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A Residual Approach for Balanced Truncation Model Reduction of Compartmental Systems

This paper presents a residual approach of the square root balanced truncation algorithm for model order reduction of continuous, linear…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 3418

Uniform Stability and Boundedness of a Kind of Third Order Delay Differential Equations

By constructing a Lyapunov functional, we obtain some sufficient conditions which guarantee the stability and boundedness of solutions for some…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 3188

L(2,1)-Labeling for Subdivisions of Cycle Dominated Graphs (abstract)

Let $G(V,E)$ be a simple, finite, connected, undirected graph. Distance two labeling or $L(2,1)$-labeling of a graph $G$ is an…

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Views: 2536

Matrix completion via a low rank factorization model and an Augmented Lagrangean Succesive Overrelaxation Algorithm

The matrix completion problem (MC) has been approximated by using the nuclear norm relaxation. Some algorithms based on this strategy…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 2352

Solving the KPI wave equation with a moving adaptive FEM grid

The Kadomtsev-Petviashvili I (KPI) equation is the difficult nonlinear wave equation $U_{xt} + 6U_x^2 + 6UU_{xx} + U_{xxxx} = 3U_{yy}.$…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 1942

GNU Oflox: an academic software for the minimal cost network flow problem

We present an open-source software package written for GNU Octave. The software is an implementation of the Simplex algorithm for…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 1884

(Free) Software for general partial differential equation problems in non-rectangular 2D and 3D regions

PDE2D is a general-purpose partial differential equation solver which solves very general systems of nonlinear, steady-state, time-dependent and eigenvalue PDEs…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 1596

Pseudoinverse preconditioners and iterative methods for large dense linear least-squares problems

We address the issue of approximating the pseudoinverse of the coefficient matrix for dynamically building preconditioning strategies for the numerical…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 1823

Global improvements of a protein alignment algorithm and comparison with a global optimization solver

The LovoAlign method for Protein Alignment, based on the Low-Order Value Optimization theory, is recalled. The method is modified in…

Real Time Impact Factor
Views: 1832

The exponential distribution as the sum of discontinuous distributions

We show that for any natural number $n$, an exponential distribution can be written as the sum of $n$ discontinuous…

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Views: 1690


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