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Job Satisfaction and leadership styles in the school units

Job satisfaction is an important working behavior. The purpose of this study was twofold. Initially to determine whether there is…

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Educational communities of practice and professionallearning in the new school

This article examines two major aspects of effective school organizations in order to meet the challenges of the knowledge society.…

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Implementation of the De Bono’s method "six thinking hats" in online teacher training: the case of Physical Education teachers

The fast rhythm of the new technology spreading within and across all the areas of human action and its cheap…

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Interdisciplinary approach to leadership at elementary students through literature and physical education

The purpose of the paper is to present an educational program aimed at interdisciplinary teaching of the concepts of leadership…

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Strategies in Early Spatial Reasoning

The aim of the present paper is the study of the strategies related to spatial structuring ability by early school…

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The School Principal’s need of training in ICT

Current paper is aimed to the direction of bringing forward the utmost need of Secondary Education Principals’ training on Information…

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Research approaches about nutrition habits of students - Issues on Research Methodology and perspectives

The purpose of this paper is to present the Research about nutrition habits of students, to exhibit the factors which…

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The on-line distance training of teachers on gender issues as a factor of blunting gender-defined attitudes and inequalities of the educational system.

In the present study we made an effort for an overall composition of the data concerning the materialization and evaluation…

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The 21st century skills through the teaching of Religious Education: Case Study, the Schism of 1054

The project "The 21st century skills through the teaching of religious education: A Case Study the Schism of 1054" is…

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ICT and laboratory teaching. Two teaching approaches on the Laws of Gases.

?he present project concerns a case study carried out on students attending the second class of High school who follow…

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