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Social Impact of Solar Home System in Rural Bangladesh: A Case Study of Rural Zone

The Initial research on the Solar Home System (SHS) was related to an evaluation of its present circumstances in Bangladesh.…

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The Impact of Tourism Development on the Structure of Agricultural Landscape of the Dongshan River Basin, Taiwan

After the establishment of the Dongshan River Scenic Area of Yilan County in Taiwan, land use in the Dongshan River…

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Microbial and Chemical Pollution of Water-Wells Relative to Sewage Effluents in Oman

During the last four decades in Oman there has been a rapid increase in the population, construction of housing, heavy…

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Autophagic processes of normal and malignant metabolic pathways

Autophagy is a cellular process that maintains the homeostasis of the normal cell, but autophagic dysfunction is associated with human…

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The Slavs in Central Germany

Since the early Middle Ages, covered the moving of West Slavic tribes in considerable part of the Central Europe, extending…

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Daniil Galitsky and Templars

The article discusses the unique in the history of ancient Russia case - direct contact GaLician-Volyn Prince Daniel Romanovich with…

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Some disputed issues study Galicia-Volyn Russia while Roman Mstislavovich and Daniel Romanovich (notes on modern Historiography)

The article assesses the state of current research in the field of history of GaLicia-Volyn Rus, identifies and analyzes the…

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Rusins in Moldavian Historiography

Based on the analysis of Medieval Moldavian and Rumanian sources and works, the Old-Rus' population of the Carpatho-Dniestrovian region, the…

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