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Geochemistry Downstream from Steel Slag Leach Beds Treating Acid Mine Drainage from Abandoned Surface Coal Mines

Steel slag leach beds are designed to use a waste product from the steel industry, slag, to add alkalinity to…

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Use of Remote Sensing to Assess the Environmental Setting of the Territories-Zones of Mining Complex Enterprises

The paper supports applicability of satellite imagery at regional and local level for rapid quantitative assessment of natural environment in…

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Exploitation of Material Property Potentials to Reduce Rare Raw Material Waste: A Product State Based Concept for Manufacturing Process Improvement

Manufacturing companies today face fierce global competition and volatile and rising prices on an ever more restricted natural raw material…

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Empirical Model of Residual Element Content in Steel when Three-Component Burden is Used in the Process of Steel Production in Electric Arc Furnace

The article describes the technology of steelmaking in electric arc furnaces using three-component burden. It presents the experimental studies results…

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Comparative Analysis of Grindability of Iron-ore and Granite

Grindability of granite and Iron-ore was investigated in this work. Samples were collected from Julius Berger Quarry and National Iron-Ore…

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Oil Policy-The Rimini Protocol Revisited

The First Half the Oil Age saw the rapid expansion of just about everything, fuelled by cheap and easy energy.…

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Optimizing the Egyptian Coal Flotation Using an Artificial Neural Network

A back forward Artificial Neural Network (ANN) was used to study the effect of flotation time, collector dosage, frother dosage,…

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Correlation of Limestone Properties with Bit Performance Variables for LIMROCKWARE2010 Development

This paper correlates selected properties of limestone with tri-cone bit performance variables for developing LIMROCKWARE2010. In order to achieve these…

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Ash Removal from a Sample Coal by Flotation Using Rhamnolipid Biosurfactants

Synthetic chemicals from petroleum origins are now coming to a turning point on their hazardous problems to living organisms. In…

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The Impact of Microorganisms of Circulating Water on Apatite-containing Ores Flotation and Conservation of Tailings

A new phenomenon has been identified and studied – the impact of bacteria on the benefication process of non-sulphide ores…

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