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Diversity of large and medium mammals in Juchitan, Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico

The Isthmus of Tehuantepec in Oaxaca, Mexico, is one of the country’s most important regions from a zoogeographical perspective due…

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Plankton composition and environmental parameters in the habitat of the Iranian cave barb (Iranocypris typhlops) in Iran

The Iranian cave barb (Iranocypris typhlops Bruun & Kaiser, 1944) is ‘Vulnerable’ in the IUCN Red List. It is an…

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A spatially explicit approach for estimating space use and density of common genets

Many species that occur at low densities are not accurately estimated using capture–recapture methods as such techniques assume that populations…

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Assessing the response of exploited marine populations in a context of rapid climate change: the case of blackspot seabream from the Strait of Gibraltar

There is a growing concern over the decline of fisheries and the possibility of the decline becoming worse due to…

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Sarpa salpa herbivory on shallow reaches of Posidonia oceanica beds

Here, we examined the temporal and small–scale spatial variability of grazing by the herbivorous fish Sarpa salpa on shallow beds…

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Preferencia de hábitat del murciélago hortelano meridional Eptesicus isabellinus (Temminck, 1840) en ambientes mediterráneos semiáridos

Habitat preference of the meridional serotine bat Eptesicus isabellinus (Temminck, 1840) in semiarid Mediterranean landscapes Several molecular studies have recently…

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Habitat use pattern and conservation status of smooth–coated otters Lutrogale perspicillata in the Upper Ganges Basin, India

Smooth–coated otters inhabit several major river systems in southern Asia, and their environmental requirements link them to food and water…

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Chinchilla lanigera (Molina 1782) and C. chinchilla (Lichtenstein 1830): review of their distribution and new findings

Millions of Chinchilla chinchilla and C. lanigera were killed during the early twentieth century and they were nearly hunted to…

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Is the ‘n = 30 rule of thumb’ of ecological field studies reliable? A call for greater attention to the variability in our data

A common practice of experimental design in field ecology, which relies on the Central Limit Theorem, is the use of…

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Improving the reviewing process in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

I discuss current issues in reviewing and editorial practices in ecology and evolutionary biology and suggest possible solutions for current…

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