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El doble movimiento de la libertad. Fichte (1798) y Schelling (1809-1810)

La esfinge nos sitúa en la encrucijada, am Scheidepunkt -dirá Schelling- en el lugar de peligro. Encrucijada menta ya una…

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“From exoticism to diversity”

Difference is a social construction, and as such it needs a discourse to produce meaning and be socially effective. As…

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“I want to marry in Cabo Verde”

This article explores the universe of affective relations in Cabo Verde, especially those aspects related to conjugality and sexuality. Our…

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“Time, DNA and documents in family reckonings”

In this paper, drawing on literature from both STS and the anthropology of kinship, we describe a political movement aimed…

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Health and the Value of Inheritance The meanings surrounding a rare genetic disease

In this article I explore the meanings acquired by the notion of ‘genetic inheritance’ for families in Rio de Janeiro…

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La science de la parenté : Adoption, génétique et identité parmi les adoptés au Brésil

Cet article discute la part de la science et des notions d’héritage et de génétique dans la quête des origines…

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From abortion to embryonic stem cell research: Biossociality and the constitution of subjects in the debate over human rights

The article analyzes human rights discourses in debates regarding abortion and human embryonic stem cell research as a part of…

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The multiple meanings of ‘risk’: Views on the abortion of non-viable fetuses among Brazilian medical doctors and magistrates

The article seeks to understand the conceptions of ‘risk’ produced in the medical field as they come to be interpreted…

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La production d‘articulations et de mouvements pour la santé des hommes au Brésil : La sexualité comme porte d’entrée

This investigation deals with the medicalization of male sexuality in Brazil, focusing on the creation of a new pharmacology of…

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Tracing identities through interconnections: The biological body, intersubjective experiences and narratives of suffering

The 1987 radioactive disaster in Goiânia – a ‘critical event’ – revealed the formation of new identities in opposition to…

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