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Tripled fixed point results via fractional differential equations

This article in want to study a class of mixed monotone operators with convexity on ordered Banach spaces and investigate…

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Coupled fixed point results for mappings without mixed monotone property in partially ordered G-metric spaces

In this paper, we prove some coupled fixed point theorems for nonlinear contractive mappings do not having the mixed monotone…

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Mathematical Computation of Quantum Optical Control Systems

Some models of linear control system schemas are developed here for quantum linear systems. The most important linear devices in…

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Sinc-Integral method to solve the linear Schrodinger equation

The integral equation method is presented to solve the linear Schrodinger equation and obtain the eigenvalues. The eigenvalues obtained through…

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Legendre Wavelets Technique for Special Initial-Value Problem for the Quarter Plain of Heat Transfer

In this paper we have solved the heat transfer equation by means of the Volterra integral equation and Legendre Wavelets.…

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Investigation of light nuclei in the cluster model by means of relativistic and non-relativistic systems

Calculation of the energy of even-even isotopes using collective models in nuclear physics has its own complication. Therefor different physical…

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Assessing policy options for the EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020

In this paper we analyse the possible impact of Cohesion Policy 2014-2020, putting together the investments supported by EU funding…

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Modelling knowledge creation, investment decisions and economic growth in a spatial CGE setting

The expansion of knowledge is commonly understood as a key driver of economic growth. Yet, while knowledge production and economic…

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Modelling regional labour market dynamics: Participation, employment and migration decisions in a spatial CGE model for the EU

This paper outlines how regional labour market adjustments to macroeconomic and policy shocks are modelled in RHOMOLO through participation, employment…

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Regional Impacts of non-R&D Innovation Expenditures across the EU Regions: Simulation Results Using the Rhomolo CGE Model

In the EU, a sizable part of innovation is attributed to the activities other than R&D such as purchases of…

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