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Ethnic Conflict between the Muslims and Christians in Nigeria: The Dilemma of Decision-Making of the Political Elites

This paper examines how ethnic conflict occurred as a result of actions or decisions made by either local government, state…

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Multicultural Education Practices in Malaysian Preschools with Multiethnic or Monoethnic Environment

In today’s increasingly diverse world, ethnicity has a dramatic impact on a growing child. The ‘melting pot’ concept has given…

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Views: 1614

Evolution and Identity of the Kelantan Peranakan Chinese: Issues and Challenges

The Kelantan Peranakan Chinese (KPC) has become the earliest evidence of China relationship with the Malay World. The fifty or…

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Food Culture, Food Security and the Harmonization of Interethnic Groups: A Case Study of Karta Village in the Transmigration Area of Lampung Province, Indonesia

This paper presents a study on the Tulang Bawang society who lives along the river Tulang Bawang, relying on the…

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Ethnic Contestation in Regional Extension: Local Elite in Pringsewu Regency, Lampung Province, Indonesia

This paper examines the power dynamics between central and regional institutions since the Reform was introduced and the era of…

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Views: 1895

The Emergence and Evolution of Palestinian Nationalism

Palestinian nationalism refers to the idea that supports the formation of an Arab Palestinian state with respect to British Mandate…

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Views: 1932

US Presence and Grounds for Cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and United States in Afghanistan

To date, USA has not designed a policy to deal with Afghanistan and Iraq without Iran. One of the fundamental…

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Views: 1974

A Comparative Study of Post-Marriage Nationality of Women in Legal Systems of Different Countries

In the nineteenth century a school known as “The Unity System of Couples Nationality” stated the idea that women should…

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Religious Discourse in Tablighi Jama'at: A Challenge to Female Sexuality?

This paper is an empirical research on women's participation in Islamic revivalist movement of Tablighi Jama'at. In the current discourse…

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Views: 1987

Factors Influencing the Learning Management System (LMS) Success Among Undergraduate Students in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, Malaysia

In the last few years, there has been an increase in the number of e-learning systems being added into the…

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