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Simulation of Microdata of Labor Force Population of Iran with Synthetic Method

One of the issues that statistical organizations face in disseminating micro data is confidentiality, which has made the data not…

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Determinants of diarrhea among young children under the age of five in Kenya, evidence from KDHS 2008-09

This paper examines the relative contribution of household, demographic and maternal characteristics to the incidence of diarrhea in young Kenyan…

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HIV/AIDS-related stigma and HIV test uptake in Ghana: evidence from the 2008 Demographic and Health Survey

The study examined the association between HIV test uptake and socioeconomic characteristics of individuals, including HIV-related stigma behaviours. The study…

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Tectonical history of Arabian platform during Late Cretaceous An example from Kurdistan region, NE Iraq

New simplified tectonic models and depositional history of Late Cretaceous rocks are established in a part of Zagros Orogenic Belt…

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Other: Cannes Lions 2008


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Bzoma Sz., Meissner W., Janiszewski T., Wybraniec M., Remisiewicz M., Krupa R., Kozik R., Kaczmarek K., Kleszcz A., Minias P.,…

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Stem Cells of Epidermis: A Critical Introduction

Stem cells are the cells having some distinguishing characteristics like longevity, high capacity of self-renewal and differentiation, quiescence and highly…

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Cytogenetic study of two Solenanthus Ledeb. species (Boraginaceae) in Iran

Chromosome number, meiotic behavior, and pollen viability were analyzed in 2 species of genus Solenanthus, S. stamineus (Desf.) Wettst. and…

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Paratesticular Liposarcoma; a Case Report

Paratesticular sarcomas have happened rarely. Due to the infrequency of this malignant disease and its diverse histopathologic subtypes, no standard…

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Geology and geochemistry of skarn deposits in the northern part of Ahar batholith, East Azarbaijan, NW Iran

Principal Skarn deposits along the northern margin of the Ahar batholith from west to east include Mazraeh, Vine and Gowdoul…

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