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Nursing role in magnetic resonance imaging in Saudi Arabia

High-quality nursing staff plays an important role in the management of negative emotions (anxiety and depression) resulting from MRI scans,…

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Comparison between the Holt-Winters and SARIMA Models in the Prediction of NDVI in an Arid Region in Kenya using Pixel-wise NDVI Time Series

Desertification is major issue in arid and semi-arid lands (ASAL) with devastating environmental and socio-economic impacts. Time series analysis was…

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Chinese foreign policy strategies’ shifts towards Africa (Goals and Perspectives)

African continent is gaining great importance to Chinese policymakers, and that importance increases with the steady growth of the Chinese…

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Application of GC in the Analysis of Carbohydrates

In the mid-1970s and before, Gas Chromatography was the leading technique for analysing carbohydrates in foods until when HPLC start…

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An Overview of the Theoretical Perspectives on Higher Education Financing (Implications for Educational Administration in Nigeria)

The paper reviewed some theories that explain higher education financing. Some aspect of these theories is compared in terms of…

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The factors that helped in the development of East Asian countries and the extent of their application in Arab countries

The world is witnessing great developments in various sectors; some countries have managed to change their course and rise from…

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Positive thinking level among female students of early childhood Department, Faculty of Education - Jouf University

The current research aims to identify the level of positive thinking among female students of Early Childhood Department, Faculty of…

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Analysis of User Profile Privacy Protection in Web Search Personalization

This paper presents web search has demonstrated in improving the quality of various search services on the internet, user reluctance…

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Effect of Thermal Pre-treated Poultry Droppings and Pig Dung on Biogas Production

Most work has been done to increase bioavailability of feedstock material to anaerobic bacteria. Those works were concentrated mostly on…

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Grain (Maize) Solar Dryer

A solar dryer used for agricultural produce has been developed. Major components of the dryer include: (i) flat plate collector,…

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