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The record of repairs of the Houses of the Kingdom of Aragon. An example of monumental conservation practices in the XVIII century

The record of repairs of the Houses of the Kingdom of Aragon, a documentary collection produced by the conservation activity…

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Heritage values of the Marquise of Escalonias Mansion in Antequera urban landscape (Málaga)

The Mansion of the Marquise of Escalonias, recently declared Cultural Property, is one of the main preserved exponents of Antequera´s…

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Agrarian Heritage in Vega de Granada: the river Dilar irrigation systems

The waters of the River Dílar have formed their own irrigation system in the region of La Vega de Granada.…

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Reinventing the Panopticon: from the Bentham's prison to cultural spaces in Spain

This study aims to show the current relevance of the Panopticon analyzing different Spanish cases that have been converted into…

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Cultural Heritage plundering: difficulties of juridical conceptualization

This article deals with cultural heritage plundering, beginning with an historical introduction that contextualizes this problem, delving into the lexicographical…

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Municipal Council Fundación Albaicín: Report and analysis of a municipal agency in charge for the protection of an UNESCO World Heritage Site

This paper shows the history and evolution of the Albaicín Foundation, a municipal agency born in 1998 to manage and…

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The uncertain future of modern public residential housing: the case of th Olympic Village in Rome

The assessment of the cultural value of modern architecture and its conservation are not easily accepted issues, especially in the…

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Localized culture as a social answer to the Network: The case of the Tabacoo Factory in Madrid

In the last decades the Network has provoked deep changes on our understanding of information, communication and, by extension, of…

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The missing movable heritage of the Archbishop’s Palace of Valencia

Together with the Royal Palace, demolished in 1810, the Archbishop's Palace of Valencia was the most relevant residence building of…

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Andalusian urban and natural heritage through films. Cultural landscape´s visual evolution as artistic-historical review

The cinema, regarded as a documentary source, is a truly and innovative tool to encapsulate and study the visual evolution…

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