract and MS media as a novel tool for In-vitro regeneration of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni

It is now evident that plant tissue culture is an essential component of plant Biotechnology which offers novel approach to…

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Views: 1253


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