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Do Remittance Outflow and Exchange Rate Wavering Distress Domestic Private Investment in ASEAN? A Conceptual Panel Cointegration

The need for private investment is located in both developing and developed world economies. In this regard, Association of South…

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CPEC in the Perspective of Pakistan Economy: A Comprehensive Analysis

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a part of multidimensional infrastructural initiative known as ‘Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) which…

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An Effect of Money Supply on Economic Growth: Evidence from Pakistan

This paper focuses on effects of money supply on GDP of Pakistan. The macro variables comprise of GDP and money…

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Intergenerational Transmission of Health: Evidence from Selected Districts of Pakistan

The concept of intergenerational mobility has considerable economic implications for a family and society as well because sufficiently large intergenerational…

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Energy Consumption and Industrial performance in Pakistan

Energy consumption has central value to evaluate the performance of manufacturing sectors. The purpose of this study is to look…

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