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Hydrochemical Characterisation and Classification of Groundwaters in the Sana's Basin, Yemen

In the present study, physico-chemical parameters were applied to characterize and classify ground- and spring water samples collected from the…

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Sorption Investigation on the Removal of Metal Ions from Aqueous Solution Using Chelating Copolymer Resin

A novel chelating copolymer (4-HBPBF) has been synthesized by the condensation of 4-hydroxybenzophenone [HBP] and biuret [B] with formaldehyde [F]…

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Material and Energy Recovery in a Municipal Solid Waste System: Practical Applicability

In this study an Integrated Municipal Solid Waste system is improved and developed for practical application in the waste management…

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Growth Performance of Intercropping System Components and Nutrient Status of Soil under Horti-silvicultural System

Poplar clone, a short rotation timber specie, was included as timber tree and guava (Psidium guajava L.), kinnow (Citrus reticulata),…

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Use of Algae for Monitoring Rivers in the Monsoon Climate (Russian Part of Asian Pacific Region)

The climate of the coastal Russian Far East is monsoon type. Rain precipitations with summer-autumnal typhoons and floods prevail and…

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Forest Cover Change Detection Using Remote Sensing and GIS – A Study of Jorhat and Golaghat District, Assam*

Assam is known for its extensive forest areas and availability of rich floras and faunas besides other valuable forest products.…

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Coastal Groundwaters – A Geo-hydro Chemical Explaration for Factors Controlling Gensis and Spatial DistributionI of Fluoride

Fluoride being a cumulative bone seeking agent displays dual nature either, in its deficiency and/or accumulation leading to fluorosis has…

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Algal Diversity and Bio-indication of Water Resources in Israel

Israel rivers are small and mostly located in the coastal plane and in the northern mountainous part as well as…

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Decolorization of Rhodamine B by a Photo-Fenton Process: Effect of System Parameters and Kinetic Study

A low-energy photo-Fenton process was carried out in this study to investigate the effect of pH, temperature, Fe2+ and H2O2…

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Reliability of Strategic Environmental Assessment for Territorial Management: General Criticisms and a Proposed Approach in the Presence of Relevant Accident Risk Facilities

The Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) is a procedure with a wide application, that has a very important role in sustainable…

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