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A Comparative Study of CCR-(?-SVR) and CCR-(?-SVR) Models for Efficiency Prediction of Large Decision Making Units

In this paper, we develop CCR-(?-SVR) and CCR-(?-SVR) models based on modified parameters for efficiency prediction of large DMUs to…

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A Framework for Mobile Maternity Data Management on Cloud Computing

Pregnancy period is a special moment of women’s life and maternity healthcare is considered as an important part of society…

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Smartphone Applications in the Support of Weight Reduction and Goal Maintenance

The use of smartphones gets promoted in healthcare self-intervention setups. Its benefits include convenience, cost effectiveness and accessible weight management…

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Identification of Quality Parameters for an E-Health Platform in the Federal State of Thuringia in Germany

Many developed countries experience an acute shortage of medical specialists beyond urbanized areas. Specialists and services that are available are…

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Fuzzy MADM Method for Decision Support System based on Artificial Neural Network to Water Quality Assessment in Surabaya River

The pollution of the Surabaya River has increased along with the rapid development of the industry in Surabaya. This causes…

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The Application of Clustering Technique to Water Quality of Surabaya River

Surabaya river is the source of the raw water used people in Surabaya to satisfy their daily needs. Surabaya river…

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Forecasting Value of Pollutant Index in Surabaya River Using Fuzzy Radial Basis Function Neural Network

Water resources quality for people in around Surabaya River is an important thing that can be laid aside so it…

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A Review of Customer Knowledge Management Importance

In knowledge-based economy, firms consider to integrate knowledge management (KM) with their customer relationship management (CRM) due to the fact…

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Predicting Micro-Hardness of Post-Treated Hydroxyapatite Layer Using Surface Response Methodology

Micro-hardness of sol-gel-derived hydroxyapatite (HA) coating layer on Ti-13Nb-13Zr in different sintering conditions was investigated. Sintering post-treatment of coated samples…

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The Status Quo and the Prospect of Green IT and Green IS: A Systematic Literature Review

The research on the relationship between environmental sustainability, Information Technology, and Information Systems under the terms of Green IT and…

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