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Comparative Study on Cryptographic Algorithms

Cryptography is formed from the combination of two Greek words Krypto "secret" and Graphene which means "To write". The encryption…

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Views: 1

Development of Subject Gateways: A Status Update

Development of the internet and the world wide web has made impact on the libraries like never before. Ownership of…

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Views: 3346

Historical journey of gay to Indian medico - legal corridors

The Supreme Court of India on 11-12-2013 reinstated a colonial - era ban on gay sex that enables the jailing…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 3259

Software Selection and Deployment for Library Cooperation and Resource Sharing Among Academic Libraries in South-West Nigeria

This study assessed software selection and seployment sractices for library cooperation and resource sharing among aacademic libraries in South-West Nigeria.…

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Views: 3244

A Bibliometrics Profile of Gujarat University, Ahmedabad during 2004-2013

This study attempts to undertake bibliometric analysis of the research publications of Gujarat University during the ten-year period between 2004…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 3475

Bibliometric Analysis of Research Publications of Maharshi Dayanand University (Rohtak) During 2000-2013

The study investigates the research contributions of Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak in terms of its publication output during 2000-2013 as…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 3384

Newspaper Reading Habits among Post-Graduate Students of Karnatak University, Dharwad

Reading is a way to get better knowledge of one’s own experiences and it can be an exciting journey to…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 3347

Adoption of Open Source Software in India

The present paper is based on the survey conducted to assess the status of application of open source software (OSS)…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 3386

Tag Cloud Application and Information Retrieval System: Visualisation to Create Information Literacy

The purpose of this paper is to discuss the application of tag clouding for information visualisation and information retrieval over…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 3453

Library Resources and Services in the Selected University Libraries of Haryana, India

This paper describes the role of selected university libraries in Haryana, India in higher education and research of Engineering, Science…

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Views: 3179


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