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Feutures volibdenum ore minerakization of Hannivka in the Kryvyi Rig - Kremenchutske zone of the Ukrainian shield

The new data about Hannivsky occurrence, ones of molybdenum prospects in Ukraine, are given. The results of researched confirmed a…

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To litology Vasilievski deposits (Middle Sarmatian) Nikipol manganese ore basin

On the basis of lithologic-paleogeographic study of Vasilevsky layers in Nikopol basin of Marganese Ore are descr?bed lithological and genetic…

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Chemical composition of coal ash Northern coal-bearing region of Donbass

The comprehensive characteristic of coal ashes chemical compound is given. Materials on ash content and coal ashes chemical compound of…

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Belozerska greenstone geological structure in the collection of Zaporizhzhya Regional Museum

The study and ordering of samples of a geological museum collection Zaporozhye regional museum of local lore (ZLLRM) on Belozersky…

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Ecological and hydrogeological problems in areas adjoining to the tailings Kryvbas and ways of judgment

Reviewed and analyzed the geological and hydrogeological conditions and negative geo-ecological processes occurring in the zone of influence of the…

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Regularity of changes hydrogeological and hydrological conditions in areas adjacent to the pond - accomulator waste mine water "Gully Svidovok" in western Donbass

On the basis of theory of physical and chemical hydrodynamics of porous environments the mathematical model of migratory processes is…

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Unsteady geological parameters analisis of properties temporal variability urban areas

There are results of study the change geological environment in zone impact of set sources for long time. The parametries…

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THE STUDY sorption processes and ability of the aquifer self-cleaning, for example Western Donbass

In the ponds-accumulate Western Donbass considered and analyzed the physical-chemical processes in aquifers, the which accompany migration of contaminants in…

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Application of Kalman Filter on modelling interest rates

This study aims to test the feasibility of using a data set of 90-day bank bill forward rates from the…

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Body Image of Pakistani Consumers

This paper examines how media exposure, self esteem, and religiosity influence body image of Pakistan consumers. The underpinning of this…

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