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Definition of purpose and objectives of accounting in the system of management focused on sustainable development of the enterprise

Current conditions of businesses activity and new management requirements aimed at ensuring the implementation of sustainable development require the improvement…

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Regard retro-prospectif sur les crises ivoiriennes de 1993 a 2011

Retrospective view of the Ivorian crises from 1993 to 2011. At the independence, Ivory Coast is led by Felix Houphouët…

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The New Economic Policies and their Strategic Linkages with Corporatization

India falls under the mixed economic system and it encompasses the best practices of both capitalism and socialism, which thus…

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Research Trends in Radioisotopes: A Scientometric Analysis (1993-2012)

This paper attempts to highlight the publication status and growth of radioisotope research across the world and make quantitative and…

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Characterization of AA2219 Weldments in T6 Condition

Characterization of AA 2219 weldments in T6 condition has been presented in this paper. Automatic TIG welding process has been…

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Inflação, poder e processo orçamentário no Brasil — 1988 a 1993

Este estudo pretende analisar os impactos da inflação sobre o processo orçamentário no Brasil entre os anos de 90 e…

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The Gerays burial in the architectural complex of Murad Reis

The paper deals with Gerays graveside on the island of Rhodes in the context of Murat Reis architectural complex. It…

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Casual Findings of Archaic Scythian Mirrors in the Northern Black Sea Coast

The purpose of this paper is to introduce a series of bronze mirrors dating back to the Archaic Epoch and…

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A Bulgarian-Byzantine saber pommel from the northeast Black Sea region

This article regards a recently found saber from the north-east Black Sea region and introduces a new uncharacteristic type of…

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Documents about relations between the Crimean Khanate and Moscow over Odoyev’s tribute

The article examines the documents of the late 15th — the first third of the 16th centuries about relations between…

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