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Activated Sludge-based Microbial Fuel Cell for Bio-electricity Generation

Based on the catalytic properties of electrochemically active organisms, activated-sludge based-microbial fuel cell (MFC) system was designed for the electricity…

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Inhibition of acid corrosion of oil tanks steel using triton surfactants

A series of tested surfactant compounds, namely, polyethylene glycol tertiary octyl phenyl ether, Merck; triton X- 114, triton X- 100,…

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Reveal of Antimicrobial Effect of Lawsonia inermis Extract on Candida albicans Using Molecular and Biochemical Techniques

Leaf samples of Lawsonia inermis(Li) was examined to their antimicrobial potential. Broth extracts in different concentrations were prepared and bioassayed…

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Effect of plasticizer on electric and dielectric properties of PVA-MgBr 2 based solid polymer electrolytes.

This paper report the synthesis and properties of a series of composite polymer electrolytes formed by dispersion of tetraethylene glycol…

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Arthrospira platensis is a non toxic edible cyanobacterium which contains high amounts of various valuable nutrients such as essential amino…

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Electricity generation using Glucose as substrate in microbial fuel cell

Microbial fuel cells (MFCs) provide new opportunities for energy generation through conversion of organic matter to electricity by electricity-generating bacteria.…

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Studies on the drinking water used in Qalubia and new trend to biotreatment

Contamination of groundwater with heavy metal andSurfacewater pollution is so dangerous matter that all must face and find solutions for…

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Cinnamic acid Attenuates Cisplatin-Induced Hepatotoxicity and Nephrotoxicity

We investigated the effects of cinnamic acid (CA, 20 mg/kg body weight) on cisplatin (CP)-induced hepto and nephrotoxicity in mice.…

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Inhibition Of Ferralium Steel Corrosion in Acid Solution by NHETP

The inhibitive action of inhibitor used (NHETP) on corrosion of stainless steel in 2 M HCl solution was investigated through…

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Inhibition of Acid Aluminum Corrosion in Presence of Aqueous Extract of Domiana

The inhibitive effects of the aqueous extract of Domiana (turnera Aphrodisiacal) for The Corrosion of aluminum in 1 M HCL…

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