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Multiple human schemas and the communication-information sources use: An application of Q-methodology

This study was conducted with the aim of developing a communication and information model for greenhouse farmers in Yazd city…

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Views: 1976

Effects of foliar application of zinc sulfate at different phenological stages on yield formation and grain zinc content of bread wheat (cv. Kohdasht)

Zinc (Zn) is an essential mineral nutrient for plant and human growth, and dietary Zn deficiency is a worldwide nutritional…

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Views: 1503

Does physicochemical pre-treatments can alleviate germination and dormancy of Sophora alopecuroides seeds?

A factorial experiment in completely randomized design was conducted with three replications in 2012 at the University of Maragheh, Iran,…

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A survey of poplar (populus nigra) rust and identification of fungal agent species with conventional and molecular approaches in Maragheh area of Iran.

In a survey for rust diseases in Maragheh area rust symptoms were observed on poplars (Populus nigra) in Maragheh city…

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Views: 1790

Response of maize cultivars to water stress at grain filling phase

The current research was carried out to investigate field performance of three maize cultivars (S704, BC678 and H500) under non-stressed…

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Views: 1743

Dryland soil water storage susceptibility to different soil tillage practices under Vetch- Wheat crop rotation

Crop rotation and soil tillage are two practices which would result in better use of water resources. So in order…

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Views: 1777

Effect of different intercropping patterns on yield and yield components of dill and fenugreek

A field experiment was conducted based on randomized complete blocks design (RCBD) in three replications during 2011 at the research…

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Views: 1582

Allelopathic potential of Chrozophora tinctoria on early growth of Barley and Wheat

A laboratory bioassay was conducted to investigate the allelopathic effects of Chrozophora tinctoria on germination and seedling growth of barley…

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Views: 1598

Effects of tillage and planting geometry on the performance of maize hybrids

An experiment was conducted during the spring season of 2013 at Rampur, Chitwan, Nepal. The experiment was laid out in…

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Views: 1612

Effect of some adjuvants application on enhancing sulfosulfuron herbicide performance on Phalaris minor- Poaceae

Nowadays environmental pollution by pesticides application is a major concern for health. Efficiency of many herbicides can be increased by…

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