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Government Policies in Relation to Quality Management Implementation: A Review of Nigerian Universities' Principal Officers

Abstract: This article aims to identify key actors responsible for the implementation of government policies on university education in relation…

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Views: 3283

The Effect of Interest Rate Risk on the Stock Prices of UK Financial Institutions

Abstract: There is vast research on the effect of interest rate risk on the US stock returns of financial institutions;…

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Views: 3458

Entrepreneurial Opportunity Emergence: Complex Simulation of Emergent Entrepreneurial Phenomenon

Abstract: This paper predicts possible patterns in entrepreneurial opportunity (EO) generation techniques and argues that EO emerges from the interaction…

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Views: 3438

The role of Twitter in conversations with students in UK universities – current and prospective

Abstract: This study examines how Twitter can be used as an effective strategic marketing and communications tool for modern universities.…

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Views: 3318

What Are the Real Effects of Government Spending to Gross Domestic Product? The Case of the UK

Abstract: Government expenditure has always been and will always be a hot topic of discussion. Budget allocation and cuts are…

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Views: 3275

Customers or learners? The impact of changes in the UK higher education sector on employee emotion management

Abstract: Using an exploratory qualitative study based on semi-structured interviews with 12 academics and administrators, this paper explores the role…

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Views: 3420

Application of ARIMA and ARCH/GARCH models to test the foreign exchange market efficiency

Abstract: The main purpose of this dissertation is to test the weak form market efficiency of the foreign exchange market.…

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Views: 3276

Social media influence on the holiday decision-making process in the UK

Abstract: This study investigated the influence of social media on Generation Y travellers throughout the holiday decision-making process. The researchers…

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Views: 3120

The Influence of Ethical Values on the Process of Management Decision-Making

Abstract: The ethical standards of business decisions are dependent on diverse variables. This research identifies which of these variables affect…

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Views: 3272

International Cardiovascular Research Journal and Its Contribution to Iran’s Scientific Growth

International Cardiovascular Research Journal has been recently indexed in PubMed. In order to evaluate the role of this journal in…

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Views: 4949


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