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Analysis of User Profile Privacy Protection in Web Search Personalization

This paper presents web search has demonstrated in improving the quality of various search services on the internet, user reluctance…

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Effect of Thermal Pre-treated Poultry Droppings and Pig Dung on Biogas Production

Most work has been done to increase bioavailability of feedstock material to anaerobic bacteria. Those works were concentrated mostly on…

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Grain (Maize) Solar Dryer

A solar dryer used for agricultural produce has been developed. Major components of the dryer include: (i) flat plate collector,…

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Formulation of Approximate, Generalized Field Data Based Mathematical Models, and Its Reliability Evaluation, Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis for PVC Manufacturing Process

This paper describes an approach for formulation of approximate, generalized field data based mathematical model (FDBM) for the process of…

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Design and Development of a Cross-Ribbon Dough Mixer

Abstract—In bakery industries, mixing is one of the major operations that determine the mechanical properties of dough, which have a…

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Image Filtering and Entropy Calculation

In this paper we are analyzing the entropy after and before removing the noise. Images with noise contains the information…

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Firewall Content Filtering

A firewall is a set of related program’s that protects resources of a private network and also protects the entire…

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Optimum Static Load Dispatch using Simulated Annealing Algorithm considering Transmission Losses

This paper presents Simulated Annealing (SA) algorithm for optimization inspired by the process of annealing in thermodynamics for the determination…

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Experimental Investigation on Process Responses for Stainless Steel 420 in EDM using Response Surface Methodology

In present days non-conventional machining process plays a tremendous role in manufacturing industries. To achieve the highly accurate, finished product…

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Non-invasive Glucose Level Measurement in Blood by GLCM Technique

This research describes the main technologies currently being explored for non-invasive glucose monitoring. The principle here we use is by…

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