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Why We Need Qualitative Research in Management Studies

The purpose of this editorial is to outline the perspective of the special issue call for qualitative research tutorial papers…

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Views: 1

Operation Car Wash: Impacts on the Executives' Liability Insurance Market

Context: triggered in 2014, the Car Wash Operation (CWO) belongs to a process of changing the legal context, in the…

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Views: 1

Optimal Tax Theory: Its Contributions to the Brazilian Reality

Objectives: this theoretical essay aims to present classic and contemporary fundamentals of the optimal tax theory (OTT) and to problematize…

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Views: 1

Innovation in Micro and Small Enterprises: Resources and Capabilities

Objective: the article aims to identify the relevant resources for the composition of managerial and transactional capabilities in the context…

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Views: 1

Decision-Making Quality of Public Managers: Contributions from Intelligence and Knowledge Management

Context: in recent years, studies have sought to analyze how intelligence and knowledge management processes are understood and applied in…

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Views: 1

A Qualitative Method Proposal for the Study of Strategy as Practice

Purpose: recently, the strategy as practice approach has sought to overcome the micro/macro dichotomy existing in its literature, as well…

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Views: 1

São Felipe Hospital: Capacity Management Challenge in a Hospital Emergency

In July 2017, the board of directors of Hospital São Felipe, a traditional hospital located in Minas Gerais, met to…

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Views: 1

Bia Brazil: Activewear Made in Brazil to the World

This teaching case presents the company Bia Brazil, one of the leading Brazilian exporters of activewear, founded in 1994 by…

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Views: 1

A Review of 1982 Constitution Regulations on Political Parties

Political parties are the vital elements of modern democratic regimes. Today, for a democracy, the existence of more than one…

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Views: 4034

Relaciones de Género en el Partido Pantera Negra (1966-1982)

Dentro de las organizaciones que formaron el Movimiento del Poder Negro en Estados Unidos durante los años sesenta y setenta,…

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Views: 1115


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