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RA Journal Of Applied Research

he RAJAR Journals International Journals of Multidisciplinary Research, international peer-reviewed open access journal which publishes research articles, review articles short…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views: 98

Atlas Journal of Biology

Atlas Journal of Biology accepts original research articles, short communications, and review articles in all fields of Biological and Medical…

Verified Index Papers -- 29538 Views: 91

The Ukrainian Biochemical Journal

The Ukrainian Biochemical Journal publishes original research papers, reviews and brief notes; papers on research methods and techniques; articles on…

Verified Index Papers -- 64 Views: 124

Journal of Angiotherapy

Angiotherapy is dedicated to the dissemination of fundamental information related to the clinical and pre-clinical research on natural products, plant…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views: 124

PLANTICA - Journal of plant science

PLANTICA - Journal of Plant Science is the official publication of Association of Plant Science Researchers. The Journal publishes original…

Verified Index Papers -- 0 Views: 205

International Journal of Physiatry

International Journal of Physiatry is an open access, peer reviewed journal that publishes wide variety of information in all the…

Unverified Index Papers -- 0 Views: 28

Ambiance in Life International Scientific Journal in Medicine of Southern Caucasus

Clinical Medicine Prophylactic Medicine Theoretical Medicine Stomatology & Dentistry Veterinary Medicine and Zoo Drug Technology and Organization of Pharmaceutical Business…

Unverified Index Papers -- 0 Views: 90

International Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Research

Journal publish research and review paper related to biochemistry.

Unverified Index Papers -- 0 Views: 66

International Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Health Care Research (IJPHR)

"The International Journal of Pharmaceuticals and Health Care Research (IJPHR) is a peer-reviewed, Quarterly official international journal allowing access to…

Unverified Index Papers -- 377 Views: 285

International Journal of new chemistry

International Journal of new Chemistry (Abbreviation: Int J New Chem) was founded in 2014 as a non-profit association to promote…

Unverified Index Papers -- 29538 Views: 314


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