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The Ice Cracks for Frozen Flow: Comprehending the Irony of Development through Metaphor of Water

Water, one of the five elements, runs through the course of evolution as life line. Conceived as the source of…

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Winstanley’s Utopia in Literature and in Cinema

Trying to achieve a perfect or better society for living, men dared, from the very beginning of his existence, to…

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Theory, Literature, and Dialogue: Bakhtinian Consciousness in New Indian Literature

Emerging new literature has facilitated a dialogue among the alternative aesthetics created by new literature with an interpolation of central…

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Views: 3544

Transit Migration in North Cyprus (TRNC)

This study aims at exploring the flows of transit migration to North Cyprus by type: whether or not it is…

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Views: 3730

Ethics and Dualism in Contemporary Psychology: From Avicenna and Descartes to Neuroscience

From Avicenna and Descartes a long debate on the role of mind-body dilemma has left a huge impact on ethics…

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Views: 3584

Reaching out: Social Support and Mental Health Problems of Bosnian Immigrants in Switzerland

A state of well being in which one realizes own potentials, can cope with every day stressors, can work productively…

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A Qualitative Study Revealing the Relationship Between Cultural Indicators and Attitudes Toward the Ads

The companies, in International markets, are required to examine the attitudes and the behaviours to recognize the consumer to be…

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Views: 3351

How is Culture used as a Tool for Dissuasion of Conflict and Consensus: A Case of Sarajevo (1992-1995)

Within cities, culture and creativity have often been used as successful tools for dissuasion of conflict and consensus. Using the…

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Views: 3002

The Prospects of Intercultural Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Throughout history, education has not only been a carrier of culture, but also an integral part of communication between different…

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Views: 3957

The Impact of Internet and Social Media on Kids’ and Parents’ Game Habits

Internet, already a part of our lives far surpassing its limits as a means of communication, seems to have shaped…

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